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Topic: Second Servile War

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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

  Roman Republican civil wars - Free net encyclopedia
Second Servile War (104–103 BC), between Rome and a slave insurrection on Sicily - Roman victory.
Sicilian revolt (44–36 BC), between the Second Triumvirate (particularly Octavian and Agrippa) and Sextus Pompeius, the son of Pompey - Triumvirate victory.
Fulvia's civil war (41–40 BC), between the forces of Lucius Antonius and Fulvia Antonia (the younger brother and wife of Mark Antony) and Octavian - Octavian victory.
www.netipedia.com /index.php/Roman_Republican_civil_wars   (436 words)

 Pacifism and War
Far from it: We abetted their purpose for profit, and when we went to war with them it was not because their purpose was fascism; it was because they tried to steal from us what we had stolen 43 years earlier from Spain.
War and violence, as I have argued, is endemic to capitalism, and especially its modern form, imperialism.
War is the continuation, by forcible means, of the politics pursued by the ruling classes of the belligerent Powers long before the outbreak of war.
www.thirdworldtraveler.com /War_Peace/Pacifism_War.html   (5246 words)

  Roman Servile Wars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
First Servile War: 135 BC-132 BC on Sicily, led by Eunus, a former slave claiming be a prophet, and Cleon (Cilician).
Second Servile War: 104 BC-103 BC on Sicily, led by Athenion and Tryphon.
Third Servile War: 73 BC-71 BC in Italy, led by Spartacus.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Servile_Wars   (131 words)

 Second Servile War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Second Servile War was an unsuccessful slave uprising against the Romans on the island of Sicily.
The war lasted from 104 BC until 103 BC.
It was the second of a series of three slave revolts in the Roman Republic.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Second_Servile_War   (178 words)

 World History 200- 100 BC
-The Fifth Syrian War ended at the Battle of Banyais, between Antiochus II (King of the Seleucid Empire) and Ptolemy V of Egypt.
The Romans became involved in the second Macedonian War after an appeal by Athens and the other Greek city-states against Philip and Antiochus of Syria.
The Roman Legions, led by Consul Aemilius, destroyed the Macedonian army at the Battle of Pydna.
www.multied.com /dates/200bc.html   (715 words)

 Origin Of The Civil War
This war of petitions for abolition was commenced by John Quincy Adams in 1831, when he presented a petition from Pennsylvania for the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia, but at the same time declared that he could not vote for it.
It is said that after the battle of the Second Cold Harbor, where Grant so foolishly assailed Lee in his lines, and where his dead was piled in thousands after his unsuccessful attack, the northern leaders were ready to have proposed peace, but were prevented by some favorable news from the southwest.
The war was alleged as the excuse for such proceedings; but can any man doubt that the North would have done the same thing if all constitutional restraints upon the power of the majority had been peaceably removed.
www.civilwarhome.com /warorigin.htm   (3536 words)

 Civil War ETDs from University Libraries, Virginia Tech
The study focuses primarily on residents' conflicting loyalty choices during the war, and attempts to explain the myriad of ways that their discord operated to remove Floyd County as a positive portion of the Confederate homefront.
War neurosis was also caused by the conditions of the trenches.
It is striking that many white southerners enthusiastically went to war in 1861, and that within four years a large number of them became apathetic or even openly hostile toward the Confederacy.
spec.lib.vt.edu /civwar/CWVTETDs.html   (2892 words)

 Roman Empire and Politics by Violence, to 79 BCE
The Romans had emerged from the Punic wars with the widespread understanding that ultimate authority over the military lay with the Senate, that it was the Senate's job to know, advise and guide, and the Senate's job to decide the question of war or peace and other foreign policy matters.
This was the Second Servile War (103-101), and the revolt took Rome two years of bloody fighting to subdue.
A civil war had begun, and in the first year of the war, Rome moved to prevent more cities from joining the rebellion, and they did so by extending citizenship to their inhabitants, pretending they were doing so as a reward for their loyalty.
fsmitha.com /h1/ch16.htm   (10618 words)

 [No title]
195 BC - (Spanish Wars) The Spanish insurrections in the Roman province by the Turdetani with Celtiberian mercenaries are defeated by a consular army under one of the consuls M. Porcius Cato.
The end of the war came with the destruction of Carthage, which, thanks to the lobbying of M. Porcius Cato, was destroyed and its site was sown with salt.
The second row of fortifications is created to hold off an attack by a relief army of 250,000 men.
www.novaroma.org /camenaeum/RomanTimeline.txt   (25003 words)

 CNN Cold War - First Draft: Pravda
During the years of the Second World War the corrupt Kuomintang rulers, the saboteurs of the common war against the imperialist occupants, advanced tactics of "passive resistance" against the enemy, frequently concealing outright deals with the Japanese aggressors.
After the Second World War the Kuomintang clique, representing the interests of all domestic reactionary forces, hated and despised by the people, tied their fate to the ruling circles of the United States which were preparing to replace their defeated competitor -- Japanese imperialism -- in China.
Just as during the anti-Japanese war, the Chinese Communist Party united all patriotic elements in the struggle for the national independence of the country against the new terrible danger of its enslavement by American capital.
www.cnn.com /SPECIALS/cold.war/episodes/15/1st.draft/pravda.html   (1246 words)

 Category:Wars - Military History Wiki
War is a conflict involving the organized use of weapons and physical force by states or other large-scale groups.
Warring parties usually hold territory, which they can win or lose; and each has a leading person or organization which can surrender, or collapse, thus ending the war.
A war to liberate an occupied country is called a "war of liberation"; a war between internal factions within a state is a civil war.
www.militaryhistorywiki.org /wiki/Category:Wars   (827 words)

 What were the "Servile Wars"? - Answerbag.com
The Servile Wars were three slave revolts that happened in the Roman Republic.
Second Servile War, 104 BC - 103 BC: another slave revolt in Sicily.
Third Servile War, 73 BC - 71 BC: a slave revolt in Italy, led by the gladiator Sparticus.
www.answerbag.com /q_view.php/14883   (358 words)

 Roman Empire History
War with the Greek king Pyrrhus, who sought to defend the Greek colony of Tarentum (southern Italy) against the Romans; noted I Rome (empire) Battle of Asculum fought (279 BC); Pyrrhus finally: withdrew to Greece.
Second Punic War against Carthage, Hannibal crossed the Alps into Italy and nearly conquered the Romans; Scipio defeated Hannibal in Africa; Rome gained control of Spain and Carthaginian islands in Mediterranean; Carthaginian power broken.
Civil war began; Sulla marched his troops into Rome after tribune Publius Sulpicius Rufus tried to impose reforms by force; Marius, a leader of the popular party, fled and Rufus was executed; Sulla, leader of the optimates (aristocrats) became consul (87 BC) and left Rome to lead armies in First Mithridatic War.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Acropolis/5576/roma-T.html   (2623 words)

 www   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Second, Mithraism arose in the Mediterranean world at exactly the same time as did Christianity, and thus the study of the cult holds the promise of shedding vital light on the cultural dynamics that led to the rise of Christianity.
Second, Mithraic iconography in general is pervaded by explicit astronomical imagery: the zodiac, planets, sun, moon, and stars are often portrayed in Mithraic art (note for example the stars around the head of Mithras in the carving of the tauroctony illustrated above); in addition, numerous ancient authors speak about astronomical subjects in connection with Mithraism.
The second servile war: The slave revolt of Salvio
www.meadowthorpe.fcps.net /STLP/www.romania.com.htm   (13437 words)

 Mexican-American War and the Media
He opposed to plunging the country into a war; he prayed to God that this worst of all evils might be averted; but if it did come, then there would not, he believed, be an anti-war man on the continent.
Three or four years ago, when the prospect of war was as great as then, they had reduced the military establishment by one third; but he said, I don not believe at all in any danger of war at this time.
War or no war, it is indispensable that we have a large addition to our steam marine; and if the present state of affairs stimulate a minute inquiry into our means of defense, it will end in a little good.
www.history.vt.edu /MxAmWar/Newspapers/Times/Times1846JanJuly.htm   (14172 words)

 1861 April
War is inaugurated, The batteries of Sullivan's Island, Morris Island and other points were opened on Fort Sumter at 4 o'clock this morning.
The war spirit is up to white heat, and one of the most gory wars that ever shocked the world is about being inaugurated.
The North, Sir did not inaugurate hostilities; neither is this a war of sections wherein men according to their nativity and residence are at liberty to exercise their option in choice of friends and foes.
www.secondwi.com /thehomefront/1861_april.htm   (9762 words)

 Roman Civil Wars - Military History Wiki
Second Servile War (104 BC - 103 BC), between Rome and a slave insurrection on Sicily - Roman victory
Third Servile War (73 BC - 71 BC), between Rome and a slave insurrection in Italy led by Spartacus - Roman victory
The next Roman civil war would not be fought until after Nero's suicide in 68 AD; this period was known as the "Pax Augusti" (peace of Augustus), and was the beginning of the era known as the "Pax Romana" (Roman Peace).
www.militaryhistorywiki.org /index.php?title=Roman_Civil_Wars   (424 words)

 TheHistoryNet | Historical Conflicts | Ancient History: Spartacus and the Slave Rebellion
A second servile war erupted on the island in 104 bc, when 40,000 slaves rampaged through its farmlands.
Forming the nucleus of the threat were gladiators--prisoners of war, convicts and slaves specially trained to fight and kill one another as entertainment for crowds packing amphitheaters throughout Latin lands.
As the Roman appetite for blood sports grew, thousands of prisoners captured in Rome's numerous wars of conquest were trundled off to specially constructed training centers, or "schools," to prepare them for the games.
www.historynet.com /historical_conflicts/3459641.html   (1004 words)

 Quotations on / about war
I won't undertake war until I have tried all the arts and means of peace.
Only in war are you holy, and when you are robbers and cruel.
Of all the enemies of public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded.
www.poemhunter.com /quotations/war/page-5   (282 words)

 American Civil War 1962   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
It was the most costly day of the war with the Union Army having 2,108 killed, 9,549 wounded and 753 missing.
The idea with some even at the North is, that the South is to be acknowledged as an equal nation if triumphant, while, if she is subdued after the great and fearful struggle, she is at once to be invited into a front seat, and at once admitted to all her old privileges.
The result is a series of pictures christened Incidents of War, and nearly as interesting as the war itself: for they constitute the history of it, and appeal directly to the great throbbing hearts of the north.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /USAcivilwar3.htm   (7723 words)

 A General History For Colleges And High Schools By P.V.N. Myers, A.M- part-3 Chapter 19 from Nalanda Digital Library at ...
THE SERVILE WAR IN SICILY (134-132 B.C.).--With the opening of this period we find a terrible struggle going on in Sicily between masters and slaves --or what is known as "The First Servile War." The condition of affairs in that island was the legitimate result of the Roman system of slavery.
In the year 106 B.C. the war against Jugurtha was brought to a close by Caius Marius, a man who had risen to the consulship from the lowest ranks of the people.
The Social, or Marsic War (as it is often called on account of the prominent part taken in the insurrection by the warlike Marsians) was a struggle that arose from the demands of the Italian allies for the privileges of Roman citizenship, from which they were wholly excluded.
www.nalanda.nitc.ac.in /resources/english/etext-project/history/genhist/part-3chapter19.html   (3803 words)

 Second Battle of Bull Run
—all of whom have proved themselves brave soldiers—that in their speeches for the war they heartily denounce the attempt to dissuade enlistments by the cry of abolitionism.
They say distinctly, what for their future it is to be hoped they see as clearly, that at this moment there are no parties whatever except true men and traitors.
As to the course of opinion in this country, the President is aware that perfect freedom to comment upon all public events is, in this country, the invariable practice sanctioned by law and approved by the universal sense of the nation.
www.sonofthesouth.net /leefoundation/civil-war/1862/september/second-battle-bull-run.htm   (3958 words)

 The Terrible Truth - The Human History of War
161 - 166 Parthian war of Lucius Verus
1532 - 1546 Ottoman-Habsburg War in the Mediterranean
1551 - 1581 Ottoman-Habsburg War in the Mediterranean
www.bibleufo.com /terribletruth5.htm   (1805 words)

 Grading TV's War News - 04/23/03 - MRC Special Report - Media Research Center
FNC aided viewers by rejecting the standard liberal idea that objective war news requires an indifference to whether America succeeds or fails.
On the war’s third day, MSNBC’s Brian Williams unfortunately compared our precision bombing with the citywide destruction wrought by the Allied bombing of Dresden in World War II, but he rejected the same analogy in a later report.
Arnett’s servile approach to the Iraqis was in stark contrast to the New York Times’s John Burns, who phoned in several reports to CBS.
www.mediaresearch.org /SpecialReports/2003/sum/execwarnews.asp   (939 words)

 servile - OneLook Dictionary Search
Servile, servile : AllWords.com Multi-Lingual Dictionary [home, info]
Phrases that include servile: roman servile wars, second servile war, servile marriage, servile war, third servile war
Words similar to servile: servilely, servileness, servility, menial, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=servile   (228 words)

 Chronology of the Great Empires
He has conquered 6 warring states and his short-lived dynasty will extend the country's waterworks, build a network of roads, and raise a great defensive wall (see 214 B.C.).
Slaves from lands conquered by Rome's legions provide much of the power for Roman agriculture, being able to follow verbal orders even though they are less powerful and less docile than horses, whose efficiency is limited also by lack of metal horseshoes and lack of proper harnesses.
His son-in-law Tigranes II of Armenia invades Parthia and begins a war in which he will recover the 70 valleys paid for his ransom in 95 B.C. and overrun four Parthian vassal states, reducing the size of Parthia and extending the borders of Armenia.
www.b17.com /family/lwp/chronology/empires.html   (8943 words)

 Fall of the Roman Republic
According to Pliny the Elder, the As was reduced to 2 ounces during the First Punic War, and reduced to 1 ounce (1/12 pound) in the Second Punic War.
During the Social War, businesses and farms in war-torn regions did not produce income, and the owners of these enterprises could not pay their creditors.
  “During the Social War the state confessed to complete bankruptcy, and in the Sullan Wars that followed Sulla deliberately adopted the Oriental theory of autocracy, compelled the state to give him absolute power over life and property, and confiscated sacred, public, and private property whenever he was in need.
www.freebuck.com /articles/elliott/030127bankruptcies1.htm   (4545 words)

 Appian's History of Rome: The Spanish Wars
But he showed himself more experienced in war than themselves, by refusing to join battle with wild beasts when he could reduce them by that invincible enemy, hunger.
When the Cimbri invaded Italy, and Sicily was torn by the second servile war, the Romans were too much preoccupied to send soldiers to Spain, but sent legates who endeavored to settle affairs without war as far as they could.
At a later period, when the dissensions of Sulla and Cinna arose in Rome, and the country was torn with civil wars and hostile camps, Quintus Sertorius, one of Cinna's party, who had been chosen to the command in Spain, stirred up that country against the Romans.
www.livius.org /ap-ark/appian/appian_spain_20.html   (1398 words)

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