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Topic: Secretary of State of Georgia

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In the News (Thu 22 Aug 19)

(a) It shall be the duty of the Secretary of State to issue the call for an advisory referendum election to determine whether the qualified electors of the State of Georgia desire that the state flag adopted under Ga. L.
To provide for the holding of an advisory referendum election to determine whether the qualified electors of the State of Georgia desire a change in the state flag; to provide for related matters; to provide an effective date; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.
The Secretary of State shall conduct the referendum election as provided in this section on the date of the November, 2006, general election. /legis/2005_06/fulltext/hb15.htm

 Fulton county Georgia voter information
If you have any further questions, visit Fulton County Elections Division or call the Secretary of State's Election Division at 404-656-2871.
You can obtain an absentee ballot request from the Office of the Secretary of State, or from any County Election Board.
You can also fill in the online application from the Secretary of State's site and then print it out, sign it, and send it. /fultoncountydemocrat/VoterInfo.htm   (483 words)

 Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
(B) The 25-mile segment from the western boundary of Knox County to its confluence with the Missouri River, including that segment of the Verdigre Creek from the north municipal boundary of Verdigre, Nebraska, to its confluence with the Niobrara, to be administered by the Secretary of the Interior as a recreational river.
Administration of the river segment designated by this paragraph shall be in coordination with, and pursuant to the advice of a Recreational River Advisory Group which shall be established by the Secretary.
-- The 15-mile segment from the head of River Spring in the southwest quarter of section 15, township 35 south, range 16 east, to the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 11, township 35 south, range 15 east, as a scenic river; to be administered by the Secretary of Agriculture. /rivers/wsract.html   (9264 words)

 UN �Group of Friends� Meets in Geneva to Review Georgia-Abkhazia Peace Process
On 7 and 8 April 2005, high-level representatives of the Group of the Friends of the Secretary-General (Germany, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, and the United States) met in Geneva to review the state of the Georgian-Abkhaz peace process.
The Friends assured the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of their continued support and reaffirmed the importance of the “Geneva Process” in the Georgian Abkhaz peace process.
The Special Representative of the Secretary General for Georgia also participated. /unis/pressrels/2005/sg2096.html   (259 words)

 Encyclopedia: Charles Evans Hughes
His next position in the United States government was Secretary of State under Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge from 1921–1925.
Louis McLane Louis McLane (May 28, 1786–October 7, 1857) represented the state of Delaware in both the United States House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate and served as the Secretary of the Treasury and later the Secretary of State under President Andrew Jackson.
Warren Gamaliel Harding (November 2, 1865 – August 2, 1923) was an American politician and the 29th President of the United States, serving from 1921 to 1923, when he became the sixth president to die in office. /encyclopedia/Charles-Evans-Hughes   (8588 words) - City of Crawfordville
Crawfordville, the county seat of Taliaferro County, is named for William H. Crawford, U.S. Senator, U.S. minister to France, Secretary of War, and Secretary of the Treasury.
Region 7 » Taliaferro County » City of Crawfordville
This park is named after the vice president of the Confederacy, Alexander H. Stephens.   (73 words)

 New Georgia Encyclopedia: State Flags of Georgia
Georgia's secretary of state may have ordered—or at least approved—the change, because the first state publication to show the seal on the flag was the 1927 volume of the Georgia Official Register, published by the secretary of state.
Perhaps because the 1879 flag was devoid of state symbols, the Georgia General Assembly in 1902 stipulated: "On the blue field shall be stamped, painted or embroidered the coat of arms of the State." The few surviving flags from this era show a coat of arms on the blue vertical band.
Georgia's population has changed dramatically in recent decades, however, and recent polls have shown that only a minority of residents favor the Confederate battle emblem on the state flag. /nge/Article.jsp?id=h-2671&pid=s-71   (73 words)

 Georgia secretary of state - Georgia Secretary of State corporations Information and Notes
Georgia Secretary of State Secretary-of-state (Department of Commerce, Corporate Division) is primarily responsible for corporation, llc,
A copy of last year's financial statement filed with the Georgia Secretary of State is available upon request.
The state Secretary of State is responsible for a wide range of government activities: Georgia. /sscl/georgia-secretary-of-state.html   (228 words)

 St. Peter AME Church - Atlanta, GA - Churches-African
Waddy presently serves as the Secretary for the Atlanta North Georgia Annual Conference, Conference Sunday School Superintendent, Secretary to Conference Board of Trustees and an instructor in the Minister's Institute.
He was the pastor of the St. John A.M.E. Church, Fairburn, Georgia from 1987-1994 where he guided the congregation in purchasing seven (7) acres of land and relocating to a new $600,000.00 facility.
He was the pastor of both Knights Monumental and Wesley Chapel A.M.E. Church, Newnan, Georgia from 1984-1987 where he lead that congregation in a total renovation of its sanctuary and fellowship hall. /sites/ame/page3.html   (332 words)

 Committee on International Relations, U.S. House of Representatives
Under this project, CTR will expand research cooperation with Ministry of Health institutes in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Ukraine to build infectious disease surveillance networks that will allow these countries and the US to better detect, characterize and monitor disease outbreaks and to consolidate pathogen collections in secure, DoD-accessible, institutes.
One of the larger project areas under SOAE relates to Solid Propellant ICBM/SLBM and Mobile Launcher Elimination, where $25.9 million is requested for FY 2004.
DoD already conducts BWPP projects in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and is planning to begin activities in Georgia and Ukraine in 2003. /international_relations/108/brons0508.htm   (332 words)

 New Secretary For Education Looks Ahead
Young earned his master of education in school administration from Georgia State University in 1975.
The new Secretary for Education is also looking forward to dealing with the challenges of the religious education aspect of his office.
Young said as Secretary for Education he will examine and review the structure of the archdiocesan school system to see how it will incorporate new schools into the existing structure. /local/1999/01/07/a   (1103 words)

 EAA 172 2003 Meeting Minutes
She was a member of the Ninety Nines, secretary of the Georgia Aviation Trades Association, treasurer of the Boshears Memorial Fly In for the past six years and Director of the History Tent for the annual show.Ms.
Brown was a graduate of Gordon Military High School at Barnesville, Georgia and the University of Georgia at Athens, Georgia.
The runway is located two miles EAST of Garfield off paved highway county number 289. /meeting5.htm   (10390 words) :: What We Do
Defendants Georgia State Senate and House of Representatives, through their legislative actions and choices, and Defendant Secretary of State, through his administration and oversight of Georgia elections, have effectively established and maintained the exclusionary wealth primary in state senate elections.
Defendants Georgia State Senate and House of Representatives, through their legislative practices, and Defendant Secretary of State of Georgia, through his administration and oversight of Georgia state elections, have effectively established, endorsed, and maintained a "wealth primary" in Georgia State Senate elections.
Georgia's contribution limits and exemptions thereto are a part of the political process in state senate elections and operate as a factor in the wealth primary. /library/cases/Georgia/GA_NAACP_v_Massey/MasseyComp.shtml   (10390 words)

 New Georgia Encyclopedia: State Flags of Georgia
Georgia's secretary of state may have ordered—or at least approved—the change, because the first state publication to show the seal on the flag was the 1927 volume of the Georgia Official Register, published by the secretary of state.
Perhaps because the 1879 flag was devoid of state symbols, the Georgia General Assembly in 1902 stipulated: "On the blue field shall be stamped, painted or embroidered the coat of arms of the State." The few surviving flags from this era show a coat of arms on the blue vertical band.
In truth, the flag violated many canons of flag design; the North American Vexillogical Association rated the new Georgia flag as the worst-designed state or provincial flag in North America. /nge/Article.jsp?id=h-2671&pid=s-69   (3181 words)

 What's New on GeorgiaInfo
Georgia's primary elections are available on the Secretary of State's website.
Secretary of State's office will be posting election results on their website after the polls close and votes are tabulated and reported.
Green Treefrog officially became Georgia's State Amphibian on April 26. /Projects/gainfo/whatsnew.htm   (1032 words)

The Georgia Secretary of State page provides a database of all organizations and individuals licensed for business in the State of Georgia.
A state and land-grant university of the University System of Georgia.
Opinion summaries, the court calendar, recent certioraris, court rules and procedures, short biographies of the justices, and a history of the Georgia Supreme Court. /local.htm   (245 words)

 General Lewis Cass in Bartow County History
Member of the Ohio Legislature and the US Senate, Cass served as Ohio's US Marshal, was governor of the Territory of Michigan, US Senator, Secretary of War and Minister to France under Andrew Jackson, and Secretary of State under Buchanan.
Of the ten counties in the United States named for General Cass, Cass County, Georgia was the only one to change its name.
Cass served as a colonel in the Third Ohio Regiment during the War of 1812 and became a brigadier general in the US Army the next year. /people/cass.html   (105 words)

 Ware County, Georgia
The Legislature [1857-58] had elected house officers - E. Watkins, Secretary of State - Secretary of State 1861.
Resigned, having been elected Senator of the 35th Senatorial District of Georgia, February 21, 1865.
I, the undersigned, would respectfully petition to become a member of the Children of the Confederacy, Georgia Division, Vesta S. Brown, C. of C. Chapter Auxiliary to Francis S. Barton Chapter located at Waycross, Georgia, County of Ware, and if /~gaware/Flags/main04.htm   (379 words)

 List of Texas county name etymologies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hockley County, Texas: Hockley is named for George Washington Hockley, Chief of Staff of the Texas Army during the Texas Revolution, artillery commander during the Battle of San Jacinto, and secretary of war of the Republic of Texas.
Lipscomb County, Texas: Lipscomb is named for Abner Smith Lipscomb, an early Texas lawyer, justice of the Texas Supreme Court and secretary of state of the Republic of Texas.
Jackson County, Texas: Jackson is named for Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States. /wiki/List_of_Texas_county_name_etymologies   (379 words)

 FBM History Apr 85 to Sept 85
The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense advised that the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations have announced the disestablishment of the Naval Material Command.
USS ALABAMA (SSBN 731) successfully launched a TRIDENT I (C-4) missile in support of the ship's Demonstration and Shakedown Operation.
The United Kingdom conducted an underwater launch of a U.K. Polaris A3TK missile. /41.html   (427 words)

 Cathy Cox - Secretary of State
Cathy Cox is the first woman to serve as Georgia’s Secretary of State.
Cathy Cox is serving her second term as Georgia’s Secretary of State, having first been elected in 1998.
Secretary Cox served as the Southern Region Vice President of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) from 2001 to 2003. /bio.htm   (427 words)

 DefenseLINK News Photos February 2004
Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz escorts Minister of Defense of Georgia Gela Bezhuashvili into the Pentagon.
Minister of Defense of Georgia Gela Bezhuashvilii and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz pose for photographs prior to their meeting.
Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz hosts a meeting with Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mircea Geoana in the Pentagon. /photos/Feb2004   (427 words)

 Genealogy Bibliography
Located in Georgia Documents Reference in Main Ref. No longer published in hard copy, the latest edition is only available on the Georgia Secretary of State's home page at
Atlanta, GA: Georgia Department of Archives and History, Secretary of State'sOffice, 1997.
Georgia Research Outline Click on "find other web sites containing family history information"; click on "Places"; and finally, click on "Georgia." Describes major sources of information about families from Georgia. /researchcentral/subjectguides/genealogy.html   (3788 words)

The new battleship carried a peace commission, comprised of Secretary of War William H. Taft and Assistant Secretary of State Robert Bacon, which arranged for a provisional government of the island.
USS IROQUOIS, which came against her, delivered a full broadside at a distance of a few feet, but did her little serious damage while she herself was riddled by LOUISIANA's fire.
USS LOUISIANA (BB-19) was one of the sixteen battleships that comprised "the Great White Fleet." The fleet was sent by President Theodore Roosevelt on a round-the-world cruise to demonstrate U.S. naval power. /usslouisiana.html   (1788 words)

 Interior Secretary Babbitt's Chattahoochee Visit Highlights Upcoming Land Legislation
Atlanta, Georgia -- A coalition of the nation’s largest environmental groups lauds today’s planned visit by Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt and Georgia Governor Roy Barnes to the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area.
"President Clinton, Interior Secretary Babbitt, Governor Barnes and some farsighted legislators in both parties are presenting the country with an historic opportunity to protect the nation’s most valuable but unprotected natural and cultural sites," Defenders of Wildlife President Rodger Schlickeisen said today.
The groups say that the officials’ call for preserving open space in the Atlanta region highlights an "historic" opportunity to preserve invaluable lands, wildlife, coastal areas, and cultural sites around the nation. /releases/pr1999/pr093099.html   (1788 words)

 US Department of State Dispatch: Diplomatic relations with new Independent States - Commonwealth of Independent States
Secretary Baker conducted detailed discussions with the leaders of the four countries on the political, economic, and security principles of most importance to the United States.
Georgia is the only state which I have not visited--the only state that was a republic of the former Soviet Union that I have not yet visited.
With this step and yesterday's establishment of diplomatic relations with Moldova, the United States now has diplomatic relations with 11 of the 12 former Soviet republics. /p/articles/mi_m1584/is_n8_v3/ai_12058195   (555 words)

 Savannah State University in Savannah [1]
The city was originally named after Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, and was the second state capital of Georgia (alternating for a period with Savannah, the first).
city seal.jpg The seal of the City of Augusta Augusta is a city located in the U.S. State of Georgia.
See live article History of the Jews in the United States (Colonial Era-1906) Table of contents showTocToggle("show","hide") 1 Coming to the Americas 2 Arrival in North America 3 First Jewish settlers from Spain and Portugal 4 German Jewish settlers 5 Russian Immigration 6 In the cities and states 6. /college/Savannah+State+University+in+Savannah%20[1]   (555 words)

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