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  Sect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sects have many beliefs and practices in common with the religion or party that they have broken off from, but are differentiated by a number of doctrinal differences.
The word sect comes from the Latin secta (from sequi to follow), meaning (1) a course of action or way of life, (2) a behavioural code or founding principles, (3) a specific philosophical school or doctrine.
Sects, in the sociological sense, are generally traditionalist and conservative, seeking to return a religion to its (perceived) original religious or political purity of principle.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sect   (610 words)

 The Religious Movements Page: Conceptualizing "Cult" and "Sect"
During the 1970s, in the midst of the high visibility of sects and cults as part of the youth counterculture, many social scientists sought to desensitize the negative sentiments that the concepts conjure in popular culture by substituting the concept new religious movement (NRM).
So long as cults and sects do not act in ways that demonstrably diminish the rights of other citizens, they are entitled to the full protection of the Constitution to believe and practice as they choose.
One factor that frequently differentiates cults and sects from the established religious traditions of a culture is the belief of the latter that they are in possession of the truth, or at the very least, unique truths that other traditions to not have or have not accepted.
religiousmovements.lib.virginia.edu /cultsect/concult.htm   (3417 words)

 Sect, Sectarianism
The sect's identity is further derived from its principal leader or from a distinctive teaching or practice.
In the typology of religious movements that has developed from the pioneering work of Ernst Troeltsch, the sect is a formally organized religious body that arises in protest against and competition with the pervasive religion of a society.
Many, but not all, sects gradually lose their sectarian character and acquire the status of a church after a generation or two.
mb-soft.com /believe/txc/sect.htm   (524 words)

 Gospel Link
In ordinary usage the word "sect" refers to any body of followers or adherents, ranging from the main religions of the world to small groups of heretics.
In sociological terminology, a sect is a separately organized religious group that meets specified criteria.
An established sect is organizationally complex while retaining moderate tension with society and the claim to unique legitimacy.
ldsfaq.byu.edu /emmain.asp?number=169   (396 words)

She is the sole custodian of the complete teaching of Jesus Christ which must be accepted in its entirety by all mankind.
Her members do not constitute a sect nor will they consent to be known as such, because they do not belong to a party called into existence by a human leader, or to a school of thought sworn to the dictates of a mortal master.
The recognition by the Church of the sects which sprang up in the course of her history would necessarily have been fatal to herself and to any consistent religious organization.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/13674a.htm   (1787 words)

 BBC News | AFRICA | Religious sect rampages in Kenya   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Members of a banned religious sect went on the rampage after three of their members were killed.
The Mungiki sect is predominantly Kikuyu and they are fighting a largely ethnic Luo vigilante group, nicknamed "Taleban".
The sect was banned because it advocates the practice of female circumcision, or female genital mutilation.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/africa/1853384.stm   (210 words)

 SECT - LoveToKnow Article on SECT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
, a body of persons holding distinctive or separate doctrines or opinions, especially in matters of religion; thus there are various sects among the Jews, the Mahommedans, and the Buddhists, andc.
In the Christian Church it has usually a hostile or depreciatory sense and is applied, like sectary, to all religious bodies outside the one to which the user of the term belongs.
Whichever derivation is,accepted a sect does not mean apart cutoff from the church.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /S/SE/SECT.htm   (270 words)

 Hal Draper: Anatomy of the Micro-Sect (1973)
A sect presents itself as the embodiment of the socialist movement, though it is a membership organization whose boundary is set more or less rigidly by the points in its political program rather than by its relation to the social struggle.
The sect form of American socialist groupment today is a roadblock in the way; and the sect notions that are dominant among this groupment constitute a poison which could immobilize and abort a socialist movement even if it got started.
Where the esoteric sects (mainly Trotskyist splinters) of the 1930s tended toward a sort of super sophistication in Marxism and futility in practice, there is a gaggle of grouplets now (mainly Maoist-Castroite) characterized by amnesia regarding the Marxist tradition, ignorance of the socialist experience, and extreme primitivism.
www.marxists.org /archive/draper/1973/xx/microsect.htm   (4962 words)

 TCS Daily - The Sect of Austrian Economics
To me, this is symptomatic of a sect, which focuses on doctrinal purity above all else.
For a sect, to know is to believe, and to believe is to know.
As a sect, insisting on adherence to all of its beliefs, the Austrian school will remain a committed but eccentric group.
www.tcsdaily.com /article.aspx?id=111103C   (1174 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Profile: Kenya's secretive Mungiki sect
Last week, the sect was back in the news following two days of clashes with police which left at least two policemen dead in Nairobi and 70 of its members in police custody.
The sect was, at one time, associated with Mwakenya, an underground movement formed in 1979 to challenge the former Kanu regime.
But Kanu, now in the opposition, deny the allegations, saying leaders of the sect claim that some senior officials of the new government are members of the sect.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/africa/2745421.stm   (712 words)

 Polygamist sect loses grip on towns
Also being considered are two former prominent residents of the town, Rayo Johnson and John Nielsen, who had disputes with sect leaders and were banished from the area, losing their families in the process.
The leaders of the sect routinely have evicted those who differed with them over religious practices and have run off hundreds of young men because of the competition for women.
Jessop, who two years ago was the first woman to defect from the sect with all her children, said her main concern is the towns' young people.
www.azcentral.com /arizonarepublic/news/articles/0623polygamy23.html   (944 words)

 Animal Welfare Act Briefs
The relative humidity maintained must be at a level that ensures the health and well-being of the animals housed, as directed by the attending veterinarian, in accordance with generally accepted professional and husbandry practices (Sect.
Certain nonhuman primates must be provided special attention regarding enhancement of their environment, based on the needs of the individual species and in accordance with the instructions of the attending veterinarian.
Excluded from this definition, at the present time, are birds, rats of the genus Rattus and mice of th e genus Mus bred for use in research, horses not used for research purposes, and other farm animals used for food, fiber, or production purposes (see definition is section 1.1).
www.nal.usda.gov /awic/legislat/awabrief.htm   (16582 words)

 Dead Sea Sectarians
The Sadducees, as well as the Dead Sea sect, took the literal interpretation of "on the morrow of the Sabbath," whereas the Pharisees took "Sabbath" to mean "Festival." Their calendar was based on the biblical lunar months and they rejected the new innovative solar calendar that protected the Sabbath from being profaned.
To understand the nature of the broken laws, one example of the Halakhic controversy between the sect and the Jerusalem priesthood, is the law regulating liquid streams and ritual purity in the pouring of liquids from one vessel to another.
The sect also spoke of themselves as "the elect," which would agree with the Sadducees and their position of aristocracy and their claim to be the true and legitimate heirs of Israel's priesthood.
www.billwilliams.org /Scrolls/scrolls.html   (6271 words)

 Resource Center - Dog Guide Access Laws - The Seeing Eye, Inc.
Delaware Statutes, Title 16, Chapter 95, Section 9501 through 9506;Title 31 (amended 1984), Section 2117; Title 21, Part 3, Section 4144; Title 7, Sections 1701, 1715, 1717, Delaware statutes guarantee a blind person the legal right to be accompanied by a specially trained dog guide in all places and conveyances open to the general public.
Public accommodations include public buildings, hotels, lodging places, establishment for sale of food, places of resort and amusement, and all other places to which the general public is invited.
(Sect 40-9.1-3) The owner or keeper of a dog which kills or bites a dog guide or bites its blind owner, will be liable to the blind person aggrieved for double all damages sustained, to be recovered in a civil action with the costs of the suit.
www.seeingeye.org /ResourceCenter.asp?sc=dg   (16013 words)

 Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Temple
The fourth stage of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism seeks to modernize the ancient Buddhist religion by reforming through contemporary concepts in order to interpret doctrines of the past.
Therefore, Professor Lin-Yun does not encourage, nor does he oppose leaving the mundane life to become monks and nuns, because he believes that leaving the mundane life is only one of the ways to spiritual attainment, but certainly not the only way.
Professor Lin-Yun encourages the disciples of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism to diligently pursue their professional careers in the mundane world and contribute to the well-being of society.
www.yunlintemple.org /temple.htm   (887 words)

 Saudis Seek U.S. Muslims for Their Sect
By building mosques across the country, sending Americans to the Middle East to be trained as imams and promoting pilgrimages to Mecca, the Saudis have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in an effort to stamp their austere version of Islam on the lives of Muslims in the United States.
A number of prominent religious scholars describe Wahhabism as a particularly rigid minority Islamic sect that is intolerant of other forms of Islam, unwilling to accommodate other religions and likely to create a narrow view of the world among its followers.
The sect is named for Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhab, an 18th-century clan leader whose descendants helped the Saudi ruling family unify its kingdom in 1932.
www.albany.edu /faculty/lr618/saudis.html   (1485 words)

 Datenschutzgesetz 2000 (English version) - Privacy Austria
The decisive consideration as to the adequacy of the protection shall be the implementation of the principles of sect.
These measures must, taking into account the technological state of the art and the cost incurred in their execution, safeguard a level of data protection appropriate with regard to the risks arising from the use and the type of data to be protected.
As soon as data are no longer needed for the purpose of the data application, they shall be regarded as illegally processed data and shall be erased unless their archiving is legally permitted and unless the access to these data is specially secured.
www.dsk.gv.at /dsg2000e.htm   (15556 words)

 The Saved Sect
He also informed us that one saved sect from among them will enter Paradise, and it is the Jamaa'ah (group), those who cling tightly onto the book of Allaah and the authentic Sunnah, and the actions of the companions of the Messenger of Allaah.
The Saved Sect is upon the methodology that the Messenger was upon in his life and the methodology of his companions after him.
The Saved Sect calls the Muslims towards holding fast to the Sunnah of the Messenger and his companions until victory is prescribed for them and enter Paradise by the bounty of Allaah and the intercession of the Messenger after haven been given the authority to do so by Allaah.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Olympus/9958/saved.html   (2425 words)

 Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary
There are no sects in geometry; one does not speak of a Euclidian, an Archimedean.
The reasonable, impartial man learned in a knowledge that is not that of words; the man free from prejudice and lover of truth and justice; in short, the man who is not the foolish animal, and who does not think he is the angel.
A man who examines the relations between a cone and a sphere is not of the sect of Archimedes: he who sees that the square of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle is equal to the square of the two other sides is not of the sect of Pythagoras.
history.hanover.edu /texts/voltaire/volsect.html   (956 words)

 Mungiki - religious cults and sects
Mungiki's genesis is as clouded as the sect's cause.
The sect has always left a trail of arson, forced oathing and forced circumcision in its wake.
Followers of the so-called Mungiki youth sect, whose 300,000 members see themselves as ''the true sons of the Mau Mau'', decry what they regard as the more degenerate aspects of Western culture, including cinemas, alcohol, tobacco and miniskirts.
www.apologeticsindex.org /m09.html   (649 words)

 Definitions of the term 'cult' : Apologetics research resources
The term 'sect' is as ambiguous as the term 'cult.' (Note that many European countries use the term 'sect' instead of - or interchangably with - 'cult.' Some media outlets also make that substitution.).
Theologically, sect is used of a group which has divided from a larger body or movement - often over minor differences in doctrine and/or practice - but whose teachings and practices are generally not considered unorthodox, heretical or cultic (sociologically and/or theologically).
Often sects place unusual, dogmatic emphasis on one or two doctrines or practices.
cultfaq.org /cultfaq-sect-definition.html   (546 words)

 NBC 10 NEWS - News - Sect Member Breaks Silence   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Former Attleboro sect member Karen Robidoux commented Monday for the first time since she was charged with starving her son to death.
It is where Robidoux lived as a member of a religious sect and it is where her son, Samuel, was allegedly starved and later died.
According to the Bristol County District Attorney's Office, the baby was starved after a sect member reportedly got a vision from God telling Robidoux and her husband, Jacques, to stop feeding the child anything more than his mother's milk.
www.turnto10.com /news/2380286/detail.html?rnb   (670 words)

 The story of the Sect
Downliners Sects first studio recordings were "Cadillac" and "Roll Over Beethoven", both recorded in 1963 but not released until in the 80:s when the bands early recordings had become collectors items.
The first released Sect record was the live-EP "at Nite In Newport Street" which was recorded live at the rock club Studio 51 in central London.
In the end of the year Downliners Sect went into the studio to record their first album which was released before Christmas.
www.angelfire.com /rock3/yardbird_sect/secthistory1.html   (2200 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | The lost boys, thrown out of US sect so that older men can marry more wives
The sect appeared to be in turmoil yesterday, after its assets were frozen last week and a warrant was issued in Arizona on Friday for the arrest of its autocratic leader, Warren Jeffs, for arranging a wedding between an underage girl and a 28-year-old man who was already married.
FLDS officials and the sect's lawyer, Rodney Parker, did not return calls seeking comment, but have previously argued that the Lost Boys were exiled from their communities because they were teenage delinquents who refused to keep the sect's rules.
However, authorities in Utah and Arizona have recently increased the pressure on the sect's leader, Last week, a Utah judge froze FLDS assets, and the attorney's office in Mohave County, Arizona, charged Mr Jeffs for arranging a marriage between a 28-year-old married and a 16-year-old girl.
www.guardian.co.uk /usa/story/0,12271,1505997,00.html   (1169 words)

 Japanese Buddhism
During the early Heian period, two new Buddhist sects were introduced from China: the Tendai sect in 805 by Saicho and the Shingon sect in 806 by Kukai.
Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi fought the militant Buddhist monasteries (especially the Jodo sects) thoroughly in the end of the 16th century and practically extinguished Buddhist activities on the political sector.
Buddhist institutions were once more attacked in the early years of the Meiji period, when the new Meiji government favored Shinto as the new state religion and tried to separate and emancipate it from Buddhism.
www.japan-guide.com /e/e2055.html   (611 words)

 Feng Shui: GEO Geomancy/Feng Shui Education Organization
It recognizes that (a) there is no separation between consciousness, intention and form, (b) that form is an expression of intention, (c) and that there is a constant cybernetic and emergent communication between them (a and b).
Black Sect Feng Shui is the science/art of the constant, mutual, interactive communication and conditioning between the chi of place or environment and the chi of individuals.
As taught by Professor Lin Yun, Black Sect Feng Shui is a synthesis of Tibetan and Chinese Buddhist, Taoist, and folk wisdom as well as modern psychology and design principals.
www.geofengshui.com /black.htm   (362 words)

 Definitions FAQ on Religious Cults, Sects, Alternative Religious Movements, Anti-cult and Countercult groups.
A religious group originating as a heretical sect and maintaining fervent commitment to heresy.
The term "sect," sometimes used instead of "cult," (2), is similarly ambiguous.
Theologically, sect is used of a group which has divided from a larger body or movement - generally over minor differences in doctrine and/or practice - but whose teachings and practices are generally not considered unorthodox, heretical or cultic (sociologically and/or theologically).
www.apologeticsindex.org /c09.html   (2636 words)

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