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Topic: Secular state

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  Embassy of France in the U.S. - The Secular Principle
Secularity is intrinsic to those values, and France has ratified the European Convention on Human Rights, article 9 of which repeats and expands on article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The Act on the separation of Church and State set forth the basic tenets of French secularity: freedom of conscience and worship, free organization of churches (2), non-recognition of churches and their equality before the law, and freedom to express religious beliefs in public.
Secular neutrality, the principle of official non-recognition of any religion, means that no stipend or direct subsidy may be paid to any church.
www.info-france-usa.org /atoz/secular.asp   (3473 words)

 Secular Fundamentalism and Democracy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Secular fundamentalism is an ideological framework that stipulates a particular relationship between church and state, and to its adherents, justifies actions taken to enforce or institute that relationship.
Secular fundamentalists are in error when they assume that the rise of religious tolerance in the West, and the concordant isolation of certain highly controversial religious questions from the political agenda of certain Western states, meant that reason had triumphed over faith.
Entrenched secularism enables the state to be neutral amongst competing controversial religious views and to avoid political decisions being made on the basis of inaccessible and irrational religious reasons.
www.acton.org /programs/students/essay/2003/first.html   (6041 words)

To prevent state officials from using their political authority to impose a narrow set of religious attitudes and values on the larger society, and to foreclose the possibility of using religious symbols to agitate one religious community against another, western intellectuals embarked on a project that aimed at separating political authority from religious affiliation.
Secularism was not originally intended as a way to separate religion from society or religious consciousness from political action, but only to isolate the state from the church structure and to separate religious and political authorities.
Of course, in periods when the political state as such is born violently out of civil society, when political liberation is the form in which men strive to achieve their liberation, the state can and must go as far as the abolition of religion, the destruction of religion.
www.islamawareness.net /Secularism/secular.html   (5148 words)

 Secular World
The issue of "Jewish nation versus secular state" has been brought to a head by a proposed law that would declare Israel to be a democratic and multicultural state.
Israel's secular majority is increasingly unhappy with the privileged status that their state grants to Orthodox Judaism.
The strictly secular constitution of Turkey is under constant attack from Islamists.
www.secularhumanism.org /library/shb/world_16_1.html   (1623 words)

 Secular Fundamentalism and Democracy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Two objections are raised against secular fundamentalism: First, it is premised on a flawed reading of the historical record that assumes religion and democracy are incompatible; second, it falsely assumes a stark division between religious (irrational) and secular (rational) reasons.
Secular fundamentalism claims that a preference for secularism has to be entrenched into the framework of democratic states because such entrenchment enables the state both to be neutral among competing controversial religious views and to avoid political decisions being made on the basis of inaccessible and irrational religious reasons.
Entrenched secularism cannot be justified on the grounds of neutrality among competing views because it is not neutral—indeed the very point of the approach is to ensure that the political process generates only certain types of outcomes, those that are not premised on views that secular fundamentalists find objectionable.
www.acton.org /publicat/m_and_m/new/article.php?article=18   (5037 words)

 Neither secular not theocratic state dictatorship! - Greece / Turkey / Cyprus Religion - Anarkismo
The defenders of secular state say that the defenders of theocratic state would build a totalitarian state and would repress all thoughts and beliefs which do not comply to the rules of religion.
The defenders of theocratic state say that the aim of the defenders of secular state is not only to repress religion and religious people but also to repress all thoughts and beliefs which do not comply to the "supreme" ideology of secular minority.
Secular state is as much totalitarian as its counterpart, namely theocratic state.
www.anarkismo.net /newswire.php?story_id=974   (827 words)

 The Secular Party of Australia News Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Secular Party of Australia, while recognising the right of a nation to defend itself from attacks and from having its citizens kidnapped, believes that in the recent hostilities, the Israeli response was quite disproportionate.
MOST Australians believe that there currently exists separation of church and state in Australia, but when told that this is not the case, the vast majority wanted a federal law to enforce separation of church and state.
Secular Party president John Perkins said the survey represented the "true pulse" of the electorate.
www.secular.org.au /News.html   (1571 words)

 Secularism - Why is India a Secular State?
But despite all this it could not be called secular as it was not a non-religious state and the promotion of dharma tied it down to ecclesiastical pursuits which cannot go into the making of a secular state as per the Dictionary meaning of the term.
Donald Smith, "The Hindu state of ancient medieval, or modern times was not a narrowly sectarian state in any sense; patronage was frequently extended simultaneously to various sects and religions." But this inherent Hindu spirit of tolerance was not reciprocated by the Muslims who overran the Hindu kingdoms of India in the middle ages.
Secularism which ultimately is the political expression of rationalism can never be a faith, it is, and will always remain an "attitude" if it has to remain rational.
www.hindubooks.org /sudheer_birodkar/hindu_history/secularroots.html   (3792 words)

 Secular Versus Christian Education.
And so, the legislature in setting aside Christian, and in establishing secular education in its stead, cannot know that they are right; for this is all done in open violation of the divine law; it is done in unbelief and disobedience, with a hardened and blinded conscience.
A secular education never yet qualified any person for teaching or receiving the true Christian faith or practice, and never can; because things secular pertain to this world, not to that which is to come; to things carnal, not to things spiritual or holy.
Again, all unbelieving states, secular teachers and unbelieving scholars are lost; and have not the least desire of being saved, unless in their sins, and on their own plan, and by their own righteousness.
www.covenanter.org /JMcauley/secularversuschristianed.htm   (1522 words)

 The Conversion Crisis: Introduction
But as a self-declared Jewish State, Israel has struggled with the question of what role the Jewish religion would play in the governing of the secular state, how that Judaism would be expressed, and even how Judaism would be defined.
In Israel, it is the secular state which determines crucial decisions on religious law through the secular parliament (Knesset) or in the secular courts.
It is the secular state which until today only recognizes Orthodox practices in matters of conversion, marriage, divorce and burial for its Jewish citizens.
www.adl.org /Israel/Conversion/intro.asp   (488 words)

 Untitled Document
In Islamic state all laws must strictly conform to Islamic Shari`ah but if a country declares 'Islam as its religion', it means that Islam is preferred to all other religions and it enjoys itself more privilege than other religions in the country.
Islam is declared to be incompatible with secularism because in a secular state there is no place for divine laws, and secular laws are unacceptable to Islam.
The primitive Islamic state was democratic in spirit and the Caliphs often consulted their colleagues and companions of the Prophet while making any decision so as to conform to the Qur'anic values.
www.andromeda.rutgers.edu /~rtavakol/engineer/secular.htm   (3657 words)

 The Hindu : Gandhi on secular law and state
Significantly, Gandhi's use of the term secular in relation to the state is such as may, in contemporary political discourse, be described as "Nehruvian".
The state was bound to be wholly secular.
In supporting a secular state, Gandhi understood that such a state would have to be backed by society.
www.hindu.com /2003/10/22/stories/2003102200891000.htm   (1399 words)

 A Secular Democratic State in Historic Palestine - CAABU   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
For these reasons, a Palestinian state as envisaged is not feasible, and the situation on the ground makes even a physical separation of the two peoples hard to achieve.
The proposal to create what was then called a secular democratic state in Palestine was first propounded in 1969 by the left-wing PLO faction, the DFLP, and formally adopted in the modified version of a "democratic state of Palestine" by the PNC meeting that year.
In the context of a unitary state solution, the bi-national state proposal is obviously less unacceptable, since it can be designed to mimic closely a two-state solution tipped in favor of the stronger side.
www.caabu.org /press/articles/secular-state.html   (2930 words)

 Religious Education and the Secular State
In this category, we find those states that have a non-confessional religious education, guaranteed and run by the secular state, for instance, and placed in the hands of the Ministry of Education and the local school authorities, who make up the syllabuses, and educate and appoint the teachers.
In England, the state and local school authorities have involved the religious communities in drawing up national standards for syllabuses and, with the system of the so-called “SACRES,” mentioned earlier this morning also, the religions are guaranteed influence on the content of the religious education in school.
A secular religious education based upon the scientific comparative study of religion may be a powerful instrument to further respect for the very foundations of religious freedom as one kind of freedom of speech and conscience.
www.religiousfreedom.com /conference/Germany/jensen.htm   (2169 words)

 Islam and the Liberation of Women in the Middle East: Separation of Mosque and State is the Only Answer
Unlike in the West, where the individual is the basic unit of the state, it is the family that is the basis of Arab states.
This means that the state is primarily concerned with the protection of the family rather than the protection of the family’s individual members.
State discrimination against women in the family is expressed through, among other things, unjust family laws that deny women equal access to divorce and child custody.
www.secularhumanism.org /library/fi/kamguian_23_4.htm   (2160 words)

 Tolerating the Secular State, the Enemy of Faith
As a result of the secular principles of the Revolution, separa­tion of Church and State was gradually introduced throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
We state these elementary matters in such detail and clarity because even the most elementary things are either entirely forgotten today or run the imminent risk of being forgotten.
It falls to the directors of Catholic works to constantly call the attention of their mem­bers to the growing secularization of life wrought by the secularization of the State, the injury thus rendered God, the harm done to souls, and so on.
www.tfp.org /student_action/opinions/culture/tolerance4.htm   (1193 words)

 Religion and the Secular State
John points out that there are democracies other than the United States that have an official religion and that a religion could provide the common values needed for cooperation in a democracy.
He suggests that what this principle means is that the state should be neutral between religious and secular parts of society.
She explains why the only thing that the separation of church and state should make illegal is a state-sponsored church and how the state has already gone too far in banning religion from the political forum.
www.philosophytalk.org /pastShows/ReligionandtheSecularState.htm   (661 words)

 secular state - Books, journals, articles @ The Questia Online Library   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Sometimes this is called a secular state, but this should be distinguished...5 To demand a neutral or secular State is not the same as to encourage...
In one usage, it...To Thomas Hobbes, the state of nature was mere chaos...machinery of a limited state, not a state of general...
The aim of the early...who were resourceful, secular, and engaged in a struggle...theocratic to a political, secular state; suffrage was stripped...political life of the state as a source of modern...
www.questia.com /search/secular-state   (1768 words)

 Middle East Online
A similar movement called Aalmana (Secularism) also contends on its website, Aalmana.org, that "secularism itself is the guarantee for a stable national unity and true citizenry, true religious faith, the building of a country based on social justice, equality and democracy, no future civil war."
But if some in Lebanon ask for a completely secular state, others say only politics should be immune to religion.
Muslim clerics, Christian churches and most politicians, who recruit their followers on the basis of religion, fervently oppose the secularization of the state.
www.middle-east-online.com /english/?id=13791   (596 words)

 Islam Demands a Secular State: Free Muslims Coalition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In such a sad state of Muslim society, many Muslims blindly dream of a utopian "Islamic government", in much the same way as Christians anticipate the "Kingdom of God." Unfortunately, this idea of "Islamic government" is a myth created by the power-hungry to subdue Muslims and non-Muslims alike to benefit exclusively those who rule.
However, the Compassionate God states: "There is no sin upon you for what mistakes you commit unintentionally, but there is sin in what your hearts have intended." [Qur'an 33:5] Unintentional mistakes happen less frequently when the mind is exposed to free press, public dialogue, and reason.
In other words, inspect, in any one of those states, the factory, the bank, the market place, the officer corps, the political party, the state apparatuses, the school, the university, the laboratory, the courthouse, arts organizations, the media and you will quickly realize that there is very little religion left in them.
www.freemuslims.org /document.php?id=61   (3534 words)

 the houston conservative: Editorial Page: The Myth Of the Secular State
Read it as many times as you like, you will find not a single word about the "separation of church and state." As a matter of fact, except for the words "of" and "and," that phrase does not appear at all.
Back to the subject at hand, Maher stated that the "Religious Right (that's me, for one) was conducting an all out assault on America, and "us, the Secular Constitutionalists," seem to be afraid to stand up to them.
You see, one cannot construct a new society based on secular ideals, until the prior Christian state is deconstructed and anarchy forces the people to seek a source of order.
houstonconservative.com /2005/04/myth-of-secular-state.html   (1285 words)

 EPM Resource - America: Intended to be a Secular State or a Christian Nation?
By not having one denomination control the country, their intention was that the Christian religion as a whole would be the foundation of the moral principles and laws of this country.
The term "separation of church and state" (or "wall of separation between church and state") was first used in a 1802 letter written by Thomas Jefferson.
In 1962 the phrase "separation of church and state," taken completely out of context, was used by the Supreme Court to justify the prohibition of organized or audible prayer in public schools.
www.epm.org /articles/Secular_State.html   (2504 words)

 Pathetic state of secular Muslim regimes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The tapes are part of a series titled 'Repentant artists who have found the road to piety.' They are produced by a joint Saudi-Egyptian venture which was launched by the former Egyptian actor Hassan Yussef, who quit the cinema in the seventies to dedicate himself to Islam.
Egyptian State interests are served by spreading perversion and immorality.
A new law extending compulsory secular education to eight years and restricting religious high schools was passed by the military-backed regime of secularist prime minister Mesut Yilmaz.
www.muslimedia.com /archives/special98/secular.htm   (685 words)

 Secular state: Karpal’s stand not ‘personal interpretation’
The Federal Court, comprising five judges, considered the intent of the framers of the constitution in entrenching the principle that Islam is the religion of the Federation and in the process, traced the history of Islam in this country after the advent of British colonialism.
The framers of the Constitution never intended that the provision in Article 3(1) that 'Islam is the religion of the Federation' should be read as meaning that the Federation was not a secular state.
Surely, the honourable minister in the Prime Minister's Department cannot, in all honesty and in the light of that which is stated in the Reid Commission Report and the judicial construction in relation to Article 3(1) rendered by the Federal Court, continue to insist that the assertion by Karpal is a 'personal interpretation'.
www.malaysiakini.com /letters/37938   (563 words)

 Church & State | Secular Student Alliance
The struggle for the separation of religion and state across democratically minded countries has been subject of debate for ages now and the struggle in Nigeria, the government seems to be playing Janus face on this serious issue.
The Church supports the State, encourages followers to vote correctly, and fight wars (as long as it is against some other religion.) The State supports the Church, religion is a business and pays no taxes.
Show your secular pride: buy shirts, bags, buttons, hats and more at the SSA store.
www.secularstudents.org /taxonomy/term/26   (207 words)

 SSA to Participate in Michigan Atheists State Convention | Secular Student Alliance
August Brunsman IV, executive director of the Secular Student Alliance will be speaking at the Michigan Atheists State Convention on November 16.
His talk on “Sowing the Seeds of Freethought” will focus on the current state of the secular student movement in the United States.
The Graduate Center of the City University of New York released the American Religious Identification Study that suggests that nonreligious worldviews are on the rise.
www.secularstudents.org /node/297   (164 words)

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