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Topic: Sega Genesis

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  Sega of America
You should first try the Genesis console on a TV with a vertical or horizontal adjustment knob to determine whether a Zenith Modification will be necessary.
If the Genesis works on the TV (with a vertical or horizontal adjustment knob), then a Zenith Modification would be necessary in order to play the Genesis on the TV with the bouncing screen problem.
Test Genesis by plugging in a pair of working headphones or mini speakers with an 1/8 inch plug into the headphone jack on the Genesis console.
www.sega.com /support/supportsys.php?item=support_systems_genesis   (1824 words)

  Sega - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sega's European division, Sega of Europe, is headquartered in the Chiswick area of London, England, United Kingdom.
In 1993, the Genesis was redesigned and released as the "Sega Genesis 2".
Sega was attempting to "lock out" game companies from making Genesis games unless they paid Sega a fee (ostensibly to maintain a consistent level of quality of games for their system.) Their strategy was to make the hardware reject any cartridge that did not include a Sega trademark.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sega   (3945 words)

 Encyclopedia: Sega Genesis
Sega announced their North American release date for the system in 1987, making a point of the fact that was the first true 16-bit console.
The failures of the Sega CD and 32X, a lack of effective advertising and disputes between Sega of America and Sega of Japan had taken their toll on the company.
By 1994 Sega's market share had dropped from 65% to 35% and the offical announcements of newer, more powerful consoles, such as the Saturn, Playstation and N64 signaled that the 16-bit era was drawing to a close.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Sega-Genesis   (6912 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
In 1987, Sega announced their US release date and stated that their own console was the first true 16-bit console, and that the TurboGrafx 16 wasn't.
The Genesis continued to hold on to a healthy fan base comprised significantly of RPG fans and sports games fans, but with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991 began to threaten Nintendo's up-to-then stranglehold on the number one console position in the USA.
Because of the failures of the Sega CD and 32X, the lack of advertising, and the disputes between Sega of America and Sega of Japan, things were grim by 1994.
www.informationgenius.com /encyclopedia/s/se/sega_genesis.html   (1769 words)

 RETROARCADE.COM - Sega Genesis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
During its lifetime, the Sega Genesis was the platform for a multitude of games, many of them now classics that set the standard for modern 32 bit titles.
Alas, Sega did not continue their tradition of backward compatibility, and did not produce an adapter for the Saturn that would allow Genesis cartridges and SegaCDs to be played on the new system.
Software that emulates the Sega Genesis is in a bit of a greyish area however, because Genesis games still retain copyrights and it is illegal to distribute the rom images (a data file copied from the cartridge).
www.retroarcade.com /modvid/genesis.asp   (565 words)

 Dark Watcher's Console History
Sega made a good attempt at the market with their Master System against Nintendo's virtual monopoly of the console industry, but they were about to introduce next generation gaming to the masses.
Sega had a lot of hits in the arcade such as After Burner and Golden Axe, and part of the appeal of the Megadrive was that now these games were not only playable at home but were fairly close to the arcade versions.
The Sega Genesis reached a great level of success in Amaerica, but launched the system to all new heights of popularity when they released a secret project in the summer of 1992.
darkwatcher.psxfanatics.com /console/genesis.htm   (573 words)

 How to program the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
Sega has a version of the BIOS which will play any system's games, but this is for Game developing and testing.
Sega, Genesis, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Ecco the Dolphin are trademarks of Sega Enterprises, Ltd. Other trademarks are the property of their respective companies.
Sega requires you to sign extensive non-disclosure statements, and you essentially have to be subservient to them forever.
home.hiwaay.net /~jfrohwei/sega/genesis.html   (7084 words)

 Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Console Information
Sega of America could not use this name as it was already trademarked by another company.
Sega also released a Mega Drive II/Genesis II console that was smaller than the original and did not include a headphones jack or volume control.
Sega needed a new console in order to stay in the market and so they announced the Sega Saturn.
www.consoledatabase.com /consoleinfo/segamegadrive   (1489 words)

 A Brief History of Home Video Games
Sega had been demolished in the 8-bit era, and the only profits keeping them afloat were coming exclusively from their arcade base (only to be swallowed by the fl hole of debt surrounding the Master System).
Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega's new mascot, was born.
During the 16-bit era, Sega executives decided that the best way to compete with a company that used key-chips in their hardware was to include key-chips of their own in the Genesis.
www.geekcomix.com /vgh/fifth/genesis.shtml   (745 words)

 Sega Genesis - 1989-1997 - Classic Gaming   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Although the Genesis development kit was reportedly overly expensive and initially difficult to work with, by the end of 1990 there were over 30 third-party developers writing games for the new system, compared to four for the TG16.
Sega introduced the Sega CD late in the year, and despite all the hype that had been built up over the last two years, the Sega CD sold very poorly, partially due to its $200+ initial asking price.
Sega never recovered from the 32X fiasco, and many believe that the sales of the Saturn were also hurt by it.
www.classicgaming.com /museum/genesis/index.shtml   (1713 words)

 CoolROM - Sega Genesis ROMs
Sega CEO Hayou Nakayama decided it was time to bring this technology into home videogame consoles.
Sega also made their console backwards compatible with the Sega Master System with an add-on device later named the Power Base Converter.
Sega soon announced their initial US release date of 9th January 1989 and emphasized that the Genesis was the first true 16-bit system (PC Engine (or Turbo GrafX 16 as it was called in the US) wasn't).
www.coolrom.com /genesisroms.php   (466 words)

 The Video Game & Emulation Emporium (Sega Genesis / Main Page)
Once those laws were lifted, Sega was able to have companies like Electronic Arts and Treasure come in and contribute, as well as Sega with their own original masterpieces and arcade conversions.
Genesis games were the first to feature an arcade dip switch-like option screen for most of its games.
The Sega Mega Drive was released in Europe and Japan in 1989, a few months before the Sega Genesis debuted in the USA.
www.emucamp.com /vgee/genesis   (1472 words)

 Sega Genesis / Megadrive - OverClocked Platform Hub
Sega's GENESIS was just that - a rebirth for the company, creating a huge competitor for Nintendo before they even entered the 16-bit wars.
DGEN is a great genesis emulator still in development, and supports the two-player split screen in Sonic 2.
SEGA was reduced to making an FM synth chip create explosions, which sounded more like Cat wretch than pyrotechnics, usually.
www.overclocked.org /emugen.htm   (663 words)

 Sega Source - Sega Genesis
Sega's coin-op hardware was the most advanced around, and games like Shinobi, Space Harrier, and After Burner lit up arcades worldwide.
The Genesis was released in 1989 at a time when Nintendo had a virtual monopoly on home consoles.
At that time, Sega had a lot of hits in the arcade such as After Burner and Golden Axe, and part of the appeal of the Genesis was that now these games were not only playable at home but were fairly close to the arcade versions.
www.segaoa.com /genesis.html   (255 words)

 Sega Genesis emulator for the Pc   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Virtual Genesis is a DOS based emulator for the Sega Genesis.
It is written in C and Assembler using Djgpp and Nasm.I plan on adding Sega CD and MasterSystem/Gamegear emulation sometime in the future.
Sega(tm) Genesis,Mega Drive and Sega CD are trademarks owned by Sega Enterprise, Ltd. All other products and corporate names are trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/JASONMEEHAN/VGEN.HTM   (173 words)

 Zophar's Domain: SEGA Genesis - Sega CD - Sega 32X
Ages is a SEGA Genesis, SEGA 32X, and Sega CD emulator.
Megasis is a good Genesis emulator, however the speed leaves a lot to be desired.
Virtual Genesis, or VGEN for short, is a decent Genesis emulator.
www.zophar.net /genesis.html   (901 words)

 Sega Genesis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
When Sega first announced that a 16-bit system was on the horizon, Nintendo executives did...
The Sega Mega Drive, known as Sega Genesis in America, was the first true 16-bit console system and gained widespread popularity.
Missing imageSega_genesis.jpeg Sega Genesis 2 The Sega Genesis was a 16-bit video game console released by SEGA in North America in 1989...
www.game-supersite.com /articles/47/Sega-Genesis.html   (401 words)

 Sega Genesis System Info
The 3rd in the series, named the Genesis 3, was released by Majesco, not SEGA.
Although it was under permission of SOA, that model is MK-1641, the MK 1601 is the original, and the MK 1631 is the second of the series.
The obvious disability of the Genesis 3 is the missing expansion port that used the purpose of running the SegaCD system.
www.vgmuseum.com /systems/genesis   (184 words)

 Sega Genesis. We have Sega Genesis Codes and Sega Genesis Cheats.
Genesis - Origin, origination, inception -- an event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events
Sega Genesis Codes - We have Sega Genesis Codes and Sega Genesis Cheat Codes.
Addams Family - We have Addams Family cheats for the Sega Genesis.
sega-genesis.com   (377 words)

 Sega Megadrive, megadrive 2, megadrive specs, megadrive info
Sega beat Nintendo to the 16-bit market with the megadrive and the machine established itself as being the cool machine to own.
A third version genesis 3 was realesed in the US.
Sega PowerBase Convertor, fits over the top of the original Megadrive / Genesis, and includes a cart slot and card slot for Master System Games.
www.retro-games.co.uk /sega/md/megadrive.htm   (488 words)

 Sega genesis cheat code   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Outside of the U.S. the console was known as the Sega Megadrive.
On the Sega Genesis there are codes that unlock a level select, debug mode,...
Sega Genesis (second model), with clips in place on the cartridge slot to...
www.lookgames.net /sega-genesis-cheat-code.html   (1688 words)

 The Emulator Zone - Sega Genesis(Mega Drive) Emulators
The Sega Genesis was one of the two great 16-bit systems of it's time, the other being the Super Nintendo.
As Sega was not able to obtain the trademark in the US, the unit was called Genesis there.
We should also point out that at some point a Sega Master System converter was released that allowed it's games to be used on the Genesis.
www.emulator-zone.com /doc.php/genesis   (295 words)

 Sega Genesis History, System Specs, List, Scans   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The Sega Genesis system which had been well-hyped for most of the year was now on store shelves.
Sega supporters would refer to the Genesis’ faster processor, which allowed games like Sonic and many sports titles that could never be duplicated on the SNES.
The Genesis would be the last cartridge-based system from Sega as well as the last system allowed to run a full life cycle, as the Saturn and later, the Dreamcast met unexpected early demises.
www.digitpress.com /systems/genesis.htm   (1178 words)

 dEX: Sega Genesis: Specs
However, the Z80 processor present in the original version of the Genesis was later removed in the remodelled Genesis II.
Sega launched the peripheral with a campaign dubbed: Welcome to the next level.
It was originally desgined for use on the Genesis 1/2 and CDX.
dextremes.com /genesis/gen-spec.html   (451 words)

 dEX: Sega Genesis
With the release of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive system in 1989, Sega brought a whole new level of graphics and sound quality to the console market.
For the first year sales were slow, while some great games were coming out, Sega had yet to capture the mass market dominated by Nintendo.
Eventually, the system began to show its age, and with the Saturn's release in 1994 it was ready to fade away...
dextremes.com /genesis/index.shtml   (209 words)

 G4 - Feature - Overclock the Sega Genesis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The Sega Genesis, or the MegaDrive as it is called outside the United States, has always been my favorite video game system.
Now that I'd seen it on a PC, it was easy to see that video game consoles did the same thing, but in a different fashion; they repeated the same frames over and over when the action got intense and the CPU was overloaded.
I'd been overclocking old Macs that use 680x0 series CPUs when I noticed that the Sega Genesis CPU was a 680x0 series chip as well, the MC68000.
www.g4techtv.com /feature.aspx?article_key=47722   (467 words)

 Amazon.com: Computer & Video Games: Sega Genesis 3 Core System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Because the Genesis was the more powerful system, it was the obvious choice for gamers (that is, until Nintendo released its own sixteen-bit console.) Though the system fast became dated, it spawned its share of gaming classics.
-This newer version of the Genesis is much smaller and sleeker than the older version, which took up a lot of space.
There are Genesis exclusives like the classic Sonic series, and a number of excellent series of games that appeared on multiple platforms, like Mortal Kombat (and the Genesis versions of Mortal Kombat I and II are vastly superior to their Super Nintendo counterparts!)
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00002SVOG?v=glance   (1105 words)

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