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Topic: Self-actualization

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

 Maslow's hierarchy of needs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Self actualization is a difficult construct for researchers to operationalize, and this in turn makes it difficult to test Maslow's theory.
Self-actualization (a term originated by Kurt Goldstein) is the instinctual need of a human to make the most of their unique abilities.
Even if self-actualization is a useful concept, there is no proof that every individual has this capacity or even the goal to achieve it. /wiki/Self-actualization   (1441 words)

 Self-concept - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Rogers' view, the self is the central ingredient in human personality and personal adjustment.
By far the most influential and eloquent voice in self-concept theory was that of Carl Rogers (1947) who introduced an entire system of helping built around the importance of the self.
A milestone in human reflection about the non-physical inner self came in 1644, when René Descartes wrote Principles of Philosophy. /wiki/Self-concept   (1328 words)

 Experiences Leading to Self Actualization
It is the approach of this study that a person's self actualization or full and healthy functioning can only be defined by how well that person subjectively believes that he or she has grown into a place in which he or she is more satisfied with how he or she is living life.
A total self actualization score for each participant was determined in this study by simply averaging the percentage scores of personal growth and the percentage score from the LSIA.
For Rogers, then, the self actualized person is one who is in his or her everyday life fully open to experience in a way that allows them learn and grow. /thesis.htm   (6859 words)

 Human Potential Movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The movement views Abraham Maslow's idea of self actualization as the supreme expression of a human's life.
In this analysis, the failure is characterized as an exclusive focus on helping individuals fulfill their Deficit Needs, without moving individuals up the hierarchy to Being Needs, i.e., self actualization.
A more serious extension of this criticism claims that this problem is due to a flawed foundation of the movement altogether--the focus on the individual's own development as supreme to the detriment of the consideration of others and society. /wiki/Human_Potential_Movement   (690 words)

 Psychology as Religion: The Cult of Self-Worship
Self theories are significant because they set the stage for many social changes--including the cultural acceptance of homosexuality, and the increasingly radical redefinition of the family.
However, had I lectured on [for example] Christian interpretations of human motivation as providing a reasonable, observationally grounded synthesis of the problems of the self, it would have been seen--and would be seen today--as an arbitrary and unacceptable intrusion of religion into a secular discipline that many still think of as a science.
We shall use the term selfism to refer to this religion and its rationale for self-expression, creativity, and the like...Selfist psychology emphasizes the human capacity for change to the point of almost totally ignoring the idea that life has limits, and that knowledge of those limits is the basis of wisdom. /docs/vitz.html   (1123 words)

 Pagans and Self Actualization
But there are some practices that regularly take place within paganism that may help to meet the lower needs, integrate personality imbalances and bring about the changes that allow for self actualization to occur.
The difference with actual self actualizers is that they tend to have these peak experiences more often and that the experiences may last for a longer time when they do.
Self actualized people have more peak experiences- and they have more peak experiences because they are self actualized. /wren/w_editorials/self_actualization.html   (4626 words)

 Psychedelics and Self-Actualization
The first benefit was the simple recognition that there are realms of experience, modes of self, and states of consciousness far beyond the ken of our day-to-day experience or our traditional cultural and psychological models.
Maslow's technique was to identify those individuals who seemed to be most fully actualizing their potential; he called them self-actualizers.
One common report was that each experience tended to elicit a deeper realm and a more expanded sense of consciousness and self, so that the previously expanded belief system continued opening and widening. /schaffer/lsd/walsh.htm   (2346 words)

 Self Actualization: A Concomitant to the Parental Experience
Self actualization is based on fluency of experience and must not be limited to the static expression of a self-restricting conceptual field in order to escape the insecurity of new and diverse adventures.
These can be subsumed under the general term self-realization.
In my recent encounters with parents in the school setting, it has become evident that society has to straighten out potential parents before they become actual parents, not after the behavioral anomalies are noticed in their children. /archive/readers/doc578.htm   (4278 words)

 From Discipline to Self Actualization
Since we are not specialists in enabling students to self actualize I thought you might be interested in just reading the other self prefaced words that appear to support the concept of self actualization.
That means, teachers also need to develop "self actualization" to work toward positive change in the educational climate to enable optimal, student centered learning.
The fully self confident self actualized student cannot properly develop in a classroom where he/she is deprived of making meaningful decisions about their daily life. /Discipline.htm   (2840 words)

 Achieving Self-Actualization
You (and others) may act badly about your (and their) self-actualization, and you may use your "bad" solutions to work for "better" ones.
But, as Daniels (1988) points out, their "biological" real self is somewhat restrictive; and RET holds that it is quite different for all individuals and that, with experimentation and hard work, it can even be significantly changed.
Daniels (1988) rightly observes that the biological "real" self of Horney (1950), Maslow (1968), and Rogers (1961) is supposed to be "truer" and "better" than a socially acquired conforming self, but that this idea "leads to the denial of constructive social involvement, to existential isolation and individualism" (Daniels, 1988, p. /rebtus/ellisactualization.html   (4890 words)

 Maslow Hierary of Needs
Self actualization is a basic force which drives the person forward and onwards.
Self Actualization) was actually created by Kurt Goldstein in 1940 and later widely used by Carl Rogers.
Self Actualization (Fulfillment) Needs such as purpose, personal growth and realization of potentials. /20maslow.htm   (1461 words)

 Maslow Self Actualization - unlearn.
"Self Actualization is the intrinsic growth of what is already in the organism, or more accurately, of what the organism is."
They are self starters, responsible for themselves, own their behavior.
Maslow asked his subjects to think of the most wonderful experience or experiences of their lives--the happiest moments, extatic moments, moments of rapture, perhaps from being in live, or from listening to music or suddenly "being hit" by a book or a painting or from some great creative moment. /maslow/self.htm   (1927 words)

 ITP Abraham Maslow
People still feel frustrated, even if all their other needs are met, unless they utilize their talents and capacities and experience self- actualization.
Shostrom (1963) developed the Personal Orientation Inventory (POI) as a measure of self- actualization.
Growth Choices If we think of life as a series of choices, then self actualization is the process of making each decision a choice for growth. /about/abraham_maslow.cfm   (2776 words)
Self actualizing people are driven by their own potentialities and resources.
They are not self satisfied, but rather able to take the frailties, sins, weaknesses, and evils of human nature with the same spirit with which one accepts the characteristics of nature.
An efficient perception of reality: The individuals who were actualized possessed “an unusual ability to detect the spurious, the fake, and the dishonest in personality, and in general to judge people correctly and efficiently.” This efficiency extended to all other areas of life, including art, music, intellect, science, and matters of politics and public affairs. /courses/sa.html   (1373 words)

The deeper the self exploration, the closer one comes to self-actualization.
According to Maslow, there are two processes necessary for self-actualization: self exploration and action.
They are not externally motivated or even goal-directed- rather their motivation is the internal one of growth and development, the actualization of themselves and their potentialities. /personality/sa.php   (1676 words)

 Self-Actualization: The Peak of Human Achievement
This is the need we may call self-actualization...
He is a self starter, is responsible for himself, and owns his behavior.
The SA person is realistically human due to a philosophical acceptance of self, human nature, social life, physical reality, and nature. /samain.htm   (703 words)

 Taoism and Self-Actualization
Such a group actually existed in China around the third century A.D. These creative, unconventional souls were the Ch'ing t'an Taoists--otherwise known as the Pure Conversationalists (Chan, 1963; Welch, 1965).
On the other hand, I also have the sense that it was actually me who was being cooked and transformed in the process.
In retrospect, this slow intermixing process was like preparing a big pot of stew with lots of ingredients--a cup of this, a pinch of that--until the flavor and consistency matched my distinctive taste and style. /World_Religions/Taoism/taoism_and_self.htm   (6580 words)

 Dissertations, Essays on Self Actualization in "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens
The ideal state of mind that a person can achieve is called self actualization or to become fully human.
Self Actualization in "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens
These traits in a person relates to traits of a self accepting, self actualized person; these are the traits that would be good in all people, even today. /essay/Self_Actualization_in_Great_E-176315.html   (199 words)

 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Need Levels
Moreover, the sixth level topic heading does not include the word 'need' itself.
That is to say, a neurotic adult may be said to behave as if he were actually afraid of a spanking, or of his mother's disapproval, or of being abandoned by his parents, or having his food taken away from him.
While it is true that in some children this terror may represent also a fear of loss of parental love, it can also occur in completely rejected children, who seem to ding to the hating parents more for sheer safety and protection than because of hope of love. /ex/lists/maslow.html   (6695 words)

 lifestylism: Self-Actualization and Making a Difference
And the ripples from the self-actualization of the people I touch - what they actually go out and do, and the people they impact as a result - will inevitably make a difference.
So to the extent that self-actualization is about making a difference (I tend to believe that it is, at least in part), what might seem like self-indulgence is actually planting the seeds for positive change."
The cynic in me sees everyone stepping on everyone else to get ahead...the optimist sees that when people are actually living in synch with their core values, they do good things and care about the needs of others. /2004/09/self-actualization-and-making.html   (395 words)

 Spirituality and Western Psychology
Finally, the upper tier houses language, the sense of self (ego), the ability to take on other's viewpoints and understand their experiences, and the skills required to think and plan.
What we commonly hold as our sense of self is, upon closer inspection, found to be groupings or bundles of thought, feeling, and sensation.
It is an open question whether this is good or bad, but the actual track record of human culture throughout history shows that personal consciousness which progresses no further than this level is, on average, at best a lead-in to instability and harm at the social level. /~greg.c/psych.html   (2900 words)

 Gifted Adult Study
The unhappiness and depression should lift and become less common as the subjects move into a clearer sense of self and purpose, as in Dabrowski's Level IV or Maslow's final stage of emotional growth.
The actual family interactions, hardships, social and emotional characteristics outlined by the Goertzels largely coincide with those of the subjects in the present study.
People who were career actualizers without the inner transformation that was the hallmark of higher, more open and complex, emotional levels tended to score lower than the study group average, below about 60, on the DIT; and they also tended to be at the conventional or stereotypical stages of development, as described in Chapter IV. /gifted_adult_study.htm   (17992 words)

The essence of Rogers' thinking was that human beings have a tendency toward self- actualization; however, the way in which individuals are socialized often blocks that urge.
Self- direction is where a person can see a situation clearly and takes responsibility for that situation (Rogers, 1983).
In the present discussion, "self direction in learning refers to both the characteristics of an instructional process and the internal characteristics of the learner, where the individual assumes primary responsibility for a learning experience" (Brockett and Hiemstra, 1991, p. /romira1.html   (5377 words)

 Self Actualization Point: The Official Website for Self-Actualization Coaching
Self Actualization Point: The Official Website for Self-Actualization Coaching
It refers to man's desire for self-fulfillment, namely to the tendency for him to become actually in what he is potentially: to become everything that one is capable of becoming..."
In Abraham Maslow's theory of personality, the final level of psychological development that can be achieved when all basic and meta needs are fulfilled and the "actualization" of the full personal potential takes place.   (407 words)

 Being Values and Meta Motivation, understand your self with help from Abraham Maslow
At the top of that pyramid are the most subtle of motivations, called being values, "B-values" or meta motivations, those motivations that allow and make possible self actualization.
This well written article shows the common themes among religions and describes the traits or a self actualizing person.
He taught of the hierarchy of need, hierarchy of values with basic survival at the core and less fundamental issues building on that as if in the shape of a pyramid. /~enhance617/exxel/docs/maslow.html   (1008 words)

The level representing self esteem, esteem by others, deals with the needs for approbation by others and the reflection of their approbation in the way we feel about ourselves.
Development of the self, free from the control of others, is the essence of learning and knowing.
Learning that is threatening to the self is more easily perceived and assimilated when external threats are at a minimum. /homepages.nsf/toc/EPSY5463C8   (8650 words)

 Chapter 15 - Personality
Now that she is married and has children, she can't remember the abortion, which suggests that she has used this defense mechanism to reduce the anxiety associated with it.
Maslow's hierarchy of needs: physiological, safety, esteem, actualizing. /psycho101/lectures/quiz_pers/pers3.htm   (264 words)

 Increasing Self-Awareness by Self-Confrontation and Feedback - Psychological Self-Help
STEP EIGHT: Work on self-actualization; in order to excel, which usually means doing better than anyone else expected of you, it takes hard work and courage.
Lastly, keep in mind that "knowing thyself" at this moment is only a part of a life-long endeavor to create a self you admire.
Learn about cases--real human lives--and ask yourself: "Could that be true of me too?" Make use of the methods in chapter 15 for increasing your self-awareness. /psyhelp/chap14/chap14f.htm   (1387 words)

 Meaning of Life Thesis by Tracy Marks - Frankl, May, Buber, Maslow
Erich Fromm and Abraham Maslow are self-actualization psychologists, both explicitly concerned with the actualization of one's potentialities, with development of one's own powers.
Comparing these two approaches, we might ask: Is there a contradiction here between self- actualization and self-transcendence?
For Krishnamurti, the world is experienced as most meaningful when through the knowledge of self gained through self-observation, man frees himself of the self and attains the state of passive awareness and self-forgetfulness which is love. /~webwinds/frankl/meaning.htm   (569 words)

For most of us, there is no single unified self, no uniform field of continuous consciousness.
Many astrologers herald April of 1995 as the actual beginning of the "Age of Aquarius," for that is when Uranus entered Aquarius, and of course Uranus rules the sign of the water bearer.
It's tricky to define and describe the general nature of Aquarius and the energies of its counterpart Uranus, for by their natures, they move beyond definition and transcend restrictions and expectations. /self-actualization   (611 words)

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