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Topic: Self-bondage

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 Bondage (BDSM) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bondage that wraps the whole body or a part of it in bindings such as cloth or plastic (saran wrap or cling film "mummification") as well as sleepsack bondage.
Although reliable data is unavailable, the financial success of companies that market bondage equipment testifies to the fact that it is more than fantasy to many and that a sizeable proportion of married couples have made regular use of bondage in their sexual activities at some point in their relationships.
By the 1990s, references to bondage could be found in mainstream prime-time television series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where equipment such as handcuffs or collars and concepts such as the safeword were included as a matter of course. /wiki/Sexual_bondage

 BONDAGE in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE (Bible History Online)
(b) The word bondage (`abhadhim) is also used to describe the slavery into which the poor Jews were being forced by their more prosperous brethren in the earlier years under the Persians in Palestine (Neh 5:5).
This bondage is a peculiarly Pauline idea since he was fighting for Christian freedom (Gal 2:4; 4:3,9,24,25; 5:1).
BONDAGE in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE (Bible History Online) /isbe/B/BONDAGE

 Glossary - Encyclopedia of Authentic Hinduism
Liberation from the mayic bondage of birth and death.
God is absolute, supreme, Gracious, omnipresent and omniscient; and soul is infinitesimal, under the bondage of maya and sinful.
On this path, a yogi desires to seek union with the impersonal (nirakar) aspect of God in order to receive the liberation from the eternal bondage of maya. /glossary.htm

 Technorati Tag: bondage
OMG Barbie likes bondage I was half listening to the television half on the laptop, and an advert for some new girls toy came on (yep that time...
Not everyone is into bondage, but then again not everyone is into pain either, and who cares anyway, just watching these chicks take it to the extreme...
Bondage Taipei's gay pride march ready to r... /tag/bondage

             K   I   N   K            the bondage fanlisting
You have reached the approved fanlisting for bondage. /bondage

She will keep at least one garter belt lesbian bondage nd pair of stockings in her office in case Jonathan invites her out when she is there.Jonathan will decide everything else having to do with Melissa's relationship with him.
There was gay bondage a space for both their signatures.He handed her a pen.
When his tongue explored her mouth, his bondage videos and explored her naked vulva.

 Bondage Picture Post, pics of worldwide; dominatrix Girls Photos, pics of spanking sessions,bondage fun pictures, fetish, sex, legal teens & much more...
Soon she is immersed into a strange underground world of bondage and domination - turned into a total slut, to be used by any and all......
Bondage Picture Post (hereafter BPP) reserves the right to blacklist and/or ban from using this site anyone found posting unsuitable material or found to be in violation of Copyright law.
Whilst Bondage Picture Post takes every effort to prevent posting of unsuitable or illegal material, we ultimately have no control over the content of sites that submit posts to us. /bondage

 Nurse fucking, tied and gagged, woman in uniform fetish
Bondage should only be carried out between consenting adults in a safe environment.
By entering the site you certify that you are of legal age in your community to see pornographic images depicting bondage of women.
The site owners would like to point out that the images within the site are for adult fantasy purposes only and we neither condone or endorse violence against.

 Greek Philosophy [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
Thus can we attain release from all bondage to theories, a condition which is followed, like a shadow, by that imperturbable state of mind which is the foundation of true happiness.
Epicurus's physics, in which he follows in essentials the materialistic system of Democritus, are intended to refer all phenomena to a natural cause, in order that a knowledge of nature may set men free from the bondage of disquieting superstitions.
In virtue and philosophic thought soul had the power to elevate itself above the reason into a state of ecstasy, where it can behold, or ascend up to, that one good primary Being whom reason cannot know. /research/iep/g/greekphi.htm

 Anais' Private Bondage - Husband/wife sex in bondage
Sex in bondage pics combine the best of having sex and Anais in bondage and she loves it.
I love taking bondage pics and bondage video clips of Anais Anais - and she loves having sex in bondage, as you will see inside.
The bondage photos from our sex bondage sessions get very hot and sexy, but we try to keep them in the best possible taste...

 Tammad's Bondage How-To Page
In all my bondage lectures I make a point of mentioning that every intricate rope bondage I do can be re-created using only three knots: the overhand knot, the square knot, and the French Bowline.
Rope Bondage Examples An outline of the different types of Japanese Rope Bondage, and a few images to illustrate the various concepts in finished form.
You don't need to know much about knots to create beautiful and inescapable bondage! /~tammad/over21/bondage

I have the legal right to view adult-oriented bondage video material and has the legal right to transmit this material to me. By entering this site I have released the providers, owners, and/or creators of this site from any and all liability which may arise.
I am at least 18 years of age and I am familiar with all laws in my area that pertain to my right to receive and view adult-oriented bondage video material and further understand that this site contains full nudity.
This material is for my private use only and I agree not to redistribute or retransmit this material in any way.

 Bondage Web - Home of Sensual Bondage
This site contains artistic depictions of partial nudity, adult situations and, of course, bondage.
Nonetheless, the images displayed and topics discussed on this website are not suitable for anyone under 21 years of age, and may be considered illegal by high-ranking government officials in your community who desperately need to get a life.
Our Privacy Policy can be viewed by clicking here.

These bondage models are tied and gagged in Bedroom Bondage positions experiencing extreme Damsel In Distress bondage pictures, and force fantasies, Bondage Stories, Streaming Video, and girls hogtied.
If you are not at least 18 years of age, viewing this bondage and fetish site is prohibited by Federal and State laws and is subject to prosecution by the applicable authorities.
Photography and rigging by Paige White, Ken Marcus, Eric Kroll, Jimmy Weathers of Bondage Cafe, Cory from Shortfuse Video, Rob Nay from, PD from Insex, Dave from No-Boundaries, Peter from Hogtied and Viking from Erotic Knots.

 Shemp xxx category TGP Free Porn for Adults Only
(16) - Bondage pix - Handcuffed and ball-gagged brunette babe - (6/11)
(15) - Bondage pix - Babes arms and feet are bound as she is ass fucked - (7/5)
(15) - Bondage pix - Tina is bound and fucked in the ass with electric - (8/13) /bondage.html

By the victory of the Cross Christ delivered men from the bondage of Satan and at the same time paid the debt due to Divine justice by shedding His blood in atonement for our sins.
This headship over the wicked, as St. Thomas is careful to explain, differs widely from Christ's headship over the Church, inasmuch as Satan is only head by outward government and not also, as Christ is, by inward, life-giving influence (Summa III:8:7).
In their endeavours to explain this great mystery, some old theologians, misled by the metaphor of a ransom for captives made in war, came to the strange conclusion that the price of Redemption was paid to Satan. /cathen/04764a.htm

 Jain Philosophy [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
Hence, all souls have undergone an infinite number of previous lives, and—with the exception of those who win release from the bondage of karma—will continue to reincarnate, each new life determined by the kind and amount of karma accumulated.
By their actions, souls accumulate karma, which is understood to be a kind of matter, and that accumulation draws them back into a body after death.
Release is achieved by purging the soul of all karma, good and bad. /j/jain.htm

 Encyclopedia article: Hood (headgear)
Historically, hoods were either similar to modern hoods, often forming part of a cloak (A loose outer garment) or cape (A strip of land projecting into a body of water), or a separate form of headgear.
A hood is a kind of headgear (Stable gear consisting of any part of a harness that fits about the horse's head).
Today, hoods are generally soft headcoverings which form part of a larger garment (e.g. /encyclopedia/h/ho/hood_(headgear).htm   (359 words)

 Debt bondage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Debt bondage is a form of disguised slavery in which the subject is not legally owned, but is instead bound by a contract to perform labor to work off a debt, under terms that make it impossible to completely retire the debt and thereby escape from the contract.
According to Marxist economists, debt bondage is characteristic of feudal economies, where families are considered the responsible unit for financial relationships, and where heirs continue to owe parents' debts upon their deaths.
Debt bondage has been defined by the United Nations as a form of "modern day slavery" [1] and is prohibited by international law. /wiki/Debt_slavery   (926 words)

 Bondage Directory THE FIRST THE BEST THE ORIGINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bondage Demons: Original photos and stories of real life bondage enthusiasts with interests ranging from love bondage and creative bondage positions to edgy situations which will definitely appeal to some but not all.
Bondage Harem: The "Bondage Harem" is a new concept.
Bondage Divas: A great site with original damsel in distress photos updated frequently with lots of free pictures as well as an excellent members gallery.   (926 words)

 Wealth Bondage
Or Bondage when we want Bondage, but not all mixed up like this.
Wealth Bondage Bondage Master to the Stars Defends his Colleague, Dr. Lenore Ealy...
Perhaps what we have is a clash between the culture of nobless oblige and Candidia Cruikshanks Entrepreneurs have their uses in a commericial society, but most I have met lack breeding, taste, and culture.   (926 words)

Bondage is music created using as its sonic basis, photographs of the Japanese photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki.
Bondage ©2000 Atau Tanaka and Eric Wenger, Bondage.rmx ©2001 Atau Tanaka
The source photographs were scanned and analyzed using the software, Metasynth. /atau/soundimage/bondage   (926 words) -- The definitive resource for the Bondage, Fetish, and BDSM enthusiast is the world's largest BDSM community and the most exciting bondage and fetish website.
Register for your free account and get the ultimate in bondage and fetish pictures and video, BDSM personals, stories, and BDSM/ fetish community forums.
All models were over 18 years of age at time of photography.   (926 words)

 Bondage hook - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A bondage hook is a blunt-headed hook used for bondage purposes.
Nose hooks are commonly depicted in Japanese bondage pornography.
Tail hooks that are not pussy hooks are sometimes referred to by the term ass hook. /wiki/Bondage_hook   (303 words)

 Hood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Hood (headgear) is a type of head covering, or a bag placed over the head, often as a blindfold; see bondage hood.
Mount Hood is a dormant stratovolcano in northern Oregon.
Robin Hood was an English folk hero who originally appeared in a series of medieval legends and often appears in a romanticized form in modern fiction. /wiki/Hood   (348 words)

 True Bondage
Fetish Model and Bondage Artist Bridgett Harrington allows you into her world of erotic bondage, self-suspension, deliscious tortures, foot worship, beautiful men and women, and so much more.
Sumptuous photography, elegant outfits, tight bondage and the most stunning women in the world.
Free site of tight naked bondage, including ponygirl, leatherwork and even bathing caps.   (348 words)

The shofar is the sound of freedom or release from bondage!
The word yovel is translated as "Jubilee" in Leviticus 25, but as "Shofar", or trumpet, in Joshua 6.
The Encyclopedia Judaica says, "The ramshorn calls upon sinners to repent, awakens thoughts of God's sovereignty, Justice and redeeming power, expresses the Jew's hope that God will before long sound the great shofar to herald deliverance and the ingathering of the exiles to the land of Israel." /instruments.htm   (348 words)

 bondage, bondage handcuffs sex story,hentai dragon pink bondage fairies download mb
Other potential criminal charges include sexual assault if sex play is involved and kidnapping and false imprisonment if bondage is used.
bondage, bondage handcuffs sex story,hentai dragon pink bondage fairies download mb
Be careful of carrying a concealed weapon if you do not have a permit to do so.   (348 words)

 Bondage Blog
Since we were talking about bondage postures sans bondage, here’s a stunning vintage pinup girl kneeling in a slavegirl pose that just cries out for handcuffs.
What about all the women who enjoy not only bondage, but the expression of their sexual power through the creation of bondage erotica?
The author, in expounding on the overuse of images of passive receptive women, identifies (correctly, I think) this image as a bondage posture with invisible bondage:   (348 words)

 Bondage Sex Greenguys Links to Quality Bondage Picture Sex Sites
Bondage Sex A Nice Site With Two Good Pages Of This Bondaged Brunette And Her Car.
Bondage Slut Wants To Be Punished Some Snaps Over Here Of This Gagged And Bound Chick.
Bondage Playroom Two Pages Of A Blonde Babe Showing Off The Various Restraints She Enjoys. /greenguy/bondage.htm   (348 words)

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