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 Concept album - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This concept album was a sequel to their original song from their 1992 album Images and Words, about a present day man's nightmares of his death in his previous life in 1928.
In popular music a concept album is an album which is pre-planned (conceived), most often with all songs contributing to a single overall theme or unified story, this plan or story being the concept.
With this release in June of 1967, the notion of the concept album came to the forefront of the popular and critical mind, with the earlier prototypes and examples from classic pop and other genres sometimes forgotten. /wiki/Concept_album   (2232 words)

 Concept - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is a singularity, not an universal, and connects itself with others concepts, on a "plane of immanence" traced by a particular philosophy.
Concepts may relate to supernatural, say the concept of God or may be subjective: they may refer to facts of this world, as processed by man's means of cognition or to the personal beliefs.
Concepts are abstract in that they omit the differences of the things in their extension, treating them as if they were identical. /wiki/Concept   (1576 words)

 CONCEPT CARS, Information and Pictures of concept vehicles
The concept vehicles covered were selected because they are slightly out of the ordinary, either in their design and appearance or their engineering, when compared with other concepts they stand out.
Face-lift concepts where the basic structure of the car remains unchanged from previous years but minor styling cues are altered for the new model year might fall into this category.
Concepts can be used by manufacturers to gauge public opinion of a new model, or even an entire design philosophy. /encyclopedia/concept_cars/concept_cars.html   (276 words)

 Concept mapping - WikEd
Concept maps are a form of graphic organizer or advance organizer.
Concept maps can be used to understand the nitrogen cycle, interactions between organ systems, or even interactions between different aspects of the nervous system.
The technique of concept mapping was developed by Joseph D Novak [1] [2] at Cornell. /index.php/Concept_mapping   (1844 words)

 Segway Concept Centaur
Concept Centaur combines proprietary dynamic stabilization technology with advanced propulsion and suspension systems, and an intuitive user interface to create a unique four-wheel device that is easily controllable on two or four wheels.
Concept Centaur demonstrates Segway's continued commitment to breakthrough innovation and the innumerable possibilities for the future of personal transportation.
What resulted is a concept with a sleek minimalist design that elegantly showcases the rider, leaving the simple mechanical elegance of the underlying design visible. /products/centaur   (892 words)

 The CALResCo Concept
Concepts cannot be divided into absolutes, which are in all circumstances either valid or invalid, regardless of time and space.
Our concept thus relates to the interaction of all things (what we called a connectionist viewpoint - what is important is the connections between things, not the material of which they are made), and this is illustrated symbolically in our Logo.
To call forth a concept a word is needed; to portray a phenomenon, a concept is needed. /concept.htm   (5782 words)

Concepts are neither true nor false but more or less applicable (a) to recognize an object as an instance of the concept, (see recognition) (b) to produce or to understand sentences in which the concept is expressed and (c) to develop constructs or cognitive systems using the concept in question.
E.g., the concept "TV commercial" specifies certain defining features which when present identify a sequence of TV images as an instant of the concept without prior knowledge of its class membership (see connotation).
Concepts are neither true nor false, only more or less useful. /ASC/Concept.html   (136 words)

 Concept Maps as Hypermedia Components 1-2
Concept maps are a form of diagram specifically targeted to provide visual languages similar in their characteristics to natural language text in that they can be subject to syntactic and semantic constraints, and their representational capacity can range from the fairly informal to the extremely formal.
Concept maps may be used for the indexing and retrieval of hypermedia material, providing an attractive, meaningful and easy to use interface.
Concept maps have been used in education, policy studies and the philosophy of science to provide a visual representation of knowledge structures and argument forms. /articles/ConceptMaps/CM.html   (1374 words)

 Concept Check Library
A concept is a set of requirements (valid expressions, associated types, semantic invariants, complexity guarantees, etc.) that a type must fulfill to be correctly used as arguments in a call to a generic algorithm.
The common practice is to name the template parameter after the required concept as a hint to the user and to state the concept requirements in the documentation.
By convention, these parameters are given names corresponding to the concept that is required, but a C++ compiler does not enforce compliance to the concept when the template parameter is bound to an actual type. /libs/concept_check/concept_check.htm   (1190 words)

 Instructional Strategies Online - Concept Attainment
Concept attainment, then, is the search for and identification of attributes that can be used to distinguish examples of a given group or category from non-examples.
Students who catch onto the idea before others are able to resolve the concept and then are invited to suggest their own examples, while other students are still trying to form the concept.
Concept Attainment is an indirect instructional strategy that uses a structured inquiry process. /DE/PD/instr/strats/cattain   (812 words)

 Knowledge-at-work: On the concept of a concept
Concepts can be any unit of thought or a mental image formed by generalization.
A concept is an abstract, universal psychical entity that serves to designate a category or class of entities, events or relations.
Any concept is more than its name, the links to related concepts define its meaning, every concept has a life-cycle. /km/2005/09/on_the_concept_.html   (591 words)

 Concept Mapping
The student draws a concept map which is evaluated by the instructor to determine if the student understands the concept.
This concept map was developed by a group of three IT professionals brainstorming a new network architecture.
Informal Concept maps such as this one are used in education. /courses/SENG/611/F99/ConceptMaps/ConceptMaps.html   (791 words)

Returns the concept which error handler method is used by this concept if it is set or nil if it is not.
Loads from the concept given as parameter to this concept, all those attributes and elements value which name correspond with this concept attributes or elements name.
In MN8 every data type is a concept and is inherited from the basic Concept data type or another data type which has it's roots in the Concept data type. /pub/src/space/mn8/docs/languageRef/concepts/Concept.html   (570 words)

 .:: CONCEPT :: Official Web Site ::.
As a Symphony expresses contradictions, individualisms, antagonisms, so the concept is showing itself to us in a mysterious and borderless way, inducting us to believe that its meaning is to be achieved through our conscience, thus leading us to the problem of reason, to the problem of Truth.
The concept is the relationship with the World, and the things of the world are showing themselves to the concept in the multi-perspectivness of a choir of voices merged in a meaningful and organized entirety.
Concept' new album "The Divine Cage" has been released on the 28th february 2005 by the italian label Underground Symphony.   (218 words)

 Concept Group Inc :: an advertising and marketing communications company
Concept Group is an integrated marketing communications agency that for 25 years has been helping companies build their brands, sell their products, talk to their customers, generate traffic, pull in leads, create a buzz, make an impression, move the needle and, in short, solve their marketing communications problems.
Concept Group Inc :: an advertising and marketing communications company   (58 words)

 IHMC Concept Map Software
Concept maps, developed by Joseph D. Novak [Novak and Gowin, 1984], are two-dimensional representations of a set of concepts and their relationships.
Concept maps are designed to tap into a person’s cognitive structure, and to externalize concepts and propositions.
Concept maps can not only help students to learn more meaningfully, they can also assist teams who are collaborating on a domain of knowledge. /info/faq.html   (1047 words)

 Design Studio Press - Concept Design
To read the bios of the contributing designers of Concept Design and see samples of their past works please click on the name of the designer.
See, how with a flick of the wrist the concept artists in this tantalizing new book spit out fine ideas, and then proceed to ‘sell’ those ideas using great design, rare intelligence and innovative manipulation of their tools.
Concept Design is printed with quality as our primary focus. /books/conceptdesign   (529 words)

 The Concept Engine Home Page
The first concept design the "Rotary Pulse jet engine" an animation of which can be seen at the introduction to this site is a long term concept which will need, comparatively speaking, considerable financial input and work to be completed.
The second design the "Concept IC engine" is a simple yet innovative design which needs little work and is immediately available for implementation at very little cost.
Presented on this site are two innovative and well thought out concept engine designs which claim to do just that.   (372 words)

 Table of Contents and Excerpt, Wyatt, High Concept
High concept can be described most fruitfully as a spectrum based upon these three parameters: all Hollywood films fall along the scale, some falling toward the low end of the spectrum (the low concept films), while some fall toward the high end of the spectrum (the high concept films).
High concept is definitely connected to two forces which have shaped the market for film powerfully in recent years: the development of new media (such as home video and cable) and the concurrent ownership changes within the film industry.
The term "high concept" originated in the television and film industries, but it was soon adopted by the popular presses, who seized the term as an indictment of Hollywood's privileging those films which seemed most likely to reap huge dollars at the boxoffice. /utpress/excerpts/exwyahig.html   (5884 words)

 Concept One Accessories- manufacturer of lifestyle accessories
Concept One's design team is at the cutting edge of fashion, and works closely with our licensors to develop accessories that enhance the brands image, and tie back to the apparel that is sold at retail.
Concept One supports their retail partners by fixturing and servicing the doors which have the widest breadth of the company's products on the floor.
Concept One's private label team works closely with other manufacturers, as well as retailers, to help them develop exciting accessories with their brand applications.   (283 words)

 Concept Golf - The Game Within You
Concept Golf is about taking a few basic fundamentals and then allowing the golfer to become a better player.
Concept Golf allowed me to regain my confidence and to focus on the game of golf, not my swing.
The Mission of Concept Golf is to increase golfers' satisfaction and happiness by making golf easier to learn and more fun to play.   (1372 words)

Concept's 7x24x365 Helpdesk center is designed to help our customers with all of their hardware and software support issues.
Concept's "turn-key" and cost-effective outsourcing solution can be as simple or as complex as you need.
Concept sets the standards in enterprise storage effectiveness and simplicity.   (291 words)

 Inspiration and Concept Maps
Concepts maps are graphs consisting of nodes representing concepts and labeled lines representing the relationships among them.
Concepts mapping can be used a planning tool, they provide a shorthand form for organizing and sequencing ideas.
A concept map is a hierarchical diagram used to represent a set of concepts. /techfellow/inspir.htm   (853 words)

 Concept Mapping Homepage
Concepts and links may be categorised, they can be simply associative, specified or divided in categories such as causal or temporal relations.
The difference between concept maps and mind maps is that a mind map has only one main concept, while a concept map may have several.
More concept mapping information may be found at the Classroom of the Future site or at the site of the Misconceptions Seminar. /lanzing/cm_home.htm   (581 words)

 Press Release - LSI Logic Adopts Concept Engineering's Schematic Generation and Viewing Technology
Concept's products include Nlview, a standalone design analyzer that generates easy-to-read schematics from any Verilog or EDIF netlist; and the Nlview Widgets, a family of GUI building blocks (Tcl/Tk, MFC, ActiveX, and Java) that can be easily integrated into logic synthesis, verification, test automation, and physical design tools, on all Unix and Windows computing platforms.
Concept Engineering develops, markets, and supports software and services that enable commercial EDA vendors, in-house CAD tool developers, and IC designers to generate, display, and customize schematic representations of any electronic circuit netlist (IP blocks, machine-generated structural descriptions, and structural parts of RTL descriptions).
For more information, contact Concept Engineering at +49-761-470940 (phone), +49-761-4709429 (fax), (email) or The company is located in Freiburg, Germany. /press_lsi.html   (470 words)

 problem solving 2
We can use concept maps when we begin working together on a problem, during the problem solving steps, and at the end of problem solving.
A particularly good way to organize information about a problem or subject is to construct a "concept map." Construction of concept maps helps us pull together information we already know about a subject and understand new information as we learn.
Concept maps consist of nodes and labeled lines. /ete/pbl2.html   (488 words)

 Concept Corporation Annual Shareholder Report
Concept ranks 4th at BCN party with a new demo called "Groove It".
Concept fails to deliver at the Fuzzion vs. Concept challenge.
naif retires from the demoscene and thus ceases to be Concept's musician. /concept   (241 words)

 concept group ltd - photocopiers, wide format and document management solutions
Concept Group Ltd was established in 1984 and is now one of the leading UK suppliers of Digital Document Solutions, with a network of offices throughout the UK.
Concept's status as a Canon PLUS elite business partner, is based on a number of key factors including the levels of competence of our sales and service personnel.
This system gives Concept the ability to provide your business with a new level of service that is faster than ever before.   (522 words)

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