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Topic: Selling Out

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Selling Sales Techniques Management Training Coaching Consulting Company Firm
Every company in every industry needs to increase sales and maximize profits through higher selling margins in order to be successful.
It is our job to help make sure that happens.
We provide results driven effective sales solutions that help maximize sales and selling margins.
intellectualselling.com   (155 words)

  Selling out - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Selling out may be seen as gaining success at the cost of credibility.
Selling out has frequently become used to describe anyone who changes artistic direction, as many fans assume that this must be done in an attempt to attain wider commercial appeal.
Selling out is a controversial topic within both hip hop music and hip hop culture, with two wholly opposite views on the matter.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Selling_out   (1946 words)

 Selling OUt
Someone who sells out would be someone gives up their primal moral beliefs for something base like money or fame.
If you are out there to express yourself musically and maybe try and get a few people to see you point of view, you are entering dangerous territory by handing your vision over to some large conglomerate dedicated to increasing its cashflow.
You might accuse him of being a sick freak, but you couldn’t accuse him of being a sell out since he is publicly all for giant corporations and their ilk.
www.forbisthemighty.com /pages/sellingout.htm   (1051 words)

 Winding Down, Closing Up, Selling Out
There are many reasons why an attorney may decide to wind down, close or sell his or her practice.
When negotiating the sale of a practice, an attorney should note that the amount and type of information the selling lawyer may give to a potential buyer is limited by the client confidentiality requirements of Rule 1.6, mrpc.
An attorney winding down, closing up or selling the practice has an obligation to return or properly refer all unsold active files and to dispose of all remaining inactive files appropriately.
www.courts.state.mn.us /lprb/04bbarts/bb1104.html   (1168 words)

 Parabasis: Selling Out
Not because they are shallow, or money grubbing, or sell outs, but rather that MTC has such incredible gravitational pull that it could change the kind of play you want to write without you even realizing its happened.
I further like your ideas on the non existeate of the "sell out." I will have to consider them in light of the show I am designing for the Sellout Festival.
I was struck, after The Strokes first put out their anodyne, edgeless variant on garage rock, by the number of imitators (of these imitators) who followed suit by producing their songs to sound like they were played by excitable teenagers with burlap bags over their speakers.
parabasis.typepad.com /blog/2006/06/selling_out.html   (2781 words)

 Regular Columnist, Ricky Fitzpatrick: Selling Out!
But seriously, what we WILL do is try to touch on the basics of selling, in general, and how you can apply them to your musical career.
This will be one of several periodic articles that explore the ease and power of "closing" that is essential to success when you sell your music, your set, your CD, your self, your soul...
Selling is an essential part of what we as musicians do.
www.musesmuse.com /col-ricky.html   (607 words)

 The Iowa State Daily
Selling out is getting more and more common these days, with rapper Busta Rhymes pimping Mountain Dew and r&b singer Sisqo appearing in Pepsi commercials.
Of all the companies Iowa State could sell out to, Coke is one of the least troublesome.
Selling out is nothing new to Iowa State.
www.iowastatedaily.com /news/2001/04/20/Opinion/Selling.Out-1063773.shtml   (1095 words)

 DRC Selling Out print
Whether the motivations stem from competitive pressures, family members looking to sell out, conflict or simply the desire for a change, the outcome should not be left to chance.
One telco has introduced selling the company as a quarterly agenda item for the board and senior executives.
As part of the business selling process, all assets should be examined and evaluated.
www.dartmouth-research.com /selling_out_PR.html   (1272 words)

 Selling Out the Nation's Workers
The move to farm out the nation’s air traffic control system to Big Business is just one part of Bush’s drive to enact a long-term core element of the corporate agenda—privatization of essential government services and jobs.
But the Bush administration pressured negotiators working out the final details to slip in a back-room addition to replace Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic controllers in 69 control towers with part-time contract workers and open up the entire system to privatization by 2007.
In fact, contracting out such critical jobs to low-wage and even minimum-wage workers can lead to disastrous consequences—as it did when the government contracted out student visa processing.
www.aflcio.org /aboutaflcio/magazine/1103_sellingout.cfm   (2750 words)

 Cultural Criticism and the Politics of Selling Out
So at first, I thought I might discuss what kind of "selling out" such writing entails, partly because it involves a great deal of negotiating with editors about almost every aspect of an essay, multiple rewrites, and hour-long conversations about individual sentences and paragraphs.
But oddly enough, I found myself accused of selling out nonetheless, by a colleague who told me that he liked the piece except for what he called the sellout to liberal humanism in the final two paragraphs.
My conception of selling out, therefore, was confined solely to the question of how American cultural studies could best represent itself in the mainstream press.
www.altx.com /ebr/ebr2/2berube.htm   (5626 words)

 Kulturblog » Selling Out
If the Who aren’t selling records anymore, because their music is old-fashioned, go ahead and license it to commercial television, to keep it alive.
But by taking a “stand,” they’re selling their reputations as artists with “integrity,” as much as sellout as anybody else (instead of selling their art, and letting it speak for themselves, they are selling their personalities and souls).
If an artist starts out saying they’ll never do a particular thing, and their audience loves them for it, but then they start doing it because it’ll make them more money and a bigger audience, does that not mean they’re selling out?
www.kulturblog.com /2006/01/selling-out   (2999 words)

 Selling Out...
Ed explains that the decision to sell was based on economics, that the price of cattle had been too low for too long, and that debt had made it unfeasible to continue.
While the thought of selling out and hiring back on as employees may make some independent-minded cattlemen queasy--and mere mention of developing a more than century old ranching operation may make some preservationists angry--the Pollocks see things differently.
Hopefully, if this works out well--and it is something of a grand experiment, he says--other ranchers considering selling their land for development can use what they've learned on the Wagonhound as a blueprint for success.
www.rangemagazine.com /archives/stories/spring99/selling_out.htm   (1712 words)

 Michael Hoover, "Starbucks: Selling Out the Counter-Culture?"
Several years later, Starbucks was born, a result of these buddies' desire to provide their hometown with good coffee in a distinctly bohemian atmosphere and of the start-up incentives offered by Seattle local government's redevelopment of the city's historic Pike Place Market.
The company's mermaid (or is it a siren?) logo fades in and out as the commercials close.
To begin with, only about 2 million of the 100 million yearly pounds of coffee that Starbucks buys is certified, despite the fact that there exists but a $.06 per-pound differential between what "certified" beans guarantee farmers ($1.26) and what the company claims to pay ($1.20) for its specialty brews.
mrzine.monthlyreview.org /hoover270705.html   (1248 words)

 James Galvin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
I defied physics by associating with access points as far west as Bandon, and south at Farmer’s Cross, but I was just too far out for any ISP to cover me. My plight led to encounters with other technology refugees seeking any form of terrestrial broadband in Donoughmore, willing to pay whatever it took.
Out of these 340 products, excluding a couple of low-end satellite services, Eircom FWA is the only one that insults us with an upload speed as low as 64k.
If you discover the cache, you sign the log book and can take souvenir out of the box if you want, although it is recommended that you replace it with an item of your own.
g.msn.com /9SE/1?http://www.jamesgalvin.com/2006/09/20/selling-out/&&DI=6244&IG=bee8e5fdd2834b1b82ef6ad52467e015&POS=7&CM=WPU&CE=7&CS=AWP&SR=7   (3971 words)

 Selling Records Or Selling Out?, Bill Flanagan Debates Whether Musicians Should Use Their Music In Ads - CBS News
As long as classic rock radio kept cranking out the hits of the sixties and seventies, a lot of older rock stars took the high ground against licensing their songs to advertisements.
The theory is that while it?s suspect to sell out the emotional connection an old song has with its audience, a new song deserves any help it can get.
I suppose wishing it wouldn't happen is like wishing it was 1971 and we were all young and skinny and the radio was full of great music and gasoline cost $.50 a gallon.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2006/02/26/sunday/main1346174.shtml   (1545 words)

 Spain: Selling Culture to Jews or Selling Out Jewish Culture
She didn't know how much the shop owner was selling it for, and when asked how long they had owned it, she said ever since she could remember.
He smiled in return and said, 'Yes, it is impossible.' He then explained that there were tunnels through out Spain that were used by Jews to go to the synagogues and by secret Jews after the expulsion as a place to pray.
Spain is a warm welcoming country with friendly well-meaning people, but targeting Jewish tourists for their money, selling their cultural treasures and exploiting their traditions does nothing to continue to sooth the centuries old wounds that have been carved into the Jewish hearts and minds.
www.alfassa.com /spainselling.html   (1497 words)

 Worthwhile - Work with Purpose, Passion & Profit.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
They respond that they're afraid of 'selling out.' The next generation relies on themselves - not others - for job security.
For the next generation 'selling out' is about a loss of independence.
Don't consider it necessarily selling out - unless I don't buy into the vision and I'm just there for the paycheck...and I can't work that way.
www.worthwhilemag.com /entry/2004/05/26/selling_out.php   (226 words)

 Selling Out - Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)
We love getting contacted by entrepreneurs who are interested in combining with our company because they like what we do, and they see selling to us as the best way to grow their business and keep their users happy.
Whether staying independent or selling out, your going to have to make money somehow- so it had better be a motivating factor.
I would think that any team that has the traits you described would probably be reluctant to sell out in the first place….
www.37signals.com /svn/archives2/selling_out.php   (1850 words)

 Computer Arts - Selling out   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Increasingly to advertisers, however, graffiti is yet another way to sell products: one that’s cheap, almost unavoidable and guaranteed to provoke a response.
D*Face also points out the inherent problem with creating non-obvious street campaigns: “The best examples are the ones that you have no idea who it’s for – and these are the ones that also fail the brand.
Using street art to sell a product effectively is, it seems, a much trickier proposition than it might appear.
www.computerarts.co.uk /in_depth/features/selling_out   (1549 words)

 PFBlog.com - Selling Out - Proud Member of The Personal Finance Blogger's Network
And with 25 sell side brokers (in our equities business alone!) there is no shortage of salemen to pick up the tab.
Selling your services to the highest bidder is not ignoble, it is not disingenuous, it is common practice.
My particular “selling out” was leaving a top-tier investment bank to head to a hedge fund.
www.pfblog.com /sellingout   (2388 words)

 Selling Out :: Season ticket sales continue apace; Family FanZone season tickets sold out
Season tickets in the Family FanZone are now sold out, as are mini-season ticket packages that include Ohio State or Michigan.
In addition, Purdue Student Government is selling limited-edition commemorative shirts for the game.
At each home game, trading cards featuring Joe Tiller and players, based on the JumboHeroes theme used for a souvenir poster in 2003, will be distributed at the gate.
purduesports.collegesports.com /sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/082704aab.html   (488 words)

 Selling a Home - HUD
Selling your home can be exciting, but it also takes work.
Selling your home can take some time, depending on your local real estate market.
Learn about the process and the pitfalls of selling your home, before you begin.
www.hud.gov /selling   (92 words)

 Selling out the environment - Salon
When House and Senate negotiators met to hammer out a compromise version of the bill in conference committee last month, it was predictably stripped of nearly all its environmentally ambitious provisions, including one requiring utilities to generate 10 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2020.
What's left is a dizzying $14.5 billion in energy-industry subsidies, only about 20 percent of which will go to renewable-energy development.
Bill Wicker, minority spokesperson for the Senate Energy Committee, defended the Dems, pointing out that they successfully fought some of the bill's most environmentally damaging provisions: "We didn't just succeed in blocking the MTBE provision.
dir.salon.com /story/opinion/feature/2005/08/09/muckraker/index.html   (897 words)

 OK so I’m not really a cowboy. » Selling Out
I’ve been accused of selling out more than a few times.
When I decided not to pursue a PhD in primatology, my professor at first thought I was selling out for money before I finished my whole spiel.
Being something of a psych skeptic and in general possessed of a low opinion of medicine, I’ve been called a sellout for deciding to become a psychiatrist.
www.indiancowboy.net /blog/?p=172   (731 words)

Take a look at the list of luminaries who contributed unique ringtones to the American Composers Orchestra auction: Michael Gordon, Meredith Monk, etc. The Philip Glass ringtone is currently going for $450 and by the time you read this it will probably go even higher.
So there are people out there who will pay for this sort of thing.
As N.R. points out elsewhere in his interview (and he's far from the first person to make this observation over the last 65 years or so) we really are a nation of specialists.
www.newmusicbox.org /chatter/chatter.nmbx?id=4626   (1379 words)

 Selling Without Selling Out - CSO Magazine - March 2004
Selling Without Selling Out - CSO Magazine - March 2004
It'd be a shame if this slows the growth of technologies like SMS, which showed such promise as an emergency communication system during the 9/11 attacks.
Of course, marketers always have rationalizations for reaching out and touching someone, although some of the excuses seem counterintuitive.
www.csoonline.com /read/030104/flashpoint.html   (780 words)

 I'm Selling Out
Without HBO, I would never be out here in LA having an awesome time both tonight at Dean's LAN and yesterday at E3 and hanging out with the Bungie crew.
I can hardly begin to thank Claude for the amount of times he's helped me out of various predicaments or for the millions of bytes of random conversation he's, well, absorbed over the years.
I also realize that this post is entirely out of character, or at least the character that you're all used to.
forums.bungie.org /halo/archive24.pl?read=709255   (778 words)

 Selling Your Screenplay
You will learn the "ins" and "outs" of an option contract once a production company wants to make your script into a movie.
When I started out, I was an absolute beginner with no friends or family in the entertainment industry.
But if you keep getting your script to the right people, your chances of selling it continue to rise with each submission.
www.sellingyourscreenplay.com   (807 words)

 SpongeBob SquarePants: Selling Out - TV.com
Krabs sells The Krusty Krab to a conglomerate that plans to turn it into a big corporate chain.
At first the sell out brings the kind of peace and quiet Krabs always wanted.
When the customers discover that the Krabby Patties are garbage, they run out of the restaurant, but when the Krabby Patty machine explodes and floods, there's a lot of customers in the waves.
www.tv.com /spongebob-squarepants/selling-out/episode/462896/summary.html   (638 words)

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