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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Semisonic – Listen free at Last.fm
Semisonic is a power pop/alt rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Semisonic’s breakthrough came two years later in 1998 when their sophomore effort, Feeling Strangely Fine, reached the Top 50 chart on the strength of the hit single “Closing Time”;.
In the fall of 2001, Semisonic contributed their cover of the Wings classic, “Jet,”; for the Paul McCartney tribute CD, Listen to What the Man Said.
www.last.fm /music/Semisonic   (735 words)

  Lilith Fair: Artists: Semisonic
The world has responded to Semisonic because of the graceful way they straddle two ideals: the band's sound places them at the vanguard of progressive, end-of-millennium pop music, and yet, at its core Semisonic is a great rock'n'roll band.
A Semisonic live show is a joyous and unguarded declaration of the group's love for classic pop artists such as Prince and the Hollies.
Now as 1999 unrolls, Semisonic has plans to tour the US beginning in late January, followed by a return to Europe (for the third time) and, if the volume of e-mail they receive from across the Pacific is any indication, Semisonic will pack their bags for Australia and Japan later this year.
lilithfair.com /sampler/semisonic   (1164 words)

 Amazon.ca: Feeling Strangely Fine: Music: Semisonic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
And in Semisonic's native Minneapolis, where the career of shambolic nearly-men The Replacements looms over the music scene like the dead (drunk) hand of history, the success part of the equation is even less likely.
Semisonic is a rare band doing something different in the era of modern generic rock, although you might not know it just from hearing Closing Time (a good song in its own right, but not ground-breaking).
Semisonic became one of the better one-hit-wonders of the 90s with this single amazing track, but never got the attention they truly deserved.
www.amazon.ca /Feeling-Strangely-Fine-Semisonic/dp/B0000062XN   (1237 words)

 Semisonic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Semisonic is an alternative rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Semisonic's breakthrough came two years later in 1998 when their sophomore effort, Feeling Strangely Fine, reached the Top 50 chart on the strength of the hit single "Closing Time".
In 1998, Semisonic's hit song "Closing Time" was featured on the charitable album, Live in the X Lounge as a live performance.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Semisonic   (520 words)

 CanEHdian.com: Semisonic
Rightly or wrongly, Semisonic are best known for their smash single, "Closing Time." As such, they are not an unknown quantity now and have to deal with more pressure to follow up that success.
Semisonic raises the theme of love as chemical reactions with the opening single, "Chemistry." It is a rather interesting concept conceived by Dan Wilson, the main songwriter for the group.
For those of you that wish to dance a long rock ballad with your significant other of the moment, this is the tune for you.
www.canehdian.com /non/artists/s/semisonic/biography.html   (580 words)

 Pleasuresonic - Semisonic News
Semisonic has just recorded a new song, "For Love of the Game," which will be the title track of the upcoming Kevin Costner-Kelly Preston baseball flick of the same name.
Semisonic are giving away tickets to their May 23rd show in Minneapolis.
Semisonic and Matt Wilson are nominated in many categories at the Minnesota Music Awards.
www.angelfire.com /nd/pleasuresonic/news.html   (861 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: All About Chemistry: Music: Semisonic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In 1998, Semisonic scored with the hit "Closing Time", a melancholy anthem for anyone who's ever ended up alone with their ego smashed on the rocks at the end of the night after riding a wave of romantic expectations.
Loaded with hooks and harmonies, Semisonic wastes no time delving into romance's dark corners, tackling the fears ofunrequited love (the yearning "I Wish"), flying solo (the driving "Get a Grip") and the need to pretend all is well (a poignant and delicately wrought "Act Naturally").
Semisonic have pulled a fine album together, this time round we are given a musch getter variety of instruments and song styles, also there is the duet on the song "One True Love".
www.amazon.co.uk /All-About-Chemistry-Semisonic/dp/B000059ML2   (825 words)

 Amazon.ca: All About Chemistry: Music: Semisonic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Semisonic struck a chord with barflies all over the world in 1998 with the breezy, free-flowing hit "Closing Time." The song was hard to resist, but with their third time out, the Minneapolis trio fails to capitalize on the chemistry that elevated earlier efforts.
Semisonic a peaufiné son ouvrage, bombant le torse sur quelques hits en puissance assénés comme des coups de poing, ménageant aussi quelques pauses avec des ballades dont une coécrite par Carole King.
Semisonic has always made albums which grow on you, and Chemistry is no exception.
www.amazon.ca /All-About-Chemistry-Semisonic/dp/B0000589RB   (1060 words)

 Semisonic: All About Chemistry (2001): Reviews
Semisonic's newest release, All About Chemistry, hits all the right pop spots, but will likely appeal to a very niche group -- the same group that embraced the easy, witty pop of bands such as Crowded House or Ben Folds Five.
Semisonic are the lambswool jumper pulled over the eyes of people who have an irresistible soft spot for 'classic' songwriting.
Semisonic are an easy target for barb-tounged critics because their music is simple, sweet, and, yes, a little sappy at times.
www.metacritic.com /music/artists/semisonic/allaboutchemistry   (487 words)

 Semisonic News
Semisonic: Just Like they'd never been gone "Where you been?" That's how Dan Wilson greeted the hometown crowd at the Aquatennial Block Party on Friday, as if the nearly three-year wait for another gig by his...
It's not essential that you be a Semisonic fan to appreciate the book's hilarious, often self-deprecating tales of ego-bolstering and corporate dysfunction.
Semisonic's single Closing Time hit No. 1 on Billboard's top 40 at the end of May 1998 and became that summer's anthem.
www.topix.net /who/semisonic   (456 words)

 More Semisonic
Semisonic's gutsy, erotic and intimate take on songs that seduce both sonically and verbally is now brilliantly fulfilled on its latest release Feeling Strangely Fine.
Matching Semisonic's hard-edged rock-meets-funk sensibility is the band's instinctive feel for lyrical songcraft, the knack of knowing when to sigh...
With that in mind, Launay and Semisonic walked into Minneapolis's spanking new studio Seedy Underbelly with no demos and a small group of songs (cut down from nearly sixty possibilities) that were virtually untested.
www.voxonline.com /alternative/semisonic/moresemi.htm   (1131 words)

 Semisonic CD review of All About Chemistry on AudioRevolution.com
Semisonic’s latest album All About Chemistry continues the theme of interpersonal relations established by their 1998 hit song "Closing Time" from their last release, Feeling Strangely Fine.
Semisonic incorporates elements from these other bands with their own inevitable style to create an album filled with strong melodies and heartfelt vocals.
The Semisonic albums are enjoyable to listen to, but they are unlikely to snare one’s attention for very long.
www.avrev.com /music/revs/semisonic.shtml   (446 words)

 Semisonic lyrics, Semisonic guitar tabs, Semisonic bass tabs, Semisonic pictures, Semisonic fonts, discography, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Semisonic browse lyrics and guitar tablature, read biography of Semisonic and find out how was written.
Band fonts section Semisonic is another category that deserves some attention, especially for those who are big fans of the band Semisonic and like to collect or create band logos and such.
Members will be able to submit and rate Semisonic tablature and lyrics, add pictures and other information about Semisonic such as reviews, comments, interesting facts in the history of the band Semisonic.
www.musiceffect.com /semisonic/piano   (960 words)

 Failure Magazine-Archives-Arts & Entertainment-Jacob Slichter
The book is an extension of the author's "road diaries," in which he dutifully recorded the highs and lows experienced by himself and band mates Dan Wilson and John Munson.
Musicians will see the book as a warning about the pitfalls of the music business, while Semisonic fans are sure to lament the band's unrealized potential and bemoan the music industry-types who unwittingly did everything possible to keep the band from achieving mega-star status.
It seems that Semisonic is the antithesis of the one-hit wonder type of group.
www.failuremag.com /arch_arts_semisonic.html   (1896 words)

 Semisonic - The Official Website
All About Chemistry is Semisonic’s realization of a vision that Wilson presented to his bandmates, bassist John Munson and drummer Jacob Slichter, in the early spring of 2000.
Fans of Semisonic’s live shows have long been amazed by the ability of Slichter and Munson to do double duty on keyboard and their main instruments, sometimes each playing two instruments at once.
With their new album, Semisonic are poised to renew the spark of connection with their current fans while winning over new ones.
www.semisonic.com /band   (1093 words)

 Raspberry World - Music - Review - Semisonic
I especially like "Never You Mind," which is one of Semisonic’s songs more obviously influenced by the Beatles.
There are also a few very pretty slower songs, "Secret Smile," "Gone to the Movies," and "She Spreads Her Wings." This album shows off the band's versatility and range of musical interests more completely than the debut.
Semisonic has a great sound, and both these records are worth having if you like guitar pop and a retro flashback style.
www.raspberryworld.com /music/semisonic.html   (480 words)

 MTV News | Music News, Movie News, Features and Interviews, Artist Photos
Semisonic is in the final stages of cutting its third album, the follow-up to the band's 1998 breakthrough, "Feeling Strangely Fine," and has laid down some 18 tracks for the as-yet-untitled LP, tentatively set for release next spring.
Semisonic will take a break from the studio later this month to head over to play the V2000 Festival in the U.K., where the band's "Secret Smile" single helped refuel European sales of "Feeling Strangely Fine."
Semisonic's new album is expected to be issued via MCA Records in February or March 2001.
www.mtv.com /news/articles/1433921/20000811/semisonic.jhtml   (331 words)

 Reviews of Linda Ronstadt | Dedicated To The One I Love, and Semisonic | Great Divide
Semisonic sprang from the ashes of Minneapolis' Trip Shakespeare.
By this time, Semisonic was playing its own brand of "trippy, atmospheric, gizmo-laden rock." After recording an EP, the trio signed with MCA and recorded Great Divide in sunny L.A. Says Dan Wilson, "It's true, we're all into studio wankery, dicking around and coming up with stuff that only we can appreciate.
With their hook-laden grooves and integrated harmonies, Semisonic is a talented band, and is ably piloted by veteran producer Paul Fox (who has worked with XTC, Victoria Williams, and the Sugarcubes), who helps flesh out the rock band in Semisonic.
www.cdshakedown.com /082896.htm   (860 words)

 Semisonic - AOL Music
Semisonic's John Munson, along with former Suburb singer/pianist Chan Poling and vibraphonist Steve Roehm, have formed the jazz trio 'The New Standards.'...
Semisonic's breakthrough came two years later in 1998 when their sophomore...
In 1998, Semisonic's hit song "Closing Time" was featured on the charitable...
music.aol.com /artist/semisonic/174730/main   (164 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Feeling Strangely Fine: Music: Semisonic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Out of all of their Semisonic albums I really think this is the best one.
With their debut E.P. "Pleasure" Semisonic revealed to the world a thoughtful, talented band with the energy and drive to match any expectations.
I once associated Semisonic with a whole raft of British pop music.
www.amazon.co.uk /Feeling-Strangely-Fine-Semisonic/dp/B0000062XN   (1219 words)

 Semisonic : Pleasure - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect
Pleasure serves as an introduction to Semisonic's blend of melodic, guitar-driven pop and sensitive, '70s-flavored ballads.
Issued while the band awaited the release of their first full-length effort, this EP features early versions of "The Prize" and "Brand New Baby," both of which were later revamped for Great Divide.
The band succeeds in many styles, whether it's the whimsical power-pop of "Sculpture Garden," the stripped-down acoustic sound of "The Gift," or the soulful tones of "Star." Pleasure is a brief sample of Semisonic that leaves the listener hungering for more.
www.artistdirect.com /nad/store/artist/album/0,,229246,00.html   (191 words)

Semisonic's next single will be Over My Head, and will be in the new film Summer Catch.
Over My Head was originally the UK B-Side for Chemistry, but it received such a huge reception from fans and critics alike, that the guys have decided to release it as their next single.
I've added in a lot of new lyrics to the Songs and Lyrics section, including UK B-Sides and a section for the singles, as well as rare and old Semisonic songs.
www.geocities.com /davidthesheep/semisonic_home.html   (974 words)

 Review: Great Divide by Semisonic
I can't help but compare bits of Semisonic to the Beatles, but that's almost always deadly for a group.
Everyone admits their debt to the Beatles but no one wants to be branded "the next Beatles" (see the Knack).
Comparisons, however, seem inevitable, but I would certainly say that Semisonic are their own band.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/lcseiler/semigd.htm   (534 words)

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 Semisonic: Reviews, Discography, Audio Clips, and more ||| Music.com
Loud guitars, loud drums, Dan Wilson's honest and heartfelt vocals, and simple, hummable melodies put Semisonic in the category of modern bands like the Counting Crows and the Wallflowers who aren't slick but are still pop and popular.
Since the mid-'90s, Semisonic has been inspiring the overuse of words like "literate," "smart," and "well-written" by reviewers everywhere.
All About Chemistry doesn't do anything to change that: It is a suite of 12...well, smart and immaculately crafted songs, all seemingly destined for the charts, yet also possessing enough lyrical muscle to elevate them above the level of guilty pleasure.
www.music.com /group/semisonic/1   (575 words)

 Semisonic - Minnewiki
In addition, the song "FNT" (Fascinating New Thing) from Great Divide was used in the movies The Long Kiss Goodnight and Ten Things I Hate About You.
Semisonic's breakthrough came two years later with the national release of the single "Closing Time", which not only topped the Billboard Modern Rock chart in May of 1998, but was also featured in a "Weird Al" Yankovic polka medly--a true claim to fame.
Another song, "Over My Head", was used in the 2001 teen flick Summer Catch, and Semisonic rode the wave of various tours in and around the U.K. In the fall of 2001, Semisonic contributed their cover of the Wings classic, "Jet", for the Paul McCartney tribute CD, Listen to What the Man Said.
minnewiki.publicradio.org /index.php/Semisonic   (545 words)

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