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Topic: Semnan Province

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In the News (Thu 24 May 18)

  Semnan Province - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Semnan is one of the 30 provinces of Iran.
The province of Semnan covers an area of 96,816 square kilometers and streches along the Alborz mountain range and borders to Dasht-e Kavir desert in its southern parts.
In 1996, the province had a population of about 501,000, and in 2005 Semnan city (the capital of the province) had a population of 119,778, and the city of Shahroud, which accounts for being the largest city of this province, had a population of 131,831.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Semnan_Province   (364 words)

 Yazd Province: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Golestan is one of the 30 provinces of iran....
Khuzestan is one of the 30 provinces of iran....
Markazi (in persian) is one of the 30 provinces of iranprovinces of iran....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/y/ya/yazd_province.htm   (271 words)

 iran-lifestyles-semnan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Semnan Province is situated south of the Alborz Mountain and covers an area of 95,815 sq.
It borders the Golestan and Mazandaran provinces to the north, Khorassan Province to the east, Isfahan province to the south and Tehran and Qom provinces to the west.
The city of Semnan, the capital of Semnan Province, used to be one of the cities of Vern or Verneh historical province in ancient times.
www3.estart.com /iran/lifestyles/semnan.html   (1552 words)

The province is bounded on the north by Azerbaijan Republic, Armenia and Turkey, on the west by Turkey and Iraq, on the south by Kurdistan, and on the east by East Azarbaijan and Zanjan province.
The province of Tehran is located between latitudes 34-58' to 36-22' N. and longitudes 50-15' to 53-15' E. It is bounded on the north by Mazandaran and Gilan, on the south by Markazi province and Semnan province, on the west by Zanjan province, and on the east by Semnan province.
The province of Lorestan is located between latitudes 32-37' to 34-22' N. and longitudes 46-51' to 50-03' E. It is bounded on the north by the Markazi province and Hamedan province, on the south by Khuzistan province, on the east by Isfahan province, and on the west by Kermanshah province and Ilam province.
www.iranembassy.hu /province.htm   (1685 words)

Although the city of Semnan is the administrating center of the province, the city of Shahrood is the largest and the most populated city.
The province of Semnan is located on the south of the mountainous chain of Albors, in which the height of the land decrease southward, and it is connected to the Kaveer desert from the south.
In the beginning of the fourth century, the city of Semnan was counted as a part of the territory of Al-Ziar dynasty, and after the decline of this dynasty, it was occupied by Al-Bowayh.
www.irantour.org /Iran/city/SEMNAN.html   (1215 words)

 Semnan Province   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Semnan Province lies on the southern Piedmonts of Alborz range the height of which decreases from north to south and is bounded by Kavir desert.
Semnan Province is located on the route of the ancient highway of the Silk Road.
Semnan Province comprises 4 cities (Semnan, Shahrood, Damgan, Garmsar) and 10 districts, 16 towns and 28 villages (rural districts) with Semnan City as the Provincial capital.
kumesh.irost.net /about-semnan-city.htm   (208 words)

Semnan is bounded on the north by Golestan and Mazandaran, on the east by Khorasan, on the south by Isfahan and on the west by Tehran and Qom.
Semnan is a corridor connecting Khorasan province to the central and western Iranian regions.
The center of Semnan province is a namesake town, which used to be one of the major towns of the ancient Varn(a) state.
www.iccim.org /english/Magazine/iran_commerce/no23_2000/19.htm   (1072 words)

 National Geoscience Database Of IRAN - State: Semnan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Semnan province is situated in southern flank of Alborz range and north of great desert of Central Iran, so geologically belongs to Alborz and central Iran structural zones.
Semnan fault passing north of Semnan is a structural divider of central Iran from Alborz structural zone.
Southern part of this province is a major young depression covered with a rather thick sequence of marl, sandstone and conglomerate and interlayer of gypsum and salt.
www.ngdir.ir /States/StateComment.asp?PStateCode=24&PID=67   (1009 words)

 SalamIran - Province of Semnan
Alborz mountains are the main source of rivers and qanats flowing in the province of Semnan.
Semnan province is one of the rich provinces of the country in areas such as industry, agriculture, mining, animal husbandry, handicrafts, traditions, tribes, languages, and historic sites.
Damghan, in the west of Semnan and some 330 kilometers to the east of Tehran, is a town with a great history.
www.salamiran.org /CT/provinces/semnan.htm   (1608 words)

 Semnan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Province with an area of 9515676 km covers 5.6 percent of the total area of the country.
Semnan Province comprises 4 cities (Semnan, Shahrood, Damghan, Garmsar), 10 districts, 16 towns and 28 villages (rural districts) with Semnan City as the Provincial capital.
Semnan Province's climate is warm and dry in the southern part, moderate in the central part, and relatively cold in the northern part.
www.sem-ums.ac.ir /english/semnan.htm   (165 words)

Semnan is the capital of Semnan province in Iran near Tehran.
It is bounded on the west by Ray and Tehran cities, on the east by Damghan, on the north by Gorgan and Sari cities and on the south by central Desert.
It is said that Semnan was of the main provinces of ancient Iran.
www.asemangasht.com /Semnan.htm   (305 words)

 Daily Calendar for the PSW   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Semnan Province: Please pray for the province and city of Semnan.
Semnan province was one of the largest provinces of the ancient Parthian empire; it was also a major stop on the famous “Silk Road.” No churches are known to exist, and only 2 known believers are here.
Province Prayer Partners: The people of the PCEN will not be reached with the Gospel message without significant prayer on their behalf.
www.teampsw.org /subpages/prayer/calendar/archive/april.htm   (2250 words)

 Foreign Tourists Discovering Semnan Province
According to him, a total of 556 foreign and 29,738 domestic tourists have visited the magnificent tourism attractions of the province during Iranian calendar year 1382 (March 21, 2003-March 20, 2004).
Faghani added that from Iranian calendar year 1381, there was a six percent increase in the number of domestic tourists in 1382.
The historic edifices of Semnan Friday Mosque, Bastam Historic Complex, Shahrud Anthropological Museum, and the cobblestone Silk Road in Garmsar, as well as Damghan Cheshmeh-Ali are among the magnificent attractions of the province.
www.mehrnews.ir /en/NewsDetail.aspx?NewsID=79705   (130 words)

 iransebttour.com | Iran Sebt Tour Cultural Agency   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This caravansary is located in the village of Lasjerd of Semnan, and is a structure related to Shah Abbas Safavid I. It has two porches and a large courtyard with 24 rooms or chambers around it.
Damghan is in the center of the province, and lies in a north-south direction.
To the north is Mazandaran province, to the south are the desert region and Esfahan province.
www.iransebttour.com /highlights/Semnan.asp   (1487 words)

 History Of US   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This Province is situated on the Southern Slopes of Alborz Mountains.
Semnan province is located on the ancient Silk Road path that up to these days.
Province is the same province which in the book "Isidore Kharaksy" has been Called "Ghoumessineh" and also in the writing of ptolemy been mentioned as part of vast province of "part" called "Koumesh".This province in its past history included parts of Semnan,damghan, Shahrood, Handagh, Biabanak and Khaar (Garmsar).
www.semnan.ac.ir /engsite/history.htm   (155 words)

 Iranian Provinces: Semnan
The province of Semnan is 96,816 km2 (37,381 sq mi) in the north-east of the central plateau of Iran, and its capital is Semnan.
During the Median (Medes) and Achaemenid periods, it accounted for being one of the largest satrapies (provinces) of the empire.
The main landmark of Semnan is the 15th century Friday Mosque.
www.iranchamber.com /provinces/25_semnan/25_semnan.php   (253 words)

 Daily Calendar for the PSW   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
A man and his wife in Semnan were listening to a gospel broadcast recently and decided to follow Christ.
There is only one open church in Fars province and it has been under severe pressure from the authorities to close down.
Markazi Province: The Markazi province, and its capital city of Arak, represent the industrial heart of Iran.
www.teampsw.org /subpages/prayer/calendar/archive/march.htm   (1505 words)

The township of Semnan is confined to the limits of the township of Garmsar from east, to the township of Damqan from west, and to the north are Mazandaran province and the township of Firooz Kooh.
The center of the township of Semnan is the city of Semnan which is at a distance of 221 km.
At the beginning of the 4th century AH., Semnan was the realm of the Al Ziyad dynasty after which the Al Booyeh dynasty ruled.
members.tripod.com /daihassan/id10.html   (200 words)

 Iran 2
Lorestan province in the west of Iran, is a mountainous land where the main beautiful heights of Zagross mountain ranges are extended from north-west southward in a regular and condensed froom.
Khorasan province is one of the great historical and cultural centers of Iran, which the cities of Meshed, Nayshabour, Birjand, Sabzevar, famous city of Tabas on the desert margin, are located in its boundaries.
Semnan Province is located in the east of Khorasan province having different deserts and mountain slope nature.
www.mgiran.com /Iran_2.htm   (678 words)

 Markazi Province - Iranclub.ca   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Markazi province is rich in historical and architectural heritage.
Markazi (استان مرکزی; in Persian) is one of the 30 provinces of Iran.
Markazi province was part of The Median Empire in the first millenium BC, which included all central and western parts of today's Iran.
www.aytakin.com /wiki/index.php/Markazi_Province   (259 words)

 Semnan is home to world’s largest salt flat: researcher
SEMNAN, Dec. 12 (MNA) -– AN Iranian researcher believes that the world’s largest salt flat is located in the northern Iranian province of Semnan.
“This piece of land is located in the central desert (Kavir-e Markazi) of Semnan,” Dr. Parviz Kardavani stated, “It covers an area of over 100,000 square kilometers.” Pointing to the vast mineral reserves of the large salt flat, the Tehran University professor added that the land is of high economic significance.
“Moreover, local officials can boost tourism industry in the province by encouraging interested investors,” Kardavani said, noting that the country’s largest marshland is also located near the city of Shahrud, another part of Semnan Province.
www.mehrnews.com /en/NewsDetail.aspx?NewsID=264692   (199 words)

 SEMNAN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The province of Semnan is located on the south of the
So this province is consisted of two major geographical area; the mountainous to the north, and the fertile outskirts and plains to the south, The mountainous area contains mines as well as some
province, it would be very attractive for any tourist.
www.lutkatours.com /SEMNAN/SEMNAN.HTM   (228 words)

 Tehran Province - Iranclub.ca   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Tehran Province is one of the thirty provinces of Iran.
As of June 2005, this province includes thirteen townships, forty-three municipalities, and 1358 villages.
The highest point of the province is Mount Damavand at an elevation of 5,678 m, and the lowest point of the province being the plains of Varamin, 790 m above sea level.
www.aytakin.com /wiki/index.php/Tehran_Province   (909 words)

 NTI: Country Overviews: Iran: Missile Facilities
Semnan is located 175km east of Tehran in the province of Semnan.
A successful test firing at Semnan of the Shehab 3 was announced by Iran in September 2000, further suggesting that the "Shehab 3D" is for use as a satellite launcher.
This material is produced independently for NTI by the Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of and has not been independently verified by NTI or its directors, officers, employees, agents.
www.nti.org /e_research/profiles/Iran/Missile/3876_4083.html   (311 words)

 Iran Mining
The Head of Semnan province Industries and Mines Organization said that; annually 720 thousand ton is extracted from 18 salt mines.
He further announced that from 250 mines of the province 31 ore, minerals are being extracted.
Ahmadiyeh in the first half of the current Iranian year, 14 exploitations licenses for production gypsum, marmarite, iron ore and blocky stones have been issued in Semnan province, exploiting these mines, 104 gob opportunities would be generated.
www.iranmining.com /News/eShow.asp?Id=2231&Dir=433   (234 words)

 Gardeshyaran International Tours and Travel Agency
With an area of 95815 sq km, the province of Semnan is located of the east from the province of Tehran.
The province of Semnan is located on the south of Alborz Range, in which the height of the land decreases southward, and it is connected to the Kavir desert in the south.
The climate is hot and dry in the south, while milder and cooler in the north and east.
www.gardeshyaran.com /cities/showstate.asp?id=26   (204 words)

 Iran At A Glance || Imam Reza (A.S.) Network
The southern provinces of Iran, especially Khuzistan, which encompass some parts of vast Mesopotamia (between two rivers) plain, are very flat and level with low altitude.
The overall elevation of the plateau of Iran give many provinces and altitude of over 1,000 m., and this is an important geographic feature of this land.
Some groups of colored people scattered in the southern provinces of Iran are the descendants of slave trade with Zanzibar in the past.
www.imamreza.net /eng/imamreza.php?id=2130&page=6   (3761 words)

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