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Topic: Sengkang New Town

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In the News (Tue 19 Jun 18)

  Sengkang Encyclopedia Article @ Wooded.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Sengkang Planning Area, an urban planning zone under the Urban Redevelopment Authority, covers the Housing and Development Board satellite new town of Sengkang New Town and rural Jalan Kayu.
Before the Sengkang New Town was built, vegetable and pig farms were located in the area, dominated by tropical rainforest.
The Sengkang LRT Line intersects with the Sengkang MRT Station at the Sengkang Town Centre, providing residents with convenient public transport within Sengkang New Town itself and other parts of the island.
www.wooded.org /encyclopedia/Sengkang   (450 words)

 Town Attractions - Sengkang
It is bounded by Seletar / Punggol Town to the north; Ang Mo Kio Town to the south-west; Hougang Town; and Serangoon Town to the south and Paya Lebar / Pasir Ris Town to the east.
Sengkang Town is also served by the North-East MRT Line (NEL) via Buangkok Station and Sengkang station.
Apart from Punggol, Sengkang is one of the first two towns in Singapore where the co-location and clustering of a mix of community facilities have been planned from the onset with community bonding in mind.
www.punggoltown.com /attractions_sengkang.htm   (727 words)

 Housing and Development Board - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
To prevent social stratification that may lead to social conflict, the housing of different income groups are mixed together in estates and new towns.
Size is usually denoted by the terms such as four-room, five-room or similar, and is based on the number of rooms in addition to the living room but newer five-room come with only 3-rooms and dinner room.
They were moved to its new premises at the HDB Hub at 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh on 10 June 2002 [1].
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/HDB   (932 words)

 Sengkang New Town - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Sengkang New Town (盛港新镇) is a relatively young satellite residential town in the city-state of Singapore.
Sengkang New Town is situated to the north of Hougang New Town, in the north-eastern part of Singapore, under the North-East Region as defined by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).
Sengkang New Town is linked to the Central Area and the SMRT lines (to the North-South Line at Dhoby Ghaut Station, and the East-West Line at Outram Park Station) through the North East Line (NEL) at Sengkang Station (NE16) located at Sengkang Town Centre.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sengkang_New_Town   (1559 words)

 Town Attractions - Punggol
It is bounded by Sungei Serangoon to the east, Tampines Expressway to the south (bordering Sengkang Town), Sungei Punggol to the west (bordering Pasir Ris New Town), Selat Johor and Serangoon Harbour to the north.
The town is also served by the Punggol LRT network comprising of two loops that serve the housing areas and one spur line which serves the residential developments and recreational nodes north of the semi-expressway.
Punggol 21 was planned as a model for future towns, with a new lifestyle for the 21st Century.
www.hougangtown.com /town_punggol.htm   (864 words)

 Ang Mo Kio Town - SgWiki
Further improvements made to the town are still in the process under the HDB and the Town Councils established in the various housing estates on the island..
The town itself is served by the Central Expressway, providing the fastest link from the town to the rest of the island on the expressway network.
Anyone who call the Town maintaince services on the toll free line 1800-275 5555 will get a response within a reasonable time of less than twenty minutes.There are many residents' organisations where residents could join in and become members, and participate in their activities such as Karaoke singing sessions.
www.sgwiki.com /wiki/Ang_Mio_Kio   (2582 words)

 SKMC Website
The Sengkang Town today,is situated north of Hougang Town is developed into a modern LRT town with an efficient transportation network, good riverine view and comprehensive facilities to serve the residents.
Students in Sengkang and Punggol would then have the option of attending a college that is located nearer to their homes and conveniently accessible.
New commercial centres in Sengkang and Punggol with shopping, dining and entertainment facilities, including a new sports complex, a community club is in the plan.
www.skmc.org.sg /aboutchurch/sengkang.html   (1102 words)

 Land Transport Authority - What's New :: Content
The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is pleased to announce the completion of the extension of Sengkang East Road, from Compassvale Street to Tampines Expressway (TPE), and the slip road to TPE in the direction of Seletar Expressway (SLE)/Central Expressway (CTE).
The extension of Sengkang East Road is part of the on-going construction of the TPE/Sengkang East Road Interchange, which is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2003.
As LTA is able to complete the extension of Sengkang East Road ahead of the rest of the project, it has decided to open the road to traffic for the convenience of motorists and residents in Sengkang New Town.
app.lta.gov.sg /corp_press_content.asp?start=454   (342 words)

 Toa Payoh New Town   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Toa Payoh New Town is the second oldest new town in Singapore, developed since 1962.
It is home to the HDB Hub and hosts one of the country's two air-conditioned bus interchanges, the other being the one in Sengkang.
It boasts excellent sporting facilities, including a stadium, an indoor sports hall and the country's best swimming complex, where the SEA Games swimming competition is held at.
www.tocatch.info /en/Toa_Payoh_New_Town.htm   (127 words)

 Welcome to David and Nancy Ferrao's Home Page
When Padre Pio was moved to San Giovanni Rotondo, she used to go often to the little town in the Gargano region to go and ask and receive from Padre Pio advice and instructions for her spiritual life.
New forms of slavery are found today in so called third world countries.
In the New Testament, Jesus presents himself as the One who brings the old Jubilee to completion, because he has come to "preach the year of the Lord's favour" (Isaiah 61: 1-2).
www.fortunecity.com /oasis/bahia/197/newdavid   (6660 words)

 [MyAppleMenu] Jan 6, 2002
Still Alive And Growing Online, Without Fanfare (Miguel Helft, New York Times) It is the kind of frugality that has kept expansion costs down at Global Sports, one of the few e-commerce companies that is still growing as if it were 1999.
George Divoky's Planet (Darcy Frey, New York Times) This is a story about global warming and a scientist named George Divoky, who studies a colony of Arctic seabirds on a remote barrier island off the northern coast of Alaska.
Sengkang New Town To Get Three New Major Roads By Next Year (Ca-Mie De Souza, Channel NewsAsia) Sengkang's transport problems started in the mid-90s when its roads and commuting facilities did not keep up with the number of people moving in.
www.pairlist.net /pipermail/applesurf-list/2002-January/000674.html   (872 words)

 Singapore Photo Gallery
This area of Singapore is fast developing into a new housing estate, but there are still traces of nature left in this part of the island.
Photographs of the journey along the famous Punggol Road located at the Sengkang area as it heads from the housing estate of Sengkang New Town to the beautiful open countryside of Punggol and finally to the seaside area along the Straits of Johor.
The highlight of Punggol Park is the tranquil pond, with long and slender water plants along its banks.
www.geocities.com /meesiam99/spore.htm   (747 words)

 More under-35 HDB dwellers in money trouble: New Paper
One lawyer, Mr Tan Keh Whoo, director of Advent Law Corp, also told the newspaper that many of the debtors are barely of borrowing age, some even born in 1981, and who live in the new HDB towns.
Those in default would most probably be couples getting hitched and moving into their first home, usually in the new HDB estates where the flats would be the cheapest.
Newly-married couples usually pick flats in the new HDB estates as they would be the cheapest.
www.singapore-window.org /sw03/030924np.htm   (696 words)

 yax-491 Road names as markers of history
Then there followed a longish period through the 1970s and a little beyond when a large number of new towns were built, from Bedok and Tampines in the east, to Clementi, Ghim Moh and Jurong in the west.
But you should note that even when a new town had a name originating from Chinese, the tendency was to use the most common dialect pronunciation.
Other recent new towns, such as Choa Chu Kang and Yew Tee, have similarly retained their dialect names, and have even retained the way they have traditionally been written, with spaces between syllables.
www.yawningbread.org /arch_2005/yax-491.htm   (3505 words)

 Land Transport Authority - What's New :: Content   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
When completed by the third quarter of 2003, the new roads will provide access to Sengkang New Town, as well as a link between Sengkang and Punggol New Towns.
The flyover at Sengkang East Road will serve as an interchange and comprise a four-lane dual carriageway to provide a link to TPE and Punggol New Town.
Sengkang East Road will also be extended from Compassvale Street to the Sengkang East Road Interchange.
app.lta.gov.sg /corp_press_content.asp?start=268   (238 words)

 Getting To Know Sengkang   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Sengkang New Town is divided into 4 major neighbourhoods and they are Rivervale (Apartment block numbers 1xx), Compassvale (Apartment block numbers 2xx), Anchorvale (Apartment block numbers 3xx) and Fernvale (Apartment block numbers 4xx).
Sengkang's first HDB flats were completed at Rivervale in 1997 making it the "oldest" neighbourhood compared to the other three.
This is because, at Sengkang Community Hub, one will have an one-stop access to the community club, Punggol Central Constituency Office, Neighbourhood Police Centre, Polyclinic, Singapore Post and KK Women's Clinic.
www.can.com.sg /content/neocan/en/archive/spotlight/sengkang/getting_to_know_sengkang.html   (464 words)

That's Punggol New Town, home to vertical suburbia where earlier I took those photos like this one.
Been busy at work at the new place, and gotten back a little dazed and tired, so haven't been blogging that much recently (see "Second chance" and "Fast crash" for details).
And I have to learn a new tool, Eclipse, which isn't that bad after being in development for so long.
www.post1.net /page/lowem/20050628?catname=Musings   (3631 words)

 Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan | Education
In 1993, a new building was added to cope with the increasing demand for places.
The school underwent rebuilding and improvements from 2002 to 2003 and new facilities such as Heritage Gallery, Multi-media Library, Computer Labs and classrooms, Seminar Room, AVA Rooms, Conference Room, Music Room and Dance Studio were provided to further enhance the learning experience.
In 2001, it operated as a new primary school in Sengkang New Town.
www.shhk.com.sg /education/education.html   (1181 words)

 SKMC Website
Eventually, their work led to the constituting of the Sengkang Methodist Church on 10th September 2000.
Even before the church building was ready in December 2002, it was already a light and blessing to the residents of Sengkang new town
Oikos.Community@Sengkang is one of the many group of volunteers ministering at Sengkang.
www.skmc.org.sg /aboutchurch/history.html   (309 words)

 A Day in the Life of International Libraries: Ambitious Meets Audacious - February 1, 2004 - Library Journal
New graduates in other fields are typically sponsored for a master's degree at NLB's expense.
In northeast Singapore, residents of the new town of Sengkang chose a library over a cinema at the mall.
The series both respects and challenges the conventional wisdom that librarianship must be practiced very differently in different types of libraries; that rural, suburban, and urban library operations are very different from one another; and that problems are specific to geographic regions.
www.libraryjournal.com /article/CA374952   (2988 words)

 Housing and Development Board
Large scale new towns are characteristic of HDB projects.
Size is usually denoted by the terms such as four-room, five-room or similar, and is based on the number of rooms in addition to the living room but newer five-room apartments come with only 3-rooms and dinner room.
Other considerations is the priority given to buyers, as well as citizenship and residency requirements, based on the existence of children and the number of them.
www.danceage.com /biography/sdmc_HDB   (1095 words)

 Town Attractions - Serangoon
Serangoon Town is located in the North-Eastern Region of Singapore.
Road network wise, direct east-west connection between Serangoon Town and the eastern region is provided by the extended Bartley Road.
Residents can expect new developments at the new White site, a new civic plaza, seamless transfer between the new bus interchange integrated with the existing NEL and future CCL stations, and enhanced streetscape.
www.punggoltown.com /town_serangoon.htm   (563 words)

 Projects - Road
To improve the accessibility to and within Sengkang New Town, LTA embarked on the construction of a pair of flyovers at the Tampines Expressway (TPE)/ Sengkang East Road Interchange and TPE/ Sengkang East Drive.
Motorists travelling between Sengkang East Drive to Punggol East have been able to enjoy faster journeys when the flyover was opened on 23 November 2003.
The completion of the flyover at Sengkang East Drive has also given residents of Punggol New Town an alternative route to the city, besides the existing Punggol Road.
www.lta.gov.sg /projects/proj_road_tpe.htm   (262 words)

 Qwika - similar:Clementi,_Singapore
Sengkang New Town English: Sengkang Chinese: 盛港 Pinyin: Shèng Gǎng Malay: Sengkang Tamil: Demographics Region: North-East Region Total area: 10.55 km² Residential area: 5.07 km² Dwelling units: 37,596 Projected ultimate: 95,000 Population: 123,500 Sengkang New Town (盛港新镇) is a relatively young satellite re...
HDB LogoThe Housing and Development Board (HDB) is the government agency responsible for Singapore's public housing programme.
It is generally credited with clearing up the slums of the 1960s and resettling squatters into low-cost government-built housing.
www.qwika.com /rels/Talk:Clementi,_Singapore   (1544 words)

 Light Rapid Transit (Singapore) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Note that while both the old and the new, under-construction Singapore Changi Airport Skytrain people mover is similar to the LRT, they are not part of the LRT system.
For intra town travel, LRTs were favoured over buses because trains run on dedicated elevated guideways, bypassing any traffic congestion and traffic lights on the roads, and does not add to road traffic.
The Sengkang Light Rapid Transit opened in two stages, the East Loop opening first on January 20, 2003 and the West Loop on January 29, 2005.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Light_Rapid_Transit_(Singapore)   (1426 words)

 Singapore, National Issues 1997, 1999   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Then, on 3 December 1959, the National Flag, an important symbol of independence, was unveiled together with the State Crest and National Anthem at the installation of the new Head of State, the Yang di-Pertuan Negara.
The LRT is new mode of public transport that Singaporeans will soon see on our landscape.
The will also be a second LRT line in Sengkang New Town, which will be the first LRT to be integrated with the development of the town.
slaniastamps.heindorffhus.dk /frame-SingaporeNational.htm   (1352 words)

 Message of the Month   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
We welcome two more zones of RC and new residents in the Fernvale Estate of Sengkang New Town.
We are attending to the new town issues faced by residents in Anchorvale.
In our famous roti prata area of Jalan Kayu, we are expecting a new car park that would alleviate the parking issues there.
jalankayu.community.org.sg /MP/messagesAug04.htm   (706 words)

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