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Topic: Serbian language

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  The Language
The Serbian language is a result of the work of the great Serbian philologist and language reformer, Vuk Stefanovich Karadzich.
Serbian is thus one of the easiest language to learn to write.
Serbian, written in the Cyrillic alphabet is the official language.
www.umiacs.umd.edu /users/lpv/YU/HTML/jezik.html   (141 words)

  Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Serbian language   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
The Serbian language is one of the standard versions of the Štokavian dialect (former standard was known as Serbo-Croatian language).
Serbian is used primarily in Serbia and Montenegro, Republika Srpska and by Serbs everywhere.
This is due to historical reasons, as part of population speaking the language was under the western (newer) influence of Austria-Hungary and the remainder under the eastern (older) influence of the Byzantine Empire; all educated people are familiar with both alphabets.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Serbian_language   (907 words)

 Serbian Language Encyclopedia Articles @ ()   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Another rare feature of Serbian language is the presence of two alphabets: Cyrillic and Latin.
It is known that Goethe learned the Serbian language in order to read Serbian epic poetry in the original.
By the end of the 18th century, the written literature had become estranged from the spoken language. /encyclopedia/Serbian_language   (895 words)

 Serbian_language information. LANGUAGE SCHOOL EXPLORER
Serbian (српски језик; srpski jezik) is one of the standard versions of the Shtokavian dialect, used primarily in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, and by Serbs in the Serbian diaspora.
Two alphabets are used to write the Serbian language: a variation on the Cyrillic alphabet, devised by Vuk Karadžić, and a variation on the Latin alphabet, devised by Ljudevit Gaj.
As for the non-finite verb forms, Serbian language has 1 infinitive, 2 adjectival participles (the active and the passive), and 2 adverbial participles (the present and the past).
language.school-explorer.com /Serbian   (3741 words)

 Serbian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Serbian is used primarily in Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and by Serbs everywhere.
Many e-mail and even web documents written in Serbian use basic ASCII, where Serbian Latin letters that use diacritics (Ž Ć Č Š) are replaced with the base, undiacritised forms (Z C C S), letter Đ is replaced with Dj, and Dž with Dz.
Serbian literature emerged in the Middle Ages, and included such works as Miroslavljevo jevanđelje (The Gospel of Miroslav) in 1192 and Dušanov zakonik (Dušan's Code) in 1349.
www.knowledgehunter.info /wiki/Serbian_language   (1074 words)

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 Serbian Language   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Crossword puzzles in various languages from around the world.
Links to foreign language crosswords for all ages and levels of ability.
The Macedonian Language was create in Yugoslavia 1944, to divide Bulgarians from Bulgarians, after 30 years unsuccessful Serbian assimilation attempt.
www.freeserbia.org /serbian-language.html   (146 words)

 Serbian Language Information - Serbian alphabet, Serbian grammar, Serbian pronunciation rules and more.
Serbian Language Information - Serbian alphabet, Serbian grammar, Serbian pronunciation rules and more.
It contains main Serbian language features, such as Serbian alphabet, Serbian pronunciation rules, Serbian grammar and more.
There are no additional information available about Serbian language.
www.lingvozone.com /Serbian   (64 words)

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 English Serbian Dictionary Get your Serbian Translator today and do your Serbian Translation with ease.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
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Serbian bidirectional dictionary, with common idioms and useful phrases, which makes it a great learning tool and affordable language learning solution.
To continue your search for an English Serbian Dictionary or Serbian Translator to do your Serbian Translation, use Google Search Engine to find more translation dictionary sites.
clikngo.com /ectaco/dictionaries/serbian.html   (481 words)

 Serbian Language Blogs - Blog Flux Blog Directory
Serbian Language Blogs - Blog Flux Blog Directory
Walkers Blog in Serbian language about his writings, poems, short fiction, book reviews, music and v...
My online diary in Serbian, and sometimes in English.
dir.blogflux.com /lang/serbian.html   (60 words)

 Serbian Language Speakers, Serbian Language Meetups, events, clubs and groups in your area
Serbian Language Speakers, Serbian Language Meetups, events, clubs and groups in your area
Home > All Topics > Languages > Serbian Language Meetups Everywhere
Meetup with others in your area who are also interested in the Serbian Language.
serbian.meetup.com   (46 words)

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