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Topic: Serf

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  Serfdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Serfs differed from slaves in that serfs were not property themselves and could not be sold apart from the land which they worked.
Serfdom is the forced labour of serfs, on the fields of the privileged land owners, in return for protection and the right to work on their leased fields.
In other cases, serfs could also purchase their freedom, be manumitted by their enlightened or generous owners, or flee to towns or newly-settled land where few questions were asked.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Serf   (1770 words)

 AllRefer.com - serf (Ancient History, Middle Ages And Feudalism) - Encyclopedia
serf, under feudalism, peasant laborer who can be generally characterized as hereditarily attached to the manor in a state of semibondage, performing the servile duties of the lord (see also manorial system).
Serfdom is distinguished from slavery chiefly by the body of rights the serfs held by a custom generally recognized as inviolable, by the strict arrangement that made the peasants servile in a group rather than individually, and by the fact that they could usually pass the right to work their land on to a son.
Many serfs were theoretically subject to labor service at the will of the lord and in many cases the lord had the right to arrange the marriage of his serfs, but all such matters came to be governed by set customs.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/S/serf.html   (448 words)

 Serf report   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Serfs were tied to their lord directly; their physical labor was as normal as any other major obligation.
Serfs made up the main population of medieval Europe and were probably the most important part of the economy.
Serfs had to pay to use the lord’s granary and bread oven and were charged for things such as using the lord’s stuff to carry their produce to the market.
ruth.catlin.edu /Projects/7/cultures/rm/Serf_report.htm   (310 words)

 Russian boys clothes: serf boys   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
This ever increasing exploitation of the serfs reduced them by the end of the 17th century had so impoverished Russian serfs that they were forced to relinquish many of their former rights, reducing them to a situation scarcely different from slavery.
Of course in actuality, many serfs were treated brutally, especially as the economic condition of the serfs declined in Russia during the 17th century.
Serfs at their masters discression could be moved, chained beaten, disgraced, separated from family, and worked mercillesly.
histclo.hispeed.com /country/rus/cr-serf.html   (2245 words)

 Monique Serf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Monique Serf, born in Paris, France, into a Jewish family, was ten years old when she had to go into hiding during the German occupation of France in World War II.
At the award ceremony, an emotional Monique Serf ripped her award into several parts, giving a piece to each of her technicians as a sign of her gratitude.
In 1969, she announced that she would limit her concert singing and in 1970 she made her acting début in the stage play "Madame" that proved to be a commercial flop.
www.kernersville.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Monique_Serf   (1133 words)

 serf. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
It developed separately in England (where serfs were more commonly referred to as villeins), and became widespread by the end of the 10th cent.
While the majority of peasants were serfs during the Middle Ages, free peasants continued to exist and in some regions whole villages did not come under the rule of a lord.
The serfs were freed only in 1861 by Alexander II (see Emancipation, Edict of).
www.bartleby.com /65/se/serf.html   (859 words)

 Home - Runaway Serf Comes Back to School   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The quest will take the serf away from a life of miserable serfdom to the burgh, where, if he or she can survive for a year and a day, freedom will be won.
By controlling the serf's movements through the 3-D medieval burgh, children will be able to talk to period characters and learn about aspects of medieval life such as: the market place, buildings, inside a house, preparing and dyeing wool, archery, and stories from the Wars of Independence.
The Serf's Quest is relevant to a number of areas of the curriculum; it particularly supports the 'People in the past' aspect of the 5-14 National Guidelines in Environmental Studies: Social Subjects.
staging.ltscotland.org.uk /lts/connected/archive/c7homepage/c7news/c7RunawaySerf.asp   (282 words)

 Medieval Society   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A serf is one who lived in the same environment, but who to one degree or an other had his freedom restricted by someone else.
The status of a serf was better than that of slave, for a serf was not chattel—no one owned him.
And their heirs were guaranteed an inheritances; just as a serf could not leave without the lord's permission, so the lord could not dispossess his serfs without cause.
history.boisestate.edu /westciv/medsoc/18.shtml   (464 words)

 The Association for Surgical Education Foundation - SERF   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Following acceptance into the SERF program, each fellow is carefully matched by the program's faculty with a SERF Advisor, a respected and knowledgeable researcher who will serve as the fellow's mentor and consultant on their particular project.
As new knowledge relevant to surgical education is the key to the growth and development of the discipline, those educators with the requisite, specialized skills and credentials become important members of departments and institutions that are committed to securing leadership and prominence in the field.
The SERF program is primarily designed to allow fellows to conduct reading assignments and research activities at their home institutions under the guidance of their Advisor.
surgicaleducation.com /asefounda/aseserf.htm   (1218 words)

 Serf Distance Education Environment
Serf is a Web-based distance education environment invented by Dr.
Serf provides an environment for delivering courses anywhere in the world, using the World Wide Web as a distance education medium.
Serf makes it possible to create and deliver courses in a self-paced multimedia learning environment that enables students to navigate a syllabus, access instructional resources, communicate, and submit assignments over the Web in unique and powerful ways.
serfsoft.com   (181 words)

 Serf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Serf have been playing together for over two years and they are all hometown Huddersfield boys.
Serf play at many venues throughout the North of England and beyond including their home town of Huddersfield.
Serf have recently been in the studio in London recording a CD that will soon be released which will feature some of the best music that they play.
www.forgreer.com /serf_page01.html   (131 words)

 St. Serf's Primary School | ClacksWeb   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
St Serf's Primary School is one of four primary schools that serves the village of Tullibody.
St Serf's is a co-educational and non-denominational primary school.
At St Serf's Primary School we aim to ensure that each child achieves their potential by providing the highest standards of learning and teaching.
www.clacksweb.org.uk /learning/schools/stserfsprimaryschool   (652 words)

 Serf Import and Export
Serf supports the import and export of calendars, course syllabi, examinations, and styles.
In addition, Serf supports the import of student rosters at the beginning of a course, and the export of grades at the end.
Due to the wide variation in how different institutions handle the import and export of student records, Serf has a data import/export facility that lets you define the sequence, position, and syntax of first names, last names, identity tickets (e.g., social security numbers), and grades.
serfsoft.com /serfImport.html   (125 words)

 NYI: Object-Oriented Database Tools for Supporting Evolutionary Software Systems   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A SERF template is composed of a mixture of OQL retrieval statements with embedded object manipulations and transformations as well as schema level retrieval and modification operations.
In particular the invention of the SERF framework this past year is a significant result as it is the first approach to providing extensible yet consistent schema evolution support.
SERF has multiple important applications, ranging from schema evolution of one central system, to mapping between two heterogeneous databases or even data models (migration), to functioning as middle-layer technology by integrating multiple data sources and producing views.
davis.wpi.edu /dsrg/OOSE/nsf-idm99-nyi.html   (1664 words)

 What is a SERF?
SERF is the acronym for Service Entry Resource Format, a de-facto standard used to create directory entries that describe a group of services.
The SERF contains those fields that are necessary for users to decide whether a particular service would be useful for their needs.
Service producers and SERF writers are encouraged to populate this field with "detailed variables" in the data sets being documented.
gcmd.gsfc.nasa.gov /User/serfguide/whatisaserf.html   (471 words)

 SERF   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
SERF also funded educator professional development activities to support the teaching of a new Aquatic Biology course at the high school.
SERF is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to enriching, enhancing, and supporting Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School and the Sudbury K-8 public school system.
The deadline for the next granting cycle is January 3, 2005.Grant application forms are available on the SERF website at www.serf.sudbury.ma.us, the Student Services office at LS, and the reference desk at the Goodnow Library in Sudbury.
www.lspo.org /lspo_newsltr_SERF_904.htm   (352 words)

 Serf Tools
The Serf Tools are small programs and scripts mainly developed to speed up development or reduce the effort to deploy a working solution.
The Serf Content Manager is a tool to automatically build a rough content manager on top of a JDBC connection to a database.
Serf Processing Instructions (XSL commands) makes the templates easier to read since it removes the redundant infromation found in XSL commands.
www.pulp.se /serf   (346 words)

 Revolve : Australian Classical Music : CD Warehouse - The Artist As Serf by Derek Strahan
The true serfs in the film world are not the film crew, who are artisans being paid to do a job, and who don't regard the film as being in any way their property.
The true serfs are the writer and composer who, under common law, begin by owning their own work, a product now defined in law as intellectual property.
It seems to me there are some very striking parallels between the situation of a serf in the twelve and thirteen centuries and situation of writers and composers in the final years of the twentieth century.
www.revolve.com.au /polemic/serf.html   (2029 words)

 SERF Search Help   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Since SERF uses the ht://Dig indexing system, keyword searching is limited to whatever ht://Dig can do.
The categories of SERF resources were developed using a "facet-based approach" which gives us a single "flat" set of categories rather than a more obtuse hierarchy of categories and subcategories.
SERF is my attempt to organize some of the online information about engineering.
deed.ryerson.ca /serf8a/search.html   (1369 words)

 SERF Unit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The SERF is staffed by two trained and qualified specialist teachers of the deaf.
They spend a proportion of their time in the SERF receiving specialist teaching and individual help.
Admissions to the SERF are controlled by the Local Education Authority and it is they who decide.
www.waterloo.blackpool.sch.uk /Serf-FAQ.html   (596 words)

 Serf Product Components
The server side of Serf consists of a collection of software components known as the Serf classes.
When you order a copy of Serf, you will receive the Serf setup file, which automatically installs and registers all of the Serf classes onto your server.
Serf ships with a Web site full of icons and logos for use with Serf.
www.serfsoft.com /serfProduct.html   (362 words)

 Serf Jumpstart e-booklet
Your Serf name is the name you will type every time you log on to the course, and your password is a secret word that you will be required to type in order to log on.
As the course progresses, you’ll notice how Serf knows where you are in the course, what you have and have not done, and what you should be working on each week.
Serf is an acronym that stands for Server-side educational records facilitator.
virtual.yosemite.cc.ca.us /cmpgr287/serf_jumpstart_e_booklet.htm   (2202 words)

 Advanced Web Design Site
Serf is an advanced ASP.NET Web creation environment invented by the author for the purpose of creating database-driven portals and instructional management systems on the World Wide Web.
If someone tries to log on from a different IP address, Serf will inform them politely that this is a free-trial student demonstration version that must be licensed in order to serve other users.
When you log on to Serf as an administrator, for example, all of the administrative screens will be available to you, including the ability to register end users.
www.udel.edu /awd/downloads/38/SerfControls.html   (642 words)

 The Politicker: Serf Thought He Had a Deal, and Other Details - NYO   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Serf, The Politicker hears, thought he had a deal: He'd endorse, and Mike would stop throwing his weight behind Serf's rivals.
So Serf's allies were surprised to learn that, the night Maltese announced his endorsement, Bloomberg City Hall aide Shea Fink was calling Queens Republicans to rally them against Serf.
One final item of note is that Serf's lawyer, a smart GOP election-law guy named Perry Reich, played the behind-the-scenes role of parliamentarian -- despite his recent conviction for forging the signature of a federal judge.
www.observer.com /thepoliticker/2005/09/serf-thought-he-had-deal-and-other.html   (165 words)

 SERF Conference Examines Application of For-Profit Strategies to Nonprofit Sector : Social Enterprise : HBS Working ...
At the conclusion of SERF, organizers and participants agreed that the conference papers and discussions had led to some significant, new insights about nonprofit strategy.
HBS Senior Lecturer Allen Grossman, a co-organizer of the conference, believes that SERF made headway in advancing the conversation about the ways nonprofits benefit from employing private sector practices.
Another major outcome of SERF will be the publishing of papers presented during the conference.
hbswk.hbs.edu /item.jhtml?id=250&t=nonprofit   (447 words)

 SERF Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
SERF is my attempt to organize on-line information and resources for engineers and engineering design researchers.
There are two things that distinguish SERF from other facilities of its kind.
A SERF query is formed by choosing any number of categories from an list of available categories.
deed.ryerson.ca /~dlp/serfinfo.html   (368 words)

 Special Events | SERF   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Contact Us SERF or Special Events Request Form is the online system developed to simplify the catering process and track departmental budgetary summaries.
SERF is a user friendly system which streamlines the building setup process and utilizes new technology.
SERF has paved the way for future special event planning and has solidified Stern's technological edge.
www.stern.nyu.edu /specialevents/serf.html   (129 words)

 SERF Request for Grant Proposal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
SERF’s (Sudbury Education Resource Fund) stated mission is to enrich, enhance, and support Sudbury public education.
Through grants, SERF funds student enrichment and curriculum enhancement projects that expand a student’s problem-solving skills, self-esteem or knowledge base.
SERF is currently requesting grant proposals from educators throughout the Sudbury K-12 school system.
www.sudbury.k12.ma.us /~ptoloring/Newsletter/Dec%202004/SERFRequestforGrantProposal.html   (165 words)

 Serf Product Components
The demo and free-trial authoring logons provided here are hosted on the Serf server operated by icubed, which is the author of On-Line Music Appreciation and other fine courses.
Follow the onscreen instructions as Serf instructs you how to cash in your demonstration ticket and log on as a student.
To explore Serf's administrative functions, you can download a demonstration version that is made freely available to students of Advanced Web Design.
serfsoft.com /serfDemo.html   (261 words)

 Applelinks.com Macintosh News
Serf is a new, $59 shareware, hyper-rapid application development tool for HyperTalk, SuperTalk, and MetaTalk developers at any level.
Serf supports integrated color, multithreading, object-oriented classes, high-speed color graphics, big and small pieces of text -- and everything is focused on being EASY -- not just for seasoned developers -- but for anyone who owns a Mac.
Serf runs on a programing language called SerfTalk -- a "scripting language" based on the concepts of xTalk, which was invented a guy named Bill Atkinson in the 1980which looks remarkably like English.
www.applelinks.com /articles/1999/11/19991112140022.shtml   (661 words)

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