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Topic: Sergeant Banks

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  List of Halo characters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sergeant Banks originally appears in the in the 2003 E3 preview for Halo 2.
In the both preview and Halo 2, Sergeant Banks is in command of "A" Company after their original commander (an unnamed Lieutenant) was killed when they dropped in (in the E3 preview, his unit is identified as "the 405th out of Diego Garcia").
In the E3 preview, Sergeant Banks is at a forward position that is under Covenant attack and is rescued by the Master Chief.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Halo_characters   (3183 words)

 Agent GC Recipients
Arthur Banks was born on 6 October 1923 in Llandulas (North Wales), the son of Charles Chaplin and Harriet Margaret Banks.
Sergeant Banks and a number of partisans assembled at the allotted place, but the whole party was surrounded and captured.
Sergeant Banks conduct was, at all times, in keeping with the highest traditions of the Service, even in the face of most brutal and inhuman treatment.
stephen-stratford.co.uk /agentgcs.htm   (3197 words)

 Arthur Banks G.C   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Bank's captors demanded the names and whereabouts of the Boccato gang, and when all the interrogators could elicit was name, rank and number, he was punched and kicked.
Banks' body was to be hidden in the communal dung heap.
Arthur Banks was born and bred in the small village of Llanddulas, North Wales.
www.stedwards.oxon.sch.uk /ose_news4.html   (1707 words)

 George Cross Database Recipient   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Sergeant Banks and a number of partizans assembled at the allotted place, but the whole party was surrounded and captured.
Sergeant Banks was handed over to the German commander of the district, who presided at his interrogation.
Remarks: Sgt Arthur Banks' George Cross was presented to his father by King George VI at Buckingham Palace on the 3rd December 1946.As in the case of Flight Sergeant Stanley Woodbridge GC, the events surrounding the death of this very gallant airman only emerged after a post-WWII investigation and subsequent war crimes trial.
www.gc-database.co.uk /recipients/BanksA.htm   (689 words)

 Indiana War Memorials   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Suddenly Banks, already wounded in the left thumb, was struck by a minie ball in the chest and was soundly knocked to the ground.
While Banks was stunned and senseless, four fellow soldiers carried the Colors forward into a hail storm of bullets.
Banks scrabbled up the earthworks waving the stars and stripes and calling to his fellow soldiers.
www.state.in.us /iwm/battleflags/15ind.html   (450 words)

 The Voice-Tribune/Bookshelf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks, who has been confined to desk duty for insubordination, is called in to help identify the remains.
Banks and Cabbot identify the remains as those of a beautiful girl, Gloria, who apparently had given birth at least once.
The problem with that discovery is that there is no record of the birth, nor can any one recall that she had ever had a child.
www.louisville.com /voice/book922.shtml   (618 words)

 21193-2-III - State of Washington v. Adina L. Baker File Date: 05/20/2003
Sergeant Banks had to park his patrol vehicle at the bottom of a long driveway and walk up to the residence because a vehicle was stuck in the snow about halfway up Mr.
Sergeant Banks was careful to stay in the public areas outside the residence at all times and did not touch any of the tools or cars he saw on the property.
She also claims the information in the search warrant affidavit was stale because Sergeant Banks's visit to her residence occurred approximately two weeks prior to the search warrant issuing and the reports of stolen property he was investigating were several months old by the time the search warrant issued.
www.mrsc.org /mc/courts/slip/appellate/211932MAJ.htm   (2389 words)

 Untitled Document
Sergeant Richard Michael - 23rd March 1973 - Aged 25.
Sergeant Thomas William - 24th March 1973 - Aged 28.
Sergeant David - 21st July 1976 - Aged 28.
www.angelfire.com /mp/memorials/EnginNI.htm   (1819 words)

After deploying his men to provide covering fire, Staff Sergeant BANKS disregarded his own safety and moved forward of the small perimeter to move several wounded comrades to the relative safety of his unit’s location.
Ignoring the hostile fire around him, Staff Sergeant BANKS fearlessly moved across the fire-swept terrain, directing the fire of his men and resupplying them with ammunition.
By his inspiring leadership, calm presence of mind and unwavering devotion to duty, Staff Sergeant BANKS contributed significantly to the defeat of the North Vietnamese force and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and of the United States Naval Service.
www.securenet.net /3rdbn5th/mike35/banks.htm   (352 words)

 Investors' Association - It's all OUR fault, says FSA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Sergeant argued that consumer ignorance posed as much of a threat to banks as other better-known risks like fraud and bad loans, and said the industry should work harder to improve the financial education of Britons.
Carol Sergeant, a managing director of the City watchdog, told a conference yesterday that the public’s lack of numeracy posed as much a threat to banks as conventional risks such as fraud and bad loans.
Sergeant made the comments day during a BBA conference, where she reportedly warned banks that customers are taking on "enormous levels of debt", which they may struggle to repay when interest rates go up.
www.investorsassociation.org /forums/showthread.php?threadid=998   (3030 words)

Banks faced this incident as an untested acting captain with a newly promoted sergeant who lacked experience as a “city Ranger.” The foe was perhaps the most vicious gangster in the Southwest.
Banks and his Dodge full of locals were on their tail.
Banks also accused this “older Ranger,” who had once led the company, of using his captaincy for personal gain and bribing federal Internal Revenue agents to ignore his misdeeds.
www.texasranger.org /dispatch/17/pages/Utley_Smiling_killer.htm   (3620 words)

 Master Page
Flight Sergeants Warne and Cannon went to the rescue of the pilot at great personal risk, as one tank of petrol blew up and another was on fire; moreover, the machine (was equipped with a belt of live cartridges, which they dragged out of the flames.
At the time of the crash Sergeant Parish was at the astro-hatch and the passenger was at the emergency door which is in the floor of the fuselage.
Flight Sergeant Woodbridge was a wireless operator in the crew of a Liberator aircraft which crashed in the jungle in Burma whilst engaged in an operation against the Japanese on 31st January, 1945.
www.rafweb.org /GC_holders.htm   (10318 words)

 Biography of Moses E. Banks
Sergeant Moses E. Banks, Company "H" Moses Elcaney Banks was born about 1830 in Carter County, Tennessee, the fourth of the eight children of Moses Banks and Charlotte Grindstaff who survived to adulthood.
Personal details of Caney Banks' service with the 14th and 8th MSM Cavalry are unknown, but it is perhaps enough to know that he rode with Milton Burch and John R. Kelso and was promoted to Sergeant under them on February 19, 1864.
Given the passions of his era and the timing of his death two days after the election, his political involvement at least raises the speculative possibility that he was killed not in a guerrilla bushwhacking but in a political murder.
art55usmo.home.mindspring.com /14thBioH4.htm   (2326 words)

Sergeant Banks and his fellow Rangers kept things quite and peaceful.
With all the high-profile cases that he worked, it is little wonder that Jay Banks was well known to the public.
As for Jay Banks, he did the Rangers and the state of Texas proud.
www.texasranger.org /dispatch/13/pages/Banks.htm   (1978 words)

 Final 16 prepare to compete   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Sergeant Banks expects the entire theater, which seats 940 people, to be packed the night of the event.
According to Sergeant Banks, many people that weren't eligible for the competition this time were willing to help out.
Sergeant Banks said everyone involved knows that the competition will be a success, so they will definitely do this again.
www.capflyer.com /issues/4_36/news/1418-1.html   (730 words)

 World War 2 Awards.com - BANKS, Arthur   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
During the questioning, Sergeant Banks was cruelly tortured and finally he was taken to several other prisons.
Sgt Arthur Banks' George Cross was presented to his father by King George VI at Buckingham Palace on the 3rd December 1946.
Sergeant Banks was buried in Argenta Gap War Cemetery, grave reference III.A.7.
www.ww2awards.com /person/543   (275 words)

 Company E, 5th Georgia Cavalry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Sergeant Henderson was appointed 2nd Lieutenant for "Brilliant and conspicuous bravery on the field of battle."
Sergeant BROWN was paroled at Hillsboro, North Carolina, on 3 May 1865.
Sergeant William Asbury HODGES was wounded at the Battle of Aiken, South Carolina, in 1864, and spent a month in a hospital at Augusta, Georgia.
www.5thgacavalry.info /5thcavalry/5thcav/companye.htm   (5606 words)

 Assignments for Justice Administration   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Banks is about 40 years old, chewing on a cigar and looking at you with some animosity.
Your field training officer is Sergeant West, a 29-year veteran who is one of those old-school cops with a high school education and can't speak anything other than broken English.
You also discover that Sergeant West took aggressive action as they were fumbling in their pockets for some ID and moved toward West to help clear the matter up.
faculty.ncwc.edu /toconnor/417/417assign.htm   (3242 words)

 People v. Metters
Banks took no further action because appellant did not request an investigation of the shooting, did not request police protection, and did not provide her with sufficient facts to commence an investigation.
His aunt testified she maintained a bank account with a balance in the vicinity of $200 to $300, and that she would have given appellant additional funds if she had known his life was in danger.
Sergeant Banks's testimony showed that any dissatisfaction harbored by appellant was not objectively reasonable.
cl.bna.com /cl/19980325/a074986.htm   (16000 words)

 Interview With Greg Smith, Center for Local History and Memory, UA Fort Smith
We had a sergeant by the name of Waters who had uh, it was when he first came as a corporal.
He called the sergeant out in the front of the entire company and dropped him for push-ups, I think 50 push-ups, in front of all the troops.
And I want to tell you something, he was screaming at us and we were screaming at them and he said, "You guys back off!", and we all stepped back and uh, the situation was got under control.
www.uafortsmith.edu /CLH/InterviewWithGregSmith   (6517 words)

 Halo characters
When Halo 2 begins Lord Hood presents the Master Chief, Sergeant Johnson, and Miranda Keyes aboard the Cairo Station.
In comparison to the E3 demo dialogue shown above, the in-game cut scene on the level "Quarintine Zone" in which the humans and the Arbiter race against each other and the Flood to gain posession of the Index, which the Covenant call the "Sacred Icon".
The cut scene shows Miranda Keys reaching for the "Sacred Icon" with Sergeant Johnson saving her after the Flood tenticle fails to hold.
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/Sergeant_Banks   (2700 words)

 BBC - Get Writing - - A2953190 - First 2 scenes
Sergeant Banks was nearby, filing paperwork, while Officer Jolson was upstairs with the Chief, manning dispatch — but other than those three men and himself, the office was deserted.
He glanced across the office at Sergeant Banks, who’d spent the afternoon scribbling away with a biro at his desk.
He tried his best to act as though he hadn’t noticed, but it was impossible, like he could feel the sergeant’s stare scorching a hole in the side of his face, peeling away skin to reveal bone.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/ww2/A2953190   (2051 words)

 72540-3 - State of Washington V Gregory M. Rohrich File Date: 06/19/2003 Oral Argument Date: 02/25/2003
According to Deputy Banks, the mother of K.V. (age 12) and A.V. (age 10) contacted Sergeant Hamilton on August 7, 1997, to report that her daughters 'had disclosed' that Rohrich had 'sexually assaulted' them five years prior.
The Banks affidavit explained the delay as follows: The reason for the long gap between the assault and the reporting is Greg was convicted in a previous sexual assault case and was sentenced to prison.
The prosecutor received the Banks affidavit in December 1997, and on December 16, 1997, Rohrich's attorney Charles Dorn executed a declaration mentioning 'an uncompleted investigation of our client.'1 In mid-June 1998, the prosecutor's office forwarded a police report (allegedly the Banks affidavit) to Rohrich's attorneys.
www.mrsc.org /mc/courts/slip/supreme/725403MAJ.htm   (2720 words)

 Press: 1998-172
She is Director, Banks and Building Societies at the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and has been a member of the Commission since April this year.
Carol Sergeant joined the Bank of England in 1974 and worked in various divisions before becoming Head of Major UK Banks Supervision in 1993.
Responsibility for the supervision of banks transferred from the Bank to the FSA on 1 June 1998.
www.hm-treasury.gov.uk /newsroom_and_speeches/press/1998/press_172_98.cfm   (327 words)

 TSgt Marvin Banks Bio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Due to Defense cutbacks, the B-52 Gunner career field was eliminated, and in November 1991, TSgt Banks was forced to retrain into the Supply career field as a Supply Management Journeyman and was assigned to the 379th Supply Squadron, Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Michigan.
In January 1996, TSgt Banks transferred to Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea and was assigned to the 51st Supply Squadron.
TSgt Banks is married to the former Evelyn Salinas of San Francisco, CA.
ouray.cudenver.edu /~rwpowels/it5660/finalproject/banksbio.htm   (605 words)

 Bank heists rise as area economy takes a dive - 2001-12-03
Sergeant Mark Balagia of the Austin Police Department's robbery unit remembers bragging about this low number in comparison to last year's count of 22 robberies by Sept. 12.
Sergeant Balagia notes people who rob banks are not usually drug addicts, but his unit is seeing more drug addicts robbing banks than before.
The banking industry always has been concerned with security measures to handle what it terms the natural ebb and flow of robbery activity.
austin.bizjournals.com /austin/stories/2001/12/03/focus3.html   (849 words)

 The Frequent Flyer by Frank Thomas Smith
Cornelius and frau had been thoroughly debriefed and they were let loose to pursue their lives in West Germany.
Then the meeting with Banks and the two interrogators, the other being a First Lt. Hamburg (sic).
Like good bureaucrats covering themselves just in case, they had written that they found no indication that the Cornelius couple weren’t what they said they were: real defectors.
www.southerncrossreview.org /37/fflyer6.htm   (2248 words)

 Legal Defense Fund - Home Page
Batt was assigned by his recruit training officer, Mary Guttormson (with the input of the training sergeant, Tony Banks) to be trained by Mabanag, an 11-year veteran cop, who had a reputation of being tough and demanding.
Early in the trial, one of the jurors, who was very clearly pro-prosecution, received a traffic citation from an Oakland police sergeant who the defense intended to call as a witness.
While conversing angrily with the sergeant, she stated that she wanted to join the Oakland Police Department (OPD) to “right the wrongs of the past.” She then said that she had “friends” who would take care of the ticket.
www.porac.org /ldf/index.html   (9347 words)

 cars - Halo characters
When Halo 2 beings Lord Hood presents the Master Chief, Sergeant Johnson, and Miranda Keyes aboard the Cairo Station.
In all actuality, Sergeant Johnson survived the explosion of the first Halo because (as detailed in the Halo novel First Strike) he escaped the explosion in a Pelican dropship with an ODST (Corporal Locklear), a Navy dropship pilot (Warrant Officer Polaski), and a lieutenant from ONI (Elias Haverson).
In comparison to the E3 demo diolauge shown above, the in-game cutscene on the level "Quarintine Zone" in which the humans and the player as the Arbiter race against each other and the flood to gain posession of the "sacred icon" (Halo's "ignition key").
www.carluvers.com /cars/Sergeant_Johnson_%28Halo%29   (2668 words)

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