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Topic: Sermon

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  SERMON   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
SERMON is a small, friendly and informal gathering of number theorists and combinatorialists.
We try to provide partial travel support for students travelling to SERMON and are greatful to the Number Theory Foundation.
SERMON 2008 will be held at Virginia Tech.
www.math.clemson.edu /~kevja/SERMON   (135 words)

  Sermon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A sermon is an oration by a prophet or member of the clergy.
Sermons are usually, but not always, delivered in a house of worship, most of which have a pulpit or ambo, an elevated architectural feature.
The Sermon on the Mount by Carl Heinrich Bloch.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sermon   (988 words)

 Free Sermon Outlines | Expository and Textual | Church of Christ in Zion, Illinois
Sermon Series On The Beatitudes, a series of nine expository sermon outlines from the preamble to the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-12) (PDF file size: 156k).
The Gospel Armor, an expository sermon outline comparing the armor worn by Roman soldiers to the "gospel armor" that is to be worn by Christians.
This two-part sermon discusses the role of government and proves that it is lawful to service as a police officer or a member of the military.
www.padfield.com /downloads/sermons.html   (2040 words)

 Sermon on the Mount
The Sermon on the Mount is the discourse of Jesus in Matt.
The sermon is set on a mountain, and Jesus comes to fulfill the law (5:17) and sets himself up as the authoritative interpreter of its true meaning in the antitheses of ch.
The position of the sermon on the continuum of NT theology may be seen in light of the commonly perceived extremes, James and Paul.
mb-soft.com /believe/txw/sermonmt.htm   (1612 words)

 SERMON ON THE MOUNT - Holman Bible Dictionary on StudyLight.org
The Sermon on the Mount confronts the reader with uncompromising demands and a lofty ethic.
There may be some truth in all these approaches to the Sermon on the Mount, but it appears that the best approach is to take the sermon at face value (with some obvious exceptions such as Matthew 5:29-30) and to do our best to live the life Jesus outlined for us.
Contents of the Sermon on the Mount The Sermon on the Mount opens with the beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12) and moves on to describe the function of Jesus' disciples (Matthew 5:13-16).
www.studylight.org /dic/hbd/view.cgi?number=T5597   (1019 words)

 Erick Sermon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Back in the spotlight, Sermon was quickly scooped up by J Records and released two more solo albums, 2001's Music and 2003's React.
During the time Sermon was working on Chilltown NY he lent his skills to Dr. Dre and Beyonce while fielding more and more calls for production and remix work.
Ultimately, Sermon is doing what he does because he loves it, not for material gain.
www.ejams.com /ericksermon.htm   (808 words)

 Sermon Outlines
The sermon outlines contained herein are of the topical type (for Christian and non-Christian).
"Church Membership" (In this sermon, the matter of the importance and nature of being a member of a faithful local church is explored).
This sermon presents the Lordship of Jesus with all of its requisites).
www.bibletruths.net /sermon_outlines.htm   (5979 words)

 The Lord's Day Alliance of the US - Jack P. & Doris T. Lowndes Sermon Competition
The Jack P. and Doris T. Lowndes Sermon Competition, sponsored jointly by the Lord’s Day Alliance and the Boston Theological Institute, is named in honor of the Lowndes who faithfully served as executive director and administrative assistant respectively from 1992 to 2000.
Sermons must be the original work of the participant and must not have been published previously.
Sermons will be judged on the basis of Biblical accuracy, originality, timeliness, the quality of sermon construction, and the ability to motivate, inform, and call to action.
www.ldausa.org /index.cfm?PAGE_ID=201   (480 words)

The 'Sermon on the Mount' is the first exposition of Jesus' teachings in the New Testament.
The sermon does not necessarily reflect a single event from Jesus' preaching tours; it could have been a later literary concatenation of sayings from several different speeches Jesus had delivered during his lifetime.
The original sermon was composed probably by the end of the third decade of the 1st century AD.
www.uri.edu /personal/szunjic/philos/sermon.htm   (4192 words)

 Truman Library - Roger T. Sermon, Sr. and Roger T. Sermon, Jr. Papers
Roger Sermon, Sr., hereafter referred to as Sermon, was a personal friend of Harry S. Truman and the mayor of Independence, Missouri from 1924 until his death in 1950.
Roger Sermon, Jr., hereafter referred to as Sermon, Jr., served as the chairman of the Independence Truman Centennial Commission which celebrated the centennial of Harry S. Truman's birth in 1984.
Also included in the Correspondence File are various letters pertaining to Sermon's career as mayor of Independence and a number of responses from officials in the Truman Administration regarding Sermon's attempt to obtain an appointment for his son in the Judge Advocate General's office.
www.trumanlibrary.org /hstpaper/sermon.htm   (1267 words)

 Sermon Builders: Sermon Notes | PreachingToday.com
Sermons that show what to do, what's right and hopeful.
Sermons that show what not to do, what's wrong and discouraging.
This 13 part sermon series calls believers to take a stand, teaches us to focus on those things God intended, and guides us to transform our lives through the power of God.
www.preachingtoday.com /sermons/sermonnotes.html   (279 words)

 MTV News | Music News, Movie News, Features and Interviews, Artist Photos
In a couple of weeks, Erick Sermon will be able to tell the world what actually happened to him on September 25, a spokesperson for the hip-hop legend's label, J Records, said.
Sermon, who sustained several injuries and had to be hospitalized in intensive care after falling from a third-story window that night (see "Police Say Fall, Not Car Accident, Injured Erick Sermon"), has been released from a New Jersey hospital.
While J said it is going to let Sermon himself disclose the events of September 25, it has been adamant in proclaiming that his plunge into a parking lot was not a suicide attempt.
mtv.com /news/articles/1449691/20011005/sermon_erick.jhtml?...   (374 words)

 Sermon on the Mount - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Sermon on the Mount was, according to the Gospel of Matthew, a particular sermon given by Jesus of Nazareth (estimated around AD 30) on a mountainside to his disciples and a large crowd (Matt 5:1-7:29).
There are no actual mountains in this part of Galilee, but there are several large hills in the region to the west of the Sea of Galilee, and so a number of scholars do not feel "the mountain" is the most accurate understanding of the phrase.
A Structural Analysis of the Sermon on the Mount.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sermon_on_the_Mount   (1887 words)

 Minister reprises 'under God' sermon
Back then, it was a sermon he delivered as pastor of the landmark New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. -- the powerful in attendance, President Dwight Eisenhower in a front pew.
Docherty's 1954 sermon, which actually had debuted to a different audience and minimal effect two years earlier, gave the movement a stiff push forward.
But the "under God" sermon drew reaction immediately -- Docherty was asked for 2,000 copies of his sermon right afterward and the movement to add the words to the pledge surged forward.
www.post-gazette.com /nation/20020819pledge0819p1.asp   (1092 words)

 Sermon Player for your church web site or blog - Sermon Podcasting. SermonPlayer.com
Sermon Player for your church web site or blog - Sermon Podcasting.
We invite you to use the Sermon Player to podcast your sermon audio, teachings, and worship on your church website or blog free for one year!
No matter your technical knowledge, budget, or staff we assure you the Sermon Player is the right choice for your media delivery.
www.sermon.info   (87 words)

 Sermon 2000 Information
SERMON 2000 will be held at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg VA. The dates for the meeting are Saturday April 15 and Sunday April 16, 2000.
SERMON is a small, although growing, friendly meeting of number theorists and combinatorialists from the southeast.
Blacksburg is located in the mountains of Southwestern Virginia (elevation: 2100') between the Blue Ridge and the front ridge of the Alleghenies.
www.math.vt.edu /people/brown/SERMON/sermoninfo.html   (1101 words)

 Luther Sermon on Threefold Righteousness
In this sermon, Luther identifies first a righteousness that is alien, and infused from outside us, namely the righteousness of Christ.
The abrupt way in which this sermon states its thesis suggests that it was deliberately intended by Luther to be a correction of, and replacement for, his Sermon on Threefold Righteousness.
The WA editors suggest the Sermon on Threefold Righteousness was preached in September of 1518.
www.iclnet.org /pub/resources/text/wittenberg/luther/web/3formsrt.html   (1803 words)

 Sermon On The Net
You can read the weekly sermons here on the web site or receive them via e-mail, which ever you prefer.
There is other chit chat, articles and sermons by others that pass through this group.
If you wish to receive ONLY the weekly sermon then be sure to chose "Special Notices" under e-mail preferences.
www.sermon-on-the-net.com /index.htm   (300 words)

 SermonAudio.com - Shocking Youth Message Stuns..
If you were blessed by this message, feel free to email the broadcaster for their encouragement and please add your own public comment...
I find it interesting that so many comment on the fact that this is a great sermon, which i agree it is. My question is, why is it that we as the 'church' have so few who preach this way.
Were it not for her re-posting of this sermon by Slice Blog reader I doubt I would have ever run onto it myself.
www.sermonaudio.com /sermoninfo.asp?sermonID=52906154239   (4540 words)

 Barnes & Noble.com - Music: Music, Erick Sermon, CD
After innocently fiddling around with some old, unreleased Marvin Gaye lyrics, Sermon ended up fashioning a perfect marriage of sampling with "Music," which ultimately spawned a renewed interest in the Green Eyed Bandit and led to his subsequent deal with J Records.
Sermon's Music sounds like he realizes that he has only one life left (Lil Kim's sparse appearance on "Come Thru" is included merely for name-recognition only).
Yet, the script is then flipped on the gospel-tinged "The Sermon" (featuring R. Kelly), on which Sermon relays a feeling of abandonment and discloses how the phone stopped ringing when the hits dried up, though Sermon was sent stumbling to his corner for an eight count after the Erick Onassis debacle.
music.barnesandnoble.com /search/product.asp?z=y&EAN=808132002424&ITM=6   (308 words)

 'Sunday Sermon' from Voicings.com on SearchGodsWord.org
Through this offer our users are ability to receive by email, one sermon of their choice per week (beginning each Friday) and also sign-up to receive additional preaching resources each week personally selected by Voicings Publications.
The easiest way to find the right sermon is by using our "Sermon Browser".
To request the specified sermon, follow the instructions at the bottom of the preview page.
www.searchgodsword.org /se/ss   (371 words)

 Sermon on the Mount
[Lucky for you today's sermon is not near as long!] But there are a few points Jesus makes we may want to highlight for the President as we all embark upon these next four years.
We have looked at the Sermon on the Mount already, but you may remember that our texts for today did not actually include that text from Matthew.
We are familiar with some of Christ's ethical teachings in the Sermon on the Mount.
www.witherspoonsociety.org /2005/sermon_on_the_mount.htm   (1936 words)

 eSermons.com - Sermon Openers
Sermons, Sermon Illustrations, Children's Sermons, and Christian Skits from eSermons.com.
The rest of this sermon following the outline above can be obtained by joining eSermons.
eSermons offers professionally written sermons and sermon illustrations that are searchable by lectionary week, scripture, topic, and author.
www.esermons.com /viewSermons.asp?theFileName=YearA_Proper16.html   (499 words)

The sermon of the dove was a homily of peace-peace between God and men, peace in the midst of waters.
I think the sermon and the Sacrament are the two poles of the service, and there is something lacking in the Divine Service if both are not there.
Luther's sermon on Justification by Faith, From Romans, Wesly began to "feel a new movement in his heart." By the time the "LONG" sermon from Luther was over, John Wesley went running home, saying, "I must tell Charles," his brother.
talkingdonkey.worldmagblog.com /talkingdonkey/archives/012008.html   (4181 words)

 Sermons.com - Sermon Openers
Sermon #1: In the opera Faust, there is a fight to the finish between Satan and the young man Valentine.
Sermon #2: In his sermon at the hometown synagogue in Nazareth, Jesus preached to the hometown folks -- family and friends who rejected him.
In his sermon to the graduates of Union Theological Seminary in New York City, theologian Paul Tillich preached on the theme of healing, casting out demons, and leading people to faith.
www.sermons.com /viewSermons.asp?theFileName=yearB_proper_10.html   (827 words)

 2002 Sermons
For a nominal printing and postage fee, previous sermons in printed form are available.
Sermon #551, Left Behind But Not Left Alone, John 14:15-21, Rev.
Sermon #572, Who Are You?, I Thessalonians 5:16-24, John 1:6-8, 19-28, Rev.
www.firstplymouth.org /sermons/2002_sermons.html   (573 words)

 Irvine Presbyterian Church: Sermon Archive   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Download a sermon and either listen to it from your computer, on your MP3 player or burn it to a CD and listen to it in your car or on your home stereo.
SERMON SERIES: "Forward to the Basics - Being Strong in the Things that Matter Most" by Mark Roberts
It is likely an MP3 player is already installed on your computer) and you may create a CD for listening on a CD player.
www.irvinepres.org /home/sermonarchive   (830 words)

 SermonIndex.net audio sermons
Access over 14,000 sermon media files for free download...
There are available over 20,000 text sermons and articles...
A Man Of God (video) view / download - Leonard Ravenhill pours out his heart on many issues that are important to the Church situation we find ourselves in.
www.sermonindex.net   (307 words)

This sermon and worship resource, called "Sermons and Sermon - Lectionary Resources" provides links to lectionary based sermons and resources all over the world.
We also have many sermons and sermon resources ourselves and those can be found by clicking on the green buttons titled Year A, B and C (upper left) or by simply clicking here for this year's material: Year B Sermons Page.
Remember you can look ahead to events that are approaching on this same Year B Sermons page.
www.rockies.net /~spirit/sermon.html   (400 words)

 Sermon Cloud
Preachers: use Sermon Clouds to syndicate, podcast, publish, and manage your sermons online.
Pastor Hope's sermon from yesterday, "What Are You Stirring Up?", was taken from Luke 12:13-21, The Parable of the Rich Fool.
This is the sample summary for sample sermon 1.
www.sermoncloud.com   (575 words)

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