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Topic: Tennis serve

  Tennis - First Serve - Bigserve.net - Serving in Tennis - How to hit a tennis serve.
A hard flat serve to the backhand may be good but you may still need to hit down the middle or slice it wide to keep the opponent honest.
Serving to the center of the court, no matter how hard will allow him time to get the ball back in play however defensively but this player might have brought his lunch and do not give him the opportunity to eat yours.
This concerns the first serve primarily and the second serve will need to keep in line with this strategy yet the overall goal of the second is to get the ball in play.
www.teachingtennis.com /tennis/serve1.html   (1967 words)

  The Tennis Serve
The tennis serve is the stroke that puts the ball in play and is often referred to as the most important stroke in the game of tennis.
In the tennis serve acceleration is proportional to force because mass in the body of the server is constant.
During the action phase, pictures D-F, in the tennis serve total force is achieved by the extension of the arms, legs and trunk along with the timing of the movement of the racket arm in striking the ball, and also the leaning forward of the body.
www.freeessays.cc /db/46/sjf185.shtml   (4043 words)

 Tennis Serve Grips
The PVG provides a notch for your index finger when you use the Continental grip, the cornerstone grip for serves.
Below are some photos of the racquet being held for the serve to give you a better idea of how the PVG will fit in your hand for the Continental or the Eastern backhand grip.
The high performance grip for high performance players that enables everyone to play better tennis and greatly improve their game.
www.tennisgeometrics.com /serve_professional_tennis.html   (315 words)

 Relationship Between Upper and Lower Body Strength and Tennis Serve Ball Speed in Female Collegiate Tennis Players ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Analysis of the tennis serve shows that muscle strength is only moderately associated with ball speed in college male tennis players.
This study investigated the relative contribution of upper body,lower body,and handgrip strength to ball speed during the tennis serve in NCAA Division I female collegiate tennis athletes.
Tennis serve ball speed(kph)was measured with a radar gun over a distance of 27.4 m with the medium score of five correct trials used as datum.
aahperd.confex.com /aahperd/2005/preliminaryprogram/abstract_6482.htm   (338 words)

 Anshel and Wrisberg (1993) Reducing warm-up decrement in the performance of the tennis serve
In the present study an attempt was made to determine the relative effectiveness of various warm-up activities in eliminating postrest warm-up decrement (WUD) in the tennis serve.
During the last 2 min of the rest period, players continued to rest, ran in place, engaged in mental imagery, performed practice swings, or repeatedly hit the ball against the ground and caught it.
In addition to estimates of serving accuracy, measures of somatic and cognitive arousal were obtained at the beginning and end of the rest interval.
www.getcited.org /pub/103340173   (204 words)

 How to Fix Your Tennis Serve | eHow.com
Understanding the importance of this initial toss is vital, because all other parts of the serve flow from it.
Tennis serve - Having just started, it is very important that the ball is tossed at the correct distance from you.
The right serving action - Standing near the middle of the base-line, grasp your racket with the continental grip, not the frying pan grip, also known as the forehand grip.
www.ehow.com /how_118141_fix-tennis-serve.html   (670 words)

 Tennis Lessons, it's the 5 minute tennis makeover
Tennis is a tough sport, don't let anyone tell you differently, but as hard as it is, you can improve your game right now, all you have to do is continue reading and if you are truly interested in getting better, do one or all four of the recommended steps
The only way to improve your tennis game and skills is to play, but just playing is not enough, you have to play the right people, play often, play under the right learning atmosphere.
As you know tennis lessons at your local club and park can get expensive, this is where Tennisonic comes in, how about a knowledge base of all the questions that you may have.
www.1stserve.com /newsite/tennislessons.asp   (682 words)

 Tennis: Serve Up Your Best Performance
Although skill is essential for top-level tennis, technique development is easier if you are fit - which is also the critical factor for staying power during the second and third sets.
Tennis play involves a lot of musculoskeletal activity, including all kinds of movements in the legs, midsection, upper body, and arms.
If you play tennis three or four days per week, then it is probably best to do your strength training on two or three non-tennis days.
www.ifpa-fitness.com /Resources_Articles_TennisServe.aspx   (1309 words)

 The Tennis Serve - How To Improve It
The serve is a complicated stroke, composed of a series of motions, the objective of which is hitting the ball in a timely manner to be effective.
Usually, the flat tennis serve is used for the first serve, the topspin for the second serve and the slice as a variation tennis serve.
Your first tennis serve might be as fast as Any Roddick's when it hits the court 15% of the time, and you consistently dink the second one, then it's fair to say that you won't win many matches.
www.all-about-tennis.com /tennis-serve.html   (1176 words)

 tennis serve: Blogs, Photos, Videos and more on Technorati
Learn how to add power to tennis serve by using leg drive with this video from TennisMindGame.com Topspin Tennis Serve Part III - Adding Power Posted Aug 17, 2007 Add power to your serve by using more leg drive and tossing more inside the court.
A fast tennis serve is also a result of having a loose arm.
Nisse Holm är stolt över att han kan spela tennis.
www.technorati.com /tag/tennis+serve   (528 words)

 Tennis - Serve
Serving - to jump or not to jump?
Is it a bigger problem to hit serves in the net than long?
Are you ready for a rock 'n' roll serve?
www.tennis4you.com /lesson-lounge/divisions/serves.htm   (76 words)

 Tennis Serve
So, armed with great confidence (and the tennis serving tip given by your seemingly well-informed instructor), you get into position, lift up your racket, and watch as your ball falls with a disgraceful thud just shy of the net.
At Tennis Warrior, we seek to teach players how to succeed with the skills they already have, and to hone in on mental toughness—rather than physical skill—to improve their games and win matches.
No one can argue that the best tennis serve (and match, for that matter) is contrived of a series of delicate and intricate movement.
www.tenniswarrior.com /tennis-serve.htm   (392 words)

 Where do High Speed Tennis Serves come from?
Shoulder and Elbow Loads in a Tennis Serve: Noffal and Elliott (1998) calculated the resultant joint forces and moments present in the shoulder and elbow joints during the tennis serve.
The kinetic analysis of the tennis serve is intended to quantify the resultant joint forces and moments present in the execution of the movement.
Remember that the serve is composed of a sequence of body rotations and a fluid motion is more desirable than attempting to increase the velocity of a specific segment.
www.coachesinfo.com /category/tennis/202   (2291 words)

 The Mody Company Tennis Serve Radar Gun Rentals   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tennis serve applications fall to generally 2 categories.
Serves down the "T" are most accurate as they are in a straight line with the radar.
Wide serves may actually register a bit slower than their actual speed due to the angle.
www.radargunrentals.com /_RENTAL_tennis.html   (580 words)

 Tennis Trainer - Ace Serve | Hypnosis Downloads.com
Tennis is not totally won and lost on the serve, but when you serve consistently and powerfully you gain a major advantage over your opponent.
The serve is one of the trickiest shots in tennis master initially and, like any skill, you do need to practice over and over to make it 'your own'.
Serving in the exact right state of arousal; relaxed yet poised, calm yet focused, is called being in a state of 'flow' or 'in the zone'.
www.hypnosisdownloads.com /downloads/sports-psychology/tennis-serve.html?362   (502 words)

 Tennis serve drills to improve your focus and consistency
The purpose of tennis serve drills is to teach the player how to empty his mind and how to serve with focus.
There are also situations where a player must serve under pressure and needs to shut this pressure off so that he is able to serve at his best.
He needs as few serves as possible and he starts from 0 if misses a second or a third serve as mentioned in points b) and c).
www.tennismindgame.com /serve-drills.html   (790 words)

 Turbo Tennis
The tennis players on the college team that I coach are always surprised to see that I am not afraid to take find ways of practicing, despite the cold and snow.
I use the kick serve (one that has spin that makes it bounce higher than is normally the case and usually travels with a little side spin).
Ron Waite is a certified USPTR tennis instructor who took up the game of tennis at the age of 39.
www.tennisserver.com /turbo/turbo_04_12.html   (2031 words)

 TUTT Tennis Serve: 1,000 Things   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The tennis serve is the most beautiful maneuver in all sport, as it encompasses maneuvers from all sports, from ballet to football.
There are more than 1,000 things to do in the tennis serve, I know them all very well; I wish I had the time to write them, after TUTT goes public maybe I will.
A key to improving the serve is the jump, the higher the jump, the greater the chances of the ball going in.
www.tuttglobal.com /treasury/tennis.htm   (373 words)

 Tennis Serve Q&A
Questions and answers related to tennis serve and how to use your mind to improve your tennis service games...
This would mean that one could have such a second serve, that if he did everything correctly, the serve would go in.
You lose a lot of speed anyway when you hit the ball with topspin, so the actual speed of movement is almost the same as with flat serve except that you brush on the ball.
www.tennismindgame.com /serve-answers.html   (1817 words)

 How do you return a tennis serve that has spin   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Serves that are flat tend to be low and will go into your body.
To return a topspin serve you will need to be ready to hit a ball that will kick up high into the air after it bounces on the ground.
Answer other sports questions or watch the Tennis FAQ to hear about new questions on tennis as they're asked.
www.faqfarm.com /Q/How_do_you_return_a_tennis_serve_that_has_spin   (380 words)

 Tennis Serve, Modern Tennis Instruction, 5 DVDs, Book.
The first drill is to go outside the court, about 30 feet away, and serve a few dozen balls over the fence, whether it is 10 or 12 ft. high, with spin.
You may need to adjust the angle of your wrist, so as to keep the forward edge of the racquet pointing to the ball and then come across to the right (for a right-hander), otherwise the ball will be too long.
Another drill to give you more power is to go to a large field and serve a few balls as far as you can.
www.tennisteacher.com /Tennis-Serve-Instruction.htm   (476 words)

 Tennis Tips for a Winning Serve
When you imagine your tennis serve in a straight line, you connect your point of contact and the place where you want to hit your serve with a straight line.
This is especially evident on the tennis serve since there is only a small window above the net where you must hit in order to keep the ball in the service box.
The tennis serve is very sensitive to your mental activity.
abcarticledirectory.com /Article/Tennis-Tips-for-a-Winning-Serve/17353   (1067 words)

In 2001 in Tennis Week magazine (tennisweek.com) he believes it is a "myth" for the "tennis server...to scratch his back...while reaching upwards with the racquet." Racquet down and scratch your back, scratch your back while reaching up with the racquet....
Acceleration is power, and pros make the tennis racket fly on a serve by moving it through the air on its edge for as long as possible before hitting the ball to minimize drag.
The third source of serve weakness for most tennis aficionados, the first being shifting your body weight backwards when the arms go down together and up together, second bending the racket arm too soon, is opening the racket face way early.
www.revolutionarytennis.com /step12-4stroke.html   (2594 words)

 table tennis serve
How to troubleshoot and fix the problem when your table tennis serve is bouncing too high or too low.
For example, in the table tennis serve, ball flight time is approximately...
The trick to executing a lethal third ball attack is all about having the correct table tennis serve.
www.chezmoi.it /search/table-tennis-serve.htm   (342 words)

 Tennis Instruction: The tennis serve
Yes it is true that all pros will have quite alot of pronation on their serves, however, this is not where the majority of the power comes from.
Throw the ball to the hieght where you are going to cantact it at its highest point and that it is slightly in front and to the left of you.
One way of practicing pronation is to put a ball into the fence at the side of the court and the point were you would like to contact the ball and practice the internal rotation of the wrist onto the ball.
en.allexperts.com /q/Tennis-Instruction-328/tennis-serve.htm   (650 words)

 Tennis exercises for racket speed and court quickness
After years of success training athletes to improve their running speed and quickness, we have now applied this training to the sport of tennis, so that the specific muscles used in the tennis serve, backhand, forehand, and footwork are isolated and trained for lightning-like speed and quickness.
This isometric tennis exercise program uses the dynamic elastic properties of resistance bands, which are included with the exercise manual, and will train your muscles for speed and quickness like never before.
This tennis training program will bring results to everyone, and they are safe and easy to do, require no special equipment and can be done almost anywhere and anytime.
www.athleticquickness.com /page.asp?page_id=74&source=GoogleTN-Back02   (2501 words)

 tennis serve tip
Offers tennis serve tip with a product or service that delivers coaching tennis tip and playing tennis tip.
You will not believe how much better you will feel and play when you train your mind to hit your 2nd with more confidence, spin and placement.
Improving your attitude is the most important thing you can do to play the game of your dreams.
www.tennis-tip.com /t/tennis-serve-tip.html   (187 words)

I continue to surprise myself when teaching someone how to serve, there is still so much to know and see.
The serve is tennis' most difficult stroke because it requires a symphony of body coordination and you are on the spot.
Tennis players have to OPEN UP to improve their serve.
www.revolutionarytennis.com /step12.html   (452 words)

 ThisOpinion.com | My dad is angry because I keep talking about tennis serve
Being responsible for a tennis serve can be a blessing rather than a curse.
I've talked about tennis serve a few times in the past so this should not be a surprise to many of you.
A tennis serve really is terrific and if you are entrusted to handle it, more power to you.
www.thisopinion.com /Charlie/tennisserve.asp   (259 words)

 The Tennis Server - Tennis News, Analysis, Instruction, Photos, Pro Circuit Coverage and MORE
Tennis Warehouse is the Nation's #1 source for tennis equipment including racquets, strings, shoes, grips and racquet bags.
Tennis Warehouse covers all your tennis needs with tennis discussion boards and extensive equipment reviews.
gotickets.com is the industry leader when you want to purchase tennis tickets to one of the grand slam tennis tournaments.
www.tennisserver.com /Tennis.html   (960 words)

 Amazon.com: Pro Tennis Lessons "Ultimate Serve": DVD: James Jensen   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Many players serves are weak and inconsistent because they lack correct body mechanics for striking the ball properly, putting the plalyer at a great disadvantage during competition.
The flat serve is heavy and flat, the slice has tremedous side spin to run away from your opponent or into their body, the kick serve hits and twists causing a difficult return.
The techniques taught to master these killer serves include proper serve grips, correct height and placement of ball toss, the 4 stages of the serves: 1.
www.amazon.com /Pro-Tennis-Lessons-Ultimate-Serve/dp/B0000C6A08   (2060 words)

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