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Topic: Seti II

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  SETI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A basic assumption of SETI is that of "Mediocrity" [1]: the idea that humanity is not exotic in the Cosmos but in a sense "typical" or "medium" when compared with other intelligent species.
SETI advocates did not give up, and in 1995 the nonprofit "SETI Institute" of Mountain View, California, resurrected the work under the name of Project "Phoenix", backed by private sources of funding.
SETI has occasionally been the target of criticism by those who suggest that it is a form of pseudoscience.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/SETI   (5926 words)

 Seti II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Userkheperure Setepenre/Meryamun Seti II (reigned 1200 BC - 1194 BC) was the sixth ruler of the Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt.
Seti II promoted Chancellor Bay, to become his most important state official and built 3 tombs--KV13, KV14, and KV15--for himself, his Senior Queen Twosret and Bay in the Valley of the Kings.
Seti II and his Tomb (KV15) in the Valley of the Kings.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Seti_II   (399 words)

 Dynasty 19: Merenptah, Amenmesse, Seti II
Seti II (Userkheperuresetepenre) 1200 - 1194 B.C. Seti II was probably the fifth or sixth king of Egypt's 19th Dynasty, depending on the treatment we give Amenmessses who may have ruled before, concurrently or even after him (though that is less likely).
It is very likely that Seti II may have originally been buried with his wife, Tausret, in her tomb and later moved to this tomb which appears to have been hastily and incompletely finished, by Sethnakht (Setakht).
The scene of Seti II and Nefertem were cut over the original opening vignette of the Litany of Ray which was then reinscribed further down the corridor.
www.crystalinks.com /dynasty19a.html   (4212 words)

 Al-Ahram Weekly | Heritage | Creatness eclipsed by magnitude
Seti's is a classical tomb that far surpasses all others in the royal valley, both in size and in the artistic execution of the sculptured walls.
Seti's mortuary temple was unfinished when he died after a 21-year rule, and it was left to his son and heir Ramses II to complete what his father began.
Seti I encouraged the future Ramses II to go with him on royal missions, and he prepared his people in due time to accept the youth as his worthy successor.
weekly.ahram.org.eg /2004/694/he1.htm   (1538 words)

Seti II is an interesting case, because he should belong to the Nineteenth Dynasty line, being the grandson of Ramesses II and son of Merenptah.
The confusion between Seti II and Thutmose II may have been occasioned by the similarity of their prenomens when written in the hieratic script.
However, with the exception of the Seti II mummy, the mummies of the Ramesside kings of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties do not present serious problems of attribution, so that one can be fairly confident about the mummies of Seti I, Ramesses II, and Merenptah.
oi.uchicago.edu /OI/IS/WENTE/NN_Win95/NN_Win95.html   (3117 words)

Ramses II could have as many wives as desired, not only because of the rights of the pharaoh, but women generally had little say in marriage partners, although rights were equal in almost every other aspect of life.
During the rule of Ramses II, the capital was Pi-Ramses (Sheler 2), meaning "the House of Ramses, beloved of Amun, Greatest of Victories." (Freed 34) Ramses II built this capital on a tributary of the Nile, known as Waters of Ra.
The main reason that it is believed that Ramses II is the biblical pharaoh is that "the Israelites, when under the control of Pharaoh, built the cities of Pithom and Rameses." (Holy Bible Exodus 1:11) Historians believed this city to be Ramses II’s capital, Pi-Ramses.
www.ccds.charlotte.nc.us /History/Egypt/save/cramer/cramer.htm   (1028 words)

 Pharaoh Merenptah and The Later 19th Dynasty History
Since the campaign against Kadesh is dated to the 5th year of Ramses II, counting from his date as sole ruler after the death of his father, but the overall length of his reign would often include the coreign with Seti perhaps in classical, oriental fashion of exaggerating, and an effort to impress.
The wide difference in the reign length of Seti the Great plus Ramses II as compared to Psammetichus I and Necho II is due to the remaining monuments of Seti the Great which mention as highest date his year 11 and giving a long reign to his son Ramses II.
In conventional view Seti II damaged the inscriptions, wall reliefs and images of Amenmesses but according to revised view much of it was done by the agents of Cambyses.
www.specialtyinterests.net /israel.html   (8802 words)

 Living in Truth by Charles N.Pope - Chapter 31:"The Chariot and Horsemen of Israel"(New Kingdom Empire ...
The Seti temple restoration project was a sign that the protracted civil war was considered to be over, and that the glorious Ramesside Age could be inaugurated.
Seti did not dignify the rebel leader ("foe") of the Shasu by naming him in his Karnak inscriptions, but he can be identified with confidence as Nakhtmin/Pedubastet (Amaziah), ruler of the Philistines of Nubia and the self-appointed king of Arabs in Edom.
Seti became the first king since Amenhotep III to be considered the uncontested ruler of Egypt and Mesopotamia.
www.domainofman.com /book/chap-31.html   (4743 words)

 Living in Truth by Charles N.Pope - Chapter 32:"The Fairest of Them All"(Queen Nefertari and her Firstborn ...
Seti also already had a dominant queen named Tuya, and upon the death of his father Ramses the title of God's Wife was taken by her.
The primary Libyan dynasts in the reign of Ramses II were Osorkon III and Sheshonq V. Although Sheshonq V died in Year 55 of Ramses II, his son Ramses/Tefnakht inherited his title and remained dominant in the Western Delta as a Libyan pharaoh.
A daughter of Takelot II is known to have held the title of God's Wife.
www.domainofman.com /book/chap-32.html   (5980 words)

 View 19'th Dynasty Royal Mummies from DB320 & KV35
One theory holds that Seti II was absent at the time of his father's death (perhaps involved with a military campaign?) and Amenmesse took advantage of the temporary power vacuum to have himself installed on the throne.
Seti II had three wives: Takhat II, Tawosret (who was the mother of crown prince Seti-Merenptah), and Tiaa (mother of Ramesses-Siptah.) Apparently, Seti-Merenptah predeceased his father, and Siptah eventually became king.
Reeves notes that Seti II was probably furnished at that time with his replacement coffin, and also with the lid that did not match the coffin box.
members.tripod.com /anubis4_2000/mummypages2/19A.htm   (5609 words)

 Egyptian Journey 2003: Photos: Luxor: West Bank: Valley of the Kings: Tomb of Seti II
Tomb of Seti II THe burial chamber was probably originally 8intended as a corridor and was only enlarged when Seti II died beforethe tomb wasfinished.
Throughout the tomb, the name of Seti II was carved, erased, then carved again in the tomb.
Not much funerary equipment was found, and the body of Seti II was rmeoved to the cache in KV35.
www.phouka.com /pharaoh/egypt/photos/luxor/westbank/vk/seti2-02.html   (151 words)

 Tombs Treasures Mummies: Seven Great Discoveries of Egyptian Archaeology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Likewise, Smith felt that the mummification technique employed on “Seti II” was consistent with that of the early part of the latter dynasty rather than of the Nineteenth.
With the exception of so-called “Seti II,” Harris and Wente concluded that the remains of the consecutive Nineteenth Dynasty kings — Seti I, Rameses II and Merneptah (Rameses I’s mummy being missing) — were correctly labeled and represented a consistent father-to-son-to grandson relationship, based on their similar craniofacial morphologies.
Something so simple as the apparent correspondences of “portraits” of Thutmose IV and Amenhotep II to the mummies thought (by the ancient necropolis priests) to be theirs should give pause to any rush to judgment about the latter’s identities as suggested by apparent discrepancies in their craniofacial morphologies.
www.egyptology.com /kmt/spring99/mummies.html   (2195 words)

 A Science Fiction Historical Novel: Neolithic Copper Age Woman Becomes Contact With Extraterrestrials   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
He, Seti II, Powerful of Forms, the Chosen One of Ra, King of Kings, and direct descendent of Osiris, was utterly alone.
Seti was lethargic, a shadow of the warrior he once had been, and had to be carried everywhere.
Seti cared nothing for the deities way-stationed in his shrine and tomb, but he feared their wrath, and it was a concession that Kha-m-was granted to the High Priest of Khonsu for access to Tutankhamun's tomb.
users.ev1.net /~behnguyen/aloneseti.html   (3775 words)

 Ramses 2
But the existence of the treaty with Ramses II precluded even a consideration of the conflicting data, and a chronological place in accord with the time of Ramses II was allotted to Hattusilis, the king of Hatti, and to the entire period.
We recall that Seti the Great/Psammetichus, father of Ramses II/Necho II [5500] was an admirer of the Greeks.
Ramses II was followed by Merneptah.[6250] He was the one who had the so-called Israel stele made in which he mentions Israel, the country that was just laid waste by the conquest of the Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar.
www.specialtyinterests.net /ramses2.html   (15678 words)

 Egypt: Seti II and his Tomb (KV15) in the Valley of the Kings
Egypt: Seti II and his Tomb (KV15) in the Valley of the Kings
Seti II was probably the fifth or sixth king of Egypt's 19th Dynasty, depending on the treatment we give Amenmessses who may have ruled before, concurrently or even after him (though that is less likely).
We do know that Seti II took at least three wives, consisting of Takhat II, Tausret and Tiaa (Sutailja??).
www.touregypt.net /featurestories/seti2.htm   (2081 words)

 Seti II Obelisk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Seti II (or Sethos II, Setos II) (The 19th Dynasty, reigned B.C. Height:
Seti II is a grandson of Ramses II.
The decoration consists merely of the name of Seti II repeated over and over.
members.aol.com /Sokamoto31/setiII.htm   (90 words)

 Committee on Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
SETI Committee: Chair reminded everyone of lengthy email traffic on recommendation for Thomas Pierson to become an additional Co-Chair (along with Ivan Almar who will continue for one additional year) to allow her to share the committee load with someone who is close by.
SETI I: Science and Technology should be scheduled prior to SETI II: Interdisciplinary aspects.
The SETI sessions are among the best attended, so when a conflict occurs it is the other sessions whose attendance suffers more than ours.
www.iaanet.org /commite/7.htm   (4861 words)

 Passageway of the Second Pylon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Ramesses II purifies a statue of his deified father Seti I. The ankh held by Seti I indicates that he is a god.
Although Ramesses II seemed to show little respect for his father Seti I by taking credit for his inscriptions in the southern wing of the Hypostyle Hall, other reliefs show this was not the case.
Just as Seti I had done by honoring Ramesses I on the west wall, Ramesses II honored Seti on the south wall.
cas.memphis.edu /~hypostyle/Tour/Ramesses_interior4.htm   (199 words)

 Seti II -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Seti II's earliest prenomen in his First Year was 'Userkheperure Setepenre' which is written above an inscription of Messuwy, a Viceroy of Nubia under Merneptah, on a rock outcropping at Bigeh Island.
Seti II and his Tomb (KV15) in the Valley of the Kings. Tour Egypt. URL accessed on March 2, 2006.
fr:Séthi II it:Seti II fi:Seti II pl:Seti II ru:Сети II zh:塞提二世
psychcentral.com /psypsych/Seti_II   (438 words)

 Ancient Egypt - The temple of Seti I at Abydos
The First (outer) Hypostyle hall was begun by Seti I and completed by his son Ramesses II after his death.
The doorways were for some reason closed up by Ramesses II at the restructuring.
This table, or list, of all preceding kings was ordered to be made by Seti I. He is depicted together with his son Ramesses II as a youth, giving instructions about the earlier rulers of Kemet.
www.philae.nu /akhet/AHypAbj.html   (569 words)

 OSETI II: Optical SETI and the Arecibo Myth
Example abound, dating back to the Cyclops report, which show microwave signals to be easily capable of trans-Galactic communications, whereas optical signals reputedly are not.
Could proponents of microwave SETI have perhaps overstated the capabilities of their systems, and unwittingly stifled the development of optical techniques in the process?
It traces the propagation of what the author calls the Arecibo Myth, and explores its impact upon public perceptions as to the validity of SETI activities in general, and optical SETI in particular.
www.coseti.org /2704-07.htm   (167 words)

 [No title]
As my SETI farm grew, I had a standard set of software and routines, linking all computers to a central monitoring station with a SETI utility CheckSETI.
BOINC and SETI II are still in beta.
This can be used when the SETI server is down (or all the time).
www.myurl.net /seti/news.htm   (1772 words)

 This Blog Sits at the: SETI@home II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
SETI@home II Yesterday, I thought out loud about what a trend surveillance system might look like, and two friends of This Blog Sits At, Steve Portigal and Tom Guarriello, were kind enough to offer illustrative materials.
Or it could be the final piece of evidence someone in the SETI system needs to leap to a conclusion, that small ledge on the sheer cliff face of contemporary culture.
For instance, this might be the evidence that persuades someone that the long hip hop regime is finally on the wane.
www.cultureby.com /trilogy/2005/04/setihome_ii.html   (1663 words)

 Bremen International Astronautical Congress - IAA Papers 2003 by Symposium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The scientific basis, technology, (including both radio and optical astronomy) and future plans for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
Outside of the venue of the actual session, the committee will also explore opportunities for organization of public outreach in association with the official Bremen outreach program and the organization of a media briefing.
SETI Institute as a Model for Managing Interdisciplinary Science
www.iaanet.org /symp/bremen/bremenpapers9.html   (230 words)

 - SETI Institute   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Center for the Study of Life in the Universe
SETI Institute - 515 N. Whisman Road - Mountain View, CA 94043 - Tel:650.961.6633 - Fax:650.961.7099
Copyright © 2006, SETI Institute - Unless otherwise indicated, the documents and graphics stored on this Web server, www.seti.org, are copyrighted.
www.seti.org /site/pp.asp?c=ktJ2J9MMIsE&b=178905   (71 words)

 PC Perspective / Amdmb Forums - Setting SETI's Sights II: Abodes for Life?
With the latest discovery of a "Super-Earth" around a dim, red star 15 light years from Earth, SETI scientists have been pondering the implications for their search for intelligence on other worlds.
This suggests that there could be enormous numbers of planetary habitats capable of sustaining life," said Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute.
I just can't wait until Planet Quest gets off the ground, with luck it will running when I get back.
forums.pcper.com /showthread.php?t=394106   (942 words)

 History 380: Egyptology
nThe subsequent accession of Seti II may actually be the Seti-Merneptah who previously was intended to succeed
nSeti II n Seti II acceded to the throne following Amenmesses
– He had three queens that are known – Takhat II, Twosret and Tiaa
srufaculty.sru.edu /carlis.white/380/Lecture29.htm   (187 words)

 SETI@home: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
The outage lasts 3-4 hours, and then there is a long period of "catch up" afterwards as the servers are swamped with backlogged requests.
SETI Classic Shut down 12/15/05 - last work unit sent
Finished 70th in SETI Classic in the top 200 teams overall and
www.myurl.net /boinc   (844 words)

 Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt: Dynasty 19
B.C.): Ramesses I, Seti I, Ramesses II, Merneptah, Amenmesses, Seti II, Siptah, Queen Twosret.
Barque Shrine of Seti II, Temple of Amun, Karnak
Seated Ramesses II Colossal Ramesses II and Queen Nefertari, Karnak
www.trinity.edu /mgarriso/Egypt/EgyptDyn19.html   (159 words)

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