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In the News (Mon 18 Jun 18)

 1970s - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Although the roots of these were laid in the 1940s and 1950s, the seventies saw the blooming of these ideas especially with the rise of Artificial intelligence through the works in natural language processing by Terry Winograd (1973) and the establishment of the first cognitive sciences department in the world at MIT in 1979.
Economically, the seventies were marked by the energy crisis which peaked in 1973 and 1979 (see 1973 oil crisis and 1979 oil crisis).
Hence, in the developing world, the seventies are remembered with lingering nostalgia for the decade's unfulfilled passion for change and hope for a prosperous and egalitarian society which remained incomplete. /wiki/1970s   (10336 words)

 JCN Group
Throughout the seventies and eighties, JCN's prime activity was the development of residential and commercial property in Jersey.During the nineties, the Group diversified its activities into the marine industry and foreign developments.   (290 words)

 sounds of the seventies
the sounds of the seventies are a four piece outfit playing all those favorable hits from the nineteen seventies. /sounds.of.the.seventies.htm   (138 words)

 Profiles 19 - Bad Costumes of the Seventies (Jan 2000)
If I mention Moondragon again in a column about bad costumes of the seventies after having brought her up as a type of the worst outfits of the nineties, this reflects the place she has earned as a perennial offender of costumes.
While the seventies definitely did reveal the occasional symptom of creative fatigue here, such inventive exhaustion did not necessarily indict the entire decade.
For instance, the costumes of the 1970s would not consistently dabble in redundant excesses in the fashion of the frequently hackneyed superhero costumes of the 1990s (discussed here). /tatooine/niven/142/profiles/pro19.html   (766 words)

 Your Daily Prescott: THE CRUSTY SEVENTIES - I
Another of my perceptions of the seventies is of untrimmed palm trees (for those in colder climes, untrimmed palm trees can be ugly because the palm branches are ashen gray) and smoggy skies.
The seventies sucked and I was only nine years old by the end of the decade.
I was born in 1971, but for some reason I can remember very clearly that “dirty” was a big part of the seventies. /archives/000975.php   (394 words)

 MaryMc's Seventies Stuff
Seventies Design is a page packed with images of the decade's most striking cars, fashions, furniture, houses, interiors design, and more.
Those Suburban Seventies is a site promoting a book of the same name, about the author's memories of her seventies upbringing.
women's fashions of the seventies and menswear of the seventies (and the rest of the twentieth century). /70s.htm   (6881 words)

 Seventies Shoes - compare prices, reviews and buy at NexTag - Price - Review
The original adidas basketball shoe from the seventies in a tough ripstop upper.Nylon and suede upper/rubber sole.By adidas; imported.
Everybody's favorite seventies belly dancer is out of her bottle and ready for Halloween.
Step into a classic, made famous in the early seventies by virtually every major NBA player of the day. /serv/main/buyer/OutPDir.jsp?search=seventies+shoes   (134 words)

 Backdate - The Sixties and Seventies, music, hits and arts
It is a mistake to think that life at the beginning of the Sixties was similar to that at the end of the Seventies.
The Sixties and Seventies music makers were in keeping with the period - revolutionaries and conservatives, weird, wild and wonderful.
The Sixties and Seventies - a period of larger than life people rocking every boat they could find and competing with establishment figures determined to stop change at all cost.   (351 words)

 The 1970s - Nostalgia Central
The key to the Seventies was 'freedom', and some of its bizarre crazes were the first real manifestations of the advancements made courtesy of the social revolution of the previous decade.
As a child in the early seventies I resented being unable to watch TV and I hated the smell of candle wax.
The ideas and philosophy of the 60s became mainstream in the 70s - sexual freedom, the end of the draft, legalization of abortion, gay liberation, breakthroughs in women's rights. /seventies.htm   (428 words)

 Seventies Chic - Centraal Museum : Expositie / Exhibition at GALERIES.NL
Seventies Chic is te zien in projectkamer 1 van het Centraal Museum.
Fong Leng, Emilio Pucci, Marimekko en Frank Govers zijn voorbeelden van ontwerpers die de bohémienne chic van de jaren zeventig perfect wisten te verbeelden in ingenieuze ontwerpen.
Seventies Chic - Centraal Museum : Expositie / Exhibition at GALERIES.NL Centraal Museum /expo.asp?exponr=18791&galnr=1015&nvg=&bond=&sessionti=772768097   (197 words)

 ::Seventies Home::
Seventies Distribution is the UK's leading distributor of high quality bmx bikes, parts, videos and clothing.
This site is designed to show you all the products that we distribute and link you to a dealer in your area where you'll be able to purchase them.
We have been involved in the BMX industry since 1989 and are proud to distribute the following brands: /index.asp?fuseaction=home   (63 words)

 forum music seventies
Seventies resolved these questions by asserting that poetry was in fact an anachronism; anyone continuing to write poetry must forget individual alienation, word-magic and music...
Seventies themed holidays in UK I'm really struggling to find any holidays in UK with a 70's music theme.
Durini of Bolognano, in the Seventies the villa of San Silvestro... /forum-info/forum-music-seventies.html   (3199 words)

 seventies fancy dress - About seventies fancy dress Online
Mary s Blue Room was torn down in the early seventies by the church that was behind it and used for a parking lot TAYLOR: I don t remember it.
This was one of the ones that he wrote in the Seventies.
The American marketing consultant Jonathan Pontell named the group after a Seventies slang term for a craving (you would typically be jonesing for marijuana, according to the Urban Dictionary). /seventiesfancydress   (3152 words)

 Seventies Almanac - Year By Year
Here you can find music, news and sports highlights, as well as the top singles, albums, movies and television shows for each year from 1970 through 1979.
Information contained in the Seventies Almanac was compiled from /seventiesalmanac.html   (113 words)

 Black Music During The Sixties and Seventies, Black Music During The Sixties and Seventies, Black Music During The Sixties and Seventies,
The sixties and seventies were also a time of political and social unrest in the black community.
The sixties and seventies were turbulent times for America, and especially the black community.
I have been exposed to many types of music as a child: classical, jazz, rhythm and blues, gospel, rock, soul, funk, salsa, calypso, and pop. /funk/essay.htm   (1571 words)

 Pop & Rock Music - mostly Seventies
Broadcasting to the world from Cambridge, England, this radio station plays the hits of the sixties, seventies and eighties while showing you a wide range of images and ideas from that era.
The website is an excellent source in itself but if you want to learn more about their personal lives, their music and more, then subscribe to the free weekly newsletter.
A listing of the music enjoyed by the hippies in the Sixties and early Seventies with descriptions and some quotes by the artists. /music2.htm   (980 words)

In Seventies Dance Music page there are a lot of files not listed in the "hit parade".
Alphabetical Performers Database, easy and fast way to found artist/bands/performers of the disco era.
actually playing Seventies Disco Music all around the world.   (283 words)

 20th Century Decades: 1970-1979 Decade
Excellent photographic essay on the Seventies, focusing on the "Watergate" debacle that resulted in the resignation from office by President Nixon in 1974.
The Seventies and the TV Single Dads' role is examined and documented here.
The Seventies from the point of view of the Nuclear Energy Industry. /decs7.html   (748 words)

 seventies tv posters and photos
The seventies went through a lot of changes and a lot of classic shows were axed from the previous decade, but there were still a lot of classic memorable shows that live on today in reruns.
So check out the seventies posters and photos. /seventies.htm   (62 words)

 "Encyclopedia of Mental Health: Shyness"
Prior to 1970, virtually all research on shyness was focused exclusively on children, especially adolescents, studied by developmental psychologists usually relying on reports of teachers and parents.
However, that changed in the early seventies with research instituted by the Stanford Shyness Research Program, headed by Philip Zimbardo.
Zimbardo's interest in shyness in adults stemmed from observations made in a mock prison study he and his colleagues conducted in 1971. /encyclopedia.html   (7431 words) Definition of seventies
The range of temperatures between seventy and eighty degrees.
A set or group of seventy people or things.
the period of time between the seventieth and eightieth years of a century Example: born in the seventies. /word-seventies.html   (195 words)

 MaryMc's Seventies Party Ideas
Since I've had my seventies page up, I've had a lot of people write to me because they were planning a 70's theme party and wanted suggestions.
"Well, your seventies may not be my seventies, especially since I grew up in the house of a radical anti-war college professor and a human potential movement trained shrink; Dad Lebanese and Mom Southerner.
Quizine has a lot of entertainment trivia quizzes, some of which are 70s-related. /70sparty.htm   (3325 words)

 Seventies - Whizzer is an independent portal for access to Seventies, we have searched the Seventies market to find the best providers for your needs.
Seventies Click here to Enter You require the Flash 5.0 plug-in click the icon below to download it if you do not have it.
Search today for Seventies, we can help you find what you need in a whizz. /sitemap/seventies.html   (188 words)

 Seventies Fashion
Seventies Every hem line, pants leg width, and shoe height became accepted along with a causal and sexy dressing including jogging suits, sneakers, message t-shirts and hot pants.
The mass use of polyester was commonplace and denim was studded, embroidered and embellished.
click here to go to a seventies fashoin web site /schools/alachua/alc/internet/56g/govinda.htm   (82 words)

Contributions welcome from everyone who would like an opportunity for their work on ‘the seventies’ to be opened up, challenged and developed.
One strong theme will be a concern with the legacies of ‘the seventies’.
While the conference will focus particularly on UK and wider European experiences, we also welcome contributions from further afield. /inst/cws/gsp/Seventies.htm   (297 words)

 Alternatief Kostuum seventies feestkleding themafeest disco hippie
Een beetje lullig kan ook heel leuk zijn, in het witte koffertje zit natuurlijk zijn lunch.
Dat bewijst maar weer eens dat seventies meer zijn dan afro's soulpijpen en glitterbrillen.
Alternatief kledingverhuur voor seventies era of disco & punk /feest/70s_gal16.php   (61 words)

 Conversation Pits & Cul-de-Sacs - More 70s!
The internet provides hundreds of fun and interesting seventies websites.
(Photos: album covers of 'Alle 13 Goed!', a famous series of LP's in the Netherlands during the seventies). /seventies/e/more70s.html   (28 words)

 Hair Seventies Style - Whizzer
In the late Seventies, punks were out to shock.
The geometric style worn by Mary Quant was popular withthe Swinging London period) teenage hair was either very short (the 5-point When men started to grow their hair long there was a tremendous fusslayabouts". is an independent portal for access to Hair Seventies Style, we have searched the Hair Seventies Style market to find the best providers for your needs. /sitemap/hair-seventies-style.html   (265 words)

 Seventies Disco - Re-live the seventies with the UK's ultimate 70's disco experience
now and you will not be disappointed as he will give you a seventies disco night that your friends and colleagues will talk about for ages.
You can party the night away with the best of the seventies from Disco to Funk, Rock to Glam and all those classic hits of this Golden Age.
Your venue can be dressed up in typical Seventies Disco Style with groovy UV cut outs, flashing signs like 'Don't Walk Boogie, inflatable 70's Boots and Mirror Balls.   (395 words)

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