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Topic: Sex change operation

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Sex Change Surgery,Sex Changes Operation,Cost,Prices by Surgeon in Bangkok, Thailand
Sex change surgery refers to the administration of surgery to change the sex appearance according to one’s sex identity.
Genital surgical sex reassignment: surgery of the genitalia and/or breasts performed for the purpose of altering the morphology in order to approximate the physical appearance of the genetically other sex.
Non genital surgical sex reassignment: any and all other surgical procedures of non-genitalia or non-breast, conducted for the purpose of effecting a more masculine appearance in a genetic female or for the purpose of effecting more feminine appearance in a genetic male.
www.bangkokplasticsurgery.com /sex-change-surgery.html   (834 words)

 Srs Sexual Reassignment Surgery Miami
Sex change in the protandrous fl porgy, Acanthopagrus schlegeli: a review in gonadal development, estradiol, estrogen receptor, aromatase activity and gonadotropin.
Characterization of alpha-adrenoceptor subtypes in the corpus cavernosum of patients undergoing sex change surgery.
Behavioural sex change in the absence of gonads in a coral reef fish.
www.srsmiami.com /publications.html   (713 words)

 USATODAY.com - Transgendered inmates push for state-funded sex-change surgery   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The "Inmate Sex Change Prevention Act" was introduced after Wisconsin inmate Scott Konitzer filed a lawsuit seeking a sex-change operation.
In addition to the cost — estimates for sex-change operations are in the $10,000 to $20,000 range — prison officials cite the safety risks of housing a male inmate who has been transformed into a female.
But advocates for transgendered inmates say that in some cases, sex reassignment surgery is a medical necessity, not a luxury.
www.usatoday.com /news/nation/2006-08-19-transgendered_x.htm   (1263 words)

 DivorceNet - Duty to Support Spouse After Sex Change Operation
The Ohio Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court's denial of the husband's motion for relief, finding that the former wife's sex change did not amount to sufficient changed circumstances to warrant modification of the husband's support obligation.
The court did, however, note that, if the girlfriend began cohabiting with the former wife and contributing to her financially, this occurrence may constitute a sufficient change in financial circumstances to allow the court to revisit the support award.
The court in Moore clearly held that the only basis to modify a support award is a significant change in the financial circumstances of the parties and that the former wife's sex change, while admittedly significant, did not necessarily affect her financially.
www.divorcenet.com /states/ohio/duty_to_support_spouse_after_sex_change_operation/view   (563 words)

 NYS Sex Offender Registry Home Page
Registered sex offenders in New York are classified by the risk of reoffense.
Please note that a federal court injunction currently prohibits the release of information on this web site concerning sex offenders who committed their crime prior to January 21, 1996 and were assigned a risk level prior to January 1, 2000, unless they have had an opportunity for a due process hearing.
Please note that a federal court injunction currently prohibits the release of information through this method concerning sex offenders who committed their crime prior to January 21, 1996 and were assigned a risk level prior to January 1, 2000, unless they have had an opportunity for a due process hearing.
criminaljustice.state.ny.us /nsor   (632 words)

 First sex change | world's first sex change | First transsexual | First Transexual | Worlds First Sex-Change
In this he was aided by his primary constitution, which was of the androgynous type, that is to say, in him the chest, the lower abdomen and the buttocks as well as the arms and the legs were definitely feminine in form.
He took the first step towards changing his sex in 1921, when he had himself castrated, As a result his sexual instinct was enfeebled, but the homosexual tendency, as well as his own feelings, remained the same.
Finally, in 1930, the operation which he himself had attempted at the age of six was performed upon him, viz., the removal of his penis, and six months afterwards the transformation was completed by the grafting of an artificial vagina.
www.transgenderzone.com /features/sex_change.htm   (3535 words)

The goal of transsexual surgery (sex change surgery) is to provide an aesthetically attractive and functional result which permits both effortless intromission and full orgasmic potential.
In this sex change procedure the clitoral hood is lifted and the suspensory ligament of the clitoris is detached from the pubic bone, allowing the clitoris to extend out further.
Please understand in that metoidioplasty (sex change surgery) involves a fair amount of tissue transfer, some degree of post-operative swelling is expected.
www.srsmiami.com   (2318 words)

 Thais to perform first live sex change operation
The doctors are expected to demonstrate pioneering techniques in sex reassignment surgery during the three-hour operation with the foreign doctors watching on video montiors.
Sex change surgery is already a multi-million dollar industry in Thailand, which is competing hard against hospitals in places such as Singapore for foreign patients who flock to modern posh establishments in their thousands.
Preecha said he pursued the field of sex change surgery in the mid-1970s after witnessing the gruesome outcomes of botched operations.
www.chinadaily.com.cn /english/doc/2004-12/10/content_399282.htm   (429 words)

 GLAAD: Media Reference Guide
At birth, infants are assigned a sex based on a combination of bodily characteristics including: chromosomes, hormones, internal reproductive organs, and genitals.
Altering one's birth sex is not a one-step procedure — it is a complex process that takes place over a long period of time.
Referring to a sex change operation, or using terms such as pre- or post-operative, inaccurately suggests that one must have surgery in order to truly change one's sex.
www.glaad.org /media/guide/transfocus.php   (995 words)

 CBBS: Donor eligibility of a man who dresses as a woman in anticipation of sex change surgery
Although he has NOT yet had the sex change operation, he is in the stage of dressing like a woman and taking female hormones.
If the donor denies sex with a man (there are trans-sexuals who do not have sex), the donor can be accepted (provided other reasons for deferral are absent).
He performed a Medline search using the Mesh headings 'sex reversal' and 'estrogens' and found that there are very few references on the effect of female hormones on human male physiology, but many animal studies that show a change in the expression of many enzymes.
www.cbbsweb.org /enf/2003/donor_sexchange.html   (1154 words)

 Citizens Against Government Waste: Dude Looks Like A Lady
O’Donnabhain claimed that the sex-change operation was a medically necessary treatment for a psychological condition known as "gender dysphoria." It is estimated that SRS can cost up to $25,000 over the life of a patient to cover required medical costs, including initial surgery and the many years of hormonal therapy.
Garrett further argues that the IRS decision to allow tax deductions for sex-change operations clearly falls "outside of an acceptable range of treatments." These deductions set a bad precedent for legitimate medical tax deductions and open the flood gates for other fringe "medical" procedures, all with taxpayers footing the bill.
It is a question of whether or not millions of taxpayers should have to pay for a procedure that serves a minute section of the population and is not widely accepted by the medical community.
www.cagw.org /site/News2?JServSessionIdr007=x8wb3erhb2.app25a&page=NewsArticle&id=8729   (320 words)

 Japanese court rejects transsexual's request to change gender | News | Advocate.com
A Japanese court rejected a male-to-female transsexual's request to change her officially registered sex because she already has two children who were born before the operation, a news report said Monday.
The 2004 law allows people to change their registered sex if they've had a sex-change operation and have been diagnosed by at least two doctors as having gender-identity disorder.
The rationale for including the stipulation regarding children is that children would be confused should a parent change his or her registered sex, according to the home page of a transgender support group that Mizuno coheads.
www.advocate.com /news_detail_ektid25191.asp   (308 words)

 UNHCR - Mexico: Availability of sex change operations and legal status of gender of person who undergoes a sex change ...
Because an individual's change of gender is not legislated in Mexico, it is not forbidden to change genders; but because there is no legislation for it, it is not legally recognized.
The lawyer added that sex-change operations are not legally approved in Mexico, although this does not mean they are forbidden nor does it necessarily mean they are not carried out somewhere in the country.
There is no legislation in Mexico addressing a change of gender, and thus, it is not forbidden to undergo a sex-change operation.
www.unhcr.org /home/RSDCOI/3ae6ab4332.html   (590 words)

 Transgender inmates seek sex changes - Boston.com
Kosilek, who was convicted and who is living as a woman in a Massachusetts prison, wants the state Department of Correction to pay for a sex-change operation.
He said the framers of the Constitution "were envisioning preventing people from being burned in oil or burned at the stake," not simply refusing to use taxpayer dollars for inmate sex changes or breast implants.
Colorado officials say that providing a sex-change operation for Grey or any of the other two dozen transgender inmates in the state's prisons would create security concerns.
www.boston.com /news/nation/articles/2006/08/24/transgender_inmates_seek_sex_changes?rss_id=Boston.com+%2F+News   (824 words)

 Convicted killer seeks sex change operation - The Boston Globe
A man serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife is asking a federal judge to order the state to pay for a sex change operation for him, saying that denying him the surgery amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.
In 2002, US District Judge Mark Wolf ruled that Kosilek -- who now goes by the name Michelle -- was entitled to treatment for gender identity disorder, but stopped short of ordering the state to pay for the sex change operation.
Neither side gave an estimate on the costs of the sex change operation.
www.boston.com /news/local/massachusetts/articles/2006/05/31/convicted_killer_seeks_sex_change_operation   (366 words)

 BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | Iran's sex-change operations
After the operation, her older brother locked her up for a week and wouldn't let her use the telephone.
"I want to suggest that the right of transsexuals to change their gender is a human right," says the cleric, who is so fascinated by the subject that he says he dreams about the transsexuals he has studied at night.
Alan shows me his new birth certificate and passport, which has been legally changed to say he is now a man. He's surprised to learn in Britain a transsexual who's had a sex change operation cannot change his or her gender on their birth certificate.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/programmes/newsnight/4115535.stm   (944 words)

 Vatican Says Sex Change Operation Does Not Change a Person's Gender | Vatican | Religion / Spirituality | Transgender ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Consequently, the document instructs bishops never to alter the sex listed in parish baptismal records and says Catholics who have undergone "sex-change" procedures are not eligible to marry, be ordained to the priesthood or enter religious life, according to a source familiar with the text.
In some cases, the urge is so strong that the person undergoes a "sex-change" operation to acquire the opposite sex's external sexual organs.
A conclusion that people who have undergone a sex-change operation cannot enter into a valid marriage, either because they would be marrying someone of the same sex in the eyes of the church or because their mental state casts doubt on their ability to make and uphold their marriage vows.
www.tgcrossroads.org /news/?aid=599   (773 words)

 Transsexual fights for sex-change operation
A FATHER of two who was refused a sex-change operation on the NHS won the right yesterday to challenge the decision in a High Court test case.
Mr K will now seek court declarations that the health authority's blanket refusal to pay for sex-change operations is unlawful and contrary to the 1976 Sex Discrimination Act and the European equal treatment directive.
Sex-change operations cost about £4,000 and she said less than 10 were conducted on the NHS each year.
www.telegraph.co.uk /htmlContent.jhtml?html=/archive/1997/02/27/ntrans27.html   (544 words)

 Khaleej Times Online - Local facing identity crisis after sex change operation
However, changing a sex for the sake of changing is forbidden clearly as stated in a Quranic verse that cursed those who impersonate the other sex,” he stressed.
“A sex change can be accepted if the purpose is to bring the functions of genitals back to normal, but the person going for sex correction should prove the need for such a surgery,” he said.
Stressing his ignorance of the existence of such cases in the UAE society, Khalid said that it is ‘a disaster’ to allow people to change their sex just for the sake of resembling the other gender.
www.khaleejtimes.com /DisplayArticle.asp?xfile=data/theuae/2005/July/theuae_July365.xml§ion=theuae   (980 words)

 Fla. Official Defends Firing Manager   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Largo City manager Steve Stanton, who was recently ousted as the city's top official after he was forced to come out as a transsexual, sits in Largo Central Park Tuesday, March 20, 2007 in Largo, Fla. Stanton's fight to keep his job of 14 years has thrust Largo into the national spotlight.
"Suddenly the rules were changing and he was asking to be dealt with in a different way than he was dealing with people," Gentry said.
Stanton was forced last month to reveal he was a transsexual and planned to live as a woman and eventually pursue a sex-change operation.
www.middletownjournal.com /n/content/shared-gen/ap/National/Official_Sex_Change.html   (399 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > State -- Lawsuit: Filipino husband denied U.S. citizenship because wife was ...
The letter cited an internal memorandum dated April 16, 2004, that said CIS policy "disallows recognition of change of sex in order for a marriage between two persons born of the same sex to be considered bona fide...
David said the decision also sets up a conflict between state and federal law, because California is one of about 25 states that reissue birth certificates to transsexuals after sex change operations and legally recognize them as their new gender.
She was granted U.S. citizenship in 1987 – six years after her sex change operation – and given a certificate that listed her sex as female, the lawsuit said.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/state/20041130-0003-ca-transsexuallawsuit.html   (730 words)

 Judge: Sex Change Doesn't End Alimony | ajc.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
CLEARWATER, Fla. — A woman's sex change operation does not free her ex-husband from his alimony obligation, a judge said Wednesday.
Attorneys for Lawrence Roach, 48, had argued his 55-year-old ex-wife's decision to switch genders and change her name from Julia to Julio Roberto Silverwolf voided their 2004 divorce agreement.
An Ohio appeals court ruled in September 2004 that a Montgomery County man must continue to pay alimony to his transsexual ex-wife because her sex change wasn't reason enough to violate the agreement.
www.ajc.com /news/content/shared-gen/ap/National/Sex_Change_Alimony.html   (345 words)

 MSN INDIA - Sex-change operation in UP
After a series of examinations, Dr Rai found certain male organs were inside her underbelly and therefore it was possible to turn her into a boy to enable her to lead a happy life.
As a boy, she would be able to have intercourse with a girl and would be fully capable of making her wife pregnant, doctors confirmed.
When she heard that the operation was successful, she declared it to be 'the happiest day of her life'.
content.msn.co.in /Lifestyle/CupidsColumn/LifeStyleHT_130906_1714.htm   (290 words)

 Man to sue over sex-change   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A County Court judge is considering whether to extend a six-year limit on litigation to allow British-born Alan Finch to sue Monash Medical Centre's gender dysphoria clinic over the removal of his testicles and penis and the construction of an artificial vagina in 1988.
The neuropsychological report made as part of the process to determine his suitability for a sex change found he did not display female gender identity but instead escaped into fantasy.
Only about 500 to 600 had changed sex surgically, with about 30 patients a year still completing the process.
www.realityresources.com /sue.htm   (584 words)

 JUMBLED GENDER: Woman Undergoes Japan's First Legal Sex-Change Operation
The patient who underwent the operation in October--the first of two operations, with the second to follow in six months--was a woman in her thirties.
Takao Harashina, the chief surgeon for the October operation, and others plan to launch in March 1999 an organization whose mission is to create a network that would enable GID patients to receive treatment and sex-change operations in medical centers throughout the country.
And although legal revisions have yet to be made, two requests to change names for reasons of incompatibility with the applicants' gender identity have been approved at family courts in 1998.
web-jpn.org /trends98/honbun/ntj981128.html   (534 words)

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