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Topic: Sex in advertising

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Sex in advertising - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sex in advertising is the use of sexual attraction as a tool of persuasion to draw interest to a particular product, for purpose of sale, generally using attractive models.
Further evidence comes from Gallup and Robinson, an advertising and marketing research firm which reports that in more than 50 years of testing advertising effectiveness, it has found the use of the erotic to be a significantly above-average technique in communicating with the marketplace, "...although one of the more dangerous for the advertiser.
The use of sex in advertising can be highly overt or extremely subtle: from relatively explicit displays of sexual acts, down to the use of basic cosmetics to enhance attractive features.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sex_in_advertising   (621 words)

 Take It Off: Sex in Advertising
It is the responsibility of the advertiser to maintain the delicate balance between pushing the envelope to create a memorable advertisement and offending or outraging the public that they are trying to convince to buy the product or service.
Attention-getting techniques have always been the cornerstone of advertising; even if it makes a consumer look in disgust, the point is that the consumer looked, and if the imagery is pushing the envelope or shocking or borderline offensive, it becomes more memorable.
When a consumer sees an advertisement for lingerie, they are expecting a sexual portrayal because of the nature of the product, however, when the same consumer views an advertisement for potato chips, they are not expecting to see sexual imagery because the product and sex are ironically diametrically opposed.
www.bgsu.edu /departments/tcom/faculty/ha/sp2003/gp1/Article2.html   (476 words)

 The Northern Iowan - Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Yet with sex in advertising, these companies seem to be playing on a basic instinctual urge — one that can hardly be denied, and one that’s incredibly effective.
Another detrimental effect of sex in advertising is that women begin to lose respect for their own bodies.
Granted, raging hormones have a large role in adolescents’ fixation with sex, but advertising has taught generations of youth that sex is cool, common and acceptable.
fp.uni.edu /northia/archives3.asp?ID=3805   (593 words)

An advertisement is a message printed in a newspaper or magazine, broadcast radio or television sent to individuals through the mail, or sent out in some other fashion that attempts to persuade readers or listeners to buy.
Those that feel sex in advertising is acceptable such as the publisher of Family Circle Magazine say that sex in advertising can be relevant because it has to have a function and really sell a product.
Sex has become an open topic on television sitcoms, as a result sex is among the biggest attractions on television.
www.nku.edu /~issues/sexinadvertising/tvcommercials.htm   (789 words)

 Sex and Advertising: An "Organic" Experience
Advertisers play on several different tactics to get people interested in their products; they humor, self-esteem, peer pressure and many other things, but the one tactic that is most popular and the most effective is using sex in advertising.
In addition, the cost of sex in terms of time and energy is considerably lower for the male than the female," (3).
Advertisers are playing with instincts which have been formed over a span of millions of years, so it does not seem likely that they can change our most primal ways of thinking about the opposite sex and about sex in general.
serendip.brynmawr.edu /biology/b103/f02/web2/hprice.html   (1099 words)

 Houghton Mifflin - Marketing, Cdn Ed: FAQ
There is research that suggests that sex in advertising enhances recall of the ad, but only when sex is appropriate to the product category being advertised.
Sex in advertising may also elicit emotional responses from the audience, but marketers must be very careful here.
The topic of sex in advertising is one where more research certainly needs to be done.
www.marketing.hmcanada.com /faq.html   (1167 words)

 Sex in Advertising   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
There can be no doubt that we live in a culture surrounded by sex daily.
Sex appeal is one of the most widely used techniques in advertising.
It has to work to some degree or else no advertising agencies would bother to come up with these commercials and ads with sex appeal.
www.angelfire.com /celeb/ratin/health/sexadvertising.html   (143 words)

 The balance of fashion and sex in advertising | Annotate
Neither of the articles answer the question of whether sex sells in fashion, but looking at the overall success of Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, and the teen-sex throbbing retailer, Abercrombie and Fitch, it’s hard to say that sexual images doesn’t help.
The connection is not made to the brand because the focus is so strong on the sex," said the Iowa State University professor of marketing and consumer behavior…Two University of North Carolina researchers found in 2004 that there is a "disgust" factor, a degree of anti-consumerism from people turned off by the sexual overload.
Yes, sex attracts a reader’s eye to your page, but if you are not highlighting your product, how can you attract or even correlate a brand image to something that is not even given focus to.
journalism.nyu.edu /pubzone/annotate/node/327   (591 words)

 Sex in Advertising | Lesson
To introduce students to the use and prevalence of sexuality in advertising.
When sexuality is used in advertising, certain values and attitudes towards sex are being 'sold' to consumers along with the products.
However, in recent years we have begun to see young men portrayed in a similar manner, though you are still more likely to see women sexualized in advertisements.
www.media-awareness.ca /english/resources/educational/lessons/secondary/ethics/sex_in_advertising.cfm   (745 words)

 Sex In Advertising
In the U.K., HeadlightVision Ltd., a unit of WPP Group Plc, which is the world's second-largest advertising company, this year produced a study showing the saturation of sexual imagery in advertising had become a turn-off for young consumers.
Companies and advertisers felt unrestrained in using as much sex as they wanted to in their marketing campaigns.
A poster commissioned to mark the 100th anniversary of the subway was found to contain numerous plugs placed by its designer for the Church of Scientology.
www.frankwbaker.com /sex_in_advertising.htm   (1267 words)

 Sex in Advertising
This guide is an introduction to the research process that, while not being an exhaustive list of information resources available, should be helpful in getting started in your research about sex in advertising.
Below you will find pointers to suggested research terms about sex in advertising, materials in the library catalog about sex in advertising, websites relevant to sex in advertising, and links to library databases that contain information about sex in advertising.
Policy statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), detailing the effects of various types of advertising on children and adolescents.
library.smc.edu /research/topics/sex_in_advertising.htm   (705 words)

 Free Essays - Sex In Advertising
The use of sex in advertising has become a major selling method in the
advertising is now a major area of ethical concern, though surprisingly little
Advertisers use of sex appeals has grown and become widely present throughout
www.freeessays.tv /a654.htm   (315 words)

 University of Alabama News
After that, more than half of the book is allocated to descriptions of sex in recent campaigns for soft drinks, alcohol, intimates, designer clothing, fragrances and most recently, condoms, breast cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and public service announcements.
Reichert not only tracks the history of sex in advertising, but also explores the many factors that make the link between sex and our consumer culture so successful.
Reichert’s sex in advertising topic isn’t one that usually is discussed openly.
uanews.ua.edu /anews2003/jul03/advbook071403.htm   (571 words)

 Advertising, Public Relations and Propaganda (Yale Research Guide for Mass Media and Popular Culture)
Opposing the trends toward intrusive advertising (such as in schools, at movie theaters, on the phone, and through email spam), this site offers guidance in how to limit or prevent such ads and write complaint letters.
There is also an archive of outdoor advertising from 1992 to the present.
The Eisner Museum is an interactive educational center focusing on advertising and design, and their impact on our culture.
www.library.yale.edu /humanities/media/advertising-and-pr.html   (1001 words)

 CAFS-About US
The students or teacher collect a number of advertisements showing men and women.
Explain to students that advertisers use specific techniques to get consumers to buy their products.
Technique: Advertisements suggest that people who use a certain product aren't afraid to take risks and aren't worried about others' opinions.
education.indiana.edu /cas/tt/v1i3/advertising.html   (256 words)

 Sex in Advertising: Does it Sell? - Advertising
Sex in advertising has stirred controversy for many years, an advertiser must be careful when incorporating it in a campaign.
Sex sells, yes, but only when used "in good taste." As marketers we must think not only in getting customers' attention for the short term, but also in building a brand reputation that will yield long-term results.
Text Adverts are a form of low cost advertising used by website owners to promote their website and services to a quality targeted audience.Online advertising offers an outstanding opportunity to efficiently and effectively target your desired audience.
www.wetalkadvertising.com /12040.php   (1936 words)

Taking a look at many of today's movies, there seems to be a mix of movies that use sex in their advertising and those which don't.
While Titanic did not use sex to advertise it's rise to the top of the highest grossing film list, American Beauty did use sex in it's advertising.
There are pokes at sex, such as Princess Leia's slave costume in Return of the Jedi, and kissing between the main characters.
www.nku.edu /~issues/sexinadvertising/movies.htm   (516 words)

 Argumentative Persuasive Topics -- Humor Should Replace Sex in Media Advertising
Two effective methods of catching the eyes of the consumer are the use of either sexual attraction or humor as a focal point of an advertisement.
For the past few decades, sex has been a consistent means of selling products, while humor has just recently become a major advertising technique.
The two popular phrases, "sex sells" and "the shortest distance between two people is a good laugh," can definitely be used to characterize the majority of advertising in the 1990s.
www.123helpme.com /preview.asp?id=6427   (1622 words)

 Amazon.com: The Erotic History of Advertising: Books: Tom Reichert   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Reichert, a University of Alabama advertising professor, unearthed these tidbits and others in the course of researching this entertaining and fairly comprehensive history of the use of sex in American advertising over the past 150 years.
At first, this research may seem unnecessary, since the sex and advertising are so inextricably intertwined.
Although Reichert doesn't delve fully into the social ramifications of the constant rise of and backlash against overt sexuality in advertising or how the ads are targeted differently at men and women, he provides a fun, accessible survey of a subject everyone's familiar with.
www.amazon.com /Erotic-History-Advertising-Tom-Reichert/dp/1591020859   (1027 words)

 DOES SEX IN ADVERTISING SELL?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
The controversy is whether the use of sexual advertising is offensive to the general public.
The purpose of advertising is to convince people that products are of use to them in one way or another.
The use of sex in multimedia is seen by some as unacceptable and in poor taste.
www.nku.edu /~issues/sexinadvertising/homepage.htm   (227 words)

 Talking History: Shows from 2002
Women have long been the central image of advertising and commercials -- both because of their role as consumers and because sex sells.
This week we speak with Charles Sable of the Eisner Museum of Advertising and Design about the history of women in advertising.
This week we look at sex in the heartland -- in Kansas, to be more specific -- during the 1960s.
talkinghistory.oah.org /arch2002.html   (3825 words)

 [No title]
Whether it is used to shock the viewer, or used so subtly that it goes straight to your subconcious, sex is being used in more ways than you may realize.
This lesson introduces you to the various ways sex is used in advertising and media.
This lesson delves more deeply into the role of race, culture, ethnicity, and class in the meaning of "sex." It also stresses the importance of sensitivity to cross-cultural variations in what is acceptable to show in advertising.
www.ed2go.com /pix/aoc/30.html   (687 words)

 Dvorak Uncensored » No More Sex In Advertising???
Advertisers will always sell sex, ’cause it works.
Without sex in advertising, there’s no reason for advertising.
A retrospective, finally, for a neglected Italian artist - The first solo exhibition of Annibale Carracci is being held in Bologna, showing the originality and diversity of this 16th-century master.
www.dvorak.org /blog/?p=5295   (849 words)

 Marketers continue to use more sex in advertising and for a greater range of products   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Marketers continue to use more sex in advertising and for a greater range of products.
Traditionally items such as designer clothes, and alcohol were associated with sex appeal.
Now advertisers use sex to sell products that have nothing to do with sex appeal.
astro.temple.edu /~tua09323/sexinads.htm   (111 words)

 23x.net: Using sex in advertising
A chunk of fun links, trawled from the intarweb by Jared, with Scott and Spadge.
Using sex in advertising has never been done so blatantly as by Sex Packing.
"Using sex in advertising" posted at 23/10/2006 06:28:37 PM by Jared.
www.23x.net /link/3737/Using_sex_in_advertising   (40 words)

 Adrants » The Trouble With Sex in Advertising
The trouble with sex in advertising is the same as in life: it only lasts so long.
That is the case with the Jenna Jameson ads for Pony sneakers.Seems the audience can only maintain a "heightened state of awareness" for the brand before...well, as I said, sex only lasts so long.
The sneaker manufacturer has decided the party is over and has hired Crispin Porter & Bogusky to re-launch it's brand sans Jameson.
www.adrants.com /2003/05/the-trouble-with-sex-in-advertising.php   (190 words)

 Sex in Advertising FastEssay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Every good story should begin with an attention getter and what better way then to mention sex.
Advertisers want to grab the audiences’ attention and by using sex in advertisements, it creates desire and stimulation for a product.
Read any magazine, watch any TV channel, shop in supermarket, walk down the street or even stand under a bus stand, and there will be sexual symbols in advertising.
www.fastessay.com /viewpaper.php?request=2466   (88 words)

 Gay Orbit » Sex in Gay Advertising™
Ever notice that when people want to sell products to gay men, they immediately seem to think the best way to do it is to slap a couple half-naked (or totally naked) guys into their advertising?
I hate to think so, but I’m inclined to agree with him that most of us probably are.
And until we stop defining ourselves in terms of sex alone, why the heck should we expect anyone else to?
gayorbit.net /index.php?p=475   (317 words)

 Moopuna: Term Papers on Sex In Advertising
Sex in advertising has been the theme of much 20th Century American
The objectives of any company using the concept of using "Sex" in it's
The mission of this type of advertising is to
www.moopuna.com /a683.htm   (342 words)

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