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Topic: Sftp

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Reed College | CIS | SFTP
SFTP is a protocol for working with remote files.
SFTP by contrast is secure, and is a rapidly growing remote connection standard.
SFTP can also be used through a UNIX command line, such as the OS X Terminal or Windows PuTTY (more information on these programs can be found at the UNIX help page).
web.reed.edu /cis/help/sftp.html   (1021 words)

 ssh suite: Sftp, scp and ssh-agent LG #63
Sftp and scp do not require any dedicated daemon since the two programs connect to sshd servers.
Sftp uses ssh2 in data connections, so the file transport is as secure as possible.
Since sftp use encryption there is drawback: the connection is slower (about a factor of 2-3 to my experience), but this point is of marginal interest considering the great security benefits.
linuxgazette.net /issue64/dellomodarme.html   (1253 words)

 /n software inc. - SFTP Adapters for Microsoft BizTalk
SFTP (which should not be confused with FTP, FTPS, or FTP over SSH) is the SSH File Transfer Protocol.
One common situation in which the SFTP adapter might be used is one where files dropped in a local folder need to be sent to a remote server.
Another common situation in which the SFTP adapter might be used is one where files dropped in a folder on a remote SFTP folder need to be retrieved in a BizTalk orchestration or passthrough configuration so that these remote files can be used locally or automatically transferred elsewhere.
www.nsoftware.com /kb/tutorials/biztalksftpadapter.aspx   (2524 words)

 RFC 913 (rfc913) - Simple File Transfer Protocol
SFTP can be implemented with any reliable 8-bit byte stream oriented protocol, this document describes its TCP specification.
SFTP commands sent to the remote server are always 4 ASCII letters (of any case) followed by a space, the argument(s), and a .
SFTP is supposed to be able to be work over any reliable 8-bit data stream.
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc913.html   (2448 words)

 WinSCP :: Supported Transfer Protocols
SFTP is mostly operated as subsystem of SSH-2.
SFTP is a newer and more modern protocol, designed to perform in a manner similar to FTP.
Do not confuse SFTP (based on SSH) with FTPS/Secure FTP (based on SSL); they are distinct protocols which do not interoperate.
winscp.net /eng/docs/protocols   (743 words)

 Accessing Files Using sftp
Essentially, sftp is a drop-in replacement for the standard command-line ftp client, but with ssh authentication.
The first time you connect to sftp.cae.wisc.edu, sftp will report that "The authenticity of the host 'sftp.cae.wisc.edu' can't be established." This means that sftp doesn't have sftp.cae.wisc.edu in its database of known hosts.
Many commands sftp uses are similar to the Unix shell commands for navigating files and directories, with a few small changes.
www.cae.wisc.edu /site/public/?title=linux-sftp   (792 words)

 SSH file transfer protocol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SFTP attempts to be more platform-independent than SCP; for instance, with SCP, the expansion of wildcards specified by the client was up to the server, whereas SFTP's design avoids this problem.
SFTP is most often used as subsystem of SSH protocol version 2 implementations, having been designed by the same working group.
In SILC the SFTP data is not protected with SSH but SILC's secure packet protocol is used to encapsulate the SFTP data into SILC packet and to deliver it peer-to-peer.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/SSH_file_transfer_protocol   (520 words)

 SFTP Man Page
sftp is an interactive file transfer program, similar to ftp, which performs all operations over an encrypted ssh(1) transport.
A path is useful for using sftp over protocol version 1, or when the remote sshd does not have an sftp subsys- tem configured.
Once in interactive mode, sftp understands a set of commands similar to those of ftp.
www.eos.ncsu.edu /remoteaccess/man/sftp.html   (629 words)

 SFTP - Willipedia
Fugu is a free SFTP client for Mac OS X that can be downloaded from UMichigan.
A second popular SFTP application for Mac OS X is Cyberduck, which is available as a free download from Apple.
If you'd like to use a graphical SFTP client but are using a machine that prohibits you from downloading and installing applications, WSO hosts a Java based SFTP web applet that can be run from any Java enabled system.
wso.williams.edu /wiki/index.php/SFTP   (308 words)

 SFTP -- Secure File Transfer Protocol   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
It uses FTP commands to transfer files securely between accounts, whether the accounts are on the same machine or on different machines, including your home computer, if it is properly configured.
Let's say you were on your account "jbond" and you wanted to transfer a file to an account drno on mi5.ucsd.edu.
While the version of SFTP that you are using will vary from machine to machine, here are some of the common commands, along with a brief definition
acs.ucsd.edu /info/sftp.php   (501 words)

 Sftp for win32   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The sftp packaged with openssh is more than adequate.
If you want to setup sftp to allow logins and to ftp INTO your win32 box, then you are going to need the full cygwin setup.
Cygwin is now complete enough to not require any patches to the sftp source.
www.dpinson.com /software/sftp/index.php   (121 words)

 File Transfers via SFTP
SFTP is one of several file transfer methods that is supported by the RCF.
Since sftp is an Ssh 2 command, you need one of the Ssh 2 clients that provides the sftp client program.
sftp is a functional clone of ftp so if you know how to use ftp you know the rudiments of sftp.
www.rhic.bnl.gov /RCF/UserInfo/Facilities/DataTransfer/NetworkTransfers/SFTP.shtml   (165 words)

 SFTP ActiveX Client OCX/DLL, SCP Client, SFTP Component (VB, VC, Delphi, ASP, VBS) - WeOnlyDo! Software
SFTP is not just some "FTP over SSH" wrapper - it is newer protocol, supported by all SSH2 servers as their subsystem.
SFTP protocol is designed to provide primarily file transfer, but also more general file system access on the remote server - in secure manner.
SFTP protocol assumes it is running on secure channel (secure channel is implemented in wodSFTP), thus no plaintext passwords, file or directory contents, or any other information is exposed to the network.
www.weonlydo.com /index.asp?showform=SFTP   (685 words)

 IP*Works! SFTP Component : SFTP OCX, SFTP .NET Component, SFTP Class, SFTP Bean, SFTP Object
The SFTP component can be used to transfer files to and from an SSH server's SFTP subsystem.
The SFTP component implements a standard SFTP client with the ability to transfer files to and from an SSH server's SFTP subsystem.
NOTE: the SFTP protocol is a subsystem of SSH 2.0 and is entirely separate from the FTP protocol specified in RFC 959 and RFC 1579.
www.nsoftware.com /products/component/?c=SFTP&sku=   (845 words)

sftp connects and logs into the specified host, then enters an interactive command mode.
This is useful for specifying options for which there is no separate sftp command- line flag.
A path is useful for using sftp over protocol version 1, or when the remote sshd does not have an sftp subsystem configured.
amath.colorado.edu /computing/software/man/sftp.html   (731 words)

 SFTP - LQWiki
In short, when transferring files over the Internet, SCP and SFTP are far superior to the older, unencrypted methods of file transfer.
Files on an SFTP server may be used directly by any program if mounted using sshfs.
SFTP has some new commands the normal FTP client doesn't have, like chown, chgrp, lpwd (local pwd command), lmkdir (local mkdir command), ln (make symlink), and many others.
wiki.linuxquestions.org /wiki/SFTP   (239 words)

If you experience trouble connecting with sftp, examine your.login and/or.cshrc files, or send an email to including the error messages you received and the contents of your.login and.cshrc files.
SFTP will work to any standard Andrew UNIX host, including the unix.andrew pool of machines.
Fugu SFTP is designed so you can quickly connect to a remote server by entering the name of the server or its Internet address in the Hostname field on the Fugu Open Connection window.
www.cmu.edu /computing/documentation/ssh/usingFUGUMacosx.html   (565 words)

 sftp (Linux Reviews)
In such cases, it is usually necessary to configure public key authentication to obviate the need to enter a password at connection time (see sshd(8) and ssh-keygen1 for details).
Connect directly to a local sftp server (rather than via ssh(1)).
A path is useful for using sftp over protocol version 1, or when the remote sshd(8) does not have an sftp subsystem configured.
linuxreviews.org /man/sftp   (845 words)

 University Computing Service: File Transfer using SFTP
SFTP can be used for transfers between two systems on which you have accounts (e.g.
SFTP cannot be used for anonymous FTP (transfers from a publicly available system not requiring a user identifier or password).
SFTP does not have certain of the FTP facilities but many of these are provided by the ssh command instead, as explained later.
www.cam.ac.uk /cs/filetransfer/sftp.html   (704 words)

 SFTP Server
Secure File Transfer (SFTP) is a ftp-like transfer of files that uses the secure ssh2 data communications.
Environment variables are expanded when the sftp session is created so they can be used in the directory specified in the gui configuration.
This allows the sftp server to traverse to any directory in the system (provided the logged on user has valid permissions on the filesystem).
www.pragmasys.com /Fortress/WebHelp/html/sftp-server.htm   (486 words)

 SFTP (Secure File Transfer) - OIT - UMass Amherst
SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) has replaced FTP (File Transfer Protocol) as the means of transferring files to and from OITUNIX.
Unlike FTP, SCP and SFTP applications encrypt all data transmitted between a computer and a remote host, including your password.
SFTP clients, for Windows and Macintosh, are available for download at no cost to UMass students, faculty and staff from our Supported Software and Downloads pages or from their manufacturers' Web sites.
www.oit.umass.edu /sftp   (258 words)

 University of Vermont
SFTP allows you to transfer files from your local computer to a remote server in a secure fashion.
In order to use SFTP, the server you are connecting to must support the SSH v2 protocol.
You will find that the SFTP client is very powerful, allowing you to set default directory and file permissions, set file transfer modes, perform multiple simultaneous uploads/downloads, queue actions, and to navigate easily thought the server file system.
www.uvm.edu /cit/ssh/?Page=./SFTP_Win_SSH.html   (535 words)

 FreshPorts -- ftp/sftp
When sftp is run and a host is connected to (either by running 'sftp remotehost' or 'open remotehost' from the sftp prompt), an ssh connection is initiated to the remote host, and sftpserv is run.
From within sftp, all of the normal ftp commands are present: open, close, get, put, mget, mput, cd, ls, dir, lcd, delete, rm, pwd, quit.
When building sftp, a link is made to rsftp, which uses rsh instead of ssh.
www.freshports.org /ftp/sftp   (587 words)

 FTP Reference Manual UCRL-WEB-201534
Secure FTP (SFTP) is a modified client that does encrypt all the files that it sends for greater safety.
SFTP clients present a different user dialog than do standard FTP clients on LC machines.
SFTP software is supposed to automatically detect ASCII and BINARY files on arrival and transfer them in the appropriate mode, but you cannot force the mode if inappropriate transfers occur.
www.llnl.gov /LCdocs/ftp/index.jsp?key=sftp   (520 words)

 Manpage of SFTP
sftp is an interactive file transfer program, similar to ftp(1), which performs all operations over an encrypted ssh(1) transport.
Batch mode reads a series of commands from an input batchfile instead of stdin Since it lacks user interaction it should be used in conjunction with non-interactive authentication.
Once in interactive mode, sftp understands a set of commands similar to those of ftp(1).
www.fifi.org /cgi-bin/man2html?sftp+1   (560 words)

 Software on C&C Computers - SFTP
SFTP -- Secure File Transfer Protocol -- is a protocol that allows files to be securely transferred between two computers on the Internet.
SFTP replaces the older, insecure, FTP for file transfer situations and is now required for the computers listed above.
When the sftp command connects to the other computer, it will prompt for a login name and password before displaying the sftp> prompt again.
www.washington.edu /computing/software/clusters/sftp   (283 words)

 SFTP Plug-in for Eclipse
SFTP Plug-in for Eclipse will add the SFTP support to Eclipse.
SFTP Team provider allows you to synchronize files and directories between the workspace and a remote location as WebDAV and FTP support for Eclipse does, but by using ssh2 sftp protocol.
SFTP cliet is using Eclipse's internal SSH client,JSch.
www.jcraft.com /eclipse-sftp   (260 words)

 RPC2 User Guide and Reference Manual: SFTP: A Side Effect for Bulk Data Transfer
SFTP is a protocol that allows a byte stream to be transferred efficiently from point A to point B, using optimizations such as streaming for large files and piggybacking for small files.
An example of an RPC subsystem which uses SFTP is given in the following section.
The client-server code using SFTP is very similar to that of an RPC which does not use SFTP.
www.coda.cs.cmu.edu /doc/html/rpc2_manual-5.html   (670 words)

 SFTP Category
Users will not be able to access folders or files that do not reside in a SFTP root to which they have access.
An SFTP Root that has an invalid path (one that doesn't exist, for example) will not be accessible to any users.
The Add and Edit buttons open the SFTP Root Path dialog where you can add or edit SFTP root paths and configure the users and groups assigned to them.
www.vandyke.com /products/vshell/docs/windows/SFTP_Category.htm   (466 words)

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