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Topic: Shaak Ti

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal
Shaak Ti and a large group of clones are captured and imprisoned on the swampy planet of Dagu, which is controlled by Artel Darc, one of Count Dooku's Dark Jedi.
She is presumed to be among the casualties of the subsequent raid of the Jedi Temple, however her appearance in The Force Unleashed disples this notion, another theory is that she somehow survives the resulting extermination of the Jedi, and exiles herself to the jungle planet of Felucia.
Shaak Ti is to appear in the up-coming game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, on the planet of Felucia, along with several rancor under her control.
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Shaak_Ti   (1021 words)

 Shaak Ti - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Shaak Ti survived the onslaught of Separatist battle droids and went on to command the forces of the Grand Army of the Republic.
Shaak Ti’s skill in hand to hand combat is believed to be a tribute of sorts to Orli Shoshan, who served in the Israeli military as part of the Israeli defense force and is a well versed hand-to-hand and melee weapons fighter.
Shaak Ti's physical skills were critical in the defense of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine during the Battle of Coruscant, during which Shaak Ti buys time for Palpatine's escape from Grievous and his MagnaGuards by battling the entire group with her lightsaber, an electrostaff, and her bare hands.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Shaak_Ti   (2688 words)

 FanFiction.Net - Shaak Ti's Journals Order 66, a Star Wars fanfic
Shaak Ti’s eyes widened as she looked towards the window, it wasn’t troopers repelling on grapple lines, it wasn’t jet troopers, but one huge craft outlined on the night sky by the flames roaring in the lower section of the temple.
Shaak Ti dove to the side as massive bolts of green plasma slammed into the wall behind her shattering it to rubble.
Shaak Ti shouted something but her words were droned out as the overwhelming rattle of Veta’s chain gun now filled the air.
www.fanfiction.net /s/2839575/1   (3666 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Ti, Shaak
Shaak Ti was one of the 200 Jedi that traveled to Geonosis on a mission to rescue captives from the growing Separatist forces.
Shaak Ti continued to serve on the Jedi Council throughout the Clone Wars.
Shaak Ti was believed to be killed in the onslaught.
www.starwars.com /databank/character/shaakti   (200 words)

 Women Jedi: Shaak Ti   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Shaak Ti was one of the 200 Jedi that traveled to Geonosis on a mission to rescue captives from the growing Separatist forces.
Shaak Ti was a notable exception to the communal-minded Togruta in that she preferred to operate alone.
Shaak Ti has trained two Padawans in her career as a Jedi Master, but sadly saw both of them fall victim to criminal killers shortly after their passing of the Jedi trials.
www.u.arizona.edu /~memcinto/jedi/shaak.htm   (278 words)

 Dead Jedi: Shaak Ti
Apparently, Shaak Ti was one of the Jedi responsible for protecting the Chancellor and last they heard, she was still with him.
The way it's supposed to happen is that the Jedi are making their way through the ship, come across Shaak Ti, witness her murder, become grim, realize they are outnumbered and then cut their way through the floor to escape Grievous and his droids, which leads into another cut scene discussed here.
The death of Shaak Ti was one of those cuts and the mentions of her beforehand were all removed to cover the tracks.
www.starwarz.com /tbone/plugins/p2_news/printarticle.php?p2_articleid=307   (796 words)

 OAFE - Star Wars: Shaak Ti review
Jedi Master Shaak Ti is an esteemed member of the Jedi Council and serves as a General in the Clone Wars.
Shaak Ti proved to be quite the competent Jedi, facing General Greivous several times and, while she may not have exactly been victorious in those encounters, she still managed to walk away.
You can attach Shaak Ti's lightsaber to her belt (once you remove the blade, of course) or have her wield it in her right hand - not left hand, since there's no articulation.
www.oafe.net /yo/sw3st.php   (714 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Ti, Shaak
The conceptual illustrations of Shaak Ti by artists Dermot Power and Iain McCaig included her rubicund complexion as well as her intricately patterned and layered brocade.
Her spirit broken, Shaak Ti apologizes for her failure, right before she is stabbed in the back and killed by Grievous.
During additional photography of Episode III in Shepperton Studios, a scene of Anakin Skywalker killing Shaak Ti was photographed for the sequence of events taking place in the besieged Jedi Temple.
www.starwars.com /databank/character/shaakti/?id=bts   (316 words)

 Star Wars Generation 1 | Encyclopédie | Shaak Ti
Shaak Ti Shaak Ti est une femelle Togruta venant de Shili.
Shaak Ti est differente des autres Togruta car les membres de cette espece ont une conscience basée vers la collectivitée et Shaak Ti preferait toujours agir seule.
Shaak Ti utilisa ses talents de persuasion sur la tueuse afin qu’elle puisse se rendre; Mais elle voulait surtout que Lyshaa utilise ses talents de Zeltron pour convaincre Shogar Tok de se rendre.
www.swg1.net /encyclo/voir_fiche_in.php?fiche=263   (941 words)

 FanFiction.Net - The Diaries of Shaak Ti, a Star Wars fanfic
What follows is the journals of my favorite Jedi Master, Shaak Ti, told during the glory age of the Old Republic, before the Blockade of Naboo.
I intend to do my best to live up to what few details are given about Shaak Ti in the Expanded Universe.
I hope those who read this enjoyed it, if you like Shaak Ti then stay tuned, if you like the Old Republic and tales of the old Jedi Order, stay tuned.
www.fanfiction.net /s/2375472/1   (746 words)

 Le Système Galactique JDR
Shaak Ti Le Maître Shaak Ti est une légendaire membre du Conseil Jedi.
Le Togruta Jedi a été impliqué dans beaucoup de conflits épiques pendant la Guerre des Clones, y compris la bataille de Géonosis, où elle a combattus aux côtés de deux cents Jedi pour sauver Kenobi, Skywalker et la sénatrice Amidala des prises des Séparatistes et du Comte Dooku.
Shaak Ti réussit à échapper à l'Ordre 66, et ce, malgré le fait qu'elle soit dans le temple Jedi au moment de l'attaque de Vador.
www.sg-jdr.com   (1863 words)

Shaak Ti was a notable exception to the communal-minded Togruta in that she preferred to operate alone.
haak Ti has trained two Padawan's in her career as a Jedi Master, but sadly saw both of them fall victim to criminal killers shortly after their passing of the Jedi trials.
She was one of the 200 Jedi that traveled to Geonosis on a mission to rescue captives from the growing Separatist forces.
massassi.yavin4.com /sw/c_shaak.htm   (177 words)

 12 inch Shaak Ti and Grievous action figures - Another Toy Review by Michael Crawford, Captain Toy
Shaak Ti may not be as good as the Sideshow bodies out there, but for a twenty-dollar Hasbro figure, she’s got plenty.
Shaak Ti comes with her lightsaber hilt, a removable blade, and some sort of stand.
I have to say Shaak Ti is pretty solid all around from her construction to her clothes.
www.mwctoys.com /REVIEW_052005b.htm   (3317 words)

 The Jedi Council
Shaak Ti, a notable exception to the communal-minded Togruta, preferred to operate alone.
However, ignoring Shaak Ti's insisting, repeated claims that she did not seek vengeance, the woman committed suicide shortly after the battle.
During the Battle of Geonosis, Shaak Ti was dispatched to the Arena, where she fought valiantly with many members of the Jedi Order in the rescue of fellow Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, and Senator Padme Amidala.
anakinskywalker.homeip.net /TheJediCouncil.php   (4774 words)

Shaak Ti was one of the 200 Jedi sent to Geonosis to fight the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and one of the few survivors.
While on the planet, Shaak Ti found a prison in which were being held Sagoro Autem, a former Senate guard, Korto Vos, who was once Jedi Quinlan Vos, and Lyshaa, who had killed her Padawan.
Towards the end of the war, Shaak Ti was one of the Jedi tasked with protecting Supreme Chancellor Palpatine during the invasion of Coruscant.
profile.myspace.com /index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=30112734   (1306 words)

 TheForce.Net - Comics - Star Wars: Jedi - Shaak Ti
General Shaak Ti, with only one clone trooper left, finds unexpected reinforcements when she comes upon a prison complex and promises to free the prisoners if they would help her.
She plays an important role, though, by revealing a bit of Shaak Ti's past, namely that she once had a Padawan named Fe Sun, and then by seducing the Sepratist commander thus allowing Shaak to mind-control him.
But on the last page, Shaak starts to ponder about what freedom really is, given that she just "liberated" a planet by forcing a government they didn't want on the populace.
www.theforce.net /comics/darkhorse/cp_jedi-shaak.asp   (665 words)

 Star Wars: Blogs | Star Wars Girl At Heart | Are Shaak Ti and Ki-Adi-Mundi In Love?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When I was on the part of after the conflict on Hypori and noticed something strange between Shaak Ti and Ki-Adi-Mundi.
I noticed that when he saw Shaak Ti unconscious, he took her hand and held it.
Shaak Ti's wise, beautiful, spirited, kind-hearted, and cunning.
blogs.starwars.com /starwarsgirl01/20   (188 words)

 Shaak Ti shipping   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I hear Shaak Ti is shipping (yay!) on the 14th of May! Seems like forever since I drew it...
Shaak Ti was beautifully drawn in all the scenes, her eyes wer every captivating I though (as if they were real).
It shipped so late that I think lots of readers lost track of it which is kind of sad--I think it was a very cool story and I think Shaak ti herself is an amazing and complex character both visually and spiritually.
www.comicscommunity.com /boards/janduursema/?frames=n;read=1939&expand=1   (1391 words)

 Star Wars: Cargo Bay | Jedi -- Shaak Ti
Among the Jedi, Master Shaak Ti is known as a peacemaker; the calm voice of reason.
But caught on the ground on war-torn Brentaal IV with a rapidly dwindling platoon of clone troopers, Shaak Ti is forced to go on the offensive!
To accomplish the task, Shaak Ti will accept whatever help she can get--even that of a killer convicted of murdering Ti's former pupil!
cargobay.starwars.com /webapps/cargobay/item-detail/9252   (124 words)

 eToys: Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith: Shaak Ti Action Figure from Hasbro
Jedi Master Shaak Ti is an esteemed member of the Jedi Council and serves as a General in the Clone Wars.
Like all Togruta, she has long head-tails called lekku that have protective pigmentation patterns.
Shaak ti would be perfect for any star wars fan
www.etoys.com /genProduct.html?PID=4012899&ctid=17   (311 words)

 Gentle Giant Collectors.com: The #1 Source for all things Gentle Giant!
We also contacted Gentle Giant about the rumors that the Shaak Ti and Aayla Secura may have light up sabers and we have confirmed with GG that they will not light up.
We can now confirm that the Shaak Ti and Aayla Secura are indeed on the way.
Both Shaak Ti and Aayla Secura have been rumored to be the next mini busts we see up for pre-sale at our favorite online stores.
www.gentlegiantcollectors.com   (1365 words)

 Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith Movie Easter Egg : Shaak Ti's Lightsaber?
Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith - Shaak Ti's Lightsaber?
Here you will see General Greivious kill Shaak Ti.
A few moments later Greivious holds up the lightsaber and it is none other than LUKE SKYWALKERS!
www.eeggs.com /items/47049.html   (450 words)

Since I know there’s two or three SciFi-nerds reading this blog, I will post this amazing rendition of one of the sexiest Jedi-Masters ever (Shyeah, like, as if Yoda could run for this title).
I am looking forward to working with you.
Without further ado, here she is - Master Shaak Ti in all her glory!
www.perlnerd.de   (722 words)

 Jedi Council Forums - Jedi: Shaak Ti - Catspaw
There was some confusion as to when this was shipping and I can't find the thread where it was mentioned...
They say JEDI Shaak Ti is shipping on May 14th.
I bet Wild Karrde and Amidala Starkiller were waiting with baited breath to be the first announcer.
boards.theforce.net /Literature/b10003/11641863   (993 words)

 Shaak Ti @ starwarsjedidivas.bravehost.com - A Bravenet.com Hosted Site
She was a member of thejedi Council in the years leading up to the Clone Wars, replacing Yaddle.
A survivor of the Battle of Geonosis Shaak Ti was one of the Jedi to confront General Grievous on the planet Hypory, alongside Ki Adi Mundi, Aayla Secura, K'Kruhk, Daakman Barrek, Tarr Seirr and Sha'a Gi Although she survived that conflict, she was injured.
She would later face Grievous again when she, Roron Corobb and Foul Moudama tried in vain to protect Chancellor Palpatine at the start of the Battle of Coruscant as shown in the TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars
starwarsjedidivas.bravehost.com /shaak.html   (188 words)

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