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Topic: Shaft 1971 movie

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  Blaxploitation Video at Video Hills.com
Like most sequals, this movie is not of the same caliber of the original Cleopatra Jones.
Shaft's Big Score is a decent sequel, but the pacing is a bit slow at times.
I saw this movie the one and only time when I was eight in the theatre and I remember the entire...
www.video-hills.com /Blaxploitation-301590_1.htm   (769 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Shaft (1971 movie)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Shaft is a 1971 blaxploitation film which tells the story of a detective, John Shaft, who travels through Harlem and to the Italian mob in order to find the missing daughter of a fl mobster.
Shaft is always a model of reticence, although he becomes more voluble when a pair of hired guns jump him in his office and he is forced to throw one out of the window (he's not on the ground floor!).
Shaft is a 1971 film used as a model for blaxploitation films, but many debate whether it actually falls under the category of blaxploitation itself.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Shaft-(1971-movie)   (1134 words)

  Shaft (1971 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Shaft is a 1971 film used as a model for blaxploitation films, but many debate whether it actually falls under the category of blaxploitation itself.
The movie was adapted by Ernest Tidyman and John D. Black from Tidyman's 1971 novel of the same name.
Shaft's character embodied standard movie-detective coolness, but brought it to a new level by adding pronounced flness.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shaft_(1971_movie)   (545 words)

 Shaft (2000 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Shaft is a 2000 movie that was directed by John Singleton.
John Shaft is called in to investigate a racially motivated murder by Walter Wade Jr.
Shaft must,with the help of his fellow detective Carmen Vasquez (Vanessa L. Williams), do battle with Wade, Peoples and a host of corrupt officers to find and protect the witness and bring Wade to justice.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shaft_(2000_movie)   (266 words)

 SHAFT (1971 MOVIE) : Encyclopedia Entry
Shaft being clued in by Vic after the shooting, that Shaft himself was the target of the shooting, not Ben as previously thought.
Shaft takes over the bar from the bartender, calls the cops without them knowing, and breaks a bottle of scotch over the head of one of the hoods when he spits in Shaft's face.
Shafts plan is to cause a distraction with an explosive thrown through the window of Marcy's room while Ben and his men come down the hall and deal with the Mafia men as they leave their rooms.
www.bibleocean.com /OmniDefinition/Shaft_%281971_movie%29   (1586 words)

 Shaft - Review - Movie Tome
That Shaft is the granddaddy of them all, not just because it was the first of its kind, but also because Roundtree showed not that he was a proud fl man living in a white world, but that he was a proud man living in the world.
Shaft is pissed of course, especially when Bale phones him from the slopes in Switzerland, and vows to catch this guy.
Shaft is still a police officer, but talking about quitting and joining his Uncle John (Richard Roundtree, the original Shaft) as a private detective, and hot on the tail of a Hispanic drug dealer named Peoples Hernandez (brilliantly rendered by Basquiat’s Jeffrey Wright).
www.movietome.com /movietome/servlet/Review/reviewid-79/Shaft   (1404 words)

 Shaft (Movie - 1971) | Movie Review | Entertainment Weekly
Shaft, directed by John Singleton from a script he cowrote with Shane Salerno and Richard Price, is a sequel/tribute to the most famous blaxploitation picture of them all, yet if you watch the original Shaft now, it all but goes to sleep after the opening credits.
Released in 1971, Shaft was a significant hit, and it proved instrumental in opening the door to the meaner, funkier, less varnished inner-city flamboyance of films like Superfly, The Mack, and the rowdy kick-butt oeuvre of Pam Grier.
Shaft, the fl cop, knows that the (white) system is rigged to protect people like Wade, the son of a real estate magnate.
www.ew.com /ew/article/0,,276535,00.html   (897 words)

 Shaft (1971)
John Shaft (Roundtree, later of Q and Maniac Cop) is a private detective operating in the seedy concrete jungle of turn-of-the-70’s Harlem, a loner equally antagonistic toward official law enforcement and organized crime.
Shaft refuses (in a manner calculated to annoy the hell out of the uptight and mildly racist Hannon), but Androzzi knows he’ll have other opportunities to finesse the information out of him later.
The next day, Shaft and Buford go to see Bumpy, and the detective confronts Jonas with what he has pieced together: the kidnappers are mafia, and their aim is to use the Jonas girl as a hostage to give them leverage in the coming turf war between them and Bumpy’s mob.
www.1000misspenthours.com /reviews/reviewsn-z/shaft1971.htm   (1439 words)

Shaft (and the movie) had little but contempt for Bumpy, who sold drugs and gambling to fl people, but Bumpy didn't care; he let it all roll off.
The original Shaft hasn't aged well at all; back in 1971, it was received eagerly by a fl audience starving to see themselves in the same sort of action thriller they'd been watching white folks in for decades.
Shaft was a shrewd commercial concoction packaged mainly by whites (Shaft was created by novelist Ernest Tidyman, a white guy) and accepted by fl viewers as a symbol of empowerment.
www.angelfire.com /movies/oc/shaft.html   (776 words)

 Shaft (1971 movie)
Shaft is a 1971 blaxploitation film which tells the story of a detective--John Shaft-- who fights the fl mob, and then the white mob.
There were 7 90-minute movies, part of the New CBS Tuesday Night Movies, rotating with Hawkins, which starred James Stewart.
It was short-lived, as the show toned down the John Shaft character.
www.xasa.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/s/sh/shaft__1971_movie_.html   (309 words)

 Savant Review: Shaft (1971)
John Shaft (Richard Roundtree) is a New York private eye caught in the middle of a turf war between the Mafia and gangster Bumpy (Moses Gunn).
Shaft must hold the record for the number of movie marquees on view in one film; I'd guess it was filmed in late Summer-Early fall with what's playing in downtown Manhattan.
Shaft was as important for its time as were films like For Love of Ivy, which showed that fl actors could be just as charming as whites in a fantasy Doris Day romantic environment.
www.dvdtalk.com /dvdsavant/s129shaft.html   (1299 words)

 JoBlo reviews the movie "Shaft"- Comments1
This is where Shaft's advantages come in, because a complicated plot would have, in a whole, ruined the film.
When Shaft is not beating up the bad guys or chasing them through crowded streets, he starts trouble and makes it a lot of fun to watch.
Shaft is a dynamic hero and a comic relief, one that is very hard to write (at least for most action writers) these days.
www.joblo.com /shaft1.htm   (2142 words)

The movement also demonstrated the changing nature of movie audiences in that its fan base was largely under the age of 30 and disproportionately formed by minority populations.
At a time when American movies were struggling with Vietnam, corruption in high government and rampant political confusion, it was considered a disappointment that Blaxploitation was only able to offer the same clichés found in older detective stories.
It doesn't hurt that Shaft is played by Richard Roundtree, then a model, who was very helpful in creating the embodiment of urban chic with leather jackets, fl turtleneck sweaters and a certain stroll to his step while walking to the pulsing rhythm of Isaac Hayes's theme song.
www.reelinsider.com /shaft71.html   (1400 words)

 Shaft- Reviewed by Joe Soria at The Critic's Homepage
Shaft will cure with one good smack to the head a couple of strong words including fucker and other versions of that word.
The new John Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson) is a different kind of man, the nephew of the original Shaft played by Richard Roundtree.
Shaft is a man who has it all; he represents the perfect man. Even when things are looking down, like when Bale escapes his grasps, he always has his friends to back him up.
buscemifan.tripod.com /reviews/movies2000/shaft.htm   (777 words)

Shaft learns there is a witness to the crime committed by Walter, and he seeks out Diane (Toni Collette).
The 1971 Shaft was known for his macho exploits to include being a ladies man. It appears that Hollywood wants to play it safe and keep sex out of this update.
Shaft in 1971 was right for it's time and the Shaft of 2000 does it one better.
www.reelmoviecritic.com /2000/id118.htm   (1075 words)

 Shaft's Shaft Page
The original movie, Shaft, was released in 1971 and is probably known as the best representative of the genre of movies we call flspoitation.
Shaft's Big Score was the follow up to Shaft and release in 1972.
This movie is supposed to be called Shaft in Dutchland, but I've never seen any real evidence that this movie was actually released.
home.twcny.rr.com /shaft   (294 words)

 Warnas' Movie Academy - reviews - Shaft
Shaft had toen aanzienlijk meer sex dan anno 2000: vrouwen zonken zo gewillig op de knietjes dat het een wonder was dat Shaft nog aan werken toe kwam.
Shaft is niet meer dan een actiefilm vol clichés, al probeert men er dan wat levenslessen over discriminatie en corruptie in te verwerken.
Alle informatie op Warnas' Movie Academy is eigendom van Warnas.net en mag niet op een andere manier worden bekeken, verspreid, geciteerd of gebruikt dan door het bezoeken van deze website, behoudens schriftelijke toestemming van de maker, te bereiken via.
www.warnas.net /reviews/shaft.html   (562 words)

 DVD Review - Shaft   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
"Shaft" is one of the few action thrillers that managed to capture fans of traditional thrillers and those of urban films at the same time.
Shaft teams up with the Black Panthers, a group of underground rebels, and decides to make sure the Italian mobsters understand that there is no room for their games in Harlem.
A direct comparison with the Bond character can never be drawn however, as shaft’s urban setting is entirely different from the exotic locations we get to see in the Bond movies and the fact that Shaft’s ambitions and actions are firmly rooted in reality, working on a much smaller scale.
www.dvdreview.com /fullreviews/shaft.shtml   (1115 words)

The body count is only slightly lower than the Battle of Waterloo's in John Singleton's remake of the 1971 hit "Shaft." To be otherwise would be to disappoint the expectations of young 21st century audiences who have come to see Samuel L. Jackson outdo Richard Roundtree in the original.
But so is Shaft who, without benefit of portfolio, makes it his mission to nail the killer no matter how many people (all guilty) must be incidentally slaughtered along the way.
Under that interpretation of the Second Amendment, cool-cat Shaft is fully justified in taking the law into his own hands in general and, in particular, ordering sidekick Vanessa Williams (quite good here) to dispatch a crooked cop on the spot.
www.post-gazette.com /movies/20000616shaft3.asp   (569 words)

 SHAFT/ ***
Basically, I thought "Shaft 2000", as we shall call it to distinguish it from the original, was a stupid idea.
This time Shaft is a cop who quits his job to illegally chase a racist killer (Christian Bale) who has enough money to delay or even evade the justice system.
Shaft runs delightful circles around his enemies with crafty manipulation, the action scenes are elaborate moments of nonstop violent excess, and could Singleton have done anything more amusingly obvious than making all but one of the villains white and Hispanic?
www.ukcritic.com /2kshaft.html   (447 words)

 Shaft: Cinephiles Movie Review
Shaft, directed by John Singleton (Poetic Justice, Boys in the Hood) seeks to benefit from its viewers' nostalgic recollections of the 1971 classic film, directed by Gordon Parks and starring Richard Roundtree.
An incorruptible, inexhaustible and ultra masculine figure, Shaft represents the problematic duality of the super heroes who seek to make justice and to moralize by containing the enemy through ultra violent means.
Shaft derives most of its humor, however, from the character's perception of himself and his preoccupation with sustaining his hard-earned reputation.
www.cinephiles.net /Shaft/Film-Synopsis.html   (348 words)

 Shaft (2000) Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Vanessa L. Williams, Jeffrey Wright - Three Movie Buffs Review
Shaft is a sleek, smart remake of the early seventies blaxploitation classic.
The real joy of this movie, aside from the action of which there is plenty, is watching the actors bring to life these vivid and descriptive characters.
Shaft seems to tower over those around him, from the moment he first appears, pushing his way through the crowd.
www.threemoviebuffs.com /review.php?movieID=shaft   (931 words)

 A Fistful of Reviews - Shaft (1971)
The minute those opening credits start to roll and you hear the "Shaft" theme, you know that you are in for something quite cool.
Shaft is easily one of the coolest fl characters I've ever seen.
After all, Shaft is on the scene of the crime every time while they arrive ten minutes late.
www.afistfulofreviews.com /qrst/shaft1971_dn.htm   (411 words)

Richard Roundtree's John Shaft was a badass superhero in a mean leather jacket, with what must have been an incredibly refreshing attitude problem towards authority figures - especially white ones.
In the new Shaft, Roundtree reprises his role as the fl private dick who's the sex machine to all the chicks, though his performance amounts to little more than a cameo.
Shaft has enough story for a half-dozen summer blockbusters, especially compared to the likes of Mission: Impossible 2, the plot of which can be summed up on a matchbook cover.
www.culturevulture.net /Movies/Shaft.htm   (797 words)

 Salon.com Arts & Entertainment | "Shaft"
The brutality increases as the movie goes on and Singleton falls into the right-wing sensibility that action movies are prone to.
"Shaft" says that the laws and courts and the restrictions on police protect the scum and that the only way to clean things up is for a lone man to break the rules.
So is the woman Shaft has to protect, a bartender (Toni Collette) who witnessed the killing and who has been threatened and warned to keep her mouth shut.
archive.salon.com /ent/movies/review/2000/06/16/shaft/index.html?CP=SAL&DN=110   (936 words)

 Shaft (1971) Movie Review - RopeofSilicon.com
Shaft is a Warner Bros. release directed by Gordon Parks and was released on July 2, 1971.
The script finds Shaft tracking down the kidnapped daughter of a fl mobster, but the pleasure of the film is the sum of its attitude, Roundtree's uncompromising performance, and the thrilling, Oscar-winning score by Isaac Hayes.
Shaft had a couple of sequels and a follow-up television series, but none had the impact this movie did.
www.ropeofsilicon.com /review.php?id=987   (248 words)

 Shaft: Well Rounded Entertainment
Shaft is investigating the racially motivated murder of a young fl man, and nails a bigoted blue blood named Walter Wade (Christian Bale).
Some people are going to be offended by the movie's proud vigilante posturing and its controversial racial themes (not to mention the sometimes off-putting violence and relentless foul language), but it’s all exactly in line with where a Shaft movie should be in the year 2000.
It was equally smart to bring back Roundtree as the elder Shaft, now wealthy and running his own detective firm, but just as cynical and as much a ladies’ man as the old days.
www.well-rounded.com /movies/reviews/shaft.html   (633 words)

 JoBlo reviews the movie "Shaft"
This film is not a remake of the original 1971 film starring Richard Roundtree as the baddest mutha on the streets of New York, but an update, starring the ultimate cool man, Sam Jackson, as the nephew of the original Shaft character.
In fact, about halfway through the movie, I was already looking forward to sequels from the man, which would definitely be a welcome addition to the sorry ass state of fl heroes in Hollywood today.
The movie was very cool, in my opinion it really resembled the streets and gangs of today, it was very well made, funny at times and also filled with action and crime-solving scenes.
www.joblo.com /shaft.htm   (1569 words)

Singleton's efforts in making this movie, there is a major problem in taking what was a B-movie blaxploitation flick and attempting a major motion picture release.
Shaft busts him, and while the cops are handcuffing him, Wade makes some racial comments eliciting a sucker punch from Shaft.
Jackson's Shaft spends more time looking for Palmieri and slaughtering hordes of bad guys to ever get around to proving what a "ladies' man" Shaft is supposed to be.
www.rambles.net /shaft_2000.html   (902 words)

 Shaft (1971)
Of the many movie marquees seen in Shaft's many exterior shots walking around NYC are advertising: Patton (1970), Get Carter (1971), Love Story (1970) and The Owl and the Pussycat (1970).
Shaft investigates the local Panther organisation but ultimately finds that an Italian mob is trying to move in on Bumpy's territory.
Shaft is tough but hadn't yet turned into 007 (as he did in Shaft's Big Score), this makes him tough but also keeps him down to earth.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0067741   (575 words)

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