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Topic: Shaji Karun

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  Shaji N. Karun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A graduate in cinematography from the FTII, Pune, Shaji N. Karun started working with notable directors like G Aravindan, K G George and M.T.Vasudevan Nair as a cinematographer.
Shaji made his directorial debut with Piravi ("The Birth",1988), which won him the prestigious 'Camera-d'Or' at the Cannes Film Festival.
While Piravi was about the grief of a father who loses his son, Shaji's second film, Swaham (1994) continued with the theme of grief.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shaji_N_Karun   (186 words)

 Untitled Document
Shaji N Karun is undoubtedly one of India's all-time great cinematographers.
Shaji's films, which were internationally recognised, holds a distinguished seat in Malayalam cinema.
Shaji is only the third in Indian filmdom, after Satyajit Ray and Sivaji Ganesan, to get the award.
www.keral.com /celebrities/shajikarun   (334 words)

 The Hindu : Entertainment Chennai / Cinema : Crossing the culture barrier
Shaji says, "This year, we are observing the centennial of Ravi Varma who was the first artist from Kerala, and perhaps India, to use his brush and canvas to visually translate the rich imagery and narration of our epics.
Shaji plans to concentrate on the period the Raja spent in Mumbai, when he bought a press in 1894-95 and became the first `artist-turned businessman.' The press left him in debt and he was forced to sell it to his German partner who also won the rights to his pictures.
Shaji plans to zoom in on the angst of the artist who was forced to compromise on his art to make a success of his business venture.
www.hindu.com /fr/2006/01/06/stories/2006010602570100.htm   (769 words)

As a director Shaji shows a mastery of images, nuances and cinematic technique as he draws an organic circle of a universe around the film, taking the viewer to a quiet, virginal, untouched village where there is an invisible presence of nature that is an undercurrent throughout the film.
Shaji uses the boat and boatman as a kind of connection of hope.
About her role in the film, Shaji said that Kerala is the only state in India where girls and boys have equal standards of literacy.
www.upperstall.com /films/piravi.html   (1219 words)

 Film Festival : Cannes 99
Shaji's camera hardly seemed present at times when Aravindan turned his warm, perceptive gaze on the nature, costumes, rituals, traditional dances and plays that characterise the glories of a national heritage in this southern-most corner of the subcontinent.
Since then, Shaji has come to direction by way of documentary shorts commissioned by the State of Kerala for general and foreign consumption - eg, Wild Life In Kerala (1979), Carnival Of Tourists (1980) and The Elephant Hunt (1981).
The same theme - the plight of little people smothered by an increasingly bureaucratic world - was the subject of Swaham (1994), invited to compete at the 1994 Cannes festival, in which the heroine is the widowed mother of four children, struggling to feed her family on the paltry income of her coffee-shop.
www.filmfestivals.com /cannes99/html/regard15.htm   (306 words)

But Shaji N. Karun isn’t.Vanaprastham, his third feature film, was adjudged the best film by the national jury recently and the hero of the film, Malayalam superstar Mohanlal, who happens to be the producer of the film won the award for the best actor.
Shaji’s complaint is that Kerala, his home state, was lukewarm to the film.
The many layers of meaning as Shaji puts it—the relation between the artist and his art, the trouble when the artistic persona is confused with the artist’s persona, the father-son-daughter relationship, the suggested element of incest when the father plays Arjuna to the daughter’s Subhadra—are all suggested.
www.expressindia.com /ie/daily/20000801/gallery.htm   (678 words)

 Barnes & Noble.com - Vanaprastham -- Shaji N. Karun - DVD
Shaji N. Karun, Mohanlal, Suhasini, Mattanoor Shankara Marar
Shaji Karun's love story takes its inspiration from Kathakali, a dance-drama with a 500-year history, which is indigenous to the Kerala region of India.
The film, which carries the habitual sadness of Karun's previous films, Piravi and My Own, is enriched with the photography of Renato Berta and Santosh Sivan and remarkable acting by one of Kerala's finest actors, Mohanlal (who is also the co-producer), in the role of Kunhikuttan.
video.barnesandnoble.com /Search/product.asp?ean=658769029130   (219 words)

 MAMI Fete gains momentum
Shaji Karun said that since his earlier films were widely shown in France (Piravi was shown in 100 theatres in France), he could get a French producer to back his second film, Vanaprasthashram.
Shaji said that financing 500,000 dollars for Asian films is not a big thing for French film producers which is why they are funding not only his films but also film makers from Korea and Vietnam.
Answering a question, Shaji Karun said that there was no interaction between different language film makers where one regional language film is shown in another regional centre.
www.expressindia.com /ie/daily/20001128/ien28026.html   (580 words)

 Netguruindia News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
August 4: The French government has honoured renowned Malayalam filmmaker Shaji N Karun by conferring the prestigious title of "Chevalier dans Ordre des Arts et Letters" (Knight of Letters and Arts), in recognition of his contribution to world cinema.
Shaji's Vanaprastham has and has won the national award for the best film this year, and has also got a communiqué to this effect from the French embassy yesterday.
Responding to the news, Shaji said he was happy to be recognised as a filmmaker with such a prestigious title.
www.netguruindia.com /news/Aug00/05/CHE5.html   (119 words)

 Madhuri Dixit put off by the idea of nudity? : Bollywood News : ApunKaChoice.Com
There seems to be a reason why Madhuri Dixit has not committed to filmmaker Shaji Karun’s proposed project on the life of painter Raja Ravi Varma and his muse Sugunabai.
Six-time National Award winner, filmmaker Shaji Karun, approached Madhuri with the offer to act in the movie when the actress was in India early this year.
Although Shaji has said that he will use shadows in the film to represent nudity, or perhaps use the paintings by Varma to depict the same, it still remains to be seen whether Madhuri will give her consent to the role.
www.apunkachoice.com /scoop/bollywood/20060622-4.html   (339 words)

 Random Ramblings: The Rajan case- a personal note   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Mr Appu Shaji is a Ph.D student at IIT- Bombay.
He is the son of Mr Shaji Karun, a noted film maker in Kerala whose films have been featured at the Cannes film festival.
Shaji Karun's debut film Piravi was based on Dr T.V. Eachara Varier's quest for justice.
amapuna.blogspot.com /2006/05/rajan-case-personal-note.html   (531 words)

 Madhuri Being Sought As A Painter’s Muse - AllBollywood.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Karun has gone so far as to talk to Madhuri Dixit and her secretary about the part of Sugunabai in the film, tentatively titled Suryamukhi.
According to Shaji Karun, Madhuri is the perfect choice for the role due to her Maratha lineage and her resemblance to Sugunabai.
Shaji is also said to be in talks with two stars of Hindi Cinema for the role of Raja Ravi Varma.
www.amitabhbachchan.net /v2/bd/stc/nws/2006/6/4/18005.shtml   (384 words)

 3to6 A Complete Movie Portal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Shaji slowly draws you into the film before zeroing in on Kunhikuttan sprawled on his balcony.
The estranged relationship between husband and wife, which even a daughter fails to revive, is brilliantly portrayed through the touching interplay between the dancer and his daughter, separated through the bars of the windows.
But after saying all that, one also feels that Shaji’s creation of the melancholy mood which pervades the film and sometimes makes it drag, often seems imposed and not organic to the whole.
www.3to6.com /final_rewiew/vana.htm   (508 words)

Now, well-known filmmaker Shaji Karun will etch this untold story and bring it on the silver screen with Madhuri Dixit as the model.
Shaji, it is believed, met Madhuri Dixit and her agent in Mumbai some weeks ago.
He was reported to say, "I instantly visualised her for the role because Suguna was a Maharashtrian, very pretty, and Madhuri also has a fleeting resemblance to the model as depicted in some of the Raja's paintings.
www.keral.com /Highlights/Madhuri.htm   (552 words)

 India4u - News Online
Shaji, who studied cinema and television making at Pune, began his career as a cinematographer.
Shaji has been part of the jury at many international film festivals.
Raja Ravi Varma, noted for his paintings inspired by the Hindu mythology, was born in the royal palace of Kilimanoor, situated in the suburbs of Thiruvananthapuram in 1848.
www.india4u.com /india4unews/newsview.asp?ID=927   (276 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
According to Shaji Karun, Madhuri’s Maratha lineage and her resemblance to Sugunabai make her the perfect choice for the role.
Shaji is also said to be in talks with two Bollywood stars for the role of Raja Ravi Varma in the film.
Shaji Karun plans to start shooting the film by the end of this year.
www.punjabkesari.com /Bollywood/TextFilePath/3news05-06-06.txt   (354 words)

 Malayalam Hotnews - Another director goes to Bollywood   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Director Shaji N Karun had long been dreaming of making a film about Raja Ravivarma.
Shaji N Karun’s new film is going to be about the life of Raja Ravivarma and his special relationship with Suganthi, the model of some of his paintings.
Shaji was planning to make a film in Malayalam, based on D Padhmanabhan’s story titled ‘Kadal’.
malayalam.cinesouth.com /english/masala/hotnews/new/09012006-2.shtml   (117 words)

 Adoor, Jha, Shaji go unnoticed at IFFI- The Times of India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Later in the day, Shaji refused to address his scheduled press conference after waiting for his turn for half-an-hour.
Journalists, who were waiting for his press conference, crowded around Shaji but the world renowned director refused to speak and stormed out despite appeals from the official and the media.
Officials at the IFFI said they were looking for him but he was nowhere to be found and that they were not aware he had gone off straight to the press conference hall.
timesofindia.indiatimes.com /cms.dll/articleshow?artid=24383766   (281 words)

 Parellel cinema losing audience, says Shaji- The Times of India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Parellel cinema is losing audience even in place like Kerala where there used to be considerable viewership in the 1970s, Shaiji told reporters at the 33rd International Film Festival of India.
Shaji said the IFFI is a good platform for exchanging "pains and happiness through the media, and the media has a responsibility".
Shaji lashed out at what he called "a deterioration of statandards in film criticism", and alleged that some critics are paid by producers to review their film favourly.
timesofindia.indiatimes.com /cms.dll/articleshow?artid=24609725   (273 words)

 Blogical Conclusion
But this pose is hardly as unusual as that handrail to his left, an electrocardiogram in metal winding past an eerie blue light from a window before disappearing into a gaping mouth of nothingness.
Karun hopes to start shooting by the end of the monsoon and finish in time for an October 2 release.
Karun says he can afford to take this kind of time with his films because he’s never considered cinema as something to earn his livelihood from.
brangan.easyjournal.com /entry.aspx?eid=2899068   (4270 words)

 Madhuri Dixit returns to Bollywood - Bollywood Bites - MyBindi.com
Karun is a critically-acclaimed filmmaker from Kerala, who won the prestigious Palme d'Or award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1988 for his film, Piravi.
Karun's film is about the relationship between renowned Indian painter, Raja Rajiv Varma (1848 - 1906) and his muse, Ganga, the subject of many of his goddess-themed paintings.
Varma, a married man, eventually fell in love with his muse, and their illicit relationship caused an upset among religious clerics at the time.
www.mybindi.com /arts-entertainment/bollywood/bb_madhuri.cfm   (311 words)

 Indiainfo: Features - Mohanlal, Varma bag top awards   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Shaji N Karun was adjudged the best director for Vanaprastham.
Shaji N Karun's Vanaprastham, co-produced by Mohanlal, gets the maximum number of awards-six.
Incidentally, Karun is the chairman of the Kerala Chalachitra Academy, which gives the awards.
movies.indiainfo.com /reviews/south/malayalam/kerala-awards.html   (528 words)

 The Hindu : Entertainment Delhi / Interview : Of the art and the artiste
However, Shaji is still in search of an actor who will play the role of the model, Anjanibai.
Shaji plans to concentrate on the period the Raja spent in Mumbai, when he bought a press in 1894-95 and became the first 'artist-turned businessman.'
The press left him in debts and he was forced to sell it to his German partner who also won the rights to his pictures.
www.hindu.com /fr/2006/01/06/stories/2006010602230400.htm   (757 words)

 rediff.com, Movies:Hari Nair on Shaji Karun
After Shaji met this guy, he promptly decided to make a documentary film on him.
Since Shaji is a cameraman himself, he knows the pressures a cameraman faces during the making of a film.
Shaji has always worked on a miniscule budget, but he has never let that tell on us.
www.indiaabroad.com /entertai/2000/aug/22hari.htm   (355 words)

 Swaham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Swaham (My Own) (1988) is an award-winning feature film directed by Shaji N. Karun.
Won - Bronze Rosa Camuna - Shaji N. Karun
Nominated - Golden Palm - Shaji N. Karun
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Swaham   (262 words)

 Screen the business of entertainment-Regional-Malayalam-News
And Shaji N. Karun, the internationally acclaimed filmmaker is also a reputed cinematographer.
Now, after a considerable gap of time, Hariharan and Shaji are coming together in Pattum Valayum, Hariharan’s next directorial venture.
Shaji had wielded the camera for Hariharan earlier in Sargam.
www.screenindia.com /20010706/rmal4.html   (910 words)

 More on Shaji's next - Malayalam Movie News - IndiaGlitz.com
Noted Malayalam director Shaji N Karun has embarked on a Hindi movie on legendary painter Raja Ravi Varma, which is to be the first ever movie on the Indian artist.
Conceived as a death centenary tribute to the creative genius whose paintings are greatly appreciated in India and abroad, Shaji plans to start the film after finalising the cast soon.
Shaji, who started as a cinematographer and won national acclaim as director for his works like Piravi and Swaham said, 'no other artist before Ravi Varma had tried to foster national unity through images.
www.indiaglitz.com /channels/malayalam/article/18867.html   (284 words)

 Naachgaana.com » Shaji Karun's new film on Raja Ravi Varma...
You are viewer number 136 of Shaji Karun's new film on Raja Ravi Varma....
Shaji is not the most prolific of filmmakers, but he is a master in his own right.
Shaji had long been on of the great Indian cinematographers and his transition to directing with “Piravi” was probably the finest first film since “Pather Panchali”, and this includes Gopalakrishnan's first work, “Swayamvaram”.
www.naachgaana.com /index.php?itemid=422   (1089 words)

 Comeback canvas saga   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Shaji Karun will now bring this tale to screen with Madhuri Dixit as the model.
According to Karun, in Bombay, Ravi Varma met Sugunabai, a beautiful woman of Goan-Maratha lineage.
Shaji Karun, 54, has the right credentials to tackle the subject.
www.screenindia.com /fullstory.php?content_id=12760   (921 words)

 Shaji’s Hindi film on terrorism goes on the floors : Down South News : ApunKaChoice.Com
Noted Malayalam film director Shaji N. Karun is making a Hindi film, which tackles the theme of terrorism.
Karun has chosen Himachal Pradesh because he thinks the State is an ideal locale for his film, which highlights the mystery that shrouds terrorist operations.
After completing the film, which is being made in collaboration with Zee TV, Shaji will make a movie co-starring Mohanlal and Jaya Bachchan.
www.apunkachoice.com /scoop/downsouth/20020118-0.html   (158 words)

 rediff.com, Movies: Shaji N Karun on Malayalam cinema
It was a hattrick for Shaji at Cannes, the most prestigious film festival in the world, when his second film,
The year 2000 had been was eventful for Shaji N Karun.
Shaji Karun also won the Chevalier Award from the French government.
www.rediff.com /movies/2001/jan/10shaji.htm   (857 words)

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