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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Sharks: Attacks, Great White Shark, Species information
The average lifespan is 20-25 years, but some, like the dogfish shark can live up to 100 years.
On of the misconceptions when dealing with sharks is that they have poor vision.
Sharks have relatively large brains, and can be compared to relatively advanced animals.
sharkgallery.netfirms.com   (408 words)

  Shark :: Enterprise Community Platform
Shark can be used by small and large businesses in a range of industries and will certainly increase popularity of community and revenue.
Shark is directed towards the building of multi functional business communities, and the platform was developed to be stable and secure.
Shark is equipped with a smart and multifunctional administrator's panel, which offers to manage a community doing simple operations.
www.boonex.com /products/shark   (683 words)

  The Virtual Zoo: Shark
Sharks are found in all waters except the waters of Antarctica, and most numerous in tropical waters.
Since sharks tend to swim to the positive pole of an electrical field, electric barriers are used to protect beach-goers in shark-filled oceans.
Shark meat is eaten around the world, but rarely in the U.S. They are also thought to rich sources of oil, vitamins, fertilizer, and leather.
library.thinkquest.org /11922/fish/shark.htm   (577 words)

  Shark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sharks belong to the superorder Selachimorpha in the subclass Elasmobranchii in the class Chondrichthyes.
Shark eyes are similar to the eyes of other vertebrates, including similar lenses, corneas and retinas, though their eyesight is well adapted to their marine environment with the help of a tissue called tapetum lucidum.
Sharks are often killed for shark fin soup, in which many sharks are hunted for their fins, which are cut off with a hot metal blade before the live animal is tossed back into the water.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shark   (5065 words)

 Jumping the shark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jumping the shark is a metaphor that has been used by US TV critics and fans to denote the tipping point at which a TV series is deemed to have passed its peak.
Many have noted the shark episode as the moment when they realized the show was no longer worth watching, considering the scene to be unrealistic and of poor quality, making it impossible to maintain suspension of disbelief.
Even before "jumping the shark" was employed as a pop culture term, the episode in question was cited many times as an example of what can happen to otherwise high-quality shows when they stay on the air too long in the face of waning interest.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jumping_the_shark   (1958 words)

Analysis of the phenotypes associated with a shark loss-of-function mutation demonstrates that Shark activity is essential for the migration of the dorsolateral epidermis of the embryo during dorsal closure (DC).
shark is shown to act downstream of bwk in the squamous stretch cells, and shark mediates the regulation of DA formation by bwk.
Shark non-receptor kinase is conserved, with homologs in Hydra (Chan, 1994) and sponge (Suga, 1999).
www.sdbonline.org /fly/sturtevant/shark1.htm   (1876 words)

 Shark - Uncyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Sharks want to kill you and tear you into tiny tiny tiny little pieces and devour you the same way they have for millions of years in a supreme dictator style.
The land shark is the cleverest of all sharks.
The flying shark was the symbol for the Whig party, however the laser on his head was replaced with one of those old white wigs.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Shark   (662 words)

 Sea and Sky: Sharks & Rays Page 1
But of the hundreds of different species of sharks in the ocean, only a small handful pose any threat to man. Humans do not appear to be on the menu for sharks.
Sharks are part of a family of fishes known as cartilage fishes.
The Gray Reef Shark is one of the major predators on the reef.
www.seasky.org /reeflife/sea2i.html   (619 words)

 White Shark Information
Shark attacks are often believed to be cases of mistaken identity, with surfing or swimming humans mistaken for marine mammals.
Tagging white sharks with special satellite tags is another method which enables scientists to determine the range and movements of the big beasts, whether there’s just one population or multiple populations moving up and down the coast, and just how free-roaming they are.
Shark attacks are often believed to be cases of mistaken identity, with surfing or swimming humans mistaken for seals or sea lions.
www.dfg.ca.gov /mrd/whiteshark.html   (2541 words)

 Sharks - What is a Shark?- Enchanted Learning Software
The sharks that are the most dangerous to people are the great white shark, the tiger shark, the bull shark, and the oceanic whitetip shark.
Some of the other sharks that are known to have attacked people include the gray shark, blue shark, hammerhead shark, mako shark, nurse shark, lemon shark, fltip reef shark, wobbegongs, sandtiger, spitting sharks, and the porbeagle.
Pelagic sharks (living in the open ocean) include the great white shark, the basking shark, etc. Benthic sharks (living at the ocean floor) include the zebra horn shark, the wobbegongs, and the angelshark, which usually have flattened, camouflaged bodies that let them hide in the sea bed.
www.enchantedlearning.com /subjects/sharks/allabout   (1489 words)

 WWF - Shark Introduction   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Most sharks are fast, efficient predaors that feed on fish or squids, but the huge whale shark swims slowly, feeding on plankton (microscopic animals) which it filters through its gills.
The smallest sharks are the tiny pygmy sharks which are fully grown at 25 cm long.
Because sharks cannot breed fast like other fish, it means that their numbers can be easily be reduced by too much fishing.
www.panda.org /news_facts/education/middle_school/species_home/species_carnivores/shark_intro/index.cfm   (549 words)

 Shark Tale (2004)
When a son of a gangster shark boss is accidently killed while on the hunt, his would be prey and his vegetarian brother both decide to use the incident to their own advantage.
Shark Tale throws you in the middle of the loudest club and tells you to get down on it.
Shark Tale offered it but instead beat us silly with all the hoopla we see everyday on the television set.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0307453   (558 words)

 MedlinePlus Herbs and Supplements: Shark cartilage
Creams applied to the skin with 5% to 30% shark cartilage are available, and have been recommended by some practitioners for treatment of psoriasis alone or with shark cartilage by mouth, for four to six weeks.
Shark cartilage is not recommended in children due to lack of scientific study and a theoretical risk of blocking blood vessel growth.
Shark cartilage products may contain high levels of calcium, which may be harmful to patients with kidney disease, abnormal heart rhythms, a tendency to form kidney stones, and those with cancers that raise calcium levels.
www.nlm.nih.gov /medlineplus/druginfo/natural/patient-sharkcartilage.html   (1978 words)

 Shark Trust
A new report on sharks and related species in the Baltic Sea highlights the threats to these over-looked fish and calls for improved conservation policies.
The Shark Trust promotes the study, management and conservation of sharks, skates and rays.
The Shark Trust is the UK member of the European Elasmobranch Association.
www.sharktrust.org   (261 words)

 Optimizing your Application with Shark 4
Shark enables you to very quickly identify where your application's performance problems lie, down to the specific functions on which you should concentrate your optimization efforts.
Shark 4 includes Data Mining filtering facilities to allow you to hide some of the information that you are not currently interested in—so you can focus on what really is important.
Another nice feature in Shark 4 is that when you end a session, your data mining settings are saved so that when you start up again you do not have to go through the steps of massaging your data again.
developer.apple.com /tools/sharkoptimize.html   (3599 words)

 International Shark Attack File
Your risk of shark attack compared to your chances of getting bit by animals in NY City, hit by lightning, having an accident in your home, or being attacked by an alligator.
Learn how to reduce your chances of a shark attack, and what to do if a shark is encountered.
The shark's reputation is far worse than his bite.
www.flmnh.ufl.edu /fish/Sharks/ISAF/ISAF.htm   (126 words)

 Shark Bite
Exceptions to that rule are whale sharks (the largest of the sharks), basking sharks, and megamouth sharks, all of which feed primarily on tiny plankton.
Sharks normally eat fish, sharks, rays, squid and other invertebrates, sea mammals (such as porpoises, seals, and sea lions), sea turtles, and sea birds.
A shark's sense of smell and taste is remarkable, with two thirds of their brains involved in processing this information.
www.emedicinehealth.com /shark_bite/article_em.htm   (420 words)

 Shark Exhibit: An excursion into the world of sharks
Shark pregnancies are long and their well-developed offspring are few in number and usually cannot reproduce until they are much older.
The Shark Foundation was established in 1997 in order to actively contribute to the protection and preservation of endangered shark species and their natural habitats.
Sharks do not fit into the pattern of animals considered to be worth protecting, and they live in what to us is a strange environment.
www.shark.ch /Exhibit/Tour   (1298 words)

 Tiger Shark Research, Hawaii Tiger Shark Research, Hawaii Shark Research, Galeocerdo cuvier
Tiger sharks are one of three main shark species known to attack humans, and are responsible for most shark attacks in Hawaii.
Sharks caught are secured alongside a small boat, identified, measured and sexed, and a tissue sample is removed for genetic fingerprinting.
These results may suggest that tiger sharks have extremely large home ranges and that control programs are unlikely to be effective in catching sharks responsible for attacks as these individuals may move beyond the fished area within hours of the incident.
www2.hawaii.edu /~carlm/tigershark.html   (694 words)

 Monterey Bay Aquarium: Conservation and Research - White Shark Research Project
In most cases, before a shark is returned to the wild, we fit it with an externally attached pop-up satellite tag with a tiny computer that collects and stores data—on temperature, depth and light (used to estimate position).
The juvenile sharks have tended to remain in the coastal zone from Northern California to Baja, Mexico.
The white shark tagging is coordinated by the Tuna Research and Conservation Center (TRCC), a partnership between the aquarium and Stanford University.
www.mbayaq.org /cr/whiteshark.asp   (1409 words)

 Shark Images from Douglas J. Long, UCMP
The white shark is found in temperate waters throughout the world's oceans, and it is an important, though not common, predator in California's coastal habitats.
White sharks are predatory animals that begin life by feeding on fish, rays, and other sharks, and as they grow, switch to feeding on marine mammals and scavenging on large animal carcasses.
When they spot a feeding shark, they travel in a small boat to the site, and when the shark comes close they stick a small hand-held waterproof video recorder under the water and film the shark as it passes by.
www.ucmp.berkeley.edu /vertebrates/Doug/shark.html   (1016 words)

According to the International Shark Attack File, between 1580 and 2005 there were 2,035 confirmed shark attacks around the world.
Most shark attacks occur on the inshore side of a sandbar or between sandbars because fish congregate there and because sharks can become trapped at low tide.
White, tiger, and bull sharks are believed responsible for most bump-and-bite and sneak attacks on humans.
www.factmonster.com /spot/sharks1.html   (992 words)

 Shark - Lostpedia
Also, according to Juliet in "A Tale of Two Cities", the DHARMA Initiative experimented on sharks and dolphins in the area that Jack is imprisoned in, the Hydra.
The Shark had an unknown DHARMA logo on its tail, indicating a connection to the DHARMA initiative.
DJ Dan's podcast of June 8 indicates that the shark was discovered by a listener, who took the photograph and sent it to him.
www.lostpedia.com /wiki/Shark   (667 words)

 Shark Recipes and Cooking
Because their structure is supported only by cartilage, shark have no bones—a distinct advantage when it comes to cooking and dining.
When well-wrapped, shark can be frozen for up to two months in a refrigerator and three to four months in a deep-freeze.
Sharks must be bled immediately after they are caught, or the meat takes on an ammonia taste.
www.evitamins.com /healthnotes.asp?ContentID=1930009   (1373 words)

 sharkfoundation.net - Home
Founded by world-renowned shark authorities Rodney and Andrew Fox, the Fox Shark Research Foundation is devoted to the study and conservation of the great white shark.
The Fox Shark Research Foundation is seeking out new frontiers in understanding white sharks, using the latest technologies and methods of research and working in collaboration with other scientific institutions.
A young female white shark placed on exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium last September and kept captive for a record 198 days was returned to the wild March 31 2005.
www.sharkfoundation.net /facts.htm   (225 words)

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