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 Encyclopedia: 1935 in film
Dudley Moore (April 19, 1935 – March 27, 2002), was a British actor and comedian who was enormously popular in his home country for many years but relatively unknown in the USA until he made the film 10 with Bo Derek.
Bride of Frankenstein 1999 release DVD cover Bride of Frankenstein is a horror film released April 22, 1935, which is a sequel to the 1931 film Frankenstein.
Film refers to the celluloid media on which movies are printed Film is a term that encompasses motion pictures as individual projects, as well as the field in general. /encyclopedia/1935-in-film

 H.G. Wells
Haskin admits that the film was a war picture even without the Martian shots: "if Russia and the United States had started hostilities, you could have substituted the Russian invasion and have had a hell of a war film.
In film versions the character of Dr. Moreau has inspired such actors as Charles Laughton, Burt Lancaster, and Marlon Brando.
film 1960, dir, by George Pal; film 2002, dir. /hgwells.htm

 Learn more about 1930s in film in the online encyclopedia.
Learn more about 1930s in film in the online encyclopedia.
You are here: Online Encyclopedia > 1930s in film
Enter a phrase or search word in the box below. /1/19/1930s_in_film.html

 Merle Oberon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
She was to star in Korda's film of I, Claudius (1937) as Messalina, but a serious car accident resulted in filming being abandoned.
Initially she worked as a club hostess under the name Queenie O'Brien and played in minor and unbilled roles in various films.
During her time as a film star, Oberon went to great lengths to disguise her mixed-race background and when her dark-skinned mother moved in with her in Hollywood, she masqueraded as Oberon's maid. /wiki/Merle_Oberon   (561 words)

 Aikido Journal Product Details (os01)
Of the surviving documents of the prewar era, perhaps the most important is the 1935 film of Morihei shot in Osaka at the Asahi News Dojo.
An in-depth look at the prewar art of Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba featuring the rare 1935 Asahi News Film! /catalog/productdetails.php?code=os01   (561 words)
The film takes its name from the stirring yet depressing song Andras writes for Ilona (in real life, the so-called suicide song, made popular by Billie Holliday, was written in 1935 by Hungarians Rezsö Seress and Laszlo Javor).
The film does veer off that path at moments, providing a coy peephole view of the relationship itself at times, and playing it too lose with actual words these poets spoke, as if every moment were written in tense, heavy verse.
Its dark fable of a frontier woman (Cate Blanchett) and her quest to retrieve her kidnapped daughter from bloodthirsty Indians, with the help of her danced-with-wolves deadbeat dad (Tommy Lee Jones) has the general ingredients for an intriguing Electra-complex take on how the West was wrung, but don't be fooled. /38/10/x_list_film.html   (3861 words) : Movies : Movie : The Dark Angel : Plot
Though the film is set in the late teens and early '20s, Merle Oberon is garbed throughout in the latest 1935 fashions -- an endearingly anachronistic Sam Goldwyn trademark.
Eventually, however, she discovers that he's still alive, which leads to the film's most memorable scene, in which the proud Alan painstakingly arranges all the furniture and bric-and-brac in his room to make it seem as though he can still see.
Treveleyen), The Dark Angel was previously filmed by Goldwyn in 1925. /movies/movie/44779/plot.jhtml   (268 words)

 Melodrama Films
are a sub-type of drama films, characterized by a plot to appeal to the heightened emotions of the audience.
Often, film studies criticism used the term 'melodrama' pejoratively to connote an unrealistic, pathos-filled, campy tale of romance or domestic situations with stereotypical characters (often including a central female character) that would directly appeal to feminine audiences.
One of the earliest melodramas was director Frank Powell's silent film (based upon a stage play) titled A Fool There Was (1915), with Theda Bara (in her star-making film debut) cast as an evil, dark, wicked and mysterious vampire who seductively lures a weak-willed family man away and controls his heart with her sexy wiles. /melodramafilms.html   (1662 words)

 MSN Encarta - Dark Angel, The
Released in 1935, the film won an Academy...
Dark Angel, The, motion picture about an engaged couple whose lives are disrupted by World War I (1914-1918).
Become a subscriber today and gain access to: /encyclopedia_761598496/The_Dark_Angel.html   (80 words)

 Foreign Film Reviews
Filmed entirely on location in Buenos Aires and using actual sites where historical events took place, the story focuses on Evita's 1951 run for the Vice Presidency, during what turned out to be the last months before her death from cancer at the age of 33.
With humor, honesty and great insight, this film explores the dynamics of the friendship between the two girls who were once inseparable, but have grown apart due to a series of subtle changes that have taken place in their lives.
Filmed entirely in Mexico, MEN WITH GUNS is about an aging medical school professor who sets off on an odyssey across a fictional Latin American country in search of his former students who are practicing medicine in poor, remote villages. /~langdept/films.html   (9153 words)

 DC Film Society: Storyboard
Film critic turned director is not new in Europe as Claude Chabrol, Fran├žois Truffaut and Wim Winders previously blazed that trail.
There are disaster films, films that are themselves disasters but rarely is there one about a film's disastrous collapse.
Filming in Spain meant that the Spanish cast had to be fully paid. /storyboard0208.htm   (2552 words)

 Dark Angel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dark Angel (a free-standing column of dark stone at the end of the Devil's Garden trail in Arches National Park)
A Dark Angel is a space fighter from the video game Colony Wars
This is a disambiguation page, a list of pages that otherwise might share the same title. /wiki/Dark_Angel   (100 words)

 A Tale of Two Cities - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Tale of Two Cities has been filmed at least 13 times for film and television.
A Tale of Two Cities (1859) is a historical novel by Charles Dickens; it is moreover a moral novel strongly concerned with themes of guilt, shame and retribution.
The two cities of the title are London and Paris. /wiki/Tale_of_Two_Cities   (2138 words)

 Biographies: Latter-day Saint and/or Utah Film Personalities: B
Played the sherriff in the feature film "The Lawless Rider" (1954), which was loosely based on the life of real-life Latter-day Saint cowgirl Rose Bascom.
The film is the story of a group of children sent to a camp to learn to conform to society.
Director of the student film "Postcards from the Place in France," which competed in BYU's 2003 Final Cut film festival and was selected as one of the top three films by the audience vote. /bio/bioB.html   (7274 words)

 USCCB Reviews - The Dark Angel
N.B.: Films with the initials "br" (before rating) or "nr" (not rated) denote those movies which were released either before the rating system was established, or are being released without an MPAA rating.
The Dark Angel -- Creaky sudser set in England where a woman (Merle Oberon) chooses between two childhood friends when they go off to World War I, but the one (Herbert Marshall) who returns is not the man she loves (Fredric March), though he's alive yet unwilling to inflict his blindness on her.
The following are the classifications used by the Office for Film & Broadcasting in rating each film. /movies/d/thedarkangel.htm   (240 words)

 The Dark Angel (1935)
Actress Merle Oberon had seen the original of this film when she was a little girl growing up in the Orient.
A bit of trivia - when she came to Hollywood looking for a movie career, her dreams came true when it was announced that she would in the 1935 remake of "The Dark Angel" along with Fredric March and Herbert Marshall.
It was always her favorite film and it was the catalyst in her decision to become a movie star. /title/tt0026264   (340 words) Film Noir 101, Plus Many Self-Indulgent Musings
Any film with a drizzly, doomy, heavy-on-the-shadows look is indebted to noir, from the cyberpunk of "Blade Runner" (and its zillions of imitators) to the serial-killer horror of "Se7ven." Cyberpunk generally -- whether on the movie screen, the videogame screen, or the page -- is one of noir's major offshoots.
Just a comment on film noir in general: A voiceover isn't really a characteristic of film noir itself, rather a characteristic of a subgenre of flim noir: which is sometimes described as the "Hardboiled Detective" genre.
Posted by: Michael Blowhard on August 1, 2004 12:06 AM I was a film noir buff when I was a little kid and didn't know that I had locked into a genre the French intellectuals identified as film noir. /archives/001574.html   (5711 words)

 Encyclopedia: The Dark Angel (1935 film)
The Dark Angel is a 1935 film which tells the story of three childhood friends, two male, one female.
Other descriptions of The Dark Angel (1935 film)
People who viewed "The Dark Angel (1935 film)" also viewed: /encyclopedia/The-Dark-Angel-(1935-film)   (164 words)

 The Dark Angel Film Review - Time Out Film
The annual Time Out Film Guide includes 15,000 films reviewed over the last 36 years by Time Out critics, covering every area of cinema: Hollywood mainstream and B-movie horrors, documentaries and avant garde, French, Far Eastern, classic silents and 1930s comedies.
If you were registered for Time Out Film you would automatically see the cinemas near you showing this film.
Packed with news, reviews and listings on everything from film to theatre, music to nightlife, the arts to comedy and much more. /film/64957.html   (238 words)

 Master File Listing & Search Page
The films appear comical today but were made with great earnest as a 'social engineering' effort for molding student behavior to conform to mainstream social expectations.
This is a wonderful, entertaining and enlightening book about short films made for classrooms, covering everything from drug abuse and driving safety to dating protocol.
A better title might be Triumph of Propaganda but whatever you think of the politics behind it the film itself is a masterpiece in visual form and easily exceeds its intended objective. /list.html   (1697 words)

 CULT FILM SITE: International Cinema
Terrence Young's classic performance film features Cyd Charisse, Moira Shearer, Ziz Jeanmaire and other top dancers.
This gripping film is based on the same 1933 murder case that inspired Jean Genet's 'The Maids.' With Francine Berge, Colette Berge and Pascale de Boysson.
Abel Gance's stunning anti-war film features a troubled, exploited war veteran (Victor Francen) who summons an army of men killed in war to rise from their graves. /rcramer/foreign3.htm   (3409 words)

 Mexican Film Performers: "C"
She began appearing in supporting roles in the 1962, and by the end of the decade was starring in telenovelas and film melodramas such as Flor de durazno (1969) and La amante perfecta (1969).
His Spanish film debut came in 1934, and in late 1945 he was hired by Mexico producer Gregorio Walerstein to appear with María Félix in La mujer de todos (1946).
Capulina and Viruta were successful in films, and on TV and the stage, but their partnership broke up in 1967. /~dwilt/cbiogs.htm   (6342 words)

 FiLM EXPERiENCE -top ten every year
Until I see enough films from each year to complete a top ten that I feel comfortable with, only my favorite will be listed from that particular year.
Answer: I don't watch films on television -so that accounts for some of the giant holes in my viewing.
Some of these I haven't seen since I was much much younger and there's many important films I haven't seen. /Awards/earlyfilms/everyyear.html   (259 words) The Dark Angel (1935) : Video
Although the 1935 version of THE DARK ANGEL was a remake of an earlier silent film, it too seems to have disappeared into obscurity--and what a shame!
Although, like most films of the time, it may seem dated to modern viewers, this film is set twenty years earlier during World War 1, and deals with a love triangle between stoic Herbert Marshall, lovely and gracious Merle Oberon, and the always charming and very handsome Frederic March.
In this film Fredric March plays a man, Alan Trent, who came to live with his aunt and cousin Gerald Shannon(played by Herbert Marshall)in England when he was a boy. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/6303922252?v=glance   (1418 words)

 BBC - Films - Festivals and Seasons - Don't Miss!
Desperate people resort to desperate measures in Paul Czinner's Escape Me Never (1935) and Alfred Hitchcock's Sabotage (1936), in which Elisabeth Bergner contracts an unsuitable marriage for the sake of her illegitimate child, while Oscar Homolka risks the life of his young brother-in-law to pursue his underground political ends.
There are also two programmes of short films on display - one consisting of award-winning efforts from around the world, the other showcasing the work of local filmmakers.
Finally, as part of the London Children's Film Festival, come three films revealing the realities faced by kids in other parts of the world. /films/festivals/dont_miss.shtml   (3524 words)

 Tucson Film Office
The film is designed to be a showcase for the talents of Arizona filmmakers and, when completed, will be distributed for screening at film festivals worldwide.
However, the film offered the world new images of the devastation and focused on the conflict at home and abroad to construct a powerful portrait of the tragedy of the Vietnam War.
It was first screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 1974, and was released officially a year later in the USA at the height of the controversy over the war. /Buzz   (1340 words)

 Dark Angel, The (1935) Unofficial Movie Site - Trailers Review DVD Poster Soundtrack
In the case of James Cameron’s Dark Angel, however, the crappiness of the game is roughly equivalent to the six-mo...
James Cameron?s Dark Angel is a 3rd pe...
Season Two of James Cameron’s Dark Angel comes out on a six-disc DVD set October 21. /r/show/se/5280891.html   (504 words) - Shows related to A Tale of Two Cities
Lassie film finds the collie living in the Scottish Highlands with a doctor (Edmund Gwenn) trying to cure her of a fear of water.
Film version of the Zola novel about a woman of the streets who becomes the toast of Paris.
Two lovers, an opera star and a lyricist, bicker and then get even with each other by pairing off with a girl and her sweetheart. /show/moremovieinterest/0,,3285-EST,00.html   (1741 words)

 my-discount :: 3 Classic Charles Dickens Films - Great Expectations / A Tale Of Two Cities / Oliver Twist [1946]
What these two films add is acting so brilliant that it could persuade you to alter your sexuality if it so desired, and direction so grainy amd wonderful, that sunny beaches and snow-capped mountains seem dull in its shadow.
A minor criticism is that the crowd scenes lack the number of people used in the earlier film of the story starring Ronald Coleman.
Tale of Two Cities captures the mood of the time. /B0000CDUX1/3_Classic_Charles_Dickens_Films___Great_Expectations___A_Tale_Of_Two_Cities___Oliver_Twist_[1946].html   (525 words)

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