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Topic: Shea Stadium

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Shea Stadium Tickets. Tickets for New York Mets games at Shea Stadium.
Shea is the longtime home of the New York Mets and the historic site of the world's first stadium concert (which featured the Beatles on August 15, 1965).
Shea Stadium's first game on April 17, 1964 was the culmination of a project that cost $28.5 million and took 29 months to build.
The stadium is generally regarded as one of the loudest in the major leagues, not because of the crowd noise, but because of the proximity to LaGuardia Airport.
www.seacoastticket.com /nyc/SheaStadium.asp   (759 words)

  Shea Stadium
Shea Stadium is named after William Alfred Shea, an attorney who was instrumental in acquiring a new team for New York following the city's abandonment by the Giants and the Dodgers in the 1950s.
Shea Stadium cost $28.5 million to build and took 29 months from its groundbreaking on October 28, 1961, to its dedication on April 17, 1964.
Shea Stadium is the noisiest outdoor ballpark in the majors because it is in the flight path of La Guardia Airport.
www.ballparks.com /baseball/national/sheast.htm   (903 words)

  Clem's Baseball ~ Shea Stadium
Shea Stadium was the second of the dull "cookie-cutter" circular hybrid stadiums (designed for baseball as well as football), being built two years after D.C. Stadium (later called RFK).
Shea Stadium has the biggest diameter of any circular stadium, and there were even plans to extend its three main decks and complete the full circle, which would have raised the capacity to 90,000.
The location of Shea Stadium is rather convenient in terms of its proximity to the subway, the freeways, and the Long Island suburbs, but the location factor is on balance rated as neutral because of the proximity to La Guardia Airport which sometimes exposes fans to loud noise from airliners taking off.
www.andrewclem.com /Baseball/SheaStadium.html   (854 words)

 Shea Stadium
Shea Stadium is a baseball stadium in Flushing, New York where the New York Mets play.
Shea Stadium's first game on April 17, 1964 was the culmination of a project that cost $28.5 million and took 29 months to build.
The stadium is generally regarded as one of the loudest in the major leagues, not because of the crowd noise, but because of the proximity to La Guardia Airport.
en.mcfly.org /Shea_Stadium   (293 words)

 Shea Stadium - New York Mets
But unlike the fully enclosed, multi-purpose stadiums that were built (and have since been torn down) in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia, the Mets' home in Queens was built to be more aesthetically pleasing to the baseball fan.
Shea Stadium really has two signature features and both are visible from anywhere in the park.
The bus dropped me off right in front of the stadium, which is blue on the outside and has a series of windscreen panels with neon artwork depicting baseball players.
www.baseballpilgrimages.com /national/newyork.html   (775 words)

 Shea Stadium - Flushing, New York
Shea Stadium falls into my "take it or leave it" category, meaning that it's a decent enough place to see a game, but I would not be sad to see it go.
The setting at Shea Stadium is boring unless you enjoy seeing and hearing planes frequently fly overhead.
No, with some renovations (especially to the concourse area), Shea Stadium would be a better park and could last for many more years.
www.ballparkreviews.com /shea/shea.htm   (276 words)

 Shea Stadium - Ballparkonline.com is your guide to Shea Stadium.
Shea Stadium, home to the New York Mets, was originally called Flushing Meadow Park.
It was later decided that the stadium be named after William A. Shea, an attorney who was instrumental in the fight to bring National League baseball back home to New York.
One of the traditions at Shea Stadium is the Met's Magic Top Hat, located behind center field, which is designed to honor homerun hits by one of the Met players.
www.ballparkonline.com /mlb/shea_stadium.html   (541 words)

 Shea Stadium
A triple-decked stadium in Flushing, Queens, Shea Stadium is named for attorney William Shea, who was instrumental in bringing an NL expansion franchise to New York in 1962.
Shea's ample foul territory favors pitchers, and almost all of its 55,775 seats are in foul territory.
Shea is unusually convenient to both local highways and public transportation, sharing a New York City subway station with the U.S. Tennis Center next door.
www.fortunecity.com /athena/thatcher/2042/Shea.htm   (187 words)

 Shea Stadium   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Shea Stadium, located at 123-01 Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing, New York, has been the home of the New York Mets since opening day of 1964.
The stadium’s convenient location helps its fans from the surrounding boroughs attend games quickly and easily, and since the opening of its doors to the public, Shea Stadium has brought in over 73 million fans.
Shea has also played host to other non-baseball related events like college and pro football, the ice capades, soccer, and a visit from Pope John Paul II.
www.probaseballvenues.com /shea_stadium.htm   (204 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Shea Stadium at Epinions.com
Shea was the first stadium ever to be designed for both baseball and football games and back again using a motorized seating system that could be moved on or off the field.
One other happening at Shea that wasn't a glorious one but is definitely worth noting was that immediately after the 9/11 disaster Shea was used as a relief center, for a short time, holding all kinds of supplies and foods along with lodging set up for the rescue and then recovery efforts.
The stadium was named after William A Shea, a lawyer, who was instrumental in bring a baseball team back to NY after the Dodgers and Giants abandoned the town.
www.epinions.com /content_138658877060   (2142 words)

 Shea Stadium-Flushing, NY
Shea is home to the biggest and in my opinion, the best Scoreboard in the Majors.
Shea is loud (because of the planes), too big, and not pretty to look at, but it's home.
Shea opened in 1964, it is now the 2nd oldest stadium in the National League, and it's starting to show its age.
members.tripod.com /franksballparks/shea.html   (342 words)

 Shea Stadium - BR Bullpen
Shea Stadium was built for the Mets and Jets for the 1964 season.
Shea Stadium is one of the larger stadiums in the MLB, due to its pulling double duty for both baseball and football.
Shea Stadium is named for William Shea, a prominent New York lawyer who was able to procure a National League team for the Mets in 1960.
www.baseball-reference.com /bullpen/Shea_Stadium   (464 words)

 BBC - Seven Ages of Rock - Events - Beatles At Shea Stadium
At the peak of Beatlemania the Beatles embarked on their second tour of the US and one of expected highlights was going to be the performance at Shea Stadium on 15 August 1965.
It was the first time a band had played at a major outdoor stadium and the promoter Sid Berstein had made what he thought were careful preparations.
They had specially designed amps made by VOX to boost the sound and 2000 security staff were drafted in to look after the 55,000 people who had bought tickets for the event.
www.bbc.co.uk /music/sevenages/events/stadium-rock/beatles-at-shea-stadium   (337 words)

 Ballpark Digest -- Ballpark Visits -- Shea Stadium / New York Mets
Shea Stadium tends to be a favorite of suburban baseball fans for two very good reasons: it’s easily accessible by car, and there is a sea of parking surrounding the ballpark.
Shea Stadium, of course, was built to house the expansion New York Mets, who entered the National League in 1962.
The most distinctive features of Shea Stadium are a right-center scoreboard that is still one of the largest in the majors and a Big Apple that rises from a fl top hat when a Met hits a homer.
www.ballparkdigest.com /visits/shea_stadium.htm   (1864 words)

 ESPN.com: New York Mets Clubhouse
Shea Stadium opened in 1964 and is one of the oldest ballparks in the majors.
The stadium was named after attorney William Shea, who helped bring the franchise to New York in 1962.
Shea also served as a relief center after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.
sports.espn.go.com /mlb/teams/stadium?team=nym   (105 words)

 New York Hotels: Shea Stadium
Shea Stadium has many hotels located within 5 miles.
Shea Stadium is located on Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing, Queens.
Shea is accessible by car, subway, bus, ferry and the Long Island Railroad.
www.roomrate.com /newYork/attractions/SheaStadium.asp   (170 words)

 Faith and Fear in Flushing :: Touching Home
Shea Stadium is my Nikon Camera Player of the Year for 2006, winning the honor that went to our soon-to-be-sundered radio team in 2005.
Whether Shea Stadium is afforded the cachet in death it's been deprived in life remains to be seen.
Shea may not measure up to the antiquities its generation replaced in terms of stone originality, but it was also never the Vet or Three Rivers.
faithandfear.blogharbor.com /blog/_archives/2006/11/14/2500340.html   (6348 words)

 The Official Site of New York Mets: Ballpark: Shea Stadium
Shea Stadium is located on Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing, Queens.
Shea Stadium opened on April 17, 1964 in Flushing Meadows, Queens as the New York Mets played the Pittsburgh Pirates before 48,736 fans.
Shea Stadium has special seating accommodations and handicapped accessible parking for patrons in wheelchairs and their guests.
newyork.mets.mlb.com /NASApp/mlb/nym/ballpark/nym_ballpark_history.jsp   (212 words)

 Shea Stadium
This page is dedicated to a main event in the Beatles' history: the concert that they performed at the Shea Stadium, in August 1965, which probably remains the greatest and the craziest live moment of their career.
A planned spectacular entry into the stadium by helicopter, landing on the baseball playing area, was first decided by the authorities of New York.
In the case of the Beatles' momentous 15 August 1965 Shea Stadium concert, the audio tapes specifically revealed not only musical flaws on the Beatles' part but also technical imperfections caused by the sheer size of the venue, the high-decibel screaming and the less than state-of-the-art mobile recording equipment around in 1965.
www.maccafan.net /Gallery/SheaStadium/Shea.htm   (1415 words)

 New York City Hotels near Shea Stadium
New York City Hotels near Shea Stadium at special rates.
Welcome to the New York Hotels Online.net, where you can find a hotel near Shea Stadium, that suits your needs, whether you are looking for budget accommodation or a deluxe hotel.
All New York City hotels near Shea Stadium are offered at wholesale rates, bookings are instant, secure.
www.newyorkhotelsonline.net /near_shea_stadium.htm   (246 words)

 [No title]
Each gate at Shea Stadium is wheelchair accessible for entrance and exit.
There are a total of 85 handicapped accessible parking spaces available at Shea Stadium on a first-come, first-served basis to those guests with state issued parking plates or permits.
Seastreak operates ferry servive from Highlands in Monmouth County, New Jersey, to the stadium.
www.nyc.gov /html/sports/html/sheaaccess.html   (749 words)

 Shea Stadium Tickets - Shea Stadium Information - Shea Stadium Seating Chart
The price listed for Shea Stadium tickets is the total price per ticket and may be over the printed price on the ticket.
Shea Stadium seats are together, side by side, unless otherwise noted.
Actual Shea Stadium seat numbers are withheld for the privacy of both buyer and seller.
www.vividseats.com /venues/shea-stadium-tickets.html   (165 words)

 Stadiums of the NFL-Shea Stadium-New York Jets
Four lawyers, including William Shea were appointed to acquire a baseball franchise for the city.
It was the first stadium of its size to have an extensive escalator system, being able to convert from a football gridiron to a baseball diamond by two motor operated stands, and in which every seat was directed at the center of the field.
Stadiums of the NFL is not associated with the National Football League or any team mentioned.
www.stadiumsofnfl.com /past/SheaStadium.htm   (375 words)

 Shea : New York Mets Stadium
Shea Stadium in Flushing, New York, is home to the New York Mets of Major League Baseball (MLB).
Shea Stadium was designed up be expandable up to a 90,000 person capacity when the middle deck and upper deck are extended around the outfield.
Shea Stadium was the site of the first stadium concert in the world, which was a performance by the Beatles on August 15, 1965.
www.buyselltix.com /mlb/stadium/metsStadium.php   (705 words)

 SHEA STADIUM - Historical Sign
The stadium, located on the north end of the park at the edge of Flushing Bay, is named for William Alfred Shea (1907—1991).
A harbinger of today’s multi-purpose stadiums, Shea was built to accommodate both baseball (55,601 capacity) and football (approximately 60,000 capacity), and in fact was the home to the New York Jets from 1967 to 1983, before the team moved to New Jersey.
Shea Stadium is one of the many attractions that make Flushing Meadows-Corona Park an indispensable resource for New Yorkers and visitors from around the world.
www.nycgovparks.org /sub_your_park/historical_signs/hs_historical_sign.php?id=12784   (557 words)

 Shea Stadium - AskTheBrain.com
Shea Stadium is the home of the New York Mets in Queens,New York.
Shea Stadium (New York- Mets) - This stadium is tough on both left and right-handed hitters.
Because Shea Stadium is owned by the City of New York, but the Mets rent it, anything that happens in Shea Stadium is in relationship to the Mets.
www.askthebrain.com /shea_stadium-.html   (261 words)

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