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Topic: Shelby Cobra

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  Welcome to 65Cobra.com - a Site for '65 Cobra Enthusiasts
Carroll Hall Shelby was born January 11, 1923 in a place called Leesburg, Texas, and looking down at their new baby boy it is probably safe to assume that Eloise Lawrence and Warren Shelby probably had no idea they were holding one of the great car designers of the 20th century in their hands.
The Shelby Cobra is an American legend, born out of a combination of luck, determination, and the blood, sweat, and tears of its creator, Carroll Shelby.
The 427 Cobra had a tube frame and redesigned coil spring chassis, and was essentially built to be a big motor on wheels that happened to have a couple seats attached to it for someone to strap in and hang on for dear life.
www.65cobra.com   (6505 words)

 1967 Shelby Cobra 427
Shelby contacted Ford with regard to his idea and the possibility of acquiring this engine and Ford expressed a serious interest in his project.
Cobra's impressive race history continued at the Bridgehampton 500 km race in September 1963 where Dan Gurney drove a Cobra to victory and in doing so, he became the first American driver to win an FIA race in an American car.
The Shelby Cobras returned to the LeMans 24 our race in 1964 and completely eclipsed the previous years results by finishing fourth and first in the GT section, defeating the dominant Ferraris.
www.mathewscollection.com /ford_shelby/fordshelby_cobra.htm   (784 words)

 Shelby Cobra Models - The History Of - Mustang and Fords Magazine
When the Mustang was introduced, Shelby immediately recognized that the characteristics of this interesting car gave it the potential to also be a great road-course contender, and the GT350 was born.
Shelby 10-spoke wheels in a diameter of 14 inches were available as an option, and some cars also came furnished with painted steel wheels.
Shelby replicas are among the most interesting and worthwhile projects we can think of, and the end result will be a car with an excellent performance envelope and classic Shelby appearance.
www.mustangandfords.com /thehistoryof/mufp_0001_shelby_cobras_models   (3237 words)

 Snake Charmer | Departures   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
It read carroll shelby's rebirth of a legend/fia cobras and 427 s/c cobras/aluminum bodies by kirkham motors, and it meant Carroll Shelby, the father of the fastest and most famous American racing-roadster-turned-street-car ever, was back in the aluminum-bodied Cobra business after three decades.
The Cobra was born in the early 1960s when Carroll Shelby, a gruff Texan who'd earned a measure of racing renown by winning LeMans in 1959, hit upon the notion of putting a big American engine (a Ford V-8) into a lightweight European racing roadster, the aluminum-bodied AC (Auto Carriers) Ace.
Shelby was so impressed with Kirkham's replica that in 1997 he allowed it to be placed alongside Cobra originals in the paddock area at the Monterey Historic Races—an honor Shelby bestowed on no other maker.
www.departures.com /wg/wg_0100_cobra427.html   (2722 words)

 FordMuscle Webmagazine: GT500 Shelby - Shelby Cobra - 2006 Cobra
Carroll Shelby lends his support to SVT, adapting his earlier role as a senior advisor on the "Dream Team" that was assembled to develop and build the 2005 Ford GT.
To that end, the Shelby Cobra GT500's powerplant benefits from unique connecting rods and forged pistons to handle the extra strain on the lower end of the block.
Shelby was in fact on the "Dream Team" that designed the Ford GT supercar which debuted this year.
www.fordmuscle.com /archives/2005/03/ShelbyGT500   (1612 words)

 Inside Line: 2007 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 - Shelby: The Legend Grows   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Ford says the 2007 Shelby Cobra GT500 Mustang (this is not the 2006 Shelby GT500 Cobra Mustang) will be the most powerful factory-built Mustang in history, more powerful than the 1969 Mach 1 428 Super Cobra Jet or even the legendary 1969 Boss 429.
Shelby, who built the legendary Shelby Mustangs and Shelby Cobras in the 1960s, served as a senior advisor to the "Dream Team" that was assembled inside the Ford Motor Company to develop and build the 2005 Ford GT supercar.
The engine is also dressed with special "Powered by SVT" finned cam covers which are reminiscent of the "Cobra Powered By Ford" covers used by Shelby five decades ago, and it's backed by the same T-56 six-speed that appeared in the supercharged 2003 SVT Mustang Cobra.
www.edmunds.com /insideline/do/Features/articleId=105085   (883 words)

Looking at the coming 1964 racing season, Shelby had his eye on European racing and realized he needed a new weapon to "whip Ferrari’s ass." Ferrari was the ongoing World Manufacturer’s champion year after year.
Shelby figured that with the experience of Holbert and McDonald in the roadsters, they would quickly learn how to drive the Coupe.
Shelby asked him to drive the Coupe in some of the upcoming European races which he eagerly agreed to.
www.thecarsource.com /shelby/cobra/daytona/daytona_coupe.html   (2990 words)

 Mustang Heaven - 2007 Shelby Cobra GT500 by SVT
Carroll Shelby first put his name on a Mustang back in 1964 when he was asked to inject some high performance into the brand-new pony car.
Subsequent Shelby Mustangs included a street version of the race car, the GT350, and what was known as the "rent-a-racer" Mustang, the GT350H, a joint project with the Hertz rental car corporation.
The ultimate Shelby Mustang of the era was the GT500KR, or "King of the Road." Powered by a big block 428-cubic inch "Cobra Jet" V-8, the GT500KR was one of the most powerful, and memorable, muscle cars of that period.
www.mustangheaven.com /stangspecs/2007cobra/07cobra_main.htm   (2193 words)

 Carroll Shelby Licensing
Shelby's vision of what an American sports car could be has shaped an entire generation of high-performance automobiles.
The popular success of the Shelby Mustangs of 1965-1970 were, in large part, the result of Shelby's racing and design skills.
Carroll Shelby has again turned his attention to making high-performance cars that will be the standard for future generations.
www.shelbylicensing.com /history.htm   (547 words)

 All Ford Mustangs News - Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 - 2007 Shelby Cobra GT500 - Overview
The Shelby Cobra GT500 combines the dramatic design genes of the all-new Mustang with Carroll Shelby's legendary performance image to create an SVT Mustang that broadens the power brand's design approach and appeal.
Shelby Cobra GT500's LeMans and tri-bar stripes inspired by classic Shelby designs, functional front splitter and air extractors inspired by aerodynamics of the 2005 Ford GT.
New Shelby Cobra GT500 follows legendary Shelby and SVT Mustangs, such as the GT500KR and 2000 SVT Mustang Cobra R. The Ford Special Vehicle Team brought performance back to Mustang in 1993.
www.allfordmustangs.com /artman/publish/2007_Ford_Shelby_Cobra_GT500_Overview.shtml   (2331 words)

 Automotive Intelligence at the North American International Auto Show 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The new Ford Shelby Cobra concept marks the latest step in an exciting evolution of Ford concept vehicles, with an evocative design, bonafide performance credentials and — thanks to engineering as nimble and efficient as a sports car — a level of feasibility that is already close to production-level.
The Ford Shelby Cobra’s design reinforces this mission, with minimalist interior and exterior elements that emphasize its performance-oriented function.
The Ford Shelby Cobra concept is not just a huge engine with a pair of seats along for the ride.
www.autointell.net /Events/naias-2004/naias-2004-daily/ford-shelby-cobra/naias-2004-highlights-ford-cobra.htm   (544 words)

 Ford Shelby Cobra - Concept Central - Car and Driver March 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
It was Shelby, he said, who suggested the use of a transaxle to optimize weight distribution and powertrain packaging.
The green light to produce a contemporary study on the Cobra was given in January 2003 by the advanced-product guys, whereupon the task was immediately handed over to Ford's Design Center in Valencia, California, under the watch of chief designer Richard Hutting.
In addition, the Cobra has a narrower transmission tunnel than the component-donor GT has, since it does not have to carry the gas tank in its spine.
www.caranddriver.com /conceptcars/7769/ford-shelby-cobra.html   (677 words)

 Ford Motor Company - Featured Story - Ford's Shelby Cobra Concept is Possible Next Step
The bulk rear structure of the Shelby Cobra concept is made from slightly modified Ford GT components, including the massive cast-aluminum suspension nodes, the rear rails and bumper beam, a major cross member and the brackets used to mount the transmission to the car.
Inside, the Shelby Cobra concept is trimmed mostly in aluminum, with electric blue splashed on the seat trim and steering column.
The Shelby Cobra concept was built in just five months at a relatively low cost by a select group of Ford enthusiasts in Dearborn, Mich. It's a fully developed and engineered racing roadster that represents the best modern racing technology Ford has to offer today.
media.ford.com /newsroom/feature_display.cfm?release=16649   (938 words)

 2005 New York Auto Show: Ford - MSN Autos
In the performance department, the Shelby Cobra GT500 is the most powerful production Mustang ever built, with a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 that produces more than 450 horsepower, a 6-speed manual transmission and suspension tuned by Ford's Special Vehicle Team (SVT).
The Shelby Cobra GT500 show car that debuted in New York is finished in a classic bright red with dual white stripes running the length of the car up the center of the hood, over the roof and down the rear deck.
Similar to the 2005 Mustang and 2005 Ford GT that embody many classic design attributes, the Shelby Cobra GT500 also is a thoroughly modern car with an aggressive racing style front splitter, 19-inch split-spoke wheels, cross-drilled brake rotors, and a rear spoiler similar to the one found on the GT supercar.
autos.msn.com /as/minishow/article.aspx?contentID=4023097&s=NewYork2005&src=minishow   (430 words)

 Howstuffworks "How the Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 Works"
The Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 is a car that follows a distinctly American approach to high-performance -- give it lots of horsepower and then get out of the way.
The first Shelby Mustang was built in 1964, when Ford decided to add some muscle to the previously mellow Mustang.
Shelby Mustangs eventually became a showcase for Ford's technology, winning many races and a few championships on road courses around the world.
auto.howstuffworks.com /shelby-cobra.htm   (1096 words)

 The Carol Shelby COBRA history   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Carroll Hall Shelby was born to Warren Hall Shelby, a rural mail carrier, and Eloise Lawrence Shelby in Leesburg, Texas on January 11, 1923.
Carroll Shelby airmailed a letter of proposal to the company to keep building the chassis for a special Shelby sports car to be powered by an American V8.
The Cobras scored in Europe at the Freiburg Hill climb in the Black Forest, at the Tourist Trophy in Goodwood, England, and at Sierra-Montana Grand Prix De La Montagne in the Swiss Alps.
www.jerryscobras.net /carrollshelbyhistory.html   (3878 words)

 Authorized Shelby Cobra dealer, 427 SC, 289 FIA, and parts
To access the XKs Unlimited Shelby Cobra Brochure, we invite you to view a PDF version of it.
Shelby American warrants that the parts and components comprising The Shelby Cobra will be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of six (6) months.
XKs Unlimited, Inc. warrants that the parts and components comprising The Shelby Cobra are subject to the manufacturer’s warranties.
www.cobrasbyxks.com   (212 words)

 The Australian Cobra Car Club....................Point it and Punch it!
We stress this point - the club is a members club, is driven by and is for the needs of its membership: COBRA Enthusiasts, be they: thinking about buying a kit or car; building, restoring or enjoying driving their completed car and developing friendships.
Australian Cobra Car Club is in no way connected to holder of these or any other rights involving the original Ford or Shelby Cobra.
Cobra Car Club Inc. makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to any of the information contained herein.
www.cobracarclub.org.au   (189 words)

 The Fantastic Shelby Cobra CSX 4000 by S/C Motorsports
The Shelby Cobra is arguably one of the world's most famous and recognizable sports cars today.
Today's CSX 4000 Series 427 S/C component vehicles from Shelby Automobiles, Inc. are everything the 1965 models were and more.
The authenticity of each vehicle is documented by Shelby CSX numbers and a manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) from Shelby American signed by Carroll Shelby himself.
www.shelbycobra.com /Cobra-4000.htm   (235 words)

 West Coast Customs - Kingz of Customs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Shelby Automobiles, known for speed and performance through the leadership of legendary racecar driver and Cobra creator Carroll Shelby, will offer a modified V6-engined 2006 Ford Mustang, dubbed the CS 6.
With a racing-level output of that caliber, this Mustang is genuinely worthy of wearing the Shelby badge.
Shelby Automobiles is a division of Carroll Shelby International, Inc. (OTC: CSBI - News).
www.westcoastcustoms.com /Home/Pages/shelby.htm   (673 words)

 » Shelby’s Personal Cobra for sale » fordmuscle.com
Shelby is probally the greatest automotive legend to ever sit behind the wheel of a car.
To call Carroll Shelby a joke is a very large injustice to an automotive icon and a wonderful benefactor for the Shelby Childrens Foundation set up by him to assist children in need of organ transplants.
Shelby as a volunteer at a fund raising for the children and can say first hand he does an awful lot for any man especially when most his age are sitting in easychairs.
www.fordmuscle.com /blog/shelbys-personal-cobra-for-sale/112152   (1876 words)

 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500 - Road Test & Review - Automobile Magazine
The result is the Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 on these pages, a faithful preview of a 450-plus-hp 2007 production model you'll be able to purchase in the fall of '06 for less than $40,000.
The Shelby tie-in is perfect, because this is another ride back to the glory days of Ford's Total Performance period.
That 390-hp snake had a 4.6-liter four-cam V-8 at the core, whereas the new Shelby edition moves to the 5.4-liter block that powers the Ford GT and various large trucks.
www.automobilemag.com /reviews/coupes/0506_ford_mustang_shelby_cobra_gt500   (794 words)

 TheMustangSource.com | 2007 Shelby Cobra GT500 Prototype   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
SVT created a new Cobra logo based on the 1968 design, and placed one in the grille offset to the right and on each fender.
Red inserts highlight the seats, and a Shelby Cobra GT500 medallion is located in the middle of the steering wheel.
Production of the Shelby Cobra GT500 begins in Summer 2006, and the car will be available for purchase in Fall 2006 as a 2007 model.
bradbarnett.net /mustangs/concept/07gt500/index.htm   (492 words)

 IGN: Shelby Cobra GT 500 Preview
Still, SVT and Shelby claim that this suspension design has been tested and proven against the best Europe and Japan has to offer, so we have reason to believe that the GT 500 will be a competent canyon carver.
The Shelby Cobra GT 500 is a Mustang, after all, so it has the goods to go fast in a straight line, too.
Sitting underneath the hood of the Shelby Cobra GT 500 is a supercharged 5.4 liter V8.
cars.ign.com /articles/611/611291p1.html   (898 words)

 Shelby Cars NW
The CSX4000 Series 427 S/C Cobra from Shelby American improves on everything the 1965 model was famous for.
This new Shelby Cobra boasts the world's first computer designed chassis with four wheel coil-over independent suspension.
These are authentic Shelby Cobras documented by chassis numbers, and a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) signed by Carroll Shelby.
www.shelby-cars.com /cobra.htm   (332 words)

 Real 289 FIA Shelby Cobra
The CSX 7000 (289 FIA) is an authentic recreation of the Shelby Cobra 289 model that started it all.
The Shelby Cobra legend and racing success began with these cars, terrorizing race tracks around the world from 1962 through 1965.
Cobras by Jeff can sell the component car and can then arrange the sale and installation of the powertrain.
www.cobrasbyjeff.com /shelby289   (255 words)

 Cobra Cars Meets Cobra Guitars
Sanderson Sales and Marketing in conjunction with Shelby American and Bolin Guitars is proud to introduce the initial offering of the "Icons of America" series of hand built commemorative guitars, and we could not have chosen a more legendary pioneer in American automotive history to begin with than Carroll Shelby.
Under Carroll's guidance and direction, we have designed from the ground up a series of three different guitar models which accurately reflect the vintage, heritage and excitement of one of the greatest icons in American automotive history, the Shelby Cobra.
The "289", the "427", and the "289 FIA" guitars were designed to capture the look and thrill of the original Cobras of the 1960s.
www.shelbycobraguitar.com   (206 words)

 G&K Classics--Shelby Cobra
Shelby was paying Ford close to $800 for the 427 engine, and he could purchase the 428s for a shade over $300.
"At the same time, if you intend to purchase or build a Cobra replica, George's video will quickly infuse you with a wealth of knowledge about Cobra engine, drivetrain and suspension and brake-system specifics, and why each component of Shelby's original asphalt kicker was chosen (or designed) for its assigned task.
And if you're employing a professional assembler or performance shop to construct your Cobra for you, you'll be much more knowledgable (and perhaps more open to suggestions) when he recommends a certain procedure or a more expensive component over another alternative.
www.cobracountry.com /gk/home.html   (1025 words)

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