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Topic: Shelby County

  Shelbyville Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Shelbyville Kentucky KY Business Organizations
The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary non-profit organization.
Young Leaders Institute: Work with select group of Shelby County 8 th and 10 th graders to interact with community leaders to develop skills necessary to become leaders of tomorrow.
Shelby County Map : Map and guide of Shelby County Newsletter and Newspaper Articles: Publish the Chamber newsletter and use the free column space provided by the Sentinel-News monthly to promote the Chamber.
www.shelbycountykychamber.com   (990 words)

  Handbook of Texas Online:
Shelby County (F-22) is on the eastern boundary of the state, in a bulge of the Sabine River that separates it from Desoto and Sabine parishes in Louisiana.
The county is bounded on the south by San Augustine and Sabine counties, on the west by Rusk and Nacogdoches counties, and on the north by Panola County.
In 1990 the population of the county was 22,034.
www.tsha.utexas.edu /handbook/online/articles/view/SS/hcs9.html   (2725 words)

 Shelby County, Ohio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Shelby County is a county located in the state of Ohio, United States.
In the county, the population was spread out with 28.60% under the age of 18, 8.20% from 18 to 24, 29.30% from 25 to 44, 21.70% from 45 to 64, and 12.20% who were 65 years of age or older.
The median income for a household in the county was $44,507, and the median income for a family was $51,331.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shelby_County,_Ohio   (528 words)

 Shelby County Chamber of Commerce - Historic Courthouse
We was the first county, and laid claim to the first center county seat named Center.) The rider returned from a secret spy mission to report his findings to the man with the pencil thin mustache whom we’ll call Bart, which wasn’t his real name of course.
Shelby County ultimately became one of the most populous and prosperous areas of the state.
Thus, the new county seat was established in 1866 at a place in the forest where there were no houses, stores, or other buildings—nothing except the lonesome log courthouse.
www.shelbycountychamber.com /community_historical_courthouse.html   (2228 words)

 Shelby County Republican Party - County Official Bios   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tom Leatherwood was born and raised in Shelby County.
Shelby County has the only trustee's office in the state with a delinquent tax office, collecting more than $34 million annually.
He is the keeper of the records for the Criminal Court of Shelby County, which holds a staff of over 100 employees.
www.shelbygop.org /officials/countybios.html   (1412 words)

 Shelby County, Tennessee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Shelby County is the most populous county in the U.S. state of Tennessee.
In the county, the population was spread out with 28.20% under the age of 18, 9.70% from 18 to 24, 31.10% from 25 to 44, 21.00% from 45 to 64, and 10.00% who were 65 years of age or older.
Schools in Shelby County that are outside of the city of Memphis are operated by Shelby County Schools.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shelby_County,_Tennessee   (424 words)

 Alabama Counties: Shelby County
Shelby County was created by an act of the Alabama Territorial General Assembly on February 7, 1818, from former Creek Indian territory ceded in the Treaty of Fort Jackson on August 9, 1814.
It is located in the north-central part of the state and is bounded on the north by Jefferson and St. Clair counties, on the south by Chilton and Bibb counties, on the east by Talladega county and on the west by Bibb and Jefferson counties.
The county is named for Isaac Shelby, first governor of Kentucky.
www.archives.state.al.us /counties/shelby.html   (157 words)

 Shelby County, Indiana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Shelby County is a county located in the U.S. state of Indiana.
In the county the population was spread out with 26.70% under the age of 18, 8.00% from 18 to 24, 30.60% from 25 to 44, 22.60% from 45 to 64, and 12.20% who were 65 years of age or older.
George W. Clarke, Governor of Iowa from 1913 to 1917, was born in Shelby County, Indiana, on Oct. 24, 1852.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shelby_County,_Indiana   (467 words)

 Shelby County Reporter
Shelby said America is losing its manufacturing base to China and Japan because of a trade imbalance.
Shelby is chairman of the Banking Committee in the U.S. Senate and a senior member of the Appropriations Committee.
Shelby also said to the sound of applause from Monday's crowd that he believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.
www.shelbycountyreporter.com /articles/2004/02/17/news/news02.txt   (612 words)

 Shelby County, Alabama - ShelbyWiki
Shelby County, Alabama was created by an act of the Alabama Territorial General Assembly on February 7, 1818, from Creek Indian territory which had been ceded in the Treaty of Fort Jackson in 1814.
The county was formed out of the northern portion of what was then Montgomery County.
At the time, Shelby County was one of the largest counties in Alabama.
www.shelbycounty.com /wiki/index.php/Shelby_County,_Alabama   (162 words)

 Shelby County Trustee - FAQs
The current tax rate in Shelby County is $4.04 per $100 of assessed value (Inside Memphis) and $4.09 per $100 of assessed value (Outside Memphis).
Also, advise the County Assessor at (901) 379-7333, as to the disposition of the equipment, so your account can be removed from the next years tax roll.
If a taxpayer's property was sold in a county tax sale, they should contact the Tax Sale Department at (901) 545-4832 or (901) 545-4819 to obtain the correct amount needed to redeem their property.
www.shelbycountytrustee.com /FAQs.asp   (2334 words)

 Hardin; shelby county ohio historical society
Seven men were instrumental in organizing the county and petitioning the Ohio General Assembly to grant Shelby County a charter.
After Shelby County was formed, Hardin would serve as county seat for almost a year before it moved to Sidney.
It was erected in the 1950s by the Park Association, Compromise Grange, the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Shelby County Historical Society.
www.shelbycountyhistory.org /schs/pioneers/hardinctyseat.htm   (503 words)

 ACES: Shelby County Extension Office
Shelby County was established by act of the first session of the Alabama Legislature and the Alabama Territory House of Representatives on Feb. 7, 1818.
Montevallo, a city in Shelby County, is at the center of Alabama.
Shelby is the fastest growing county in Alabama and the sixth most populated in the state.
www.aces.edu /counties/cnty_cookie.php?county=Shelby   (412 words)

 Shelby County Portal
The Butterfly Project is a joint partnership between Shelby County Office on Infant Mortality and Governor Bredesen's Office.
On June 25, 2007 the Shelby County Commission adopted a Code of Ethics in compliance with State law.
This new Code of Ethics is applicable to all Shelby County elected officials and employees, to appointees to the various boards, commissions and authorities; to the Shelby County Election Commission members and employees; and to the Shelby County School Board and employees of the county school district.
www.shelbycountytn.gov /appmanager/scexternal/content?_nfpb=false&_nfls=false&_pageLabel=home   (148 words)

 Shelby County, Illinois
My families in Shelby County are Longwell, Conrad and Lamb from the Tower Hill, Shelbyville, Moweaqua and Cowden areas.
On the north by Christian, Macon, and Moultrie; east by Moultrie, Coles, and Cumberland; south by Effingham and Fayette; and west by Montgomery and Christian counties.
- The population of the county, according to the census of 1870, was 25,476, and in 1880 is given at 29,951, and is princi pally composed of persons of English, Irish, German, and French extraction, with a few colored persons.
www.rootsweb.com /~ilshelb2/shelby.htm   (396 words)

 KY:Historical Society - Historical Marker Database - Search for Markers
House was purchased and restored in 1984 by Shelby Co. Historical Society to serve as society headquarters.
Description: Simpsonville and Simpson County, Kentucky, were named for the Captain who fought with Wayne at Fallen Timbers, practiced law in Shelbyville, and was elected to the State Legislature four times.
Died in 1853 in Shelby County, buried in the State Cemetery at Frankfort.
kentucky.gov /kyhs/hmdb/MarkerSearch.aspx?mode=County&county=106   (1430 words)

 History & Genealogy - County Records - Shelby County Genealogical Fact Sheet
Census on microfilm for Shelby County: 1820-1880, 1900-1930
Settlers of Shelby County, Tennessee and Adjoining Counties (Cargill and Connelly, 1989)
Shelby County, Tennessee, Population Schedules of the United States Census of 1820 (Presley, 1970)
www.tennessee.gov /tsla/history/county/factshelby.htm   (979 words)

 Welcome   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Shelby 9-1-1 assigns addresses in Shelby County except within the city limits of Alabaster, Birmingham, Columbiana, Hoover, and Pelham.
The total is made up of 4 percent state tax, 1 percent county tax, and in the incorporated areas, 1 to 4 percent city sales tax.
Residents of Shelby County have access to a combined collection of some 200,000 resources, including books, magazines, cassettes, videos, puppets, equipment, maps, and pamphlets.
www.shelbycountyalabama.com /welcome.shtm   (779 words)

 Shelby County Common Pleas Court   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In Shelby County, this Court is served by Judge John D. Schmitt.
The Judge of the Shelby County Court of Common Pleas is also a domestic relations Judge and has jurisdiction over divorce, dissolution, alimony, child support, annulment and custody in family disputes.
Before being elected to the bench, Judge Schmitt was a practicing attorney in Shelby County for l8 years, involved in the general practice of law.
co.shelby.oh.us /commonpleas   (303 words)

 Shelby County School System
This is the official web site of the Shelby County Board of Education.
Any other site that claims to be affiliated with, represent or contain information about any Shelby County School is not endorsed by the Shelby County Board of Education.
If you leave the official Shelby County Board of Education web site, the Shelby County School District claims no responsibility for the content beyond this point.
www.shelbyed.k12.al.us   (67 words)

 Shelby County Public Schools   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Shelby County Public Schools ensures that any child or youth (ages 3-21) with a disability, regardless of how severe, is provided an appropriate public education at no cost to the parents or guardian.
If you know of a Shelby County disabled child or youth who is not receiving services, please contact the Special Education/Section 504 Coordinator Kellye Vincent, 647-0210.
That's technology in Shelby County Public Schools.In 1992, Shelby County was named the pilot site for the state's ambitious technology project, the Kentucky Education Technology System (KETS).
www.shelby.k12.ky.us /StudentsParents.asp?page=192   (751 words)

 Shelby County Chamber of Commerce - Homepage
Shelby County is a myriad of untapped resources.
Tires may be taken to Wal-Mart Automotive Division for a nominal fee, oil and oil filters may be taken to Wal-Mart for free, and acid batteries may be taken to the City Annex on Riggs Street in Center only during 8:00 a.m.
Coyote Pass ATV Park is located in Shelby County in the community of Campti.
www.shelbycountychamber.com   (707 words)

 Shelby County Fact Sheet
Named for Isaac Shelby, a soldier of the Revolution and Indian wars, Governor of Kentucky from 1792 to 1796 and again from 1812 to 1816.
He commanded the Kentucky troops in the battle of Thames in the War of 1812.
Click on thumbnail to view a map of Shelby County and its civil and congressional townships.
www.sos.state.il.us /departments/archives/irad/shelby.html   (123 words)

 Shelby County, Iowa
In 1870, as part of a revamping of county government, the office of County Auditor was created.
The County Auditor is an elected official with a term of four years.
Not only is the Auditor the County's Financial Officer, but also the Clerk to the Board of Supervisors, the Custodian of the Court House, the Overseer of the County Plats, and the Commissioner of Elections.
www.shco.org /auditor.htm   (194 words)

 Shelby County Trustee - Welcome
There are approximately 10,000 people in Shelby County who may qualify for tax relief benefits.
The State will pay up to $235.58 of Shelby County property taxes for those who qualify.
"As Trustee for Shelby County, every effort is made to collect taxes in a fair and efficient manner.
www.shelbycountytrustee.com   (150 words)

 Shelby County Sheriff's Office - Home Page
The Sheriff, as set forth by the Tennessee State Constitution, is the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the county.
The Shelby County Sheriff's Office is a full-service law enforcement agency and the pre-trial custodial keeper of those who are arrested for crimes.
It is the mission of the Shelby County Sheriff's Office to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Shelby County Tennessee, to preserve the peace, to maintain a safe and secure jail and to prevent crime and disorder while constantly guarding personal liberties as prescribed by law.
www.shelby-sheriff.org   (407 words)

 Shelbyville Kentucky Entertainment Horses Spirited Tours Group Tours Dining Lodging Vacation
It seems that there is always something happening here in Shelby County.
Not only is Shelby County the Saddlebred Horse Capital of the World, we are ideally located so that you can take advantage of some of the finest attractions that Kentucky has to offer.
For those wanting to spend a couple of days in Kentucky's Country Home, Shelby County offers a number of lodging and dining establishments for you to enjoy.
www.shelbyvilleky.com   (292 words)

 Shelby County, Kentucky
It is located in the Outer Bluegrass region of the state.
The elevation in the county ranges from 550 to 1188 feet above sea level.
In 2000 the county population was 33,337 in a land area of 384.19 square miles, an average of 86.8 people per square mile.
www.uky.edu /KentuckyAtlas/21211.html   (56 words)

 Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce
We believe that great business connections are the key to a thriving business economy and our Chamber is dedicated to serving its members with that goal in mind.
There are many ways the Chamber can plug you into meaningful volunteer opportunities through The Partnership, Leadership Shelby County, and Chamber Operations.
Copyright 2006 The Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, Pelham, Alabama.
www.shelbychamber.org   (345 words)

 Welcome to Shelby County, Kentucky
As the Thanksgiving Holiday approaches, it is time to reflect on what is truly important in our lives and all that we are thankful for.
Whether it's family, friends, a roof over our heads, or supper on the table, there is something in our lives that we appreciate but take for granted.
I am thankful for the wonderful community I live in, for the genuine people who make Shelby County the welcoming place that it is. Thank you to each and every one of you for all that you contribute to our community, and for making Shelby County such a wonderful place to live.
www.shelbycountykentucky.com   (296 words)

 Shelby County co.shelby General Redirect Page
This is the Default Page for the Shelby County Courts and External Users Web Site
You are HERE because you have not specified a proper link to the desired page.
To find other sites, go to the Shelby County Portal via the link at the bottom of the page.
www.co.shelby.tn.us   (62 words)

 Shelby County Portal
If you would like to be involved in selling products and sevices to Shelby County Government, please use the links below or check out the Purchasing Department area on this web site.
Shelby County Government's Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of products and services under the administration of the County Mayor, the Legislative Body, the County Board of Commissioners, and other Elected Officials.
Every purchase is made with the County's best interest in mind while providing all suppliers with a fair and equal opportunity to conduct business with County Government.
www.shelbycountytn.gov /FirstPortal/dotShowDoc/dotContent/Government/CountyServices/AdminandFinance/bidsjump.htm   (136 words)

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