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Topic: Shell (projectile)

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Shell (projectile) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most shells are aerodynamic and hence, tend to have similar shapes to bullets—that is, a cylinder topped by an ogive shaped nose, possibly with a tapering base—but some specialised types are quite different.
The calibre of a shell is its diameter.
Shells of 105, 120, and 155 mm diameter are common for NATO forces' artillery and tank guns.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shell_(projectile)   (3318 words)

 Royal Australian Navy Gun Plot History Of Shell Projectile Design
Palliser shell and shot (invented by Sir William Palliser in 1863, for the attack of armour), shrapnel shell, double shell about 4 calibres long, for attack of wooden ships at short range and case shot were also supplied.
The Palliser shell were 2 to 2.5 calibres in length, made of iron, the head being chilled in casting to harden it.
Piercing shell were adopted for 4.7-inch and smaller guns and the designs of large piercing shell, which were considered to have proved unsatisfactory in action, were further studied.
www.gunplot.net /armoury/armouryammodesign.html   (1238 words)

Mortarss are high-angle weapons originally used to drop shells behind the walls of a city.
Mortarss fire relatively short range and small-calibre projectiles in a high arc against targets that cannot be reached by low-angle (less than 45 degrees) fire, such as troops on the reverse slope of a hillside.
The FDC will transmit the fire order to the howitzers, specifying the number of volleys, a particular shell and fuze combination, the specific charge, a deflection (horizontal direction) and quadrant elevation (vertical direction) both specified in mils, and any special instuctions, such as to wait for the observer's command to fire relayed through the FDC.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/a/ar/artillery.html   (1523 words)

 General information of artillery weapons and shells   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
After the projectile has left the barrel, it flies to the target unguided (today there are "smart" guidable projectiles developed to be fired by guns, but that was not the case in World War 2).
All artillery shells don't have cartridge cases, instead the projectile and the propellant charge are loaded "separately", inserting first the projectile and then the propellant charge.
Usually the majority of the splinters are in the side cone (roughly 80 % of the splinters), and with the shells fired by cannons and howitzers, which have cylindrical projectiles, the aperture of the cone is usually between 40 - 50 degrees.
www.winterwar.com /Weapons/artyinfo.htm   (2078 words)

 Civil War Artillery - Ammunition
Shell, as its name implies, is a hollow iron projectile filled with a bursting charge of fl powder.
Also called shrapnel or shrapnel shell after its inventor, British artilleryman Henry Shrapnel, case shot was an improvement on the simple shell by the addition of small lead or iron balls to the interior of a thinner-walled projectile.
Shell and case shot are somewhat more complex, being designed to explode at or near the target.
www.cwartillery.org /artammo.html   (2839 words)

 Shrapnel vs Shell Fragments
Each projectile was practically a shotgun which was fired, by means of the time fuze, ideally at the height which would produce the maximum effect on the enemy.
The intended destructive effect of the shrapnel projectile against men and animals came from the shrapnel balls.
The projectile casing, which merely acted as a carrier for the shrapnel balls, was not designed to fracture or fragment.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/faq/shrapnel.htm   (819 words)

 THE HORSE SOLDIER - John Geiselman Collection - Grouping# 13
Over the years, realizing that the shell was still live and potentially active, the Weikert family buried the shell in a ditch across the road approximately 50 yards from their residence.
The large, iron Parrott shell is of the common short pattern and is intact with its wrought iron tapered ring sabot.
NARROW FRAGMENT OF U.S. This Schenkl percussion shell fragment was recovered from the Codori Farm area on the Gettysburg battlefield.
www.horsesoldier.com /catalog/c0086.html   (7722 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The air-holes K of the shell B will be stopped upon the surface with some clay or putty, to prevent the explosion of the shell from the fire of the discharged gun.
On discharging from a gun the projectile, as described above, the shock and force of the shell B will tend to move it on the shell A: but this will be prevented by the lead, which is inelastic, and which cannot be cast off, because grooved in.
The resistance of the lead in the grooves between the shells may be increased by mixing tin, zinc, antimony, & c., for projectiles of large dimensions, for the purpose of delaying the explosion when the ball strikes, so that the projectile may be forced into the body of the object.
www.civilwarartillery.com /patents/patents/PATENT33541.doc   (748 words)

 shell - Wiktionary
A hollow projectile, of various shapes, adapted for a mortar or a cannon, and containing an explosive substance, ignited with a fuze or by percussion, by means of which the projectile is burst and its fragments scattered.
Any slight hollow structure; a framework, or exterior structure, regarded as not complete or filled in; as, the shell of a house.
A drum shell; the usually wooden, cylindrical acoustic chamber, with or without rims added for tuning and attaching drum heads.
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/shell   (453 words)

 AAA Munitions Price List
The average velocity of a 12 pdr projectile was around 900 fps with a range of 1800 yards.
This is the same shell fired by the 12 pdr napoleon and the 12 pdr field howitzer.
There were 20+ types of rifle projectiles produced during the Civil War as the rifled cannon was new technology and required experimentation to determine the best configuration of projectile.
aaamunitions.com /pics.htm   (1262 words)

 One35th presents the 28cm K5(E) Eisenbahngeschutz - Ammunitions,Projectiles and Fuzes
The shell had a ballistic cap with a light alloy tip and the nose fuze was beneath this cap.
A new design of long -range shell was under development in 1944 by Krupp, It had a hollow tail section to give additional stabilization by drag and a high-efficiency driving band for use with the K 5 Vz gun.
This was the Peenumünde arrow shell - Peenemünder Pfeilgeschoss or Flugstabilisierte treibringgeschoss.
www.one35th.com /model/k5/k5_ammunition.htm   (1386 words)

 From 45mm to 57mm
The 2780g shells are reported to have been fired with a muzzle velocity of 980m/s, however, these ballistic particulars seem very unlikely if one looks at the small cartridge on the pictures.
The second shell type was used from 1958 on and uses the nz21 nose fuze with powder self destruction device and a Sv-11 tracer screw.
Arrowhead steel shell with aluminum nosescrew and tungsten carbide core of 510g measuring 24mm in diameter and 91mm in length.
www.geocities.com /Pentagon/Base/1852/57mm.html   (3529 words)

 Shell   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
An animal shell, the hard, rigid outer covering of an animal such as a mollusk or gastropod.
An operating system shell, such as a UNIX shell command line interpreter in the Unix operating system.
A projectile with explosive charge, shot from a gun; typically shells are larger than bullets and shot from larger guns.
www.guajara.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/s/sh/shell.html   (122 words)

 Artillery Article, Artillery Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The types of tube artillery are generally distinguished by their ballistic trajectory.Cannons (such as infantry support guns or the guns on anaval ship) are typically low-angle weapons designed for a direct-fire role.
Mortars fire relatively short range and small-calibre projectiles in a high arc against targets that cannotbe reached by low-angle (less than 45 degrees) fire, such as troops on the reverse slope of a hillside.
The FDC will transmit the fire order to the howitzers, specifying thenumber of volleys, a particular shell and fuze combination, the specific charge, a deflection (horizontal direction) and quadrant elevation (vertical direction) bothspecified in mils, and any special instructions, such as to wait for the observer's commandto fire relayed through the FDC.
www.anoca.org /fire/weapons/artillery.html   (1473 words)

 ipedia.com: Shell (projectile) Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
When the fuze initiates the shell, the bursting charge shatters the case and scatters hot, sharp fragments of steel at high speed.
Chemical shells contain just a small explosive charge to burst the shell, and a larger quantity of a chemical weapon.
The fuze of a shell has to keep the shell safe from accidental detonation during storage, (possibly rough) handling, and violent launch through the barrel, then reliably detonate it at the correct time.
www.ipedia.com /shell__projectile_.html   (1603 words)

 Aerial Bombs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The shell is timed to ignite when it reaches its highest point (known as the "apogee") in the sky.
The Aerial Mortar is composed of two main parts, the mortar (launch tube) and the projectile (shell).
This end plug is going to be the bottom of the shell (projectile), and to make it strong enough to withstand the blast of launching it out of the mortar, we're going to use it backwards in the tube and reinforce it.
www.unitednuclear.com /aerialmortar.htm   (1134 words)

 Definitions and Information about Naval Guns - Part 2
The pointed head of a projectile is described in terms of its ballistic length and the radius of the curvature of its nose.
P is the density of the medium, Di is the diameter (caliber) of the projectile, and V the velocity.
These projectiles were designed to burst in a 20 degree cone extending towards the oncoming aircraft with the projectile shell itself being destroyed by a bursting charge to increase the quantity of steel splinters.
www.navweaps.com /Weapons/Gun_Data_p2.htm   (8273 words)

 Combined Systems v. Defense Technology Corp
into said projectile compartment” forecloses -- at least in the absence of compelling evidence to the contrary in the written description or prosecution history -- a construction permitting the “folds” to be formed after or during insertion of the projectile into the projectile compartment in the shotgun shell.
2 constructed projectile 10 is then manually stuffed through the front opening 58 into the compartment 54 which, not only of course properly positions the projectile 10 for firing, but also reshapes the projectile 10 so it can qualify for low lethality end use.
A known projectile which currently is a low lethality munition of choice consists of a flat bag which is folded in half to fit within a 12 gauge shotgun shell, and after exiting from the muzzle is supposed to unfold into a flat bag shape and impact in this flat bag shape upon a target.
www.ll.georgetown.edu /federal/judicial/fed/opinions/03opinions/03-1251.html   (3356 words)

 Shell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Animal shell, such as that of a mollusk or turtle, egg (biology), or a Nut (fruit) in plants,
Shell (computing), a type of computer user interface (for example Unix shell or DOS Shell)
This is a disambiguation page: a list of articles associated with the same title.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shell   (132 words)

 37MM Fun Load   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The others that can't be used (for this application anyway) have internal caps or the caps aren't large enough to seal around the inside edge of the 37MM shell.
Put cap in shell right side up (the hard way) and be careful so the cap sits flat and doesn't go crooked.
If you can shoot hard rolled cardboard tubes with hard dried clay ends filled with burning, smoking material (also known as smoke bombs), or hard rolled cardboard tubes that explode while in the air, then one should be able to load and reload these containers, and shoot them in confidence.
hometown.aol.com /bishop042/37MM.html   (346 words)

 Fireworks projectile having combustible shell (US5526750)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The projectile is aimed and launched by a launcher to rapidly expel the projectile from a launching tube.
The external geometry of the projectile also is configured so that the projectile tumbles when launched and follows a more predictable, repeatable and accurate path in flight.
(c) a priming composition comprising a mixing agent and an explosive additive that are added to the shell to facilitate burning and consumption of the shell upon ignition of the explosive charge, wherein the mixing agent comprises acetone and the explosive additive comprises fl powder.
www.delphion.com /details?pn=US05526750__   (656 words)

 Transwiki:Shell - Yellowikis
Editing the article so that it is in the standard format for Yellowikis entries.
A type of user interface in computer software, often an operating system shell, such as a Unix shell command line interpreter in the Unix operating system or the DOS Shell in MS-DOS.
The short name (and Brand) of the Royal Dutch Shell Energy multinational.
www.yellowikis.org /wiki/index.php/Transwiki:Shell   (251 words)

 SHELL - OneLook Dictionary Search
Shell, shell : UltraLingua English Dictionary [home, info]
Phrases that include SHELL: ear shell, shell game, tooth shell, ark shell, hard shell clam, more...
Words similar to SHELL: blast, carapace, case, casing, eggshell, plate, pod, scale, shelled, shelling, strafe, racing shell, more...
www.onelook.com /cgi-bin/cgiwrap/bware/dofind.cgi?word=SHELL   (623 words)

 (WO 01/98727) SHOT CARTRIDGE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
(57) A shot cartridge (7) comprises a shell (2) with an outlet end (4), and a multiplicity of elongate projectiles (8) provided in the shell.
Each projectile (8) has an impact end (9) and a rearward end (10) and is asymmetrically shaped so that its centre of gravity is situated closer to the impact end (9) than the rearward end (10).
The projectiles behave as arrows when the shot cartridge is fired by a shot gun, which makes it possible to make the projectiles from an environmentally friendly material lighter than lead without reducing the striking energy of the projectiles as compared to traditional spherical lead small shots.
wipo.int /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=01/98727.011227&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (141 words)

 Japanese Ammunition, Guns and Mountings Definitions
This document defines abbreviations, designations and terms for Japanese ammunition and guns.
Shôi ryûsandan (Sankaidan) - Incendiary shrapnel shell (Fragmentation)
Chakushokudan - "Pillar coloring shell." Shell containing a dye for coloring the splash.
www.navweaps.com /Weapons/WNJAP_projectiles.htm   (243 words)

 Fireworks projectile having distinct shell configuration (US5627338)
A fireworks projectile for exploding into an aerial fireworks display, comprising:
(b) a shell containing the explosive charge, wherein the shell has a substantially smooth, uninterrupted external surface geometry comprising a substantially cylindrical body having semi-spherical opposing end portions, the external surface of the shell comprising:
ii) a cover for covering the recess and substantially maintaining the continuity of the external surface geometry of the shell.
www.delphion.com /details?pn=US05627338__   (700 words)

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