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Topic: Shell script

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In the News (Tue 25 Sep 18)

  Shell Scripting Forum
You're currently browsing the Shell Scripting section within the Linux and Unix category of DaniWeb, a massive community of 188,695 software developers, web developers, Internet marketers, and tech gurus who are all enthusiastic about making contacts, networking, and learning from each other.
Logging into a page automatically using shell script.
Shell Script to Zip / FTP / Delete transactional files.
www.daniweb.com /techtalkforums/forum113.html   (239 words)

  Beyond Your First Shell Script | Linux Journal
And the script is not very flexible either--if you'd like to print, mail, backup, and delete some other file, you'll have to create another version of the script.
Also, notice that running a shell script requires that it be read first; this is why you must have both read and execute permission to run a shell script file, while you need only execute permission to run a binary file.
The Korn shell itself has two descendents of its own: the POSIX standard shell, which is virtually identical to the Korn shell; and a big Linux favorite, the Bourne Again shell.
www.linuxjournal.com /article/1299   (3358 words)

  Shell script notes
Thus, shell scripts can be extremely powerful, but may not be efficient for performing complicated calculations because of the overheads involved.
The Bourne shell (sh) lacks job control, but it has good support for shell programming, it is standard on all Unix systems, and it is the basis for the shell in the POSIX standard.
The condition in a shell if-then-else statement is a command that is terminated by end of line or by a semicolon.
www.cs.mu.oz.au /~pde/course/shell_scripts.html   (3121 words)

 Shell Script Writing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
A shell script is a sequence of shell commands in a single file that are then executed with one command.
A third way to run a shell script is to explicitly indicate what shell you would like to run as a child to interpret the script.
Often when a shell script is called, you want to be able to pass the script information as you call it.
www.cs.umd.edu /class/fall2002/cmsc107/shellprog1.htm   (1144 words)

 Shell Scripts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Introduction Shell scripts are command files that automate frequently used procedures.
The first line of the script file determines the type of shell used; scripts running under the C shell usually begin the first line with a "#" character.
The C Shell Script Language Shell scripts are useful for tasks that are more complicated than executing a sequence of UNIX commands.
tis.tulane.edu /How_To/Unix_System/Shell_Scripts.cfm   (324 words)

 Shell Programming Basics
Scripts must be ASCII text and written with a text editor such as emacs, vi, or pico.
From within a script you also have access to user-defined environment variables (variables set by the user in a script and exported for use) and shell variables (read-only variables set by the shell).
The script sends an escape sequence which is interpreted by the terminal and causes it to change the name in the titlebar.
www.cs.csubak.edu /HowToGuides/shell_script_basics.html   (2286 words)

 Shells and Shell Scripts
A Unix shell is a command language interpreter, the primary purpose of which is to translate command lines typed at a terminal into system actions.
The shell has some built-in functions, which it performs directly, but most commands that you enter cause the shell to execute programs that are external to the shell.
Another way to execute a script within the context of a new shell is to run csh and give it the name of the script file as its first argument.
www.washington.edu /computing/unix/shell.html   (1492 words)

 Seven tips for optimizing shell script security
The first and most important security consideration in shell scripting is not the writing of the script but paying attention to who owns and runs it.
Shell scripts and the commands they contain are executed with the executing user's permissions (including group permissions).
Many people mistakenly believe that hard-coding passwords into shell scripts (especially scripts used to transfer files or synchronize data between multiple hosts) is a good solution to the need for automation or unattended execution of scripts.
searchenterpriselinux.techtarget.com /tip/0,289483,sid39_gci1216976,00.html   (1276 words)

 Shell Programming Techniques
The solution is to use a UNIX feature whereby the first line of a shell script indicates under which shell the script is to be executed.
The output from each script would be interleaved in the output file since each instance of the script would be writing to the same output file.
When the next user runs the script, a different PID will be assigned to the script's execution, thus causing a separate log file to be created each time instead of appending to the existing log file.
developers.sun.com /solaris/articles/korn_shell.html   (2811 words)

 Rule-based DoS attacks prevention shell script | Web Hosting Dedicated Server Linux Windows Security Managed Articles ...
If the proposed simple shell script detects DoS attacks that match predefine rules in the shell script, then the DoS attack IPs are added to the detected-IPs file and have their access to the server disabled.
The shell script is composed of a part of DoS attack detection rules, a part of reducing redundant IPs, and a part of disabling detected IPs.
In order to share the fllist of IPs, the shell script must be placed in every router, and router-to-router communication is needed to assemble the fllist of IPs for the larger framework of network security.
www.hostlibrary.com /Rule-based-DoS-attacks-prevention-shell-script   (875 words)

 How to write a shell script
The Bourne shell can be used to create shell scripts, i.e., programs that are interpreted/executed by the shell.
You can write shell scripts with the C shell; however, this is not covered here.
Shell scripts should be located in your search path and ~/bin should be in your search path.
www.tinker.ncsu.edu /LEGO/shell_help.html   (1910 words)

 What is shell script? - a definition from Whatis.com
It's called a shell script because it combines into a "script" in a single file a sequence of commands that would otherwise have to be presented to the system from a keyboard one at a time.
The shell is the operating system's command interpreter and the set of commands you use to communicate with the system.
A shell script is usually created for command sequences for which a user has a repeated need.
searchenterpriselinux.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,290660,sid39_gci212979,00.html   (342 words)

 Linux Post-Install procedures
shell script which will automate the process of making a snapshot of your system.
You must run this shell script: as soon as you have installed Linux for the first time, and after every major revision or upgrade to your Linux system.
The shell script (shivalik) is a convenient way to make backups of essential files and information about your Linux installation.
algolog.tripod.com /postlnx.htm   (1762 words)

 SHELLdorado - Shell Tips & Tricks (Programmer)
In shell scripts it is often necessary to convert a relative path name, i.e.
In shell scripts it's often useful to provide default values for script variables, i.e.
Script programmers sometimes have to process input that consists of fields separated by whitespace, i.e.
www.shelldorado.com /shelltips/script_programmer.html   (1573 words)

 Shell Programming
The shell is used to issue commands, start processes, control jobs, redirect input and output, and other mundane things that you do on a modern computer.
You have a tendency to loose track of such mundane things so you want to write a small script that sends you a letter after 7 days telling you to move the beer and another letter 2 weeks after that that tells you that the beer is finished.
A Bourne shell script that is used to remove garbage from your account.
user.it.uu.se /~matkin/documents/shell   (3447 words)

 Chapter 4. Practically Shell Scripting
What that implies, is that every subsequent shell (from the shell in which we exported the variable) is going to have the variable NAME with a value 'Hamish'.
Primarily because that shell variable wasn't exported from the previous shell to the new shell and is thus not an environmental variable.
Shell variables are only available in the original shell where we issue the assignment of the variable.
learnlinux.tsf.org.za /courses/build/shell-scripting/ch04.html   (3171 words)

 shell scripts
This script should do the same thing as it did before, but you have told it explicitly to use the bourne shell.
When you, or someone else, looks at your shell script in a year, it would be nice if you knew what it did, who created, it, when, why, and how to use it, simply by reading it.
In the above script, there is only one way to change the names of the directory or files that fred creates: open the script and modify it.
web.arizona.edu /~cnl/scripts.htm   (1402 words)

 Randall R Schulz - Re: shell script returning a value
Again, whether or the sub-process is a Cygwin executable or a "native" Windows program (including another Java program) and if it is a Cygwin program whether it's a binary or a shell script is all irrelevant--exit values are propagated uniformly by any of these variants to each other.
interpretation done on the script file, since the invocation of the sub-process from the JVM is done using Windows native APIs, not the Cygwin POSIX emulation of exec().
You will have to invoke the shell explicitly and pass it arguments that cause that shell to run your script.
www.cygwin.com /ml/cygwin/2002-02/msg00615.html   (328 words)

 Unix Shell Scripts
In previous discussions we have talked about many of the facilities of the C shell, such as command aliasing, job control, etc. In addition, any collection of csh commands may be stored in a file, and csh can be invoked to execute the commands in that file.
In Unix there are several shells that can be used, the C shell (csh and its extension, the T C shell tcsh), the Bourne Shell (sh and its extensions the Bourne Again Shell bash and the highly programmable Korn shell ksh) being the more commonly used.
As an example, suppose we write a shell script which is supposed to have two parameters, and that the code will set up two variables, `name1' and `name2' from those two parameters, i.e.
heather.cs.ucdavis.edu /~matloff/UnixAndC/Unix/CShellII.html   (1371 words)

 ShellScriptBuilder for Capistrano   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The plan is to have this buidl shell scripts and then for Capistrano to upload the script to the server into a tmpfile and then execute the script like a normal shell script.
I mean, if people are too stupid to do systmes admin type work in ruby or shell itself, then creating this extra level of insulation will only confuse them even more and just be more headaches for you when they start claiming that certain "commands" no longer work in the ruby shell script builder.
And also dealing with shell escasping at the same time you deal with ruby's and capistrano string escaping can be complicated to remember how to escape things properly.
brainspl.at /articles/2007/01/22/shellscriptbuilder-for-capistrano   (1502 words)

 lf216, UNIX Basics: Shell Programming
There are a lot of different shells available for Linux but usually the bash (bourne again shell) is used for shell programming as it is available for free and is easy to use.
The script sends an escape sequence which is interpreted by the terminal and causes it to change the name in the titlebar.
The advantage of a shell script is that it does not require any re-compilation and inserting an "echo" statement is done very quickly.
mercury.chem.pitt.edu /~tiho/LinuxFocus/English/September2001/article216.shtml   (3561 words)

 UNIX Shell Script Tutorials & Reference
Shell programming was not something I wanted to do from the start, it kind of crept up on me over the years.
Well after my first UNIX training course I went back to the office and started to look at the support requirements and it soon became obvious that to do a good job something had to be done regarding the overload of administration on a detailed level as the system grew.
By editing the scripts and putting in variables, instead of hard coded values, I found I could make them generic enough for anybody to use, as long as the user's environment contained enough background information for the script to pick up and use.
www.injunea.demon.co.uk /pages/page201.htm   (917 words)

 Transforming a Shell Script into an Automator Action
The shell script in Listing 1 accomplishes this by using ssh to execute the system_profiler tool on a series of computers via an IP network.
The script depends on the fact that all of the computers under the IT manager's control have been configured with password-less ssh login by first creating a pubic/private key pair and adding the manager's public key to the.ssh/authorized_keys file on each remote system.
When the script is executed, these values are passed to the script as environment variables.
developer.apple.com /appleapplications/transformscriptintoaction.html   (1744 words)

 How to write a shell script
The Bourne shell is used to create shell scripts -- ie.
Shell scripts are simple text files created with an editor.
A good shell script should verify that the arguments sup- plied (if any) are correct.
vertigo.hsrl.rutgers.edu /ug/shell_help.html   (1857 words)

 O'Reilly Media -- Bookstore: Classic Shell Scripting
Shell scripting is essential for Unix users and system administrators-a way to quickly harness and customize the full power of any Unix system.
Writing shell scripts requires more than just a knowledge of the shell language, it also requires familiarity with the individual Unix programs: why each one is there, how to use them by themselves, and in combination with the other programs.
The very basics of how scripts are written and used are also mentioned here, and beginners may want to refer to an additional book for more of the basic instructions.
www.oreilly.com /catalog/shellsrptg   (1961 words)

 Shell Scripting in OS X
The latter allows you to quickly and easily test the results of your scripts as you go along, and also allows you to save the script as a droplet so that it can be run from the desktop with a simple double click, or by dragging and dropping files onto it.
As with any shell script you need to let the host computer know which shell interpreter to use for the tasks you are going to perform.
Admittedly, a script may run too fast for your to read the text scrolling up the terminal window, but there are times when you may be dumping a large database or tarring the dump file, when the output will pause and you will be able to read it.
www.noendpress.com /vroman/shellscripting   (1718 words)

 Bombich.com: Mac OS X Management Custom Shell Script Library
These scripts are contributed by the Mac OS X Administrator community, thus I accept no responsibility for, nor do I warrant the merchantibility or fitness of the scripts contained herein.
This login script performs the same function as the refresh-default-homedir.sh script, but instead of simply deleting the work of the user that was just logged in, it saves that work to /tmp.
This script, contributed by Mark Helman, is used at logout to change permissions on the specified files back to read/write for everyone while respecting any pre-existing execute permissions.
www.bombich.com /mactips/scripts.html   (999 words)

 Shell Script Execution
It is important to understand that Korn shell scripts run in a somewhat different way than they would in other shells.
This command cannot export variables to the parent shell from a subshell, but can export variables created in the parent shell to all subshells created after the command is run.
If a script is writing output to a file, you can interactively monitor the progress of the output file (and thereby the script) by using the tail -f outputfile command.
www.livefirelabs.com /korn_shell_scripting_sample/wha05/02wha05.htm   (645 words)

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