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Topic: Ship class

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  Ship Classes and Types
Ship types are applied to a ship class and the values given modify the values of the ship class.
A ship of this class often has a huge troop capacity and is usually capable of entering an atmosphere to directly load or offload the troops it carries.
Ships of this type operate in a very large area of space, and it is almost exclusively used with the Control Ship class, such as a Space Control Ship.
homepage.mac.com /cheethorne/Palladium/shipclasses.htm   (3000 words)

 LHD-1 Wasp class
WASP class ships are the first to be specifically designed to accomidate the AV-8B Harrier jump jet and the LCAC hovercraft, along with the full range of Navy and Marine helicopters, conventional landing craft and amphibious assault vehicles to support a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) of 2,000 Marines.
The ships have 34-ton-capacity aircraft elevators, with the stern elevator relocated to starboard from the centerline aft position on the LHA 1 class.
The ships have six fully equipped operating rooms and a 600 bed hospital, by far the largest at sea with the exception of hospital ships.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/systems/ship/lhd-1.htm   (2062 words)

 Tarawa class amphibious assault ship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Tarawa-class is one of the class of amphibious assault ships currently in the service of the United States Navy.
The ships were constructed by Ingalls Shipbuilding, at Pascagoula, Mississippi.
The first ship of the class, the USS Tarawa (LHA-1), was launched on May 29, 1976.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tarawa_class_amphibious_assault_ship   (231 words)

 Ex Astris Scientia - Starfleet Ship Classes A-K
The ship is mainly a rearrangement of Excelsior-class components and was possibly introduced in the early 24th century.
While further ships of this class have been built in the meantime, the USS Defiant probably remained the only one with a Romulan cloaking device and was still in experimental status at the time of its destruction.
The Firebrand was among the ships in the
www.ex-astris-scientia.org /schematics/starfleet_ships1.htm   (4963 words)

 Leading the Way in Ship Design
Larger and more capable than the LPD 4 Austin class, its immediate predecessor, the LPD 17 also is required to have many of the capabilities of the other three classes of ships that it is replacing--LKA 113-class amphibious cargo ships, LSD 36-class dock landing ships, and LST 1179-class tank landing ships.
The LPD 17 class, when coupled with the capabilities of the remaining ships of the LHA and LHD amphibious assault ships and LSD 41 Whidbey Island-class vessels, will fill the gaps in amphibious lift to meet the lift requirement for the Navy's 21st-century amphibious force.
Looking at the 12-ship class as a whole and its planned 40-year service life, the overall impact of these early schedule adjustments is far offset by across-the-board improvements in platform performance--performance which would not have been achieved were it not for the dedicated, day-by-day efforts of the Navy-Marine Corps-industry team.
www.navyleague.org /seapower/leading_the_way_in_ship_design.htm   (2713 words)

 Acclamator I-class assault ship - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki - A Wikia wiki
The Acclamator I-class assault ship, also known as the Republic assault ship, Acclamator I-class Star Destroyer, or Acclamator I-class medium frigate, was a starship created for the Galactic Republic by Rothana Heavy Engineering.
These ships were armed with 4 heavy torpedo launch tubes; 24 point-defense laser cannons, rated at 6 megatons per shot; and 12 quad turbolaser turrets, each rated as high as 200 gigatons per shot.
These ships also had a sleek shape and some of their top armor was removed to make room for massive turbolasers.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Acclamator_I-class_assault_ship   (1019 words)

 ::Ships - Star Wars Combine::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-12)
Resistance of the hull of a ship, classic A/B system where A shows the actual state of the hull and the B is the max level.
A ship can carry as many smaller ships, vehicles and/or raw material until one of these numbers is reached by adding up all the weight/volume numbers of the ships, vehicles and raw material.
Ships with no docking bay are obliged to land in order to load/unload their cargo.
rules.swcombine.com /technology/ships   (1525 words)

 Lucrehulk-class Core Ship - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki - A Wikia wiki
The core ship was also equipped with numerous landing legs, though the landing gear may have required repulsorlift assistance to support the hull in launch posture for any length of time.
During the Battle of Geonosis, core ships successfully withdrew legions of battle droids from the planet's foundries in the face of the Republic assault, and during the Clone Wars, they transported military equipment and troops to countless worlds.
At least one core ship, Unlimited Projection was modified for long-term planetary deployment as a semi-permanent surface base on Utapau as the headquarters of General Grievous; this may have been the same core ship that the Separatist commander was seen traveling aboard a few months earlier.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Lucrehulk-class_Core_Ship   (660 words)

 Beliskner-Class Ship - StargateWiki
The ship is made of some fl material, probably a variant of naquadah, as the Asgard are known to experiment with this material for starship hulls.
Internally, the ship is equipped with dampening fields that activate in the event of an internal explosion.
Assuming the ships were the same, there is also a possibility the white walls were of a particularly sturdy element (trinium is known to be of a white/gray color), and the Replicators simply ate the alloy in order to replicate stronger members of their species, leaving red colored walls and few lights.
www.stargate-sg1-solutions.com /wiki/index.php/Beliskner-Class_Ship   (2187 words)

 Sovereign class - Memory Alpha - A Wikia wiki
Moving down to the lowest levels of the ship, Decks 24 and 25 contained the launch and loader mechanisms for the secondary hull's complement of quantum torpedoes and unmanned probes (fore and aft), while Deck 27 housed the fore and aft tractor beam emitters.
Instead, the heat shield of the escape pod lay flush with the Sovereign class ship's outer hull.
The Sovereign class isn't the first class of vessel to have several sickbays; we saw Beverly Crusher evacuating a sickbay in the engineering hull of the Enterprise-D in Star Trek Generations.
memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/Sovereign_class   (3629 words)

 Advanced Starship Design Bureau - Project List
The Istanbul class seems to be a relatively large type of transport ship suitable to carry settlers and their equipment.
Nothing is known about the Merced class, except that it was introduced in the first decades of the 24th century, according to registry of USS Trieste.
The Rigel class should be a newer ship class, from the mid-24th century.
www.trekships.org /projects.htm   (452 words)

 Ex Astris Scientia - Starship Class Inconsistencies
Finally, T'Pol negates Hoshi's and Malcolm's assumption that the crew of the Klingon Raptor class in ENT: "Sleeping Dogs" could have left the ship, as Klingon ships are not supposed to have lifeboats (This obviously changes until the 24th century, when Worf survives the destruction of the IKS Koraga in a lifeboat in DS9: "Penumbra").
Unless we invent a new class which has the same old secondary hull but is for some reason still in service, there must have been at least one Constitution-class ship at Wolf 359, and obviously this can't have been the museum ship mentioned in "Relics", two years later.
Secondly, it is strange that an experimental ship, after its failure, would become the prototype of one of Starfleet's most successful ship classes that would be built in numbers of hundreds for several decades.
www.ex-astris-scientia.org /articles/ship_classes.htm   (4235 words)

 Unofficial SFB Ship Classes Comparisons
There is plenty of room in SFB to satisfy both sets of players, but then there needs to be a system of identifying which ships are the more proper ''duelling'' ships, and which are the historical oddities that do not correspond to their opponents.
I list the classes in the rough order that they were introduced to the game -- from the original ships around 1980, the new ``war'' designs introduced from 1985-1987, to the post-Doomsday classes of the 1990's.
These are the original ships of the game, which vary a fair amount from race to race -- although some of this was eliminated with refits.
www.darkshire.org /~jhkim/public_html/sfb/classes.html   (752 words)

 LSD-41 Whidbey Island class
The design was originally to have been a near-repeat of the LSD 36 class adapted for diesel propulsion, but it incorporated a requirement to be able to accommodate the Navy's newest amphibious assault landing craft, the Landing Craft Air Cushion, or LCAC.
The LSD 41 class ship program replaced the eight aging LSD 28 THOMASTON class ships which reached the end of their service lives during the period 1984-1990.
LSD 44 received SSDS during 1997, and all ships of the class are to have received SSDS Block 1 by 2004.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/systems/ship/lsd-41.htm   (2119 words)

 Ship Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-12)
This ship's main appeal is its ability to hold armor 3 and a shield 5.
While this ship is almost as big as the starbase, it also does have a medium speed.
Pairing this ship with the previous setup and a tube of implode mines to divert ram/flame attacks is a very effective setup.
www.boomspeed.com /sturshian/Ship_Information.html   (725 words)

 Sovereign Class   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-12)
The shield system of the Sovereign class is similarly the most powerful of any Starfleet ship; the design was modified just prior to installation in order to increase effectiveness against both high energy tractor beams and phased polaron particles, measures clearly aimed at the Borg and Dominion respectively.
Under normal operation the shield modulation frequencies are under the control of the ships computer system, which continually evaluates incoming weapons fire and automatically re-modulates the shields to give the most effective possible defense.
The Sovereign class is currently the fastest vessel in Starfleet, with a maximum cruise speed of Warp 9.8 and a top speed of Warp 9.93 for up to twelve hours.
www.bravofleet.com /avalon/starship-sovereign.htm   (881 words)

 Oberth class - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
The Oberth-class was a type of mid-sized Federation starship used as a scout, science vessel, or Supply ship by Starfleet and civilian scientists alike, from the mid-23rd to the late-24th century.
Despite this, the first appearance of the class in "The Naked Now," which reused the USS Grissom model to represent the SS Tsiolkovsky, can be comparatively viewed next to the Galaxy-class, USS Enterprise-D, and appeared to be significantly larger than the originally established size (image, right).
Visual evidence of this is supported during the flyby of the ship, escorted by a Miranda and Nebula-class starships, which appear to dwarf the Oberth-class (image, left) much more significantly that their previously established sizes suggest.
www.memory-alpha.org /en/index.php/Oberth_class   (1388 words)

 Naval Ship Class   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-12)
Designation as a CV (as opposed to one of the specialized types) implies that the ship is a mainly multi-mission vessel, similar in size to the majority of CVs in service at the time, intended for use as the major vessel of offensive task forces.
It is generally applied to ships of the late 1930's-early 1940's that were between heavy cruisers and battleships in size and capability.
Armored cruiser and 1st class cruiser are generally pre-dreadnought designations; heavy cruiser was defined by the London Treaty (1930) as having 6.1 to 8 inch main guns, making it one of the few clearly defined warship types in recent memory.
members.tripod.com /~panzer99/shipclass.html   (2176 words)

 The Ship Classes
Jupiter:These are one of the fleet classes ships,that are used for primarily resupply,and refit of the other star ships.these are primarily the Cargo ships of the federation, they do have shields, and weapondry, for defense only.They are the support class ships, for the Fleets.
Hammurabi:This is primarily a class of JAG ships.They are law vessels.These are were the trials are held, each ship usually has a court,with judges upon it.They are keepers of the Prime Directive,and the Federation Uniform code of Military Justice.
Venus:This Class is primarily used for the development, and exploration, into the field of Defense systems research.This class was brought about, when the Borg Attacked the federation.Giving the Federation, the clue, that they might not be the Biggest dog on the block.
www.angelfire.com /rpg2/gideon_fleet/shipclasses.html   (699 words)

 Naval Technology - Bay Class Auxiliary Ship Alternative Landing Ship Logistic (ALSL)
Four Bay Class Landing Ship Dock (Auxiliary) ships, LSD(A), are scheduled to enter service with the UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary by the end of 2007.
The design of the ALSL ships is based on the Royal Schelde's Enforcer design and provides more than twice the lift capacity of the Sir Bedivere class.
The ALSL ships, positioned about 20km offshore, remain over-the-horizon during the first wave assault, launching helicopters and landing craft to offload the second wave of troops and equipment.
www.naval-technology.com /projects/bay_class   (1062 words)

 Flash MX 2004 Actionscript 2.0 Class Tutorial
We need to be able to create an instance of our class so that we can use it in our.fla. All classes have an inbuilt method called a "constructor" which allows us to create an instance of a class.
We have a Box class with a member variable, a constructor that initialises that variable, and two methods.
Only an instance of a class that implements the interface can be assigned to a variable whose datatype is an interface name.
www.wildform.com /support/tutorials/AS2Class   (1116 words)

 Naval ship models
The purpose of the ship is to detect, classify and track hundreds of potential targets simultaneously in the air, on the surface, and under the sea.
USS Gearing was the lead ship of her class of destroyers in the United States Navy.
Newport was the lead ship of a twenty ship class of tank landing ships which replaced the traditional bow door design LST.
modelshipmaster.com /products/modern_navy/index.htm   (2994 words)

 Princess Cruises : Ships
We call it "Big Ship Choice, Small Ship Feel," which means we outfit our ships with all the deluxe amenities that you'd expect from a first-class hotel — from 24-hour room service to chocolates on your pillows at night.
Truly a ship with style, the 1,590-passenger Regal Princess was designed to stand out from other cruise ships with its distinctive looks.
Scheduled for debut in spring 2007, Emerald Princess is the newest jewel in the Princess crown and brings a wealth of innovations.
www.princess.com /ships   (347 words)

 Sextant Class Survey Ship (Type SR)
Using a 600-ton hull, the Sextant class is a long-range exploration vessel intended for surveys of systems, stars and planet surfaces in frontier areas.
This deck is dedicated to the ship’s bridge and stellar survey labs.
Most of this deck is taken up by the ship’s maneuver drives, which extend through the deck and out the aft end of the ship.
users.hartwick.edu /smithw/starship/sextant/sextant.htm   (3832 words)

 Tou Redir Class Scout Ship
It was intended to be a cheap, mass-produced class with excellent sensor performance for service on the fringes of battles and capital ship formations, extending sensor coverage to find the enemy and thus bring him to battle, or preclude surprise attacks.
The remaining Tou Redir ships throughout the Tirolian Mercantile Empire suffered from Protoculture depletion where they assigned and most were stripped by their Zentraedi crews trying to survive or were destroyed by the Invid during the final years of the empire.
Eight turrets are located on the top of the ship, six turrets are located on the each side of the ship, and four turrets are located on the bottom of the ship.
homepage.mac.com /cheethorne/Robotech/tmetouredirscout.htm   (2081 words)

 LST-1179 - Navy Ships
The two remaining ships of this class, USS Frederick (LST-1184) and USS La Moure County (LST-1194) are now assigned to the Naval Reserve Forces as the only remaining ships of this 20-ship class.
The ship was maneuvering in a pre-dawn fog, preparing to off-load some of the 240 troops aboard, when the accident happened.
The ship is to be sunk during a gunnery exercise in 2001 during the annual UNITAS exercise.
www.fas.org /man/dod-101/sys/ship/lst-1179.htm   (952 words)

 Federation USS Phalanx class Dreadnought / Battleship
A smaller number of Phalanx class dreadnoughts were built than the previous Federation and Ascension class dreadnought but they were still considered excellent vessels by captains and crews.
These ships were designed to be able to carry a larger number of fighters than the Excelsior class.
If the ships is carrying shuttles in place of fighters, the ship carries 10 additional shuttles but since the incidents with the Borg and the Dominion, many of the ships are carrying fighters once again.
www.kitsune.addr.com /SF-Conversions/Rifts-Trek-Ships/Federation_USS_Phalanx.htm   (1934 words)

 LPD-17 SAN ANTONIO-class - Navy Ships
The SAN ANTONIO (LPD 17) Class of amphibious transport dock ships represents the Navy and Marine Corps' future in amphibious warfare, and is one of the cornerstones in the strategic plan known as "Forward...from the sea".
The LPD 17 ship class primary mission is Amphibious Warfare.
Construction of LPD 18, the second ship of the class, is scheduled to begin in FY 99 with procurement of two additional ships planned for FY 2000, with a total procurement of an additional nine ships by fiscal year 2003.
www.fas.org /man/dod-101/sys/ship/lpd-17.htm   (1606 words)

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