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Topic: Shipwreck

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Shipwreck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Shipwrecks are attractive to maritime archaeologists because they preserve historical information, for example the Mary Rose, which revealed information about seafaring, warfare and life in the 1500s.
Recreational divers often enjoy shipwrecks because they are often interesting to explore, provide large habitats for many types of marine life and have a history, for example SS Thistlegorm.
Shipwrecks typically decay rapidly when in sea water; however shipwrecks in some fresh water lakes, such as the Great Lakes of North America, have remained intact with little degradation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shipwreck   (1471 words)

 YOJOE.COM | Shipwreck
Shipwreck was first released as part of the fourth series (1985).
Shipwreck came with a silver pistol, a silver hook that was attached by a fl string to a handle, and a green and yellow parrot "Polly".
In India in 1993, Shipwreck was released with slight paint differences and with differently colored accessories.
www.yojoe.com /action/85/shipwreck.shtml   (153 words)

 YOJOE.COM | Shipwreck
Shipwreck was released carded in the thirteenth series (1994) as part of the Battle Corps subset.
Shipwreck came with three fl guns, a fl knife, a fl airmask, two fl flippers, a gray missile launcher (spring loaded, actually fired), two fl missiles, and a fl figure stand.
Shipwreck's waist and legs were originally used to create the original Wet-Suit (1986).
www.yojoe.com /action/94/shipwreck2.shtml   (199 words)

 Bridging Our Past Through Shipwrecks
Shipwrecks are remembered in the towns of lost mariners and in the towns where survivors received care.
Studying shipwrecks is important work for archeologists, historians, and all kinds of people who live near the coast.
Shipwrecks remind us that the ocean is, after all, a wild and unpredictable place.
www.cinms.nos.noaa.gov /shipwreck/shiphome.html   (1073 words)

 Uluburun shipwreck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Uluburun Shipwreck is a well-documented late 14th Century BC shipwreck of the Late Bronze Age period, discovered off the south coast of Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea near the city of Kaş.
Bronze Age Shipwreck Excavation at Uluburun - courtesy of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Sherratt, "Circulation of metals and the end of the Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean", in: C F E Pare (ed.) Circulation of Metals in Bronze Age Europe, Oxford 2000, pp.82 ff.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Uluburun_Shipwreck   (777 words)

 Shipwreck Tours, Glass Bottom Boat Tour and Lake Superior Wreck Dives
Discover the shipwrecks of the Alger Underwater Preserve through the clear waters of Lake Superior and view the rock formations of Grand Island.
Visit three shipwrecks on the bottom of the lake as seen through a glass viewing area.
Shipwreck Tours is always on the lookout for new wrecks to include in the tour.
www.shipwrecktours.com   (610 words)

 NPS Archeology Program: Abandoned Shipwreck Act Guidelines
This means that when a special request to excavate a historic shipwreck is approved by a State legislature or the U.S. Congress, sufficient monies should be made available not only for the initial excavation, but also for the subsequent laboratory analysis, conservation treatments, storage and maintenance in an appropriate repository, report preparation, and public interpretation.
Because studies of shipwreck sites ordinarily are completed over the course of several years, multi-year budget estimates should be prepared and submitted as part of the initial appropriation request for each project.
Where shipwreck projects are funded in part by Federal grants, the monetary value of the volunteered and donated services, vessels, supplies, and equipment may be used under certain Federal grant programs as a match for Federal funds.
www.cr.nps.gov /archeology/submerged/funding.htm   (1710 words)

 Technorati Tag: shipwreck   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Ship of Gold - 1857 Shipwreck Coins Be the first to own the historic SS Republic shipwreck gold coins and silver half dollars.
Today it was announced that Shipwreck Central.com is a Finalist for the Canadian New Media Awards in the Category of Excellence in Cross Platform.
Though most shipwrecks are found underwater it is not entirely uncommon to find some on the land.
www.technorati.com /tag/shipwreck   (529 words)

 NPS Archeology Program: Abandoned Shipwreck Act Guidelines
The "Abandoned Shipwreck Act Guidelines" and the philosophy upon which they are based are the result of three decades of shipwreck management experience within units of the national park system.
Part IV lists the shipwrecks that currently are listed in or are determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.
States and Federal agencies are encouraged to use the "Abandoned Shipwreck Act Guidelines" and other applicable standards and guidelines to establish, review, revise, and implement programs to manage shipwrecks under their ownership or control.
www.cr.nps.gov /archeology/submerged/intro.htm   (864 words)

 Shipwreck!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
SHIPWRECKS OF Hundreds of ships have been wrecked over the years in Casco Bay.
He said many of the treacherous ledges and rocks outside Portland Harbor were not well marked in the 19th century, when the harbor was an important port, with cargo ships coming and going to all parts of the world.
Bachelder said that in the 1960s, when he started researching shipwrecks, he talked to residents who still owned items from the ship, including a chair, a walnut table and an ornamental dish.
www.cascobay.com /history/shipwrek/shipwrek.htm   (1198 words)

 Suite Paradise - Shipwreck Beach   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Kauai's Shipwreck Beach on Keoneloa Bay is one of the largest expanses of beach in the Poipu area.
During much of the year, Shipwreck Beach is better suited for strong swimmers and surfers due to the powerful and potentially dangerous waves, which break close to shore.
Shipwreck Beach has a Kauai County park facility at its eastern end and just beyond that is a spectacular wilderness shoreline trail that continues for miles.
www.suite-paradise.com /shipwreck-beach/shipwreck-beach-kauai.html   (135 words)

 Sanctuary News - Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail
The reasons for shipwrecks are many: a sailor's inability to accurately determine position, inadequate charts, lack of navigational aids such as lighthouses and buoys, unpredictable currents, lack of wind, and hurricanes.
Shipwrecks in their final resting place become artificial reefs and provide a special habitat for the colorful variety of fish common to Florida's waters.
The Shipwreck Trail is not a path in the physical sense rather it is a thematic map of significant, accessible, commonly-dived shipwrecks and artificial reefs through the sanctuary's waters.
www.sanctuaries.nos.noaa.gov /news/features/news990901.html   (782 words)

 Shipwreck Beach
One of the most interesting hikes on Lanai is the trek down Shipwreck Beach.
None of these ships were ever given a name, just a number/letter designation which has been lost over the years.
Shipwreck Beach's first recorded shipwreck was in 1824 when the British vessel Alderman Wood foundered on a reef.
www.hawaiiweb.com /lanai/html/sites/shipwreck_beach.html   (342 words)

 The Percy Anecdotes: Anecdotes of Shipwreck   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
It was not, however, till the thirty-first day of their pilgrimage, and after a continuation of hardships as great as any they had yet encountered, that they at last reached the Cape of Good Hope, where the kind treatment they received went far to make them forget their misfortunes.
His excellency replied that as it was then the rainy season, it was impossible to travel; but that at the first commencement of the good weather all possible care should be taken to seek the ambassador, and provide him with the means for his return.
When a shipwreck happens on the coast of Gigery, which is situated about fifty leagues to the eastward of Algiers, the inhabitants, who are a tribe of wandering Arabs, flock down from the mountains, and seize on everything they possibly can, without any consideration as to the country to which the vessel belongs.
www.mspong.org /percy/shipwreck.htm   (16071 words)

 New England Shipwreck Diving
The purpose in creating an exempted shipwreck site is to preserve such sites for the continued enjoyment of the recreational diving community.
Shipwrecks of Monomoy Island: Since the early 1600's, more than 3,000 ships have gone down in the waters East of Cape Cod alone.
Shipwreck researcher, writer and underwater photographer Peter Reagan has been exploring these wrecks for years.
www.mwdc.org /Shipwrecks/Shipwrecks.html   (303 words)

 Odyssey Marine Exploration: Deep Ocean Shipwreck Archaeology Recovery
The attraction reveals the compelling stories behind some of the world's most famous shipwrecks, their treasure and historical artifacts, and it allows visitors to interactively experience the adventure and excitement of deep-ocean shipwreck exploration through multiple hands-on exhibits.
Add something truly different to your collection - or give a special gift - a shipwreck coin, bottle, or artifact that lay at the ocean bottom for 140 years, protected by time and the deep ocean.
Each shipwreck item comes tastefully packaged and artifacts include a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its place in shipwreck lore and American history.
www.shipwreck.net   (466 words)

 Odyssey's Shipwreck Store!
Odyssey has assembled a world-class team of researchers, marine engineers, and underwater archeologists, who relentlessly span the globe in a quest for famous shipwrecks and their amazing treasures and artifacts.
The archeological excavation of shipwrecks and the recovery of artifacts and cargo is one of the most exciting and important parts of our work.
That coin or artifact survived a shipwreck and lay unseen and untouched for generations in the deep ocean.
www.shipwreckstore.com /e/conditions.php   (421 words)

 Uluburun Shipwreck Excavation
The Institute of Nautical Archaeology's (INA) shipwreck excavation between 1984 and 1994 at Uluburun, near Kas in southern Turkey, brought to light one of the wealthiest and largest known assemblages of Late Bronze Age items found in the Mediterranean.
The shipwreck lay on a steep rocky slope at a depth of 44 to 52 m, with artifacts scattered down to 61 m.
The Bronze Age Shipwreck at Ulu Burun, Turkey, @ in S.R. Rao, ed., The Role of Universities and Research Institutes in Marine Archaeology (National Institute of Oceanography-Dona Paula, Goa 1994) 121-124.
ina.tamu.edu /ub_main.htm   (2689 words)

 [No title]
SHIPWRECK CENTRAL - The "Sea Hunters" reporting live from their latest shipwreck hunting dive.
INA is dedicated to meticulous fieldwork in the survey, excavation and analysis of shipwrecks in the tradition of its founder, Dr. George F. Bass.
The corroding rust is part of an evolving sculpture with sand, carved by wind and water.
www.shipwreckcentral.com /livedive   (920 words)

 The FKNMS Shipwreck Trail
A trail of historic shipwrecks is scattered along the treacherous coral reefs and buried in the sandy shallows a few miles off the Florida Keys, and these wrecks have many tales to tell.
There are two shipwrecks of this period included on the trail: the Adelaide Baker, south of Duck Key, and a wreck believed to be the North America located on Delta Shoals.
Shipwrecks become artificial reefs, providing a special setting for the brightly colored tropical fish to perform their nature-choreographed water ballets.
www.fknms.nos.noaa.gov /sanctuary_resources/shipwreck_trail   (918 words)

The development of the new colonies of Australia and New Zealand is nurtured by the sea, commencing with the arrival of the first convicts and free emigrants.
Tales of tedious voyages are spiced with vivid and tragic memories of storm, collision, fire, shipwreck, and perhaps the greatest tragedy of all - the mysterious disappearance of a ship - never heard of again.
Although The Australia Run is a volume within the Australian Shipwreck series, it nevertheless stands on its own as a fascinating story of emigration to Australia and the plight of ships on The Australia Run.
www.oceans.com.au /oeaustrun.html   (854 words)

 Shipwreck Pinta
Since this is one of the most intact shipwrecks in the area navigation is fairly simple.
Once descending to the sand simply keep her deck on your right side to swim to the bow and of course the opposite to head astern.
Good visibility and the abundance of marine life on the Pinta are the norm, and the picturesque value of this intact story book shipwreck adds greatly to the over all wreck diving experience.
www.aquaexplorers.com /Pinta.htm   (656 words)

 Shipwreck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Often attempts are made to salvage recently wrecked ships to save whole or part of the ship, its cargo, its equipment or in the worst case, steel or non-ferrous metals for scrap; a good example of this was the salvage of the Kaiserliche Marine High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow in the 1920s.
Shipwrecks are attractive to archaeologists because they preserve historical information, for example the Mary Rose, which revealed information about seafaring, warfare and life in the 1500s.
Clearly for the ship to float, the submerged parts of the hull will be watertight, but the upper parts of the hull must have openings to allow the crew to work and to load and unload cargo.
www.knowledgehunter.info /wiki/Shipwreck   (1471 words)

 Shipwreck Treasure: Coins, Artifacts & Jewelry Make Unique Holiday Gifts
Religious artifacts and incredibly authentic replicas of angels found onboard that survived a hurricane, a shipwreck, and a plummet to the ocean floor.
These pieces are also a compelling part of the SS Republic shipwreck story and its ultimate recovery.
Each Republic shipwreck item comes tastefully packaged and actual artifacts include a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing its place in shipwreck lore and American history.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/11-22-2005/0004221068&EDATE=   (439 words)

 Shipwreck - The Queen Mary's Annual Halloween Terror Fest
Shipwreck 2005 tickets on sale now at the Queen Mary box office and all Ticketmaster locations!
This year we up the Scare Factor by re-introducing the corpses, the carnage and the chaos that you come to expect from the creators of Shipwreck and Scareplex!
The LA County Fair is open Wednesday thru Sundays, September 9th thru October 2nd (Closed Mondays and Tuesdays).
www.queenmaryshipwreck.com   (178 words)

 Original Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Shipwreck provides you with three unique modes of play.
Survival Mode is one riveting, non-stop, marathon Shipwreck level with no breaks and no bonus rounds.
This mode is for the serious Shipwreck player looking for an intense challenge.
www.original-games.net /shipwreck.html   (177 words)

 Cannons. Shipwreck artifacts. Treasure.
This particular cannon was found on a shipwreck site in the Dutch East Indies on the Island of Nias.
Was found on a Chinese shipwreck in the Dutch East Indies.
This is a sea salvage gonne found on a shipwreck in Tuban Dutch East Indies.
www.wisma.com.au /cannons-and-shipwrecks.html   (721 words)

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