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Topic: Shire Counties

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  ::: About the Great Shire horses breed :::
The origin of the Shire breed is lost in the mists of antiquity, as is the case with many breeds, but we do have a pretty fair notion from whence he cometh.
The destiny of the Shire and of England is inexorably entwined.
The marshy fen counties of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire lay claim to having exerted the earliest beneficial influence upon the breed and it was from these counties that sales were first made for the improvement of draft horses all over England.
www.avalonshires.com /About_Shires_Horses.html   (2234 words)

  Shire county - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A shire county or non-metropolitan county in England, is a county level entity which is not a metropolitan county.
The names of most, but not all, shire counties end in the suffix "-shire"; for example, Kent is a shire county.
The term "shire county" is actually a tautology, the word county coming from French and shire from Saxon.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shire_county   (326 words)

 Shire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Shires were controlled by a royal official known as a "shire reeve" or sheriff.
These counties are typically (though not always) named after their county town.
In Scotland the term shire county is unknown, and the use of shire to refer to sheriffdoms or counties was intermittent, dating largely from the 19th century.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shire   (704 words)

 Wikinfo | Administrative counties of England   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Counties are usually divided into several districts, each with its own separate administration (districts may be called Boroughs in some cases).
The county councils of these were abolished in 1986 by the Thatcher government for largely political rather than practical reasons, but they still exist legally.
The County of London was expanded and renamed Greater London, and consumed nearly all of Middlesex - the remaining part being ceded to Surrey.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Administrative_counties_of_England   (1188 words)

 About Counties
In 1643, Massachusetts Colony divided into 4 shires and a few years later provision was made for representatives from the towns to gather for purposes of government of the shires.
Counties were established in 1666 in Connecticut and by a law passed in 1704, provision was made for a local officer to prosecute crimes.
As additional shires or counties were organized, the county became the unit for representation in the Colonial Assembly.
www.mncounties.org /about_counties.htm   (1660 words)

 Shire Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Shire horse, developed in England, traces it's history to the days of the Roman Conquest and is one of the oldest of the well-defined draft breeds.
The name "Shire" also comes from England, and derives its name from the Saxon word "schyran," which means to shear or divide, hence the name "Shire," that is synonymous with county.
the Shire was improved by the infusion of outside blood at various times in history, notably that of the north German Flemish horses (Belgian) and the horses of Flanders.
www.imh.org /imh/bw/shire.html   (913 words)

 Monitoring the take-up of GIS in British local government
The number of GIS in shire districts has risen from 24 in 1991 to 61 in 1993, whereas the corresponding figures for metropolitan districts and shire counties are 22 to 34 and 32 to 43 respectively.
This is largely due to a very high level of recent adoption in the metropolitan districts of the north and to a lesser extent the shire counties and Scottish regions of the north relative to the south.
ARC/INFO is used mainly by the shire counties, the Scottish regions and the metropolitan districts.
libraries.maine.edu /Spatial/gisweb/spatdb/urisa/ur94067.html   (3160 words)

 Breeds of Livestock - Shire Horses
The origin of the Shire breed is lost in the mists of antiquity, as is the case with many breeds, but we do have a pretty fair notion from whence he cometh.
The destiny of the Shire and of England is inexorably entwined.
The marshy fen counties of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire lay claim to having exerted the earliest beneficial influence upon the breed and it was from these counties that sales were first made for the improvement of draft horses all over England.
www.ansi.okstate.edu /breeds/horses/shire   (846 words)

 Shire Horse Italy Society: shire history
The swampy zones of the counties of Lincoln and Cambridge were the first to develop the breeding of the Shire that only after started to spread in the counties of Derby, Norfolk, Nottingham, Leicester and Huntington that are practically all the Midlands.
Depending on the origin county, different species of the same breed could be seen: in fact the horses no more in the birth lands, were inclined morphologically to being sturdier and with a longer mane; those of the Yorkshire and the Lancashire instead were well seen for their incredible resistance.
Thanks to the heavy stature and the reactivity the Shire had a main role in the American urbanization process, in fact from 1909 to the 1911 6700 exemplary had been registered of which approximately 80% were native.
www.shirehorseitalia.it /associaz_shire_gb/storia.htm   (821 words)

Nonetheless, taxes continue to be the number one revenue generating source for counties, contributing nearly 35% of funds to general revenue fund.  For fiscal year 2000-01, property taxes accounted for 23% of the revenues and sales tax equaled roughly 7.5%.  Both of these figures represent decreases for county revenues.
Counties reported that other taxes represent 13.6% of their general fund revenues.  These taxes include motor vehicle taxes, real estate transfer taxes, cable television franchise taxes and hotel/motel taxes.
County expenditures are generally spent on the following areas: education services, social services and income maintenance, transportation, public safety, environment and housing, and general governmental administration.  The United States Census Bureau reports that in 2000-01, counties spent 14% of revenues on education services; 11% on social services and income maintenance; and 6% on public safety.
www.naco.org /Content/NavigationMenu/About_Counties/County_Government/Default271.htm   (1147 words)

 Hampshire County Council
It is explained in the historical section of the paper that the shire counties and parishes have existed as units of local administration from Saxon times, predating the mediaeval creation of boroughs and subsequent nineteenth century developments of forms of local administration.
The difference between the metropolitan and shire county organisations is that in the metropolitan areas the remaining expenditure is the responsibility of bodies which have not been directly elected, whereas in the shire areas local democracy prevails.
Hampshire is the largest shire County in terms of population and eighth largest in terms of area.
www.hants.gov.uk /scrmxn/c6511.html   (3489 words)

The Shire is the largest – and among the oldest – of the British horse breeds.
The modern breed known as the Shire reached its present form by development from the Great Horse in the Shire counties of middle England.
Department of Agriculture records indicate that Shire horses were being used and bred in New Zealand at the beginning of the the twentieth century.
www.rarebreeds.co.nz /shire.html   (390 words)

 Formation of Virginia Counties
The creation of the shires, which later became known as counties, was to make the administration of justice more accessible to the colonists.
Illinois county (the Northwest Territory) was ceded to the nation and became a territory.
The counties of Mercer, Madison and Bourbon were created in 1786, but became part of the State of Kentucky in 1792 when it was organized as a state.
www.retracing-our-family-legacy.com /reference_formation_va_co.html   (1048 words)

 Geografia d'Europa: material de suport
For example, in travel to work, the modal split is very similar in the Shire Counties and the Metropolitan Area, the only difference being somewhat less use of the car and more use of the buses in the Metropolitan Area.
Responding to this, the Metropolitan authorities argue that new housing in the Shire Counties should be located close to the Metropolitan Area, rather than in the crescent of towns 10-15 miles out, just on the outer edge of the Green Belt which surrounds the Metropolitan area.
The Shire Counties' response is to argue that this will perpetuate the historic lateral extension of the Metropolitan Core at its edges and at the same time undermine regeneration of its declining inner areas.
www.ub.es /medame/wmidland.html   (1154 words)

 Shire of Sunderoak   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Shire of Sunderoak is part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. ; a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to researching and recreating the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
The time period of the SCA is roughly from the fall of Rome to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England, or approximately 470 A.D. to 1600 A.D. Members of the SCA try to re-create the atmosphere and events of Europe as it existed at that time.
The Shire of Sunderoak is located in Western Pennsylvania and consists of Butler, Armstrong, and Indiana Counties.
www.geocities.com /sunderoak   (257 words)

 History of the counties
A county palatine was a county in which the lord held particular rights in lieu of the monarch, for example the right to pardon those guilty of treason or murder.
Today's counties are a combination of historic shires and counties and have been subject to many boundary changes over the course of history.
In 1899, the county of London was formed from the city and parts of the surrounding counties of Kent, Middlesex and Surrey.
jonathan.rawle.org /hyperpedia/counties/history.php   (1192 words)

 Allegheny County Sheriff's Office - History
They were organized in groups of about ten families, and each group was called a "tything": At their head was a "thythingman." Each member of the tything was held responsible for the good behavior of the others.
For minor offenses, people accused of crimes were brought before the local "folk moot." More serious cases went to the "Shire Court" which came under the "shire reeve," (meaning "keeper and chief of his county"), who came to be known as the Sheriff.
When the first counties were established in Virginia in 1634, the office of Sheriff in America began.
www.sheriffalleghenycounty.com /history.html   (524 words)

 Hampshire County Council
If this projected reorganisation leads to a system of local government by unitary authorities based largely on existing counties, the effect on county archive services, and indeed on archive holdings in the country at large, would be minimal.
If however unitary authorities in all or a significant part of the country were based on areas smaller than existing counties, the effect would be potentially very grave, and unless appropriate safeguards were built in permanent damage to the country's vitally important archive heritage could occur.
The archive service in shire counties is a small one, in terms both of staff and budget.
www.hants.gov.uk /scrmxn/c7569.html   (707 words)

 The Shire Horse - Horse and pony breeds with Equiworld - Equestrian Information - The Shire Horse - horses and ponies ...
The Shire Horse is the most numerous and largest of the heavy horses found in Great Britain.
The characteristic of the Shire is the nice silky feather on the legs, obtained from crossing with Clydesdales in the early 50's to alleviate the grease problems in the older type Shire.
The marshy fen counties of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire laid claim to having exerted the earliest beneficial influence upon the breed and it was from these counties that sales were first made for the improvement of the draft horse all over England.
www.equiworld.net /uk/horsecare/Breeds/shire   (711 words)

 Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats
The Budget Requirement per head is the lowest of the 34 Shire Counties at £781.60, compared to an average of £872.25.
Total Education expenditure per pupil is the lowest of the 34 Shire Counties at £3,417, below the Shire Counties average of £3,761.
The spending on Libraries per head at £12.37 is below the Shire Counties average of £13.50; this is the 10th lowest of the 34 Shire Counties.
www.cambridgeshirelibdems.org.uk /?action=CIPFA   (646 words)

 County Home
The Home Counties are sometimes called London and the South-East or referred to as the London Commuter Belt or the London Metropolitan Area.
In this sense the phrase is likely to be understood to include counties such as Bedfordshire and other counties from the East of England and South East England regions.
My home is not in London or the South East so they are not "home" counties for me. I have no objection to people in London calling them that amongst themselves, but it does annoy me when people use the term in the national media.
www.artistbooking.com /trips/44/county-home.html   (1069 words)

 UK Department for Transport,
Local Government and the Regions
Underspending ranged from 0.9% for shire counties to 8.7% for shire districts (Table 2).
Shire Districts and London Boroughs mainly account for this drop whereas Metropolitan Districts (highest underspend along with Shire Districts) and Unitary Authorities experienced a slight rise with the biggest increase being observed in Police, Fire and Others.
Shire districts have consistently recorded the greatest underspend although in absolute terms have decreased in the last 3 years.
www.local.odpm.gov.uk /finance/stats/exp1998.htm   (1395 words)

 newsBlog | Campaign for an English Parliament   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The county or shire - a term now made familiar to hundreds of millions of cinema-goers as the bucolic homeland of the hobbits - is one of the oldest continuous units of territorial self-government in the world.
The toponymy of the Shire’ is a parody of that of rural England, in much the same sense are its inhabitants: they go together and are meant to.
The Counties are more ancient than the language we speak, a thousand years old and often based on far older kingdoms and tribes, going back to the dawn of our history.
thecep.org.uk /news/ViewItem.asp?Entry=948   (569 words)

 EIPS - Rome In The News
County Councils, County Police, Fire And Ambulance Services To Go – As EU Regions Come In Several leaks, highlighted in a number of newspapers, have suggested that the historic network of English shire counties will be scrapped as Labour rushes to consolidate region based administrations to govern England.
The English counties were mostly established in Saxon or early Norman times and are amongst the world’s oldest boundaries, have remained unchanged for 1,000 years of English history, until the unpopular reforms of Edward Heath, who altered many existing county boundaries and created new counties like Humberside, Avon and Cleveland.
She added: “In the 2000 White Paper, Your Region, Your Choice, British loyal authorities are referred to as ‘sub regions; the term used by the EU The White Paper said: ‘In any region where an elected Regional Assembly is established, there should be an associated move to a wholly unitary local government structure”’.
www.ianpaisley.org /new_details.asp?ID=394   (687 words)

 Camelot International: Britain's Heritage and History
The village of Elstow in the north of the county was the birthplace of John Bunyan, author of the famous 'Pilgrim's Progress' which he penned whilst imprisoned in Bedford jail.
The county stretches across the plain of the Ouse to the Chiltern Hills and most of the land is rich clay, which is why it has always been a great wheat-growing area.
The county rises and falls in a series of gentle hills and valleys, from a flat, clay plain in the north through a belt of sandy hills stretching from Woburn to Sandy to a higher ridge of chalk downs in the south of the county, where the highest point of 801 feet is reached.
www.camelotintl.com /heritage/counties/england/bedfordshire.html   (435 words)

William inherited from his Saxon predecessors shires (which he renamed 'counties') and shire courts, which met twice a year and were run by sheriffs (royal officials originally called 'shire-reeves', one in charge of each shire).
He also inherited hundreds, which were smaller subdivisions of shires, with a court attended by all free men that met every month.
The new royal judges were sent round the county towns twice a year to judge serious crimes and quarrels in the areas where they had occurred.
www.pccua.edu /keough/law.htm   (1104 words)

 BBC NEWS | VOTE2001 | The landslide of 1997
In 1997, 91% of the 146 seats Labour gained - 144 from the Conservatives and two from the Lib Dems - were in England and two-thirds of these were in the shire counties.
And those same 39 English shire counties provided 48.2% of Labour's total vote in the election.
In the 1979 election, there were no Labour MPs in 16 of England's 39 shire counties and the disastrous performance in 1983 increased this number to 25.
news.bbc.co.uk /vote2001/low/english/newsid_1195000/1195057.stm   (833 words)

 The Shire Counties - Icons of England
The formation of the shires was one of the most important creations of/in England.
Because the history, culture and identity of England is bound up in its 32 traditional counties, which still exist and whose boundaries have never been altered by any legislation.
These counties can provide a static and ongoing geography for England unlike the ever changing administrative areas which are often shown on maps instead of the traditional counties.
www.icons.org.uk /nom/nominations/the-shires   (146 words)

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