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Topic: Shoplifting

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  Shoplifting IS Stealing
Shoplifting across the country is on the rise.
Shoplifting is a common element in the criminal history of countless inmates and drug addicts.
Research shows that successful shoplifting prevention is achieved through early intervention and through the integrated efforts of parents, law enforcement professionals, educators, retailers, churches, families, friends and honest consumers.
www.shopliftingisstealing.com   (611 words)

 Why I love SHOPLIFTING from big corporations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Shoplifting is the most effective protest against all these objectionable attributes of modern corporations because it is not merely theoretical—it is practical, it involves action.
The shoplifter makes do with an environment that has been conquered by capitalism and industry, where there is no longer a natural world from which to gather resources and everything has become private property, without accepting it or the absurd way of life it entails.
Shoplifting places us back in the physical world, where things are real, where things are nothing more than their physical characteristics (weight, taste, ease of acquisition) and are not invested with superstitious qualities such as "market value" and "profit margin." It forces us to take risks and experience life firsthand again.
www.crimethinc.com /library/english/shoplifting.html   (1552 words)

 Center for Problem-Oriented Policing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
When particularly blatant shoplifting occurs, or when "professional" shoplifters are thought to be operating, merchants may call upon the police to take some kind of preventive action, usually in the form of increased presence or patrols.
Those shoplifting for a living or to support a drug habit–who account for a disproportionate share of items stolen–must be able to sell or barter what they steal.
One study of shoplifting in a large London music store found that the highest theft rates were in the sections carrying rock and pop recordings (nowadays, it would probably be rap or hip-hop).
www.popcenter.org /Problems/problem-shoplifting.htm   (2205 words)

 Shoplifting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most shoplifters are amateurs; however, there are people and groups who make their living from shoplifting, and they tend to be more skilled.
The shoplifter is sure to unwrap the item so that alarms will not go off when he or she leaves.
The shoplifter finds the item they are looking for and typically place on the bottom or under the baby seat.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shoplifting   (5826 words)

 Shoplifting - Uncyclopedia
Shoplifting is an extreme sport event partaken by body builders.
Shoplifting events are usually held at night after said shops have closed for the evening, so as not to alert authorities.
Shoplifting was invented by Arnold Schwarzenegger of The United States of America shortly following his win at the 1988 World's Strongest Man competition.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Shoplifting   (356 words)

 MurthyDotCom : Beware : Serious Immigration Consequences of Shoplifting
Under state laws, shoplifting is considered a misdemeanor (often called petty theft) if the value of the merchandise is less than a certain amount, usually $300 or $500.
Furthermore, under the immigration law, it is possible a misdemeanor conviction for a crime such as shoplifting could qualify as an "aggravated felony." One convicted of an aggravated felony faces restrictions on his/her ability to apply for relief and avoid being deported.
A shoplifting conviction is an aggravated felony if the sentence imposed is at least one year in jail, even if that sentence is suspended.
www.murthy.com /news/UDshoplg.html   (1425 words)

 Welcome to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The study of shoplifting is an objective vehicle for the teaching of effective and reasonable morals and values.
In addition to empowering kids to say no to shoplifting, the discussion of shoplifting teaches honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and a sense of justice and fairness which are critical values that enable young men and women to develop positive relationships and become good citizens.
The discussion of shoplifting in conjunction with character-education is a practical demonstration which can be used in our public schools while maintaining the “neutral and secular manner” required by constitutional law.
www.shopliftingprevention.org /TakeAction/Schools.htm   (493 words)

 [No title]
Shoplifting laws have been enacted because shoplifting is a serious crime that has widespread implications on society.
Shoplifting costs families about $300 every year, as businesses are forced to charge more for their products in order to make up for the cost of stolen merchandise.
Shoplifting has a serious effect on customers and teens that may be discriminated against as a result of shoplifting.
www.lycos.com /info/shoplifting.html   (688 words)

 Shoplifting Prevention, anti-shoplifting strategies
Today shoplifting is considered one of the major sources of loss for the retail industry and costs the industry approximately  3 million dollars in daily losses.
But we closely worked with and interviewed more than 200 shoplifters to learn more about their secrets and many of the tricks of their trade.This is the ultimate key that gives our program a distinct advantage over any other program on the market today.
Shoplift prevention is by far the best method of dealing with a growing problem (shoplifting has doubled since 1996) and a well trained staff is an inexpensive and  highly effective method of reducing theft.
www.stopretailloss.com   (1234 words)

The shoplifter can be apprehended by the clerk who witnessed the theft, a police officer, or a licensed security officer only after he/she has passed the checkout counter or has left the store.
Much shoplifting perpetrated by juveniles is a result of peer pressure or on a dare.
The apprehension of a shoplifter should always be made after the person has passed the checkout counter or has left the establishment.
www.cheshirect.org /police/programsshoplifting.html   (1001 words)

 Shoplifting prevention
A permanent reduction in shoplifting can only be accomplished by making citizens aware that it is a community responsability to prevent such theft.
A large percentage of shoplifting problems are cause by lack of employee awareness, knowledge of preventive methods and in particular, lack of knowledge or training in the procedure of surveillance and arrest.
Shoplifting is theft and theft is defined in the Criminal Code under Section 322.
www.geocities.com /harbour_grace/shoplifting2.htm   (1645 words)

 Shoplifting:: Law Offices of Lewis & Associates
While a judge may order probation or another sentence not involving confinement, a person accused of shoplifting should not necessarily expect to avoid criminal prosecution by payment of restitution to the merchant.
The owner or employee can't loudly accuse the suspect in front of other customers and must not be rude or offensive during questioning.
When the shoplifter is a child, the merchant may seek civil remedies from the parent or guardian of the child in lieu of criminal prosecution.
www.lewisatlaw.com /html/criminallaw/shoplifting.html   (567 words)

 BBC NEWS | Magazine | What do people shoplift?
I once had a shoplifter dressed up as a nun, she was taking packets of hair-dye off the shelves and putting them in her large 70s style fake leather holdall.
Yes shoplifting is a huge problem, I used to be the manager of a food shop and I left because of the violence and threats that the shoplifters were using.
Shoplifting is a crime committed by those in desperate need of a short term cash 'fix'.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/magazine/4477596.stm   (2464 words)

For some people shoplifting can turn into an addiction, one that can be just as difficult to stop as drugs or alcohol.
Shoplifting experts believe that these people are "acting out" by using shoplifting to relieve painful emotions, such as stress.
Some shoplifters report that they feel a "high" when they get away with it — a surge of adrenaline that temporarily relieves any underlying emotional problems that may have prompted them to shoplift.
kidshealth.org /teen/your_mind/problems/shoplifting.html   (965 words)

 Shoplifting - Crimecrushers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Shoplifting is the most common loss that a business faces.
Shoplifters handle things a lot without actually looking at the item, and use their hands and upper body to conceal the item itself.
Children under the age of 14 are usually not charged with a criminal offense because they are not deemed responsible for their actions.
www.sonoma-county.org /crimecrushers/shoplifting.htm   (1117 words)

 Shoplifting Prevention Guide - ABC Office
The majority of shoplifting is done by amateurs, but some thieves are professionals and know exactly what they are doing and how to get away with stealing.
Shoplifting gates and towers are capable of detecting hard tags and labels within a certain radius.
When used in reference to shoplifting prevention systems, it is the radio frequency used between towers and anti theft tags or labels.
www.abcoffice.com /shoplifting_prevention_guide.htm   (953 words)

 Petty Theft and Shoplifting Attorney — Los Angeles, California Lawyer
With Shoplifting, the specific intent of the person who committed the crime does not need to be proved.
Also known as Petty Theft or Grand Theft, Shoplifting is charged as a felony or misdemeanor, depending upon the value of stolen merchandise and the defendant’s criminal record.
Shoplifting includes any form of deception where the defendant did not pay the asking price of the merchandise.
www.shopliftingattorney.com   (761 words)

Shoplifting, or petty theft is a common offense that can have very embarrassing consequences.
In addition to fines and jail time, a defendant may be subject to up to $500.00 in civil damages, and may have to reimburse the full purchase price of the items taken.
Parents of minors convicted of shoplifting can be held civilly liable for money damages, court costs and the value of the merchandise taken.
www.southbay-dui.com /shoplifting.htm   (323 words)

 Holiday Series: Shoplifting
During the Christmas season shoplifting is expected to increase.
Unfortunately, only about 10 percent of shoplifters think that the cost of shoplifting is passed on to consumers.
The first is shoplifting, the taking of merchandise without paying for it.
fycs.ifas.ufl.edu /Newsletters/H07.htm   (405 words)

 Life in Prison for Shoplifting: Cruel and Unusual Punishment - Human Rights Magazine, Winter 2004
California is one of twenty-six states nationally with a three strikes law, but California's is the harshest in that the third strike need not be a serious or violent felony-any felony, even shoplifting, can be the basis for a life sentence.
Because Andrade had at least two prior convictions, albeit for the nonviolent crime of burglary, his two arrests for shoplifting were prosecuted as felony petty theft with a prior.
It was these three burglaries that caused Andrade's thefts of the videotapes in 1995 to be charged as petty theft with a prior, which requires that the previous conviction be for a property offense.
www.abanet.org /irr/hr/winter04/shoplifting.html   (2057 words)

Shoplifters vs. Retailers is the ONLY publication that candidly discusses the rights of a shoplifter AND the obligations of security personnel who apprehend them.
Shoplifters vs. Retailers discusses actual cases of the 20 most common shoplifting scenarios with a complete analysis of the circumstances including legal problems arising from false arrest, excessive use of force, entrapment etc.
Shoplifters vs. Retailers is also available as an e-Book.
www.shoplifting.com   (287 words)

 About THEFT TALK- Stealing - Shoplifting
Shoplifting is not a crime, it is a euphemism for the word stealing or theft, and theft is a crime.
I'm not sure why our culture allowed the word "theft" to be different for someone who steals from a store, but the effect has been to minimize its seriousness in the mind of the shoplifter, our society and, interestingly, the police.
One common cultural thinking error occurs when we minimize the impact of shoplifting by buying into the notion that if someone is "shoplifting", he must be a victim.
www.thefttalk.com /Shoplifting.htm   (572 words)

 Shoplifting Articles, security consultant, Chris McGoey, shoplifting security expert
Shoplifting is a common crime that occurs when someone steals merchandise offered for sale from a retail store.
Shoplifting from retail stores costs mechants an estimated loss of 13 billion dollars per year.
To be convicted of shoplifting, one must "intend" to permanently deprive the merchant of the value of the merchandise.
www.crimedoctor.com /shoplifting.htm   (241 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
When theft, be it petty or grand theft, from a commercial business occurs, the effects of shoplifting are detrimental to everyone.
Shoplifting laws are created and implemented by individual states and local jurisdictions.
Shoplifting laws can often depend on a number of factors in a crime case including the character, background, and criminal history of the perpetrator, the value of the goods that were stolen, the place in which the crime took place, and other specifics.
www.lycos.com /info/shoplifting--states.html   (376 words)

 Shoplifting IS Stealing
Shoplifting is a common element in the criminal history of countless inmates.
If one segment of the "Circle of Influence" teaches the legal and social consequences of shoplifting, but another segment chooses to ignore the offense, the message to our young people is, "It's OK to steal.
What shoplifting costs their parents, honest consumers and the community.
www.shopliftingisstealing.com /community.html   (603 words)

 Shoplifting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Kleptomaniacs, a tiny minority of shoplifters who have a mental disorder that makes it difficult to overcome their urge to steal.
If teens are caught shoplifting, their juvenile police records are supposed to be confidential and unavailable to future employers, but sometimes that information does get out.
Teens who shoplift may also cause problems for their friends and classmates who want to shop or get jobs.
www.sacsheriff.com /crime_prevention/documents/juvenile_crimes_02.cfm   (756 words)

 [No title]
Shoplifting is the theft of property offered for sale.
Shoplifting is an expensive problem that ends up costing U.S. consumers and businesses billions per year.
Professionals steal for a living while amateurs for many other reasons (thrill seeking, drug habit, peer pressure, etc.) Prevention is the best approach in dealing with shoplifting and is the first avenue of deterrence.
www.sjso.org /CPnew/programs/shoplifting.aspx   (419 words)

 Prevent Shoplifting - Your source for deterring theft.
Like any other social dilemma, shoplifting is a problem that must be solved at many levels.
ur commitment to shoplifting and theft solutions includes the support and expansion of programs and materials designed to educate retailers and their employees about the prevalence of in-store thefts and effective measures to decrease the incidences of retail theft.
A portion of our profit on the sale of loss prevention merchandise is donated to programs designed to educate children and young adults about the moral and social costs of shoplifting.
www.preventshoplifting.com   (225 words)

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