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Topic: Shoreditch

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  Urban Dictionary: Shoreditch twat
The Shoreditch Twat has now been immortalised by the fictional Nathan Barley and serialised on TV by Channel 4.
Shoreditch twats where once refered to more politely by the BBC as 'Hoxton trendies'.
In 2001, the term Shoreditch Twat became popular vernacular for an overdressed East London 'trendy' and the fanzine went on to produce an installation for the Barbican Gallery's UK culture exhibition 'Jam', which later toured to Japan.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=Shoreditch+twat&defid=1121974   (0 words)

  In Search of Shakespeare . Shoreditch, London | PBS
circa 1900The home of James Burbage's The Theatre and The Curtain, Shoreditch lies a mile outside the old walls of London on the road that passed through Bishopsgate.
Shoreditch was a rough area where visitors would be well advised to wear a sword at all times.
Bars and theatres attract many revelers and, along with them, the ubiquitous prostitutes, thieves, cutpurses and con men.
www.pbs.org /shakespeare/locations/location203.html   (91 words)

  Shoreditch Poor Law Union and Workhouse
Shoreditch dining-hall and dayrooms from the north, 2001.
But as the guardians are pushing forward the completion of their premises at Shoreditch, we shall as far as possible separate the accidental from the essential defects of the arrangements, and treat of them as at their highest existing standard in the best wards at Shoreditch.
After the School District was dissolved in 1885, Shoreditch temporarily continued to use Harold Court for 120 of its children, with a further 150 to 200 being placed at the Strand Union schools at Edmonton and at the St George's-in-the-East school at Plashet.
users.ox.ac.uk /~peter/workhouse/Shoreditch/Shoreditch.shtml   (3730 words)

 Project Shoreditch
Shoreditch is a ward within the Borough of Hackney and has been identified by the Index of Social Deprivation as one of the most deprived areas in the UK.
The Shoreditch Trust's NDC funding ends in 2010 and the Trust is keen to forge links with the City to support their succession strategy.
Shoreditch sits on the cusp of the City of London and is well known for its affluent night time economy and high crime rates.
www.elba-1.org.uk /projects/shoreditch/about.asp   (435 words)

  Shoreditch Information
Shoreditch High Street and Kingsland road are a small sector of the Roman Ermine Street and modern A10.
Shoreditch church (dedicated to St Leonard) is of ancient origin and features in the famous line: 'when I grow rich say the bells of Shoreditch', from the nursery rhyme: Oranges and Lemons.
The medieval parish of Shoreditch (St Leonard's), was originally part of the county of Middlesex until 1889 when it became part of the County of London.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Shoreditch   (1007 words)

 Shoreditch College --- Staff   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Shoreditch men add to this impersonal statement the two names of Andrew Rowan and James Boorman - the pioneers at Orange Street and the officers in charge of the work when it was translated to Pitfield Street, Shoreditch.
My earliest recollections of Shoreditch date back to a period before the 1914-18 War when, along with nine other boys and accompanied by our parents, we sat in what was called the lecture theatre in the old building in Pitfield Street.
The inception of Shoreditch as a recognised Training College put a legal end to such discrimination but many years of dedicated work were required before the legal change became a commonly accepted reality.
ca.geocities.com /jill.sandwell@rogers.com/shoreditch/pages/staff.html   (2746 words)

 Shoreditch London - Local information for Shoreditch London, Shoreditch Restaurants and Bars
Shoreditch Town Hall is one of the more impressive buildings in the district, although there’s no longer too much bureaucracy going on.
Shoreditch was the site of a nunnery from the 12th to the 16th centuries, and afterwards it became a wealthy neighbourhood home to traders and factory owners.
By the late eighteen hundreds, Shoreditch was a slum ruled by criminals and prostitutes.
www.viewlondon.co.uk /home_feat_local_shoreditch.asp   (0 words)

 Shoreditch Trust   (Site not responding. Last check: )
We believe that every child living in Shoreditch should have the same opportunity to succeed in their education as any other child in the country.
To increase participation in further and higher education, reducing the gap between Shoreditch and the national average.
We are well on the way to realising these targets: the gap between KS2 attainment in Shoreditch and the national average has reduced from 22% to 8%; participation in higher education currently exceeds both the national and Borough averages.
www.shoreditchtrust.org.uk /education.asp   (297 words)

 Shoreditch Trust
We are community led but commercially aware, we know the value of people but understand the dynamics of business, we work collaboratively but want to be the best we can be.
We know the value of the community here in Shoreditch and will ensure that everyone we work with is enabled and supported to achieve and grow.
You will find a series of links to other web sites, these are our partners and others that we work with, we hope that you find this a useful way to see what we and they are doing together.
www.shoreditchtrust.org.uk   (0 words)

 Properties for sale in Shoreditch
Bethnal Green, E2 Located on the corner of Hackney Road and Warner Place, this impressive four storey house offers over 4,000sq ft of accommodation in the form of two houses, a duplex shop and a yard style garden with storage space to the rear.
Shoreditch, E2 Moments from the restaurants and bars of Brick lane this is an exceptional loft style one bedroomed live/work house which enjoys three private balconies, garden and a characterful interior, all in a peaceful location.
Victoria Park, E9 Magnificent four bedroomed house within a gorgeous street close to the green open spaces of both London Fields and Victoria Park, this luxurious property enjoys fantastic, elegant décor throughout and a stunning garden.
www.foxtons.co.uk /properties/uk-london-shoreditch-202/properties-for-sale-in-Shoreditch.html   (0 words)

 Underground History::Shoreditch Station
Services on this stretch of the line varied over the years, but eventually passenger services terminated at Shoreditch in 1913 rather than carrying through to Liverpool Street when the line was electrified, with goods traffic only continuing to Liverpool Street.
Shoreditch station is not remarkable in and of itself as a London Underground station.
Shoreditch station photographs were taken on 29th & 30th April 2006, shortly prior to closure.
underground-history.co.uk /shoreditch.php   (890 words)

Shoreditch station at one time had a through connection to this station.
the course of the East London Line between Shoreditch station and Whitechapel station, terminating at a point 20 metres north west of the junction of Selby Street with Vallance Road.
Even in the late 1970s when this photo was taken, the decline of the station appeared to be terminal.
www.pendar.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk /Tube/Shoreditch_station.html   (685 words)

 Shoreditch Festival 2007 brought to you by Shoreditch Trust
Shoreditch Festival 2007 brought to you by Shoreditch Trust
SPACES are the theme of this year’s Shoreditch Festival – with little nooks and crannies, weird spaces, or historical places, beautiful and scary, secret and warm, green spaces, playing spaces, eating, drinking, walking and dancing spaces…opening up in Shoreditch to showcase the work of contemporary artists, performers and entertainers over two weeks in August.
The Shoreditch Festival is produced by Shoreditch Trust
www.shoreditchfestival.org.uk   (0 words)

 Broadband will make life rich in Shoreditch-News-UK-TimesOnline   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Residents of Shoreditch, in the London Borough of Hackney, will be able to access a five megabit per second broadband service — ten times faster than most existing connections.
Shoreditch expects to attract 1,000 small and medium-sized businesses to the area through the high-speed broadband link.
The Shoreditch Trust believes that the package, which will be fully operational next year, should more than cover the monthly outlay, by providing returns in disposable income as well as quality of life.
www.timesonline.co.uk /tol/news/uk/article410580.ece   (1061 words)

 Shoreditch Theatres and Halls
he Town Hall, Shoreditch was built in 1865 and was said on opening to be the grandest vestry hall in London.
he Shoreditch Empire was built in 1856 and was later reconstructed by Frank Matcham in 1894 with a capacity of 2,332.
It was known as the London Theatre of Varieties in 1895, and for a short while as the Griffin Music Hall and Public House until 1896 when it became The London Music Hall.
www.arthurlloyd.co.uk /Shoreditch.htm   (1966 words)

 My Shoreditch
Shoreditch is part of southern Hackney and Islington and borders with the City of London in the south and Bethnal Green in the east.
Shoreditch High Street/Kingsland Road came from London Bridge, the Roman river crossing over the Thames, and went straight north to Lincoln and York.
The last victim of "Jack the Ripper", Mary Jane Kelly, was found murdered in a squalid lodging house in Dorset Street and taken to the Shoreditch mortuary, in the churchyard of St Leonard's Church in 1888.
home.freeuk.com /bmh54/places/shoreditch/shoreditch.htm   (1595 words)

 Shoreditch Madonna
Shoreditch Madonna explores the discrepancy between our pretence and the reality of relationships.
The Shoreditch Madonna is Martha (a wonderful Francesca Annis), the former student and lover of the previously great painter Devlin.
He has surfaced from oblivion to host a forum in The Space, a squatted art gallery in fashionable Shoreditch run by three young artists.
www.culturewars.org.uk /2005-01/shoreditch.htm   (496 words)

 LondonTown.com | London Events | Shoreditch Festival London
For two weeks in August, the parks, gardens, streets, historical buildings and many weird and wonderful venues of London's trendiest corner will be opening up to a bewildering variety of art and performance.
The opening costume parade is followed by 'Shoreditch Come Dancing', an afternoon of live Cuban Salsa and free dance lessons.
Don't be fooled into thinking it's all about shaking vigorously and pouring because, to be a proper cocktail barman, you have to undergo some pretty serious training.
www.londontown.com /LondonEvents/ShoreditchFestival/b6cf8   (0 words)

 Shoreditch Tourist Information on AboutBritain.com
You are here: Towns -> Towns in Greater London -> Shoreditch
Do you live in or near Shoreditch, or perhaps you're a regular visitor?
If so, why not help promote Shoreditch to potential visitors by writing a description of the town for this page?
www.aboutbritain.com /towns/shoreditch.asp   (399 words)

 Shoreditch Building
The area of Shoreditch is an ancient settlement along Old Street and Shoreditch High Street, which dates from Roman times.
The area experienced huge growth between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries and was home to a wide variety of small manufacturing and trading businesses.
In recent years Shoreditch has regenerated itself and is now a popular and vibrant area.
www.londonmet.ac.uk /about/shoreditch-building.cfm   (170 words)

 Tudor Hackney Welcome Page
In 1601 most Shoreditch people lived on or near Holywell Street - the modern Shoreditch High Street, which led north to the medieval church of St Leonard at the north west end.
Shoreditch’s combination of countryside close to the City of London was to make it popular with benefactors wishing to make provision for the care of the poor and as the 17th century progressed, a number of wealthy City merchants left money in their will to establish almshouses.
Fuller set aside funds to build an almshouse for 12 women in Shoreditch and his widow acquired land on the south side of Old Street.
www.learningcurve.gov.uk /tudorhackney/localhistory/lochsh.asp   (1393 words)

 Hoxton & Shoreditch
Hoxton had began as an area with large houses, fashionable squares and numerous almshouses but from the late 18th century was overwhelmed by industrial development and the large number of people, many of them poor, who came to live and work in the area.
On the left is the old Shoreditch Vestry and Town Hall (now run by a Trust) and on the right the former Magistrate's Court.
Shoreditch had a Medieval church but in 1736 the new St Leonards designed by George Dance the Elder was completed.
www.london-footprints.co.uk /wkhoxtonroute.htm   (1557 words)

 Shoreditch Information - London Discount Hotel
Shoreditch is located in the east of London on the outskirts of the city and not far from Liverpool mainline station from where rail services leave in an easterly direction towards Essex and north east to Suffolk and Norfolk.
Shoreditch once boasted many factories and the area was known for the manufacturing of clothes.
More recently, the area has undegone extensive regeneration and Shoreditch is now a trendy area with luxury apartments and a sought after residential area particularly for those employed in the nearby City.
www.london-discount-hotel.com /Shoreditch_information   (135 words)

 Shoreditch movie,trailer,review,pics,pictures,poster,news,DVD at The Z Review
Shoreditch has proven to be an UTTER flop at the UK box office having taking in a paltry £2,272 with only 300 people paying up to see it!
The movie was bankrolled by Eastenders star Shane Ritchie to the tune of a cool half million.
This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Shoreditch and hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise and storyline.
www.thezreview.co.uk /comingsoon/s/shoreditch.htm   (287 words)

 Shoreditch Carnival | 2004
Carnival and Car Free Day 2004 The streets of Shoreditch were the venue for a lively car-free party on Sunday 19th September, as the Shoreditch Carnival returned for another action packed event after the successful events in 2001 and 2003.
The Shoreditch Carnival 2004 was a fantastic success following on from the debut in 2003, the streets were filled with entertainment throughout the Shoreditch triangle area.
Shoreditch Golf Club left their clubs at home and supplied a giant chess set in Garden Walk, a competition was held although the winner is a mystery...
www.shoreditchcarnival.org.uk /2004/index.htm   (694 words)

 London estate broadband offers 'spot the ASBO suspect' TV channel | The Register
This enticing vision of the electronic neighbourhood watch is offered by the Shoreditch Trust as a part of its Shoreditch Digital Bridge (SDB) project, which aims to build a broadband digital network covering 20,000 residents on housing estates in the Shoreditch area.
Other aspects of the Shoreditch Digital Bridge are less controversial, but likely to be considerably harder to execute.
Quoting "local Shoreditch resident Steve Bedwell", who we suspect may be in some way related to Shoreditch Trust co-chair Steve Bedwell, the press release tells us: "These channels are amazing.
www.theregister.co.uk /2005/12/30/shoreditch_digital_bridge   (820 words)

 London/Shoreditch - Wikitravel   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Shoreditch area in East London and stretches from Old Street station to Kingsland Road, taking in the side streets along the way.
This was once an area largely populated by skint artists, but they were scattered once the wave of design and media studios and commercial galleries rolled in.
The East London line also runs to Shoreditch tube station during peak hours.
wikitravel.org /en/London/Shoreditch   (942 words)

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