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Topic: Short circuit

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Short circuit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A short circuit (sometimes abbreviated to short or s/c) is an accidental low-resistance connection between two nodes of an electrical circuit that are meant to be at different voltages.
Although usually the result of a fault, there are cases where short circuits are caused intentionally, for example, for the purpose of voltage-sensing crowbar circuit protectors.
In mains circuits, short circuits are most likely to occur between two phases, between a phase and neutral or between a phase and earth (ground).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Short_circuit   (811 words)

 DVD Review - Short Circuit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
With "Short Circuit", Image Entertainment brings us a special edition DVD that is jam-packed with goodies, as well as a good transfer.
The first of the many special features on the "Short Circuit" DVD is an audio commentary featuring director John Badham and screenwriters S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock.
"Short Circuit" may appear dated in the technology department, but the story still works and the movie is full of laughs and excitement.
www.dvdreview.com /fullreviews/short_circuit.shtml   (1428 words)

 AETCO Short Circuit & Coordination Study
In the Short Circuit Study, the points at which faults are assumed are located on the source side of the device which will be called upon to interrupt the power system when an actual fault occurs.
The Short Circuit Study gives us the information necessary to determine if our breakers and fuses are capable of interrupting a fault, as well as the means of determining whether or not the bus sections of the switchgear are supported adequately to withstand the forces generated from the fault currents.
In addition to the Short Circuit and Coordination Studies, a Load Study should be made on an electrical distribution system to determine the adequacy of the system, as well as the proper sizing and setting of electrical protective devices.
www.99aetco.com /shortcircuit.html   (698 words)

 Short-Circuit Calculation Methods
In addition, a 3-phase short circuit can be considered a balanced load, which means you can use a single-phase circuit to analyze one of the phases and the neutral.
Both methods assume that the fault impedance is zero (bolted short circuit) and the pre-fault voltage is constant during the evolution of the fault.
Thevenin impedance is defined as the impedance seen at any point in a circuit once all the voltage generators have been short circuited and all the current generators have been opened.
www.ecmweb.com /mag/electric_shortcircuit_calculation_methods   (1596 words)

 Fault current and arc flash hazard analysis.
Short circuits and their effects must be considered in selecting electrical equipment, circuit protection devices, carrying out arc flash analysis.
The short circuit calculator presented on this web-site is offered in effort to satisfy the need for a convenient, comprehensive method of calculating three phase distribution system short circuit fault currents.
By performing short circuit MVA analysis for positive, negative and zero sequences, symmetrical three phase and unsymmetrical phase to ground, phase to phase, double phase to ground fault currents can be resolved (see how).
www.arcadvisor.com   (856 words)

 How to perform short-circuit calculations, part 2.
The per-phase equivalent circuit model of the utility tie at the plant is a voltage source in series with an impedance.
In general, the per-phase equivalent circuit model of a rotating machine is a voltage source in series with an impedance that varies with time during the fault.
Based on Table 4-1, Chapter 4 of the 1993 IEEE Red Book, the unadjusted per-unit reactance of the turbine-generator for both the first-cycle and interrupting networks is 1.0 [X.sub.d]", where [X.sub.d]" is the saturated direct-axis subtransient reactance of the generator in per-unit.
www.ecmweb.com /mag/electric_perform_shortcircuit_calculations_2/index.html   (1522 words)

 DVD Verdict Review - Short Circuit 2
Director John Badham's Short Circuit was a surprise box office hit and made audiences fall in love with a pile of nuts and bolts named "Number Five." The semi-good news is that in 1988 a sequel was produced, the cleverly titled Short Circuit 2.
Short Circuit 2 is presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen on side A and a full frame version on side B. This is a very nice transfer with only a few slight problems showing up.
Short Circuit 2 includes only a couple of special features, including a "Making of Featurette: Actor Profile on Fisher Stevens." This looks as if it were used for promotional purposes back in 1988 when the film was released in theaters.
www.dvdverdict.com /reviews/shortcircuit2.php   (1198 words)

 The Art of the Creative Short Circuit
The creative short circuit, or the technique that I call circuit bending, is a form of hardware hacking or modding, but with two important differences.
In this way, circuit bending has turned the electronic circuit into an immediate “canvas”; a circuit is accessible at that moment to everyone for the creative act.
A resistor lead within a circuit that is hard to get to, for example, might connect with a printed circuit trace that emerges, with full access, on the other side of the board.
emusician.com /mag/emusic_art_creative_short   (4130 words)

 Short Circuit Capacity: Basic Calculations and Transformer Sizing
The purpose of the presentation is to gain a basic understanding of short circuit capacity.
The short circuit capacity is given as 20,900 amps.
Therefore, the short circuit amperage capacity of the transformer to be used
www.powerqualityanddrives.com /short_circuit_transformer   (1765 words)

 Exploratorium: Science Snacks: Short Circuit
Thus, most of the resistance of the circuit is in the iron wire.
A short circuit occurs when the current finds a way to bypass the appliance on a path that has little or no resistance - for example, where frayed insulation bares a wire and allows it to touch the frame of the appliance, so the current can flow straight to ground.
If a short circuit occurs - or even if too many appliances get hooked up to one wire, so that too much current flows - the wire in the fuse heats up quickly and melts, breaking the circuit and preventing a fire from breaking out.
www.exploratorium.edu /snacks/short_circuit.html   (563 words)

 Short circuit
A short circuit is an accidental path of low resistance which passes an abnormally high amount of current.
A short circuit exists whenever the resistance of a circuit or the resistance of a part of a circuit drops in value to almost zero ohms.
Electrons flow through the short (a path of almost zero resistance) and the remainder of the circuit by passing through the 10-ohm resistor and the battery.
www.tpub.com /neets/book1/chapter3/1-20.htm   (192 words)

 Short Circuit (Lilin, Nightstalkers foe)
When Short Circuit saw them, he recognized them as three of the Midnight Sons, and when Hannibal King attacked him, he sent him into another dimension.
Drake stuck "Linda" into Short Circuit's aura and fired a blast inside of him, opening a portal to the world where Blade and King were, and his allies were able to return to Earth-616.
The warden of the Nebraska prison where Short Circuit was held was one of the few people who survived the massacre at the prison.
www.marvunapp.com /Appendix3/shortcircuitlilin.htm   (625 words)

 Feasta - Short Circuit
Short Circuit proposes that each community build an independent local economy capable of supplying the goods and services its people would need should the mainstream economy collapse.
Blending sophisticated analysis with practical guidance, Short Circuit opens up a wide range of possible futures and demonstrates sources of empowerment and cultural identity beyond conventional politics and economics.
Hard copies of Short Circuit are available by post from the FEASTA office, 159, Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6.
www.feasta.org /documents/shortcircuit/index.htm   (427 words)

 :: rogerebert.com :: Reviews :: Short Circuit (xhtml)
There is a robot in "Short Circuit" that is really cute, if "cute" can apply to a robot.
"Short Circuit" opens with a demonstration of the machine - which is struck by a bolt of lightning that fries its circuits and gives it the impression that it can think for itself.
"Short Circuit" is the sort of movie Disney used to make, when they weren't starring million dollar geese and absentminded professors.
rogerebert.suntimes.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/19860509/REVIEWS/605090304/1023   (494 words)

Thus to determine the circuit breaker and relay operating times, fault currents and voltages have to be calculated and for many other applications.
When a sudden short circuit occurs on the electric supply system, the currents and voltages are of transient nature before they settle down to steady state values.
For the interruption current rating of a circuit breaker (time involved being 2-5 cycles), the subtransient current is important.
www.geocities.com /cindulkar/notes9.html   (1736 words)

 Short circuit - FIRSTwiki
A short-circuit (sometimes refered to as just a short) is the term used to describe the phenomena when an electric circuit bypasses its main load, taking a shorter and unintended path.
This results in an increased current flowing through the 'short', which can result in excessive heat and fire, destruction of electrical components, and/or releases of toxic fumes.
Damage from electrical short circuits can be prevented or reduced by installing fuses or circuit breakers.
www.firstwiki.org /Short_circuit   (126 words)

 Short Circuit Movie -The 80s Rewind «
Short Circuit is an 80s classic si-fi comedy from the director of "Blue Thunder" and "WarGames", the writers of Tremors, and infamous Brat Packer, Ally Sheedy -alongside the overshadowed Steven Guttenberg.
Short Circuit has become a milestone in my life and still holds true to my heart to this day because of its wonderful performances and an unforgettable robot.
Tim Blaney went on to reprise the voice of Number 5 in Short Circuit 2 and is also best known for his voice as Frank The Pug in the Men in Black films.
www.fast-rewind.com /shortcircuit.htm   (1307 words)

 Gateway PCs Come To Circuit City - Short-Media Forums
Gateway has entered into an agreement with Circuit City for the consumer electronics chain to sell its line of notebooks and desktops.
The exact products to be offered by Gateway at the 600 Circuit City stores nationwide will be announced in January when the stores will begin carrying the Gateway products.
Circuit City will actually carry the Gateway notebooks and desktops on its shelves.
www.short-media.com /forum/showthread.php?t=25398   (135 words)

   A Life That's Free - The Short Circuit Fanlisting        (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Short Circuit was a 1986 comedy sci-fi film starring Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg and directed by John Badham.
Number 5 is one of five prototype robots proposed for use by the US military, although the scientist mainly responsible for creating them, Dr. Newton Crosby (Steve Guttenberg), is more interested in peaceful uses of their artificial intelligence, like playing musical instruments.
You've got to be a fan of Short Circuit in some aspect.
nasty-dress.net /shortcircuit   (817 words)

 Short Circuit Location
Net A is shorted to net B, for example.
There is a short somewhere along their routes.
You know that short circuits are the cause of many of the faults you are debugging.
circuitboardshorts.homestead.com /home.html   (241 words)

 Short-circuit Power Modeling in BACPAC
In short, when the NMOS transistor is turning on due to a incoming high signal, the PMOS transistor continues to conduct current until the input signal reaches a value higher than V
Although the majority of transistors in a design can very easily be located in caches and not logic, the nature of the 6-T SRAM cell virtually eliminates the presence of short-circuit current.
In short, the feedback nature of the cross-coupled inverters allows for very fast transitions to occur during write functions.
www.eecs.umich.edu /~dennis/bacpac/models/short_circuit.html   (2295 words)

 Short Circuit - ArmorGames.com
Short Circuit is a different kind of game.
Almost everything is synced up to the music and the game beginning to end is the length of the song playing.
There are different phases where the colors will change based on the mood of the music.
www.armorgames.com /games/shortcircuit.html   (45 words)

 Short Circuit (Series)
of very low resistance and high current flow is known as a "short circuit" (Figure 56).
A short circuit is said to exist if the circuit resistance is so low that current increases to a point
When a parallel circuit becomes short circuited, the same effect occurs as in a series circuit: there
www.tpub.com /content/doe/h1011v1/css/h1011v1_164.htm   (161 words)

 Movie Info for Short Circuit on MSN Movies
Short Circuit is so carefully contrived to push the right audience buttons that one is made to feel ungrateful if one doesn't laugh.
This E.T. wannabe was popular enough to warrant a 1988 sequel, titled (brace yourself!) Short Circuit II.
EDR electrical calculation software for short circuit and fault calculations for radial distribution systems.
entertainment.msn.com /movies/movie.aspx?m=515869   (222 words)

 Short Circuit - Moviefone
Short Circuit -The 1986 sci-fi movie featuring Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg at the award winning 80s Movies Rewind.
Short Circuit (1986): find the latest news, photos and trailers, as well as local showtimes/dvd info at Yahoo!
Short Circuit - Cast & Crew, movie showtimes, plot, synopsis, exclusive features, trailers, clips, theater listings, reviews, message boards, dvd, videos, rentals and more on Moviefone.
movies.aol.com /movie/short-circuit/5022/main   (156 words)

 Amazon.com: Short Circuit (Special Edition): DVD: John Badham,Ally Sheedy,Steve Guttenberg,Fisher Stevens,Austin ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Short Circuit is one of those movies that when it came out in 1985 I remembered walking out thinking what a fun film that was.
While in most movies either character would be too much (or too little,) in SHORT CIRCUIT the two rather neatly cancel each other out.
SHORT CIRCUIT is one of those movies you like despite yourself.
www.amazon.com /Short-Circuit-Special-John-Badham/dp/B00004W19V   (2129 words)

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