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Topic: Short Parliament

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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  Long Parliament - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Parliament was also responsible for the impeachment and subsequent execution of the king's advisers, Archbishop William Laud and Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford.
Led by John Pym, Parliament presented the King with the Grand Remonstrance which was passed in the Commons by 11 votes (159 - 148) on 22 November 1641.
The Long Parliament was preceded by the Short Parliament, was purged by Pride to become the Rump Parliament was restored by Monck and succeded by the Convention Parliament.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Long_Parliament   (1039 words)

 SIR HENRY VANE (1589-1654) - LoveToKnow Article on SIR HENRY VANE (1589-1654)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
He was returned to parliament in 1614 for Lostwithiel, from 1621 to 1626 for Carlisle, in 1628 for Retford, and in the Short and Long Parliament, assembled in 1640, he sat for Wilton.
Parliament, however, proved intractable and was dissolved on the sth of May, to prevent a vote against the continuance of the war with the Scots.
Vane immediately joined the parliament; on Pym's motion, on the i3th of December, he was placed on the committee for Irish affairs, was made lord lieutenant of Durham on the loth of February 1642, became a member of the committee of both kingdoms on the 7th of February 1644, an
www.1911encyclopedia.org /V/VA/VANE_SIR_HENRY_1589_1654_.htm   (595 words)

 Charles I, king of England, Scotland, and Ireland. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Parliament had a substantial role in the making of money grants to the king and adopted the tactic of withholding grants until its grievances were redressed.
Charles governed without Parliament for 11 years after 1629, which were marked by popular opposition to strict enforcement of the practices of the Established Church by Archbishop William Laud and to the ingenious if disingenuous devices employed by the government to obtain funds.
Parliament’s trust in the king was further undermined when his queen was implicated in the army plot to coerce Parliament, and Charles was suspected of complicity in the Irish rebellion (1641) and its resulting atrocities, especially in Ulster.
www.bartleby.com /65/ch/Charles1Eng.html   (985 words)

 Search Encyclopedia.com
Parliament -> Structure The House of Lords was composed of the hereditary peers of the realm, life peers, Scottish peers, all peeresses in their own right, and 26 Anglican prelates.
Frankfurt Parliament Frankfurt Parliament, 1848-49, national assembly convened at Frankfurt on May 18, 1848, as a result of the liberal revolution that swept the German states early in 1848.
The parliament was called by a preliminary assembly of German liberals in Mar., 1848, and its members were elected by direct manhood suffrage.
www.encyclopedia.com /search.asp?target=@DOCTITLE+Parliament   (325 words)

 English civil war. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Parliament in this period did not represent the full body of the English people; it was composed of and represented the nobility, country gentry, and merchants and artisans.
Parliament in 1629 vigorously protested Charles’s collection of tonnage and poundage and the prosecution of his opponents in the Star Chamber.
Parliament again tried to reach some agreement with the king, but the army, now completely under Cromwell’s domination, disposed of its enemies in Parliament by Pride’s Purge (Dec., 1648; see under Pride, Thomas).
www.bartleby.com /65/en/EnglshCW.html   (2321 words)

 My Way - News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
In a dramatic resignation speech to parliament, Short said she was shocked and ashamed by a British-backed U.N. draft resolution which would give Washington and its allies control over Iraq's post-war oil revenues.
Short, 57, was the second senior minister to resign from Blair's cabinet over the Iraq war, which was opposed by many members of his ruling Labour party and which triggered a major parliamentary rebellion in March.
Short, who first came to prominence as an anti-pornography campaigner, never flinched from speaking out, winning respect for her honest commitment even from political opponents.
news.myway.com /world/article/id/325168|world|05-12-2003::13:23|reuters.html   (460 words)

 Sources of English Constitutional History: Chapter 95   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
In former parliaments you have been advised for the preventing and diverting of those dangers which by foreign and remote counsels might have tended to the ruin and to the dishonour of this nation.
Pym did say he was commanded by the knights, citizens, and burgesses of the house of commons to represent to your lordships their desire and care to preserve a union and correspondence with your lordships....
The great privileges belonging to this high court of parliament are not airy and matters of pomp, but have in them reality and efficacy; whereby this great council of the kingdom is enabled to perform all those noble functions which belong to them in respect of the legislative power and conciliary power....
www.constitution.org /sech/sech_095.htm   (1880 words)

 Short Parliament
English Parliament summoned by Charles I on 13 April 1640 to raise funds for his war against the Scots.
It was succeeded later in the year by the Long Parliament.
When it became clear that the Parliament opposed the war and would not grant him any money, he dissolved it on 5 May and arrested some of its leaders.
www.tiscali.co.uk /reference/encyclopaedia/hutchinson/m0018759.html   (142 words)

 Short Parliament - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Short Parliament (April-May, 1640) of King Charles I is so called because it lasted only three weeks.
He was forced to call the Short Parliament primarily to obtain money to finance his military struggle with Scotland in the Bishops' Wars.
Like its predecessors, the new parliament had greater interest in redressing perceived grievances occasioned by the royal administration.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Short_Parliament   (140 words)

 Thomas Hobbes - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
However, by the time of the Short Parliament he had written not only his Human Nature but also De corpore politico (The Elements of Law, which was published separately ten years later).
When in November 1640 the Long Parliament succeeded to the Short, Hobbes felt he was a marked man by the circulation of his treatise and fled to Paris.
He has a self-interested and materialistic desire to end war — "the passions that incline men to peace are fear of death, desire of such things as are necessary to commodious living, and a hope by their industry to obtain them" (xiii, 14).
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /thomas_hobbes.htm   (3433 words)

 Nicknames of Parliaments
The question has often been discussed whether this Reformation Parliament, as it was called, had been 'packed.' In general, the knights of the shires were chosen with the approval of the great men of the county.
This Parliament began in 1640, with a large number of the members of the Short Parliament returning.
Parliament was united in passing measures until the subject of religion came up.
www.innvista.com /society/government/britain/parlia.htm   (741 words)

 The English Civil Wars - History Overview
The forces of parliament won at Winceby (Oct 11), taking Lincoln, but on the whole had the worst part of military actions for the year.
The army, angry that parliament were still considering Charles as a ruler, marched on parliament and conducted "Pride's Purge" (named such since the commanding officer of the operation was Sir Thomas Pride).
This rump parliament was ordered to set up a high court of justice in order to try Charles I for treason in the name of the people of England.
easyweb.easynet.co.uk /~crossby/ECW/history/ecw.html   (1187 words)

 GRIMSTOL SIR HARBOTTLE - LoveToKnow Article on GRIMSTOL SIR HARBOTTLE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
As member for Colchester, Grimston sat in the Short Parliament of I 640, and he represented the same borough during the Long Parliament, speedily becoming a leading member of the popular party.
He attacked Archbishop Laud with great vigour; was a member of the important committees of the parliament, including the one appointed in consequence of the attempted seizure of the five members; and became deputy-lieutenant of Essex after the passing of the militia ordinance in January 1642.
He was among the secluded members who re-entered the Lcng Parliament in February 1660, was then a member of the council of state, and was chosen Speaker of the House of Commons in the Convention Parliament of 1660.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /G/GR/GRIMSTOL_SIR_HARBOTTLE.htm   (714 words)

 Short Time Committees
Leeds Short Time Committee collected 10,000 signatures in a week and the Bradford branch sent a petition to Parliament bearing the names of 4,000 people.
Parliament was dissolved in April, 1831 and so Hobhouse's Bill had to be reintroduced after the General Election.
In an attempt to demonstrate to Parliament the strength of public opinion in favour of factory legislation, Sadler and Oastler organised a mass meeting in Huddersfield.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /IRshort.htm   (1028 words)

 PEO resources: A short history of Parliament
Originally, Parliament was a meeting of people from three levels in the society: the King, the lords (including the bishops and barons) and the commons (the Knights and representatives of towns).
The Parliament met wherever the king was staying, but after Westminster Hall was built (just before 1100) the Parliament usually met at Westminster in London where the King usually lived.
The Queensland Parliament abolished its upper house in 1922.
www.peo.gov.au /resources/history.html   (2257 words)

 Britannia: Monarchs of Britain
Parliament resented the insincerity with which Charles settled with both them and the Scots, and despised his links with Catholicism.
In November 1648, the Long Parliament was reduced to a "Rump" Parliament by the forced removal of 110 members of Parliament by Cromwell's army, with another 160 members refusing to take their seats in opposition to the action.
With the death of the ancient constitution and Parliament in control, attention was turned to crushing rebellions in the realm, as well as in Ireland and Scotland.
www.britannia.com /history/monarchs/mon48.html   (1109 words)

 Printer Friendly Version   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
After all, when Parliament reopened earlier this month, almost nobody’s attention was focused on Parliament.
But they will be failing in their duties if they do not ensure, at the same time, that this short session also takes up the long pending list of legislative business and the bristling list of new bills.
Parliament must meet longer and more frequently to tackle its workload and for the public good.
www.indianexpress.com /print.php?content_id=36977   (390 words)

 Short Parliament on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Vic: Angry mountain cattlemen arrive at Vic parliament
Clare Short in bid to curb PM's powers on war.
Short version of EU constitution made available in Danish libraries, post offices
www.encyclopedia.com /html/x/x-s1hortp1ar.asp   (336 words)

 [No title]
Charles won't call Parliament for another 11 years--which means he'll have to try to get his money elsewhere, or economize.
The Parliament is reluctant, worried that Charles will use the army against Parliament instead of against the Irish.
Charles's support is primarily in the north and west, Parliament's is to the south and east (London).
spider.georgetowncollege.edu /english/allen/1625.htm   (741 words)

After three weeks, the Short Parliament is cancelled by the King on the grounds of high treason.
The Parliament was an expression of the ruling classes (not a democratic legislature).
First appearance with his troop in the closing stages of the Battle of Edgehill (October 23, 1642) where Robert Devereux, 3rd earl of Essex, is commander in chief for Parliament in the first major contest of the war.
members.aol.com /snuffy1186/cromwell.html   (938 words)

 GN Online: Benazir Bhutto: Musharraf's stamp leaves a bad impression on democracy
Parliament is resisting the efforts by the military dictator to subjugate the elected voice of the country.
Therefore it is in his own interests ultimately to accept the demands of the political parties and allow parliament to function.
Islamabad's present parliament was elected under a decision by the Supreme Court which held the constitution in abeyance until such time as new assemblies are elected.
www.gulf-news.com /Articles/print.asp?ArticleID=96335   (1009 words)

 Lies Leaders Tell, Sojourners Magazine/January 2004
Short: In many countries that are collapsing, some of these rebel movements are semi-criminal in nature.
Short: Anyone who was critical of the war who ends up saying "I told you so," and taking pleasure in the disaster, is wrong.
Short: One of the greatest dangers to the future security and safety of the world is the level of poverty and inequality in a world of great riches.
www.sojo.net /index.cfm?action=magazine.article&issue=soj0401&article=040121   (2031 words)

 British aid minister quits over Iraq
In a dramaic resignation speech to parliament, Short said she was shocked and ashamed by a British-backed UN draft resolution which would give Washington and its allies control over Iraq's post-war oil revenues.
Short launched fierce attack on Blair's entire system of government, criticising a "control freak" style, media manipulation and obsession over his place in history.
Short, who first came to prominence as an anti-pornography campaigner, never flinched from speaking out, winning respect for her honest commitmet even from political opponents.
www.namibian.com.na /2003/march/world/03CE5BB61B.html   (517 words)

 Herbert Thorndike, 1598-1672, by T.A. Lacey
The political affairs with which the Short Parliament attempted to deal, and into which the Long Parliament plunged from the moment of its first meeting, are not my province except so far as they affected the Church; but that aspect of them was prominent and almost predominant.
Presbyterians had the upper hand in the Commons of the Short Parliament, and in the Long Parliament they were from the first completely dominant, though jealously watched by a contingent of Independents; they had also a strong hold on a House of Lords irritated alike by the virtues and by the temperamental defects of Laud.
The Earl of Manchester, a neighbouring magnate, and Oliver Cromwell, Member of Parliament for the town, made Cambridge their headquarters for organizing the army of the Associated Counties which was to be the deciding force of the war.
anglicanhistory.org /england/lacey/thorn/05.html   (2366 words)

 Parliament   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Parliament consists, technically, of the monarch, the House of Commons, and the House of Lords, but the word in common usage refers to the members of the two houses or, more specifically to Commons alone.
Women in National Parliaments - Country Female share in parliament in 2001 Austria 28% Belgium 23 Denmark 38 Finland 37 France 10...
The Scottish political community and the Parliament of 1563*.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/history/A0837681.html   (276 words)

 Short Parliament   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
King Charles I had dissolved Parliament in 1629 and for 11 years had ruled the country himself.
It soon became clear that parliament, led by men such as Pym, were against the war and angered the King by debating all the grievances of the past years such as ship money.
On May 5th Charles dissolved the parliament two days before a scheduled debate on the Scottish question, which would no doubt have resulted in a petition against the war.
www.thevickerage.worldonline.co.uk /ecivil/short_parliament.htm   (108 words)

 World Book || Charles I   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
From 1625 to 1629, Charles called three Parliaments and dissolved each one because the members demanded political and religious reforms that he opposed.
He dismissed one Parliament, called the Short Parliament, after three weeks, but he had to summon another.
This Parliament, known as the Long Parliament, met from 1640 to 1653 and again briefly in 1660.
www.worldbook.com /features/queen/html/charlesi.htm   (307 words)

 Parliament & Executive Short Answer Questions
Evaluate the proposition that the terms of federal members of parliament should be increased.
Discuss the extent to which the Executive Government is able to dominate the Parliament and evaluate the effect on the democratic process.
Evaluate the argument that the Federal Parliament is unable to adequately control the Executive Government in Australia.
www.australianpolitics.com /parliament/sa.shtml   (1147 words)

 Excerpted from Benjamin Hart, Faith & Freedom: The Christian Roots of American Liberty (n
His father, Robert, was a landlord, a justice of the peace, and a member of Parliament during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.
Charles, however, by-passed Parliament by imposing forced-loans, which were declared illegal by the judiciary, thus creating a constitutional crisis over who had the final authority in matters of foreign policy - the Crown or Parliament.
Cromwell was most pleased with the provision censuring the bishops "and the corrupt part of the clergy, who cherish formality and superstition." Charles rejected the remonstrance, and brought impeachment proceedings in the House of Lords against the principal authors of the Grand Remonstrance in the House of Commons (Pym, Strode, Holles, Hampden, and Hazerig).
history.furman.edu /~benson/hst11/docs/FaithFreedomCromwell.htm   (3415 words)

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