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Topic: Shot reverse shot

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Journal of Religion & Film: Seeing with Buddha’s Eyes: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...and Spring by Melissa ...
Shots that establish the grander view of the monastery, the focus of the action and the valleys around the monastery, are situated though reverse shots of Buddhist statues.
The shot is of a lake and the floating monastery.
The shots of the distant monastery in the lake and the mountains surrounding it are perceived to be from the eyes of the bodhisattva firstly, and the monk secondly.
www.unomaha.edu /jrf/vol11no2/ConroyBuddha.htm   (2449 words)

  Shot reverse shot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Shot reverse shot (or shot/countershot) is a film technique wherein one character is shown looking (often off-screen) at another character, and then the other character is shown looking "back" at the first character.
However, shot reverse shot is also often combined with creative geography to create the sense that two characters are facing each other, when in fact they are being filmed in completely different locations or at completely different times.
These techniques are all features of the "classical" Hollywood style of continuity editing, which deemphasizes transitions between shots such that the audience perceives one continuous action that develops linearly, chronologically, and logically.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shot_reverse_shot   (225 words)

 "True Stories" Clip Analyses 3 - Page 3   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In the first shot Woodward is in the back of the scene at frame left, however in the reverse shot he is centered in a close-up emphasizing the next shot as specifically his point-of-view.
Following the shot of the jury is a reverse shot of the defending lawyer looking directly at the jury having both Derek and Cris (the defendants) in the lower left frame while he gives his closing argument.
The reverse shot of the warden turning his concentration to Allen is very quick, and is followed again by a shot of Allen, cringing in the knowledge that he is about to be beaten.
www.duke.edu /web/film/truestories/ClipAnalysis3.html   (9732 words)

 Hitchcock POV - Analysis   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The murkiness of the POV device at this juncture (the over-the-shoulder shots which detail her change of public personae) may be read as appropriate for a woman whose identity is being reborn as we watch.
The last shot of the segment is cold as ice: Marnie's mother turns her back on her daughter and walks down the stairs: Marnie sees both her mother and her mother's shadow moving along the wall.
Accompanying these impersonal shots that are incorporated into the POV figure are expressionist tactics which electrically charge her POV's: increasingly agitated camera movements during the B shots of the money signal her distress at not being able to complete the theft.
yorty.sonoma.edu /filmfrog/archive/Hitch_POV_part2.html   (7320 words)

 establishing shot@Everything2.com
There is a cut to the true establishing shot, which pans right with the Narrator as he walks from the carousel to the clerk's desk; establishing shots do not have to be static.
The establishing shot shows the entire space of the scene, including both of the characters; a long shot was used to show everything, meaning that the characters appear fairly distant.
The shot also establishes the axis of action for the scene, which is drawn from the Narrator to the clerk.
everything2.com /index.pl?node_id=618243   (571 words)

 Shot (film)
Shots are compared to words with each frame being a letter and scenes being sentences.
Shot reverse shot is a film technique wherein one character is shown looking (often off-screen) at another character, and then the other character is shown looking "back" at the first character.
However, shot reverse shot is also often combined with creative geography to create the sense that two characters are facing each other, when in fact they're being filmed in completely different locations or at completely different times.
www.jahsonic.com /Shot.html   (971 words)

 Hitchock POV - Conclusions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
After some shot-reverse shot involving Marnie and the hotelier and during the second explicitly individual POV of the film, she is at Garrad's, the stables where Forio is boarded.
There is the merging of the elements from shot A and shot B in the B shot: Marnie walks into the frame to join either Forio or her mother.
Near the end of each B shot the "couple" nuzzles in a fairly tight two-shot: Marnie and Forio in the scene at the stables, Marnie and her mother at the house: Marnie is frame left each time.
yorty.sonoma.edu /filmfrog/archive/Hitch_POV_part3.html   (5525 words)

Examples of establishing shots are the initial two-shot of characters in a dialogue sequence, or the image of an entire roomful of people, or of the city in which the film takes place.
In a dialogue scene, a reverse shot occurs when a cut is made from over the shoulder of one character to over the shoulder of the other character.
If, for example, the first shot is a hat and the second shot is a character looking at something, the character constitutes the reverse shot and we assume that character is looking at the hat.
journalism.wlu.edu /J338/vocabulary.htm   (1355 words)

 FTV 113: Glossary of Film Terms
The frame of each particular shot must be seen both as a separate compositional unit and in the context of surrounding shots.
Matte Shot: A type of process shot [the combination of two or more images into one, or to create a special effect] in which different area of the image (usually actors and setting) are photographed separately and combined in laboratory work.
A shot taken with the camera placed approximately where the character’s eyes would be, showing what the character would see; usually cut in before or after a shot of the character looking.
home.earthlink.net /~frameone/id1.html   (2001 words)

 Establishing shot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It might be a shot at the beginning of a scene indicating where the remainder of the scene takes place.
For example, an exterior shot of a large building on a rainy night, followed by an interior shot of a couple talking, implies that the conversation is taking place inside that building.
Or an establishing shot might just be a long shot of a room that shows all the characters from a particular scene.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Establishing_shot   (264 words)

 Editing - Drawing storyboards
Although there are a few editing symbols that you should learn to use when storyboarding, Primarily you should be thinking about editing in terms of the decisions you make regarding the continuity (or not) between individual shots, their sequence and the rhythm of the sequence as a whole.
Shot-reverse shot is a conventional continuity editing technique used to represent both points of view in a conversation.
When planning a sequence of shots you should be aware of maintaining continuity through the convention of not "crossing the line", or of positioning cameras on the same side of the 180 degree line of action (or axis of action).
www.cfms.uct.ac.za /storyboard/editing.htm   (457 words)

 Film Terminology   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The shot may appear to be taken from a place a few inches higher than its subject, or from a vastly higher point (i.e.
Medium shots are effective for showing the relationship between several characters while maintaining the ability to represent their physical actions as well as some information about their surroundings.
TRACKING SHOT: any shot in which the camera moves, generally by means of a wheeled support (also called a trucking, travelling or dollying shot!) Such a shot will usually be used to follow the action of the scene.
home.earthlink.net /~klawrie/citylimits/id1.html   (1331 words)

 Point of View in "Anupama"
In "Anupama" the introduction of this technique that is called 'shot - reverse shot' is used to show Sharmila's coming out of her isolated shell to interact with the world around her.
The reverse shot for this set up would be looking over Dharmendra's shoulder from his back at Sharmila's face.
The point of view reaction shot is used to show a character's emotional state and a shot that gazes is a form of voyeurism that objectifies.
www.bollywood501.com /films/Anupama/1200/page3.html   (409 words)

 Untitled Document
That is, characters and objects on the right side of the screen remain on the right from shot to shot, and those on the left will always be on the left (at least, until they move and a new axis of action is established).
A shot, typically a close-up or MCU, in which a character visibly responds to the events presented in the previous shot.
Often, a reaction shot is the third shot of a three-shot unit, comprised of a shot of the character looking offscreen, a shot (usually a POV) of what is seen, and a shot showing the character's reaction.
shea.mit.edu /ramparts/commentaryguides/glossary/filmlexicon.htm   (3618 words)

 Part 4: Editing
Our suspicions are confirmed by the second establishing shot, which shows us the other half of the ample room (shot/ reverse shot) and reveals a party going on.
Shot / reverse shots are one of the most firmly established conventions in cinema, and they are usually linked through the equally persuasive eyeline matches.
The 180° line is not usually crossed unless the transition is smoothed by a POV shot or a reestablishing shot.
classes.yale.edu /film-analysis/htmfiles/editing.htm   (3300 words)

 drbill home
When a director shoots the star in Medium Long Shot and then decides to move in for a medium close up, the position of the body (including hands and legs) has to be consistent from shot to shot.
Once that happens the establishing shot is broken down but we are still aware of where we are because the 180 line is observed.
Now a new establishing shot (or a reestablishing shot) is used to set up the dynamics of space (it’s still the same scene but we’ve expanded our sense of place).
www.svsu.edu /~wwilliam/courses/notes/film_notes.html   (951 words)

 The Continuity System--Film Editing
The establishing shot gives the spectator an overview so that subsequent shots dissecting the space at a closer range are much less likely to be spatially ambiguous or disorienting.
In other words, it is taboo to show one shot and then cut to another shot that is almost the same as the first.
If the angle of framing of two adjacent shots is too similiar, it creates the appearance that an object is jumping in a stacatto burst from one position to another.
cla.calpoly.edu /~smarx/courses/continuitysys.html   (1046 words)

 Intro to Film
The next shot, a high angle close-up that emphasizes the scuff mark on his shoe, is from Buggin' Out's optical point of view.
The zoom shot is an example of mobile framing, although it is not an actual camera movement but an adjustment in the focal length of the lens.
Speed of motion is manipulated by changing the speed at which the film was shot in relation to the speed at which the film will be projected (usually 24 frames per second).
mason.gmu.edu /~jroan/tec/index.html   (1373 words)

 Filmvocab   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The subject of a shot is framed by the edges of the actual boundaries of the film.
Establishing Shot -- At the beginning of a film, episode or scene within a film, a wide-angle or "full-shot" is photographed for the purpose of identifying the location or setting.
Shot/ Reverse Shot -- A technique of cutting developed by the Hollywood studios in which the camera switches between two conversants or interacting individuals.
www.rlc.dcccd.edu /annex/COMM/english/mah8420/Filmvocab.htm   (574 words)

 NO CAPTION NEEDED » Shot, Reverse Shot
The first shot looks to be a scene from a small town Fourth of July celebration where congressional representatives frequently show up to press the flesh and to be seen with local political dignitaries.
The camera focuses in middle distance on an individual talking, it then reverses its orientation on what appears to be a 180 degree pivot to show another person talking, creating the effect of a dialogue that moves back-and-forth.
It is, of course, an illusion troubled by many entailments, not least the assumption that the suture between shot and reverse shot is seamless and transparent, that there is nothing in the space between two frames that effects the meaning of their relationship.
www.nocaptionneeded.com /?p=609   (1415 words)

 Bone: Out from Boneville & the Shot/Reverse Shot | The New Gamer
Yes, it sure does look pretty, but watching a inert shot of two characters talking for ten minutes, without being close enough to see any facial tick or nuance, is enough to put even the most patient gamer to sleep.
This technique is nothing new: shot/reverse shot visual storytelling has been embraced by filmmakers for decades, and consequently it's standard operating procedure in most videogame cut-scenes.
But, I decided to give the second demo a shot, and lo and behold I found the camera angles to be nice and fairly innovative for the genre.
thenewgamer.com /content/archives/bone_out_from_boneville_the_shot_reverse_shot   (1401 words)

 Shot Reverse Shot@Everything2.com
In the classic shot/reverse shot sequence, the camera frames each speaker (usually 2-4) in medium close-up as he or she recites a line of dialogue.
Unlike normal shot/reverse shot, the speaker and listener relation is eroded by the circular shot: characters interrupt each other, direct and avoid eye contact, and add to the overwhelming tension.
Shot/Reverse Shot, a technique of cinematography since the advent of the "talkies" in the late 1920s, has become a normative and unconsciously recognized way of situating the spectator.
www.everything2.com /index.pl?node_id=1327893   (553 words)

The long shot: the camera is very far distant from the most important character or object in the shot.
Crane shot: the camera is on a crane or moveable platform and moves upward or downward through the shot.
The use of cross-cutting that contrasts constrictive interior shots with "the magnificent open road and the dramatic landscape of the Southwest" enhances the story line, emphasizing the division between the "deeply sympathetic" female "desperados" and the somewhat less-than-sympathetic male characters who harass them throughout the film.
ruby.fgcu.edu /Courses/lcrocker/FilmOutline.html   (2321 words)

Obviously, the “closer” the shot the more intimate or “subjective” it is; the “longer” the shot, the more “objective” and “distant.” Love scenes might require close-ups; while war scenes might require long shots.
A reframing shot may change the tone of a shot if, e.g., it starts with an intimate close-up of a couple and then the camera moves to include a theater full of people viewing the two lovers (a serious intimate moment is reframed into a comic public shot).
A tracking or dolly shot is not stationary (like a pan shot that follows the action by tilting the camera in its direction, without moving the camera itself) and follows a character e.g., through a crowd.
faculty-staff.ou.edu /L/A-Robert.R.Lauer-1/Corrigan.html   (4837 words)

 Vocabulary #2
Continuity cutting – including shot/reverse shot and over-the should cutting, the 180-degree rule, happy endings, psychologically motivated characters, villains getting punished, women becoming wives and mothers – are all associated with this style of filmmaking.
Examples of these shots: the initial two-shot of characters in a dialogue sequence, or the image of an entire roomful of people, or of the city in which the film takes place.
In a dialogue scene, this type of shot occurs when a cut is made from over-the-shoulder of one character to over-the-shoulder of the other character.
www.gpc.edu /~cgegen/vocabulary_2.htm   (687 words)

 jumpshots.html   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Incidently, these shots are taken from the original establishing shot.
A good example of a shot that jumps from one shot to another is a closer and closer intercutting of shots such as this:
A general rule of thumb is that the camera must move at least 30 degrees from setup to setup or a large enough difference from one shot to another that it won't jump from one shot to another.
www.solutioneers.net /cinema/jumpshots.html   (260 words)

 Coverage   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The fewer shots you have in a particular category, the harder it might be to edit your footage into something cohesive; however, they are not the story.
Closeup shots can look too crowded with something in the foreground, but medium shots are very nice with the subject framed by a (sometimes unlit, out of focus) shoulder of another person.
OS shots are excellent for use in conjunction with the classic shot/reverse shot methods.
www.jls.palo-alto.ca.us /staff/jbabb/public/coverage.html   (1506 words)

 indieWIRE REVIEW: The Old Man's Back Again
Founded by four friends in the winter of 2003, Reverse Shot is a new kind of online and print community aimed at the next generation of film lovers.
Reverse Shot's unique symposium format allows writers an unprecedented flexibility in choosing the films they get to write about which leads to better, more exciting articles.
When Godard, playing himself, hears of the fate of one-time student Olga, shot down by Israeli police upon entering a movie house and threatening to blow it up in the name of "peace" (as it turns out, her bag was filled with books rather than explosives), Godard is seen tending to his garden.
www.indiewire.com /movies/movies_041123notre.html   (1694 words)

 filmterms.html   (Site not responding. Last check: )
shot: is composed of frames photographed during a single, continuous, uninterrupted running of the camera.
establishing shot: usually an extreme long shot occurring at the beginning of a scene, providing the viewer with the context of the subsequent shots.
The true O/S shot is perched on the shoulder of one character and does not show the person’s whole back.
www.english.wayne.edu /fac_pages/thompsonk/filmterms.html   (2649 words)

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