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  Shrewsbury - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is the county town of Shropshire and the seat of the borough of Shrewsbury and Atcham.
Shrewsbury prison is the most overcrowded prison in England and Wales, according to a 2005 report on the UK prison population.
Shrewsbury is twinned with Zutphen in the Netherlands.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shrewsbury   (2683 words)

 SHREWSBURY - LoveToKnow Article on SHREWSBURY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
SHREWSBURY, ELIZABETH TALBOT, COUNTESS OF (1518-1608), better known by her nickname " Bess of Hardwick," was the daughter and co-heiress of John Hardwicke of Hardwicke in Derbyshire.
Shrewsbury is a suffragan bishopric in the diocese of Lichfield, and the seat of a Roman Catholic bishop.
Shrewsbury (Pengwerne, Scrobsbyryg, Salopesberie), then known as Pengwerne or Pengwym, was the capital of the kings of Powis during the 5th and 6th centuries, but was taken in 779 by Offa king of Mercia, who changed its name to Shrewsbury (Scrobsbyryg)..
47.1911encyclopedia.org /S/SH/SHREWSBURY.htm   (3379 words)

 Shrewsbury, New Jersey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Shrewsbury was the birthplace of explorer and writer John Lloyd Stephens.
Shrewsbury was once a much larger township, encompassing several of the other municipalities nearby.
Shrewsbury is in the Twelfth Congressional District and is part of New Jersey's 12th Legislative District.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shrewsbury,_New_Jersey   (686 words)

 Shrewsbury, Shropshire - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Shrewsbury, Shropshire   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403, Henry IV defeated the rebels led by Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy).
Shrewsbury retains much of its medieval character, particularly in the centre of the town, with its fl and white timber-frame buildings, which sometimes lean out and almost touch, and its unusual street names.
Offa made Shrewsbury part of his kingdom of Mercia at the end of the 8th century; in the Saxon and Norman periods it was frequently raided by the Welsh.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Shrewsbury,+Shropshire   (694 words)

 Shrewsbury: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Shrewsbury school is a leading british public school (uk)public school, located in shrewsbury in the county of shropshire....
Harlescott is a suburb of the town of shrewsbury, county town of shropshire....
Sundorne is a suburb of the town of shrewsbury, county town of shropshire....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/s/sh/shrewsbury.htm   (4121 words)

 Shrewsbury - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Shrewsbury is mainly popularly known as a medieval town, having been founded c.
The population of the town of Shrewsbury is approx 72,000 although the population of the borough is higher, at just under 96,000.
Shrewsbury is home to one of the largest and oldest horticultural events in the UK - the annual Shrewsbury Flower Show (Shrewsbury Flower Show website (http://www.shrewsburyflowershow.org.uk)).
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Shrewsbury   (1770 words)

 A History of Shrewsbury
Shrewsbury was probably protected by a ditch with an earth rampart and a wooden stockade.
Shrewsbury Abbey was founded in 1083 by Roger de Montgomery the first Earl of Shrewsbury.
A statue of Clive of India was erected in Shrewsbury in 1860.
www.localhistories.org /shrewsbury.html   (973 words)

 Earl of Shrewsbury - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Earl of Shrewsbury is the senior Earl on the Roll in the Peerage of England (the more senior Earldom of Arundel being held by the Duke of Norfolk).
The 1st Earl of Shrewsbury was also created Earl of Waterford, in the Peerage of Ireland, and Hereditary Lord High Steward of Ireland, in 1446, and the two earldoms have remained united ever since.
At the Coronation of the British Monarch the Earl of Shrewsbury is allowed to bear a white staff, as Lord High Steward of Ireland.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Earl_of_Shrewsbury   (481 words)

Shrewsbury owed its existence to the Britons, who, having been driven by the Saxons from their city, the Roman Uriconium, or Wroxeter, fled for refuge farther up the Severn.
Shrewsbury was the scene of one of the most hardly fought battles of English history.
Shrewsbury was, however, surprised and taken by the Parliamentarians in 1644.
www.mspong.org /picturesque/shrewsbury.html   (2108 words)

 George TALBOT (6° E. Shrewsbury)
Shrewsbury was preoccupied as he was with the problem of Mary Stuart, now confined a close prisoner in the Turret House of Sheffield Castle.
Shrewsbury was well aware that, despite his vigilance, Mary was in contact with the French Ambassador and that that gentleman would soonhear the Queen of Scots' compaints of neglect.
Shrewsbury himself had come to the Court at Oatlands accompanied by his retainers, 'only myself excepted'; he had behaved discreetly in the matter of the charges of treason and had been graciously used by the Queen, but had utterly refused to be reconciled to his wife.
www.tudorplace.com.ar /Bios/GeorgeTalbot(6EShrewsbury).htm   (1772 words)

 Shrewsbury Tourism - Tourist Board Information & Accommodation
Shrewsbury is a town unlike any other, there are over 660 listed buildings in the town centre alone, including Shrewsbury Castle, and the Norman Shrewsbury Abbey, home to Ellis Peter's fictional sleuth Brother Cadfael you need not go anywhere else.
The town of Shrewsbury, Shropshire in England shares its name with towns accross the United States of America.There are towns called Shrewsbury in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Missouri and New Jersey.
Shrewsbury's streets were awarded their names after what used to be sold in them.
www.shrewsburytourism.co.uk   (911 words)

 Shrewsbury - My home town   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Shrewsbury, the county town of Shropshire, is in the English Midlands close to the Welsh border.
There are many ruins around Shrewsbury which clearly show it was occupied in Roman times, for example, the headquarters of the Fourteenth Legion, the crack Roman regiment that constructed Watling Street all the way from London, are close by.
Nowadays, Shrewsbury is a relatively quiet market town whose historic past has left a legacy of beautiful fl and white tudor buildings, churches and parks which attract numerous tourists every year.
www.cs.bilkent.edu.tr /~david/shrewsbury.html   (426 words)

 Britannia History: Shrewsbury Abbey
It was in 1083 that the priest of St. Peter's, returning from a pilgrimage to Rome, persuaded Roger de Montgomery, the newly appointed Earl of Shrewsbury, to raise the already existing church into a grand abbey.
Though the Abbey flourished, during the early twelfth century, the monks of Shrewsbury apparently felt their monastery incomplete for the lack of the relics of a special patron to honour and bring glory to the name of God - not to mention lucrative offerings from vast hoards of pilgrims.
Shrewsbury Abbey was known for its many scholars and, in the early fifteenth century, its Abbot, Thomas Prestbury, was even Chancellor of Oxford.
www.britannia.com /church/studies/shrewsbury.html   (1064 words)

 Shrewsbury - Tourist Information & Accommodation for Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Shrewsbury is at the heart of Shropshire in more ways than one and all the county's attractions are within easy reach.
Shrewsbury has great shops, especially the kind of interesting, independent shops that so many towns have lost or let go.
And Shrewsbury is stepping up the competition with Ludlow with a clutch of fine restaurants snapping at its heels.
www.shropshiretourism.info /shrewsbury   (938 words)

The Borough of Shrewsbury is nestled in the north east section of Monmouth County.
Shrewsbury consists of approximately 2.3 square miles and is primarily a residential community.
Shrewsbury was settled in 1665 as one of the Two Towns of the Navesink.
www.shrewsburyboro.com   (128 words)

 SHREWSBURY - Online Information article about SHREWSBURY
Wales was annexed to England in the 13th century, Shrewsbury was one of the chief border towns, and as such it was besieged by Owen Gwynedd, in r067, but was relieved by See also:
Northumberland, was defeated and killed at Shrewsbury by Henry IV.
From 1295 to 1885 Shrewsbury returned two members to parliament, but then the number was reduced to one.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /SHA_SIV/SHREWSBURY.html   (2055 words)

 Arthur Shrewsbury Character sketch @ ArtOfTexas.com (Art of Texas)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Arthur Shrewsbury (11 April 1856 – 19 May 1903) was an English cricketer who was widely rated as competing with WG Grace for the accolade of being the best batsman of the 1880s; Grace himself, when asked who he would most like in his side, replied simply, "Give me Arthur".
Born in New Lenton, Nottinghamshire, he played his cricket for Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club and played 23 Test matches for England, captaining them in 7 games, with a record of won 5, lost 2.
Shrewsbury retired from cricket in 1902, and shot himself the next year at his sister's home in Gedling, Nottinghamshire, following a bout of depression.
artoftexas.com /encyclopedia/Arthur_Shrewsbury   (293 words)

 Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council
Now in its third year, The Shrewsbury Summer Season is a unique collaboration between the Borough Council and the town's thriving and dynamic artistic community.
Back in the 18th Century Shrewsbury was one of the pioneers of the very English concept of the Summer Season.
With the completion of the Shrewsbury Sports Village in April, online bookings and payments for sports facilities will be made available.
www.shrewsbury.gov.uk /public/home   (365 words)

 Shrewsbury articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Shrewsbury — State Sen. Edward M. Augustus Jr., D-Worcester, told members of the Shrewsbury Board of Selectmen that he is pushing for a change in the state's Chapter 70 funding formula.
Augustus said the formula would be altered to better reflect a town's median income and property value, as well as factor in growth, a major issue facing the town of Shrewsbury.
The town of Shrewsbury is projecting close to 150 additional students for the 2006-2007 school year, yet has made drastic cuts to its school program.
www.communityadvocate.com /html/shrewsbury_articles_1.html   (494 words)

 BBC - Shropshire - History - Battle of Shrewsbury - Background
Although Shrewsbury preceded these wars between the Lancastrian (red rose) and the Yorkist (white roses) factions of the royal family, by some 50 years, Shrewsbury is sometimes regarded as the opening exchanges of the Wars of the Roses.
However, it's believed Henry IV narrowly escaped death at the Battle of Shrewsbury, as many of the knights fighting closest to him were killed in Hotspur's charge.
The seeds of the Battle of Shrewsbury were sown four years earlier when the king, Richard II, was deposed by his cousin, Henry Bolingbroke, who was then crowned Henry IV.
www.bbc.co.uk /shropshire/history/2003/02/battle_of_shrewsbury/battle.shtml   (971 words)

Before the Reformation, Cheshire and the portion of Shropshire north and east of the River Severn were under the Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, and the rest of Shropshire was under the Bishop of Hereford.
The latter saint was chosen because her body had been translated from Gwytherin, in Denbighshire, to Shrewsbury in 1138, and deposited with great honor and solemnity in the Benedictine abbey founded by Roger, Earl of Montgomery, in 1083, where it remained until her shrine was plundered at the dissolution of the monasteries.
Shropshire is singularly rich in archeological interest, its pre-Reformation parish churches, the noble ruins of monasteries round the Wrekin, the Roman city of Uriconium (Wroxeter), the lordly castle of Ludlow, giving the county a place apart in the heart of the antiquary.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/13759c.htm   (965 words)

 ActivityForum - Shrewsbury RUFC - Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Shrewsbury 2nd XV put up a fine display againist a well organised Stafford side at Sundourne Castle.
The second half saw Shrewsbury putting pressure on the Stafford forwards but again, it was there back that did the damage.
With minutes to go Shrewsbury drove into the heart of the Stafford side and saw Rob Sawers crash over for a try converted by Neil Davies.
www.rfu.com /clubs/index.cfm?fuseaction=hm.Home&grou_select=2014   (235 words)

 UK Battlefields Resource Centre - Medieval - The Battle of Battle of Shrewsbury
The race for Shrewsbury was won by the king, who reached the town shortly before Hotspur on the 20th September.
The battle of Shrewsbury was significant in military terms as it was the first occasion where massed troops armed with the longbow were pitted against each other on English soil, in the tactical formations that would be so effective in the coming decades against the French.
The Shrewsbury by-pass (A5124) crosses the very southern edge of the battlefield, from east to west, along the probable line of Henry’s deployment.
www.battlefieldstrust.com /resource-centre/medieval/battleview.asp?BattleFieldId=39   (755 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Battle of Shrewsbury
It was between an army led by the Lancastrian King, Henry IV, and a rebel army led by Henry "Hotspur" Percy from Northumberland.
The rebels then marched towards Shrewsbury, the easily defended county town of Shropshire.
His body was set up in Shrewsbury impaled on a spear between two millstones, and was later quartered and put on show in the four corners of the country.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Battle_of_Shrewsbury   (656 words)

 Shrewsbury Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Worcester County, Massachusetts
The landscape of Shrewsbury is made up of gently rolling hills and small streams, accessorized with new and old growth trees as well as other native fauna.
Shrewsbury real estate options consist of single-family detached homes for sale, estate properties and condominiums and townhouses.
Shrewsbury real estate boasts a range of homes for sale in architectural styles, from bungalows to historic colonials to modern ranch homes for sale.
www.shrewsbury-real-estate.com   (588 words)

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