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Topic: Siberian Dwarf Pine

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Siberian Dwarf Pine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Siberian Dwarf Pine (Pinus pumila) is a native to northeastern Asia, including the islands of Japan.
This shrubby pine ranges from 1-3 m in height, exceptionally up to 5 m, but may have individual branches that extend farther along the ground in length.
The seeds are harvested and dispersed by the Spotted Nutcracker (Nucifraga caryocatactes).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Siberian_Dwarf_Pine   (155 words)

 Pine nut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pine nuts are the edible seeds of pine trees (family Pinaceae, genus Pinus).
Pine nuts are high in protein, and have been eaten in Europe and Asia since the Paleolithic period.
Unshelled pine nuts have a long shelf life if kept dry and refrigerated (at -5 to +2°C), but the shell must be removed before the nut is eaten; shelled nuts (and unshelled nuts in warm conditions) deteriorate rapidly, becoming rancid within a few weeks, or even days in warm humid conditions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pine_nut   (620 words)

 Pine Nuts
Stone Pine (Pinus pinea), which has been cultivated for the nuts for over 6,000 years, and harvested from wild trees for far longer.
Korean Pine (Pinus koraiensis) in northeast Asia and
Pine nuts are commercially available in shelled form, but due to poor storage, these rarely have a good flavour, all too often already being rancid before they are purchased.
www.edinformatics.com /culinaryarts/food_encyclopedia/pine_nuts.htm   (398 words)

 Pine Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Pines are mostly monoecious, having the male and female cones on the same tree, though a few species are sub-dioecious with individuals predominantly, but not wholly, single-sex.
Siberian Dwarf Pine, Mountain Pine, Whitebark Pine and the bristlecone pines.
Pines are commercially among the most important of species used for timber in temperate and tropical regions of the world.
www.variedtastes.com /encyclopedia/Pine   (1545 words)

 PINE FACTS AND INFORMATION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Many pines are ''uninodal'', producing just one such whorl of branches each year, from buds at the tip of the year's new shoot, but others are ''multinodal'', producing two or more whorls of branches per year.
Pine needles are sometimes eaten by some Lepidoptera species including Pine_Processionary, Bordered_White (also known as Pine Looper), Pine_Beauty and Scalloped_Hazel, and also the Symphytan species Pine_Sawfly.
Pine plantations can be at risk of fire damage because pine resin is flammable to the point of a tree being explosive under some conditions.
www.bellabuds.com /pine   (1212 words)

 botanical.com - A Modern Herbal | Pine - Herb Profile and Information
On account of the straight grain, strength, and other qualities of pine timber, it is used for nearly every sort of constructional work and the trade in it is enormous.
All the Pines yield resin in greater or smaller quantities, which is obtained by tapping the trees.
Pine resins are largely employed by the soap-maker for the manufacture of brown soaps.
www.botanical.com /botanical/mgmh/p/pine--34.html   (552 words)

 Edible Nut Pine Trees - Rhora's Nut Farm & Nursery
Tree appearance is similar to the Korean pine, with bluish needles which makes it a very valuable landscape and specimen type of tree and also produces nuts with shells that are very thin.
Dwarf form that grows in a clay type to coarser types of soils at higher altitudes in the mountains.
Prostrate (similar to mugho pine) but limbs are more sturdy and able to hold snow without damage to limbs.
www.nuttrees.com /edible.htm   (842 words)

 Pinon Penny offers American Pinon Pinenuts - and pinenut information. Why are American pine nuts an important use for ...
Pine nut oil is obtained by pressing and is available on the market as an expensive gourmet cooking oil or a medicine (in bottles or capsules).
Pine nuts are one of the most expensive nuts on the market, with retail prices of shelled nuts ranging from about $20 to $35 per kg and up.
Unlike pinyon pines, which continue to be harvested commercially for pine nuts, many of the nut producing pine species naturally occurring in the U.S. (Table 1) were never commercially used for pine nut production and their potential for such production was never a subject of systematic inquiry.
www.pinenut.com /noha.htm   (3248 words)

 Siberian dwarf hamsters
Information on siberian dwarf hamsters: how to care for, feed and house these small hamsters.
Siberian dwarf hamsters are also known as Russian hamsters.
Because these animals age so quickly any dwarf hamster over a year of age is considered to be old and may even show signs of aging.
ks.essortment.com /siberiandwarfh_ryfn.htm   (366 words)

 Amur Oblast   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Dwarf Siberian pine and alpine tundra grow at higher elevations on these mountains and larch forests with small stands of flat-leaved birch and pine forests grow alongside the river plains.
Southeast of the Selemdzha are the Bureya and Arkhara Rivers, which have the richest remaining forests in the oblast with Korean pine, Limmonik, Mongolian oak and other Manchurian flora.
After the Opium War, when the Manchurian Empire was exposed to the outside world, Russian explorers once again moved to the region (mostly Cossacks and peasant farmers).
www.1-free-software.com /en/wikipedia/a/am/amur_oblast.html   (471 words)

 Pine Tree Seeds : Pinus - black pine, scots, unbrella, Japanese red pine, beach ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Conical pine tree with ascending branches and smooth gray bark, becoming fissured and scaly with age.
A conical pine tree, becoming broadly domed or columnar with age.
Conical to domed pine tree with fissured gray bark, blue green leaves and dark brown cones.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/anico/pine.htm   (525 words)

 Pine Nuts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
All pine seeds are edible, but most are too small for humans to bother with.
One method of locating pine species in Mexico used by Dana K. Bailey and Frank Hawksworth in the 1970's was to visit the local food markets and examine the pinenuts for sale and inquire about the location of the trees which were their source.
Pine seeds are an important source of food for many animals and in some cases, the animals return the favor by cacheing the pine seeds and thereby inadvertenly planting them.
www.lovett-pinetum.org /pinenuts.htm   (482 words)

 Circumpolar Expeditions - Arctic Tours - Russian Travel - Custom Tours
The territory is accessed by two railroads, the Trans Siberian and the BAM (Baikal-Amur).
In the southern part of the tundra belt, scattered stands of dwarf Siberian pine and larch grow along the rivers.
Larch trees dominate in the north and, in the south, stands of fir and pine begin to appear.
www.arctictravel.net /russia.htm   (2235 words)

 CONIFERS P-Z   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Individual trees of this pine are known to be over 4,000 years old, with some estimated at 7,100; thus, they are the oldest living things on earth.
It is a 5 needle pine that has dense, dark green needles which are short to medium length.
With there soft texture these dwarf white pines are always a nice addition to the landscape.
www.greergardens.com /conifers_p-z.htm   (7256 words)

 Pinus pumila
The turpentine obtained from the resin of all pine trees is antiseptic, diuretic, rubefacient and vermifuge[4].
It is a valuable remedy used internally in the treatment of kidney and bladder complaints and is used both internally and as a rub and steam bath in the treatment of rheumatic affections[4].
The resins are obtained by tapping the trunk, or by destructive distillation of the wood[4, 64].
www.ibiblio.org /pfaf/cgi-bin/arr_html?Pinus+pumila   (1311 words)

 The Berkutenko Seedlist 2001
This prostrate dwarf shrub deserves placement in rock gardens not for greenish-white fls but due to scarlet in autumn and persisting for a long time lvs.
Those who have never seen it, I ask imagine dwarf shrub with imbricate appressed grooved on back lvs and white miniature bell shaped fls.
Dwarf 30cm prostrate semi-shrub with coriaceous dark green lvs and pink wheel-like fls 8-12mm across creating umbels from 2-8 fls.
www.thealpinegarden.com /seedlist.htm   (9696 words)

 Pinus pumila description
Line drawing from the Flora of China (Wu and Raven 1999).
Japanese stone pine (Silba 1986), Kedrovy stlanik (=creeping cedar) [Russian] (Vladimir Dinets e-mail 10-Jan-1998), dwarf Siberian pine, pin nain de Sibérie.
Khomentovsky, Peter A. Ecology of Siberian dwarf pine Pinus pumila (Pallas) Regel in Kamchatka.
www.conifers.org /pi/pin/pumila.htm   (334 words)

 Protected Areas Programme -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The wind regime is comparable to those found in coastal areas: in winter, winds blow from the relatively cold land to the lake, and in summer, from the lake to the relatively warm land (Galaziy, 1993).
VEGETATION The great variety of plants in the basin is determined by climatic asymmetry: the western part of the basin is occupied by light coniferous forests and mountain steppes; in the east pine forest predominate whilst the north is dominated by deciduous forests.
At higher altitudes pure stands of fir Abies sibirica and 'cedar' Pinus sibirica forest are found, followed at still higher altitudes by thickets of dwarf pine Pinus pumila.
www.unep-wcmc.org /protected_areas/data/wh/baikal.htm   (2258 words)

 Protected Areas and World Heritage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
VEGETATION The Baikal region is on the frontier between the east Siberian taiga, to the west and north, the trans-Baikal coniferous forest to the east and the Altai-Sayan montane forest to the south.
Terraces near the shore in the north are dominated by Dahurian larch Larix gmelina with Rhododendron dahuricum, grading on the eastern and western shores into forests of Siberian cembra or stone pine Pinus sibirica with Siberian larch Larix sibirica.
Associated broadleaf species are the willow-like Chosenia arbutifolia, aspen Populus tremula, birches Betula pendula, and B.alba, Siberian rowan Sorbus sibirica, Siberian almond Amygdalys pedunculata, bird cherry Prunus asiatica, Siberian apricot P.sibirica with an understorey of honeysuckle Lonicera periclymenum and currants Ribes rubrum, R.
sea.unep-wcmc.org /sites/wh/baikal.htm   (2931 words)

 June 19, 1998: Walking with the Cubs!
For the past two years we have used a wood burning stove for the cabin's heat but this has always been a hassle.
We long ago burned the small amount of dead wood on the Siberian dwarf pine and alder.
We have been relying on using driftwood from both coasts which either way is about a 20 mile round trip.
www.cloudline.org /1998/June/19   (613 words)

 Carnegie Museum of Natural History Anthropology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Plants include the dwarf Siberian pine and white gentiana.
This is where the Siberian taiga, or coniferous mountain forest zone dips down into Mongolia.
The taiga consists mostly of fir, pine, and spruce, with some larch, aspen, birch, and balsam poplar.
www.carnegiemuseums.org /cmnh/anthro/olsen_mongolia2.html   (883 words)

Isozyme loci characteristics of gene banks of populations of cedar pines.
Interspecific genetic differentiation of Eurasian stone pines for isoenzyme loci.
I., Milutin L. I., Kuznetsova, G. Biochemical polymorphism in Siberian stone pine and its relationships with quantitative traits variation (Abstract).
dendrome.ucdavis.edu /NealeLab/krutovs_pubs.html   (2742 words)

 Unique Pine Tree Seeds from around the World
PINUS ELDERICA (AFGAN CHRISTMAS PINE) (PINE26) (10 SEEDS PER PACK) This is a wonderful pine to grow for Christmas trees.
Conical tree with ascending branches and smooth gray bark, becoming fissured and scaly with age.
Tolerates salt spray and is often planted along roads where snow is broken down with salt.
www.seedman.com /pine.htm   (777 words)

 Therapeutic agents
Terpene hydrocarbons such as Limonene, Pinene, Camphene and Myrcene are known to have antiviral activity and are thought to be skin and mucous membrane irritants.
Essential Oils such as Fir Needle (Siberian), Dwarf Pine, Rue and Wintergreen are also considered to be potential Dermal Irritants.
Dilutions of essential oils for use in Aromatherapy are recommeded to range from 1% to 20% depending upon the essential oil being used.
www.wildcrafted.com.au /TherapeuticAgents.html   (5220 words)

 Sustainable Development1
Forefather of the Koriaks: dwarf Siberian pine in the material and spiritual culture of Native peoples of Kamchatka and Koriakia (the Russian Far East)
Using the example of the dwarf Siberian pine, one of three species of pines with edible nuts found in Russia, the book seeks input from readers on the content and design of the future publication on wild harvested plants and their uses.
Considered a tool in the preservation of traditional knowledge of the indigenous peoples of Kamchatka and Koriakia, it strives to raise the awareness of, and interest in, wild plants and sustainable ways of life among the younger generation of Aboriginal peoples.
www.iucn.org /bookstore/sus-develop.htm   (1385 words)

 Rhodesian Ridgeback Stamps
Zonal vegetation here is very specific unique for the world thickets of Siberian Dwarf Pine.
The Pines produce cones with nuts and are the intial component for a lot of food chains.
The weather in summer is mainly good, however sometimes in chilly evenings it is more comfortable in a sweater; also need in warm weather rain clothes and high rubber boots in most areas.
www.animalstamps.com /ridge.htm   (1985 words)

 ScienceDaily -- Browse Topics: Science/Biology/.../Pinaceae/Pinus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Pines: Drawings and Descriptions of the Genus Pinus
Ecology of Siberian Dwarf Pine (Pinus Pumila Pallas Regel) on Kamchatka (General Survey)
An exploration of the economic and management implications of soil-site differences for reforestation purposes: Red pine and norway spruce in the Allegheny Plateau uplands of New York
sciencedaily.com /directory/Science/Biology/.../Pinaceae/Pinus   (171 words)

 Pine - Art History Online Reference and Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Canada and USA, except for close to the Mexican border
The soft, moist, white inner bark, or cambium, found clinging to the dead, woody outer bark is edible and very high in vitamins A and C. It can be eaten in slices raw as a snack or dried and ground up into a powder for use as a thickener/flavoring in stews, soups, and other foods.
A tea made by steeping young, green pine needles in boiling water is delicious and high in vitamins A and C. References
www.arthistoryclub.com /art_history/Pine   (1240 words)

 Discover-Bulgaria.com. Travel to Bulgaria , Places in Bulgaria, Parks and Reserves, Rila Monastery Nature Park   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
There are over 1 000 high plant species, 71 of which are enlisted in the Red book.
The very location of the Rila valley allows a unique combination of plant species at that altitude – oak-tree, beech-tree, fir-tree, spruce, yew-tree, white fir, pine-tree, lime-tree, sycamore, ash-tree, birch, dwarf pine, Siberian juniper, etc.
There are over 150 vertebrate species; one can see the alpine triton, tree frog, grass snake, marten, and imperial eagle.
www.discover-bulgaria.com /Travel_results.aspx?CategoryID=123   (333 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Sphagnum bogs and forests of poplar Populus and the monotypic willow-like Chosenia macrolepis occupy low-lying areas, while the river valleys contain bird cherry Prunus padus, rowan Sorbus aucuparia and alder Alnus glutinosa.
The northern slopes of the mountains have taiga of korean pine Pinus koraiensis, spruce Picea and cedar Pinus sibirica, with fir Abies sibirica dominant in places, whilst the southern slopes are covered in mixed larch Larix sibirica and pine Pinus sp.
In total, 800 species of vascular plant have been recorded.
sea.unep-wcmc.org /sites/pa/0991v.htm   (729 words)

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