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Topic: Sicilian Campaign

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Sicilian Expedition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Sicilian Expedition was an Athenian expedition to Sicily from 415 BC to 413 BC, during the Peloponnesian War.
As Thucydides recounts wryly in his History of the Peloponnesian War, the generals leading the campaign had scant knowledge of Sicily, or of its population, and thus the forces marshaled for its conquering were woefully inadequate.
The Sicilians, he said, would be more fearful of Athens if Athens was not tested in battle, just as Athens had been more fearful of Sparta before they were able to defeat the Spartans in war.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sicilian_Campaign   (3128 words)

 1943 sicilian campaign   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The fall of Palermo inspired a coup against Mussolini, and he was deposed from power.
Although the removal of Italy from the war had been one of the long-term objectives of the Italian campaign, the suddenness of the move caught the Allies by surprise.
Husky was the largest amphibious operation of World War II in terms of men landed on the beaches, and of frontage; it overshadowed even the later Normandy landings.
www.yourencyclopedia.net /1943_Sicilian_campaign.html   (1078 words)

 sicilian campaign   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Finally, he hoped his fellow citizens would not be persuaded by the young and arrogant Alcibiades, whom he felt was only looking for personal glory.
In the spring of 414 BC, reinforcements arrived from Athens, consisting of 250 cavalry, 30 mounted archers, and 300 talents of silver, which they used to pay for 400 more cavalry from their Sicilian allies.
Donald Kagan, The Peace of Nicias and the Sicilian Expedition.
www.yourencyclopedia.net /Sicilian_Campaign.html   (3120 words)

 Sicilian cuisine Definition / Sicilian cuisine Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Sicilian cuisine shows the markers of the cultures which established themselves on the island.
Thus, the cuisine in Palermo, capital of Sicily and headquarter of the emir during the Arab domination of Sicily, exhibits signs of Arab influence (usage of mint, raisin, fried preparations, pine nutPine nuts are the edible seeds of pine trees (family Pinaceae, genus Pinus).
Some famous Sicilian dishes are pasta alla norma (Catania), caponata (Palermo) and couscous al pesce (TrapaniTrapani is the name of a city in the western part of the Italian island of Sicily, of 68,346 inhabitants (2001).
www.elresearch.com /Sicilian_cuisine   (371 words)

 Poroi, 3, 2, Perusek
But the Melian dialogue is prologue to the Sicilian campaign, the tragic episode of overextension of Athens and their destruction in the great battles with Syracuse, the main Sicilian polis, and their Peloponnesian allies.
If we read the Melian dialogue in connection with the Sicilian campaign, we might arrive at an interpretation directly opposed to realism: While the strong believe they can do what they are able to do, they often misassess their circumstances, overreach, and come to suffer defeat as a result.
Dover opines that this word is too strong for the result of the Sicilian campaign, and also could not have been written shortly after 413, as Thucydides recognized that Athens recovered from the massive but not decisive defeat of Sicily.
inpress.lib.uiowa.edu /poroi/papers/perusek041001.html   (10558 words)

 Sicilian Business - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Sicilian Business
Henry accepted the island as a papal fief on behalf of his son, Edmund, but by 1258 he faced difficulties at home and was forced to accept the Provisions of Oxford by the barons.
Part of the problem was the huge cost of the Sicilian adventure and consequent financial exactions on the nobility and Henry was forced to withdraw from the campaign.
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Sicilian+Business   (177 words)

Ground forces assembled to conduct the Sicilian Campaign (10 July - 17 August 1943, codenamed Operation HUSKY) constituted the 15th Army Group under the command of General Alexander.
Axis losses in the campaign were around 167,000 killed, wounded, and captured, including some 10,000 German casualties.
Fascinating, inspiring stories and details about American heroes of the Sicilian campaign who were recognized with the Congressional Medal of Honor.
www.worldwar2history.info /Sicily   (465 words)

 Encyclopedia: 1943 Sicilian campaign   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Operation Husky was the Allied invasion of the island of Sicily on 10 July 1943 which started the Italian Campaign.
In the early part of 1943, following the realisation that the invasion of France would be impossible that year, it was decided to use the troops from the recently won North African Campaign to invade the Italian island of Sicily.
The strategic goals were to remove the island as a base for Axis shipping and aircraft, allowing free passage to Allied ships in the Mediterranean Sea, and to put pressure on the Italian regime in the hope of eventually knocking Italy out of the war.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/1943-Sicilian-campaign   (1339 words)

 Liberation: The Second World War in Sicily - Best of Sicily - Sicilian Campaign, War in Sicily 1943.
Strategy of the Italian Campaign was never very well defined (it was conceived partly to draw German forces away from Russia and France), and the invasion of Sicily was always secondary to the invasion planned to take place at Normandy a year later.
Sicilian Fascist party offices in various localities were sacked, but in truth these were already largely abandoned during the first days of the invasion.
In February 1944 Sicilian administration was officially ceded to the Kingdom of Italy headed by Prime Minister Piero Badoglio, though Allied troops remained present.
www.bestofsicily.com /ww2.htm   (6871 words)

The Sicilians of today are said to be a "mixed race" descended from early Sicilians (Sicani, Siculi, Elymi), and the peoples who subsequently conquered or colonized Sicily: Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantine Greeks, Saracen Arabs, Normans, and to some extent Longobards, Goths, Angevin French, Aragonese and Spanish.
Sicilian clay, used in terra cotta earthenware over the millennia, is different from the clay of Mexico or Mongolia because it contains a combination of silicates unique to Sicily.
This clay, freshly mined from the Sicilian mountains and valleys, is molded by hand by ceramic masters, and then left to dry under the sun.
www.emich.edu /abroad/staff/Benita/Sicily.html   (8043 words)

 The Anthony P. Campanella Collection of Giuseppe Garibaldi - Island 4
In the wake of the abortive Mazzinian revolution at Palermo on April 4, 1860, Cavour contacted La Masa, a moderate Sicilian republican, suggesting that he, rather than Garibaldi--whom Cavour believed to be too strongly influenced by Mazzini and his followers--should lead an expedition to overthrow the Bourbon regime in Sicily.
His journal of the Sicilian campaign and invasion of Naples, published in English as The Diary of One of Garibaldi's Thousand, is a classic among the accounts of the Risorgimento.
Crispi, a republican, served prominently in the 1860 Sicilian campaign, acted as Garibaldi's secretary, and was opposed to the annexation of Naples and Sicily to the kingdom of Italy.
www.sc.edu /library/spcoll/hist/garib/garib4.html   (840 words)

With the successful conclusion the North African campaign in May 1943, Allied attention turned to Sicily, which was invaded in an operation code-named Husky, on 10 July 1943.
The bulk of the Axis forces were able to withdraw across the Strait of Messina to Italy on the night of 11 August 1943 almost unscathed, and hostilities ended on the island on 17 August.
Four RAAF squadrons, 8 RAN corvettes, and numerous Australian personnel serving with British units were involved in supporting the Sicilian campaign.
www.awm.gov.au /units/place_1588.asp   (171 words)

 443rd AAA Bn - World War II - Sicilian Campaign Preparation for Invasion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In spite of devastating reverses in the Soviet Union and its stunning defeat in North Africa, the Axis managed to garrison Sicily with ten Italian and three reorganized German divisions.
It was determined that General Alexander’s 18th Army Group would command the Sicilian campaign ground forces, to consist of General Patton’s 7th Army on the left and General Montgomery’s 8th Army on the right.
The General directed that the request be re-submitted at the end of the Sicilian Campaign, at which time he would approve it.
www.kwanah.com /txmilmus/36division/archives/443/44342.htm   (706 words)

 WWII Campaigns: Sicily   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The following essay is one of a series of campaign studies highlighting those struggles that, with their accompanying suggestions for further reading, are designed to introduce you to one of the Army's significant military feats from that war.
With the North African campaign moving toward a successful conclusion, the leaders of the two nations debated where to launch their next blow.
Of the two armies, it was the veteran Eighth to whom Alexander assigned the primary burden of the campaign.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/Brochures/72-16/72-16.htm   (7851 words)

 New Statesman: How America helped the Mafia: this summer marks the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Sicily. Nobody ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The link between the US government and the Cosa Nostra in Sicily was Vincent Scamporino, the son of Sicilian immigrants to America and the Mafia lawyer for the US unions controlled by Cosa Nostra at the time.
After the invasion, the Sicilians were promised four "freedoms", written in English on newly issued banknotes: freedom of speech and religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear.
The food needs of the long-suffering Sicilians were badly neglected and the semi-feudal landowning classes kept their privileges despite their fascist ties.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0FQP/is_4637_132/ai_102138562   (1050 words)

 Part II
From the campaign in Sicily when General Patton was the Seventh U.S. Army commander, to the end of the war, preparing these reports was one of the chief duties of the surgical consultant.
Between the Sicilian campaign and the invasion of Normandy, for instance, Colonel Odom performed a bilateral inguinal hernioplasty on the Chief of Staff, Seventh U.S. Army.
It had been demonstrated early in the campaign in Europe that the efficiency of a surgeon in an evacuation hospital was definitely reduced if he worked longer than 12 hours at a time.
history.amedd.army.mil /booksdocs/wwii/actvsurgconvoli/CH15.htm   (15233 words)

 Thucydides and his Predecessors
When Hornblower notes 'the density of Homeric echoes in the epic Sicilian books 6 and 7',[6] he is implying that the manner and frequency of Thucydides' allusions are conditioned by Thucydides' perception of his subject-matter.
Mackie further argues for cases of 'direct intertextuality' later in the Sicilian narrative: he compares the harbour at Syracuse with the harbour of the Laistrygonians, its barrier with the rock in the Cyclops' cave, and the quarry at Syracuse with the Cyclops' cave itself.
When Thucydides calls the Sicilian expedition the greatest ergon of the war, and perhaps of Greek history, he is not just referring to its historical importance: as the phrase 'most splendid (lamprotaton) for those who won' shows, he is thinking in terms of fame and glory.
www.dur.ac.uk /Classics/histos/1998/rood.html   (15677 words)

 Europe's 13th-Century Progress by Sanderson Beck
After the Sicilian revolt against the harsh rule of Charles of Anjou in 1282, the French Pope Martin IV (1281-1285) excommunicated Pedro III of Aragon and proclaimed a crusade against him.
Sicilians complained of the tyrannical government of Charles of Anjou to Pope Nicholas III, Byzantine emperor Michael Paleologus, and Pedro III, who got aid from the Greek emperor to prepare a fleet.
A campaign against Gwynedd led by Henry III in 1257 failed, and the next year an assembly of magnates swore allegiance to Llywelyn as prince of Wales.
www.san.beck.org /AB21-Europe13thCentury.html   (23862 words)

 TomPaine.com - Archives - SADDAM HUSSEIN, SICILIAN MAFIA: CAMPAIGN DONORS?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The following is the statement of Larry Makinson, Executive Director of the Center for Responsive Politics, made on June 20, 2000 to the Subcommittee on Oversight of the House Committee on Ways and Means, which took testimony that day on the disclosure of political activities of tax-exempt organizations.
Using that information, we at the Center compile, and publish on the Web, full campaign finance profiles for every member of Congress, all candidates for Congress, and the leading contenders for President.
The fact is, if Saddam Hussein wanted to plunk $100 million into a barrage of TV ads the final week before we pick our next president, he could do it.
www.tompaine.com /feature2.cfm/ID/3281   (1120 words)

 Station Information - Sicilian Campaign
In the Peloponnesian war the Sicilian Campaign was an unmitigated disaster for the Athenian forces.
Upon their return from the fiasco that was the Sicilian Campaign, rumours spread that the captains of the returning warships had given orders to not rescue drowning warriors.
The captains in turn accused the genarals to deflect blame from themselves.
www.stationinformation.com /encyclopedia/s/si/sicilian_campaign.html   (135 words)

 [No title]
The Sicilian Expedition was a catastrophe for the Athenians that all but made certain that they would lose the Peloponnesian War.
It was this mixture of Nicias’ character, combined with a deteriorating military situation on the Sicilian mainland, that led to the final defeat and slaughter of Athenian forces.
In fact, during the Sicilian Expedition itself, his fear and piety were exemplified when he kept his men from carrying out a vital retreat because of his superstitious fears due to a lunar eclipse.
faculty.ccc.edu /colleges/wright/greatbooks/Program/Symposm/Issue1/Spisak.htm   (4127 words)

 Remembrance Travel - Sicily
We honour those who fought and fell in Operation Husky - the 38 day Sicilian campaign in July/August 1943 that opened the way to the invasion of the Italian mainland.
Heavily bombed during World War Two, shaken again in 1968 by earthquake, Sicily remains what it has always been: a spectacular land of rugged mountains, golden wheat fields and rocky coasts inhabited by a fiercely independent people who bring passion to everything they do, be it a religious celebration or a holiday dinner.
Sicilian cuisine is half Italian, half Arab, and all delicious - as you will discover!ï¾  You will be able to enjoy breathtaking panoramas of this ancient land, not to mention Europe's highest and most active volcano - Mount Etna.
www.remembrancetravel.com /?fuseaction=tour.view&id=53   (303 words)

 sicilian campaign: researchpaperspal.com- research papers pal, term papers pal, book reports pal
The recent campaign law that took effect on November 6 is already being challenged on constitutional grounds.
This site will help you select a research paper on "sicilian campaign" from your choice of over 5979 first-rate research papers.
Read any abstract for a research paper on "sicilian campaign," research essay on "sicilian campaign," or research report on "sicilian campaign." researchpaperspal.com is the web's best site to help you write a quality research paper on sicilian campaign.
www.researchpaperspal.com /term-papers/675774/sicilian-campaign.html   (383 words)

 Best of Sicily - Links to Sicilian Culture, Sicilian Art, Sicilian History. Tour guides, travel services, Taormina ...
Bilingual site (this link is to the English version) of a well-known Sicilian puppet theatre operated outside Italy by the Pasqualino family.
Sponsored by Arcidonna, a Sicilian based women's organization that advocates equal rights, "Mainstreaming" is part of an E.C. program that addresses the needs of women starting their own businesses.
The New Mafia (a "white collar" fraternity that includes numerous politicians, bankers and other business people) that has infiltrated Sicilian life in recent years is more politically and commercially oriented than the "traditionalist" one described, and more powerful than ever before.
www.bestofsicily.com /links.htm   (1815 words)

 Fifth Field Artillery Group Unit History - Sicily
For the initial phase of the Sicilian campaign the 5th Field Artillery Group was attached to the 3rd Infantry Division.
The 62nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion went in with the assault echelon on July 1Oth, while at the same time the M-7’s of the 58th and 65th were used in the assault by the organic artillery battalion of the Division.
During the Sicilian campaign the units of the Group participated in three amphibious assaults.,.supported the Goumers, the 1st, 3rd, 9th and45th Infantry Divisions, and the 82nd Airborne and 2nd Armored Divisions.
fifthfield.simmins.org /s.html   (1820 words)

At first the Sicilian cities responded, but there was an immediate chill in relations with their new "savior" as his demands became more autocratic.
Gaming possibilities abound for Pyrrhus' campaign in Sicily, but most of the actual actions are poorly documented, so at best generalized scenarios can be created, and the fact that Pyrrhus' ultimate demise came from political ineptitude rather than his military talents would make for a very involved and complex "campaign" style game.
Pyrrhus is pleased by his feat of arms, and the Sicilians and Syracusans flock to his cause, he presses on to invest the demoralized foe, and events flow to their inevitable outcome….
www.ancientbattles.com /WAB_Successors/PyrrhusSicily.htm   (5106 words)

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