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Topic: Side effects

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 Pesticide misuse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Under United States laws, pesticide misuse is the use of a pesticide in a way that violates laws regulating their use or endangers humans or the environment; many of these regulations are laid out in the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).
Pesticide misuse that endanger human health or even cause death get the most attention from law enforcement, yet pesticide poisonings are still a common problem, particularly with agricultural workers.
The most common example of pesticide misuse is application inconsistent with the labeling, which could be use of a material in any way not described on the label, changing dosage rates, or violating a specific safety instruction. /wiki/Pesticide_misuse   (531 words)

 Pesticide side effects - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pesticide use can have side effects on both human health and the environment, both with associated economic costs.
The book, the Silent Spring by Rachel Carson brought the health and ecological effects of pesticide use to the world's attention in 1962.
The people at most risk for the harmful effect of pesticides are the farmer and their family, as they come into direct contact with the chemicals when mixing, applying and subsequently attending to crops. /wiki/Pesticide_side_effects   (173 words)

 Entomology Department, Washington State University
Lethal and sublethal effects of the neem insecticide, Margosan-O, on the pea aphid.
Effects of pesticides on spiders from the lab to the landscape.
Effects of malathion bait sprays on the non-target arthropod community associated with corn in western Kauai, Hawaii. /personal/john_stark   (727 words)

 Midwest Biological Control News
Although the focus of pesticide studies has been on the mortality of isolated species, the shift to IPM requires that the diverse and often subtle pesticide side-effects among the plant, pest, and natural enemy be more thoroughly investigated.
However, much less is known about the effects of chemical pesticides on natural enemies than on pests because the pest is usually the primary object of pesticide research.
Pesticides often inflict severe mortality on both pest and natural enemy because of their basic physiological similarities they are both arthropods. /mbcn/fea202.html   (1141 words)

 Asao, H
Effects of Dipel on C carnea were assessed by performing greenhouse experiments in which chrysopid larvae were kept on Bt-sprayed or control plants and fed with herbivores reared on Bt-sprayed or control plants.
Indirect effects due to a reduction of prey were tested by rearing three prey species of C carnea (the aphid Rhopalosiphum padi, the spider mite Tetranychus urticae, and Lepidoptera larva Spodoptera littoralis) on either maize plants sprayed with Dipel (at the recommended field concentrations) or on control plants.
In this study, the effects of feeding a purified BBP, avidin, to honey bee larvae and adults were determined. /eeito_bibs/plant_Unintended_Effects.cfm   (18961 words)

 Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, Oregon State University
Jepson, P.C. and Thacker, J.R.M. Analysis of the spatial component of pesticide side-effects on non-target invertebrate populations and its relevance to hazard analysis.
Coppen, G.D.A. and Jepson, P.C. The effects of the duration of exposure on the toxicity of diflubenzuron, hexaflumuron and teflubenzuron to various stages of II instar Schistocerca gregaria.
Stark, J., Jepson, P.C. and Thomas, C.F.G. (1995) The effects of pesticides and spiders from laboratory to landscape. /faculty/jepson.htm   (1207 words)

 IPM Farmer Field Schools
Effects of occupational pesticide exposure on symptoms and acetyl cholinesterase inhibition among Sri Lankan farmers.
Pesticides were mainly targeted against Leucinodes orbonalis, a pyralid moth, the larva of which feeds inside fruits and shoots and is therefore shielded against contact insecticides.
An apparent reduction in pesticide use was recorded; however, because part of the data refer to the season of training, it is possible that the training effect was underestimated. /DOCREP/006/AD487E/ad487e09.htm   (4756 words)

 Evaluation of Best Management Practices
No.: HD1773.A3N6 Effects of soil and agricultural chemicals management on farm returns and ground water qualtiy.
Pesticide transport was evaluated by monitoring the rate of change in concentrations of pesticides in a shallow perched water table, located approximately 1 m below the soil surface.
In order to investigate the effect of initial rainfall on chemical transport, strontium bromide hexahydrate (SrBr2.6H2O) and atrazine (2-chloro-4-ethylamino-6-isopropylamino-s- triazine) were surface-applied to six 30 by 30 by 30 cm blocks of undisturbed soil obtained from a 25-yr-old, no-till corn (Zea mays L.) field with evidence of well-defined macropores attributable to earthworm activity. /afsic/AFSIC_pubs/qb93-66.htm   (15969 words)

 Florida Entomologist, v. 78, n. 3, p. 443
Pesticides are the most effective tools for fighting outbreaks and emergency arthropod pest problems, and they are often required to control plant pathogens, weeds, or nematodes that cannot be controlled by alternative methods.
Pesticides should be used only when needed, at the lowest rates possible, and in a manner to reduce negative impacts on arthropod natural enemies.
Pesticides can be highly selective, rapid in their impact, adaptable to many situations, and relatively economical. /FlaEnt/fe78p443.html   (3798 words)

 Pesticides and Food Safety; PPP-22
Actual pesticide use, anticipated residues as determined in controlled field studies, the effects of processing, peeling, washing, and cooking on residues, and regulatory monitoring data represent the kinds of information used to evaluate the ARC alongside the RFD (see Average Residue Reductions During Marketing and Processing, page 6).
Pesticide residues on the majority of foods tested were within legal tolerances; and some foods were found to contain no detectable residue.
To anticipate how a pesticide might impact human health, laboratory animals such as mice and rats are exposed to varying dosages in their foodsfrom very minimal to extremely high levels. /Pubs/PPP/PPP22.html   (3700 words)

 Treemenda Articles
Pesticides can cause side effects such as seizures, behavioral changes, neuromuscular complaints, attention deficit disorders, chronic skin eruptions, cancer and death.
Side effects include neurotoxins, dizziness, headaches, and numbness in extremities just to name a few.
A recent study published in Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 66, 130-143, 2000, examined the level of permethrin resistance in human head and body louse (lice) populations and confirmed that there is a lice resistance to permethrin. /articles.html   (5382 words)

 SCOPE 53 - Methods to Assess the Effects of Chemicals On Ecosystems, Chapter 11, Methods to Assess the Effects of Chemicals on Soils
Effects of organic chemicals on the abiotic soil properties are rarely mentioned in the literature.
The effects of various pretreatments, such as drying, sterilizing, inoculation, litter type, age of the litter, however, have a significant impact on the behaviour of the system and need to be investigated thoroughly (Van Wensem et al., in press).
Effects on earthworm growth and on the total number of offspring produced per tray are determined. /downloadpubs/scope53/chapter11.html   (13394 words)

 January 2002 Agrichemical & Environmental News
In addition to requiring that multiple pesticides with common toxicity mechanisms be cumulated from any one pathway of exposure, CRA also requires aggregation of all non-occupational (i.e., residential) exposures with dietary and drinking water exposure.
If any pesticide registrant wants even more realism, then I would advise them to put their money where their mouth is. More monitoring and carefully designed experiments, especially with regard to drinking water residues and residential exposures, should help lower the exposure outcomes and thus raise the MOEs even further.
The pesticide behavior model PRZM (Pesticide Root Zone Model) is used to estimate runoff to surface water and leaching to groundwater. /Jan02AENews/Jan02AENews.htm   (9161 words)

 Yeast Infections, Diarrhea and Yogurt!-
University of Washington Study: Organophosphorus pesticide exposure of urban and suburban pre-school children with organic and conventional diets.
The effect was attributed to the demonstrated changes in inflammation and the immune system.
And in at least one study of 571 children, there was a significant reduction in respiratory infections (including sinusitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia) in the children taking Lactobacillus. /21_688.html   (2114 words)

 IPM References
Pesticide side-effects on arthropod natural enemies: a database summary.
Effects of pesticides on the pecan aphid predators, Chrysoperla rufilabris (Burmeister), Hippodamia convergens (Guerin-Meneville), Cycloneda sanguinea (L.), Olla v-nigrum (Say) and the parasite, Aphelinus perpallidus Gahan.
Pesticides registered for use on ornamentals and their effects on beneficials. /ref.htm   (289 words)

 EPA Will Test Pesticide Hormone Side Effects
EPA Will Test Pesticide Hormone Side Effects Next Year The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has requested $20.3 million for fiscal year 2002 to screen, test, and conduct research on endocrine disrupting chemicals, widespread synthetic compounds that disrupt the functioning of hormone systems.
Effects on wildlife include brain damage, premature deaths, reproductive problems, abnormal development of the reproductive tract, both subtle and gross birth defects, thyroid dysfunction, severely weakened immune systems, cancers, and behavioral changes.
Unfortunately, since we only know the endocrine disruption effects of a tiny fraction of the thousands of synthetic chemicals released into our environment, research and testing of these chemicals is urgently needed. /ca-ipm/01-07-12.htm   (812 words)

 Title Ecological side effects of pesticide and
Title Ecological side effects of pesticide and fertilizer use on turfgrass
Keywords Non-target effects; Pesticide use; Turfgrass community; Earthworms
Please read our disclaimer for important information about using our site. /msue/imp/modtt/26654001.html   (163 words)

 Environmental Science & Technology: March 1, 2004
Natural stresses magnify pesticide’s side effects (76 KB A toxicology experiment designed to more closely mimic nature calls into question EPA’s methods of assessing pesticides.
Accordingly, the generally accepted thinking about health effects from environmental contamination holds that a chemical found to be toxic at high doses will simply have no observable adverse effect at low doses.
But environmental toxicologists have known for years that dioxin does not follow this pattern, and a growing group of scientists are beginning to question whether dioxin is an anomaly. /subscribe/journals/esthag-a/38/i05/toc/toc_i05.html   (378 words)

 PHOSURE: What's New?
This resource is an integral tool for several other research projects, especially the "Side-FX" database of pesticide side-effects on beneficial invertebrates (currently under development), and one which I felt may be of use to others.
Regularly updated pesticide product information could not be readily obtained from the Oregon Department of Agriculture.
The previously titled "Oregon Pesticide Product Information System" web site was renamed as the Pesticide Product Information System at OSU (PPIS@OSU). /phosure/whats_new.htm   (425 words)

 DEET - Health, Nutrition, Medicine, Vitamins, Herbs, Natural Healing: Articles
Also, the side effects hurt children in much larger numbers than adults.
DEET based products are the more familiar and most people don't experience negative side effects.
Classified as a pesticide by the EPA, DEET, or diethyl-meta-toluamide, can be found in most over-the-counter insect repellents. /news/articledeet.html   (821 words)

 Biological control of the whitefly - Bemisia tabaci - in Spain
eremicus, pesticide side effects, calibration of the release rates and implementation within the context of IPM.
Results of a fecundity study support field observations that the reproductive rate of E. /KoppertBS.htm   (297 words)

 Phosure File Archive
Project reports from the Leverhulme Trust funded research "Ecological insights into risk analysis: a case study for short-term pesticide side-effects."
Reports submitted to the Leverhulme Trust (The Leverhulme Trust, 15-19 New Fetter Lane, London EC4 1NR, UK.) during the above titled research project. /Phosure/archive.htm   (531 words)

 Ortho Evra Lawyer Vioxx Attorney
Multiple studies have shown that Vioxx is linked with increased risk of heart attack, stroke and other side effects.
It is estimated that Vioxx has been responsible for up to 139,000 heart attacks and strokes.
On 9/30/04, Merck removed its blockbuster arthritis drug Vioxx (rofecoxib) from the market.   (1507 words)

 All Natural Does Not Mean Risk Free! -
Children’s Environmental Health Research Centers Studies Effect of Toxic Exposures on Autism, ADHD, Hearing, Behavior, & Test Scores /21_695.html   (372 words)

 The Body: Side Effect Management: Body, Heart and Nerves
The final presentation of the evening was an introduction to metabolic side effects of HIV and the role of nutrition in side effect management by Donna Tinnerello, Chief Clinical Dietitian at Cabrini Medical Center.
These side effects usually appear early after starting Sustiva, go away after about a month, and are manageable.
Treatment may not be necessary, however, if there is patient education about the potential CNS side effects. /cria/forums/sideeffect_management.html   (1384 words)

 Progress in Transplantation: Evaluation of an immunosuppressant side effect instrument
Using a psychometrically sound instrument to measure the impact of side effects may assist clinicians in identifying patients at risk of medication nonadherence and may facilitate the use of tailored medication maintenance protocols to balance optimal immune suppression while minimizing drug-related side effects.
The panel was concerned that the side effects of drugs used to treat comorbid conditions might influence the patients' perceptions of side effects linked to immunosuppressant therapy.
This group was also asked whether they thought the survey accurately characterized the impact of their immunosuppressive therapy side effects on their daily lives. /p/articles/mi_qa4117/is_200409/ai_n9458264   (1367 words)

 Doctrine of Double Effect
Aquinas observes that “Nothing hinders one act from having two effects, only one of which is intended, while the other is beside the intention.
First, it is a misinterpretation to claim that the principle of double effect shows that agents may permissibly bring about harmful effects provided that they are merely foreseen side effects of promoting a good end.
Doubts about the explanatory value of double effect have often focused on the difficulty of distinguishing between harmful effects that are regretfully intended as part of the agent's means and harmful effects that are regretfully foreseen as side effects of the agent's means. /entries/double-effect   (3480 words)

 Physical Effects Of Chemotherapy
...effects, wellbutrin side effects, economic effects, physical effects, sexual side.....side effects of chemotherapy....side effects of chemotherapy.....guitar effects software, side...
This article deals with the physical side effects of chemotherapy, which can be quite powerful...
Effects of physical activity on the fatigue and psychologic status of cancer patients during chemotherapy. /chemotherapy/physicaleffectsofchemotherapy.html   (3480 words)

 American Psychiatric Association
When extrapyramidal side effects occur early in the treatment of delirium, Lewy body dementia should be considered in the differential diagnosis.
Early reports concerning the increased sensitivity of AIDS patients to the extrapyramidal side effects of dopamine-blocking antipsychotic drugs have made clinicians cautious in using high doses of antipsychotics, such as haloperidol (130, 131).
Thus, the former effect may alter therapeutic effects or cause side effects, while the latter may result in less therapeutic effect than expected at a given dose. /psych_pract/treatg/pg/pg_delirium_5.cfm   (619 words)

Additionally, extrapyramidal side effects were greater in patients treated with 16 mg of risperidone or 20 mg of haloperidol, yet the incidence of extrapyramidal side effects was no greater in patients receiving 6 mg of risperidone than in patients receiving placebo.
The adverse side effects of aripiprazole on the nervous symptoms were reported as follows: 1/100 patients experienced depression, nervousness, schizophrenic reaction, hallucination, hostility, confusion, paranoid reaction, suicidal thought, abnormal gait, manic reaction, delusions, and abnormal dream.
SIDE EFFECTS Olanzapine and Risperdal are known as second generation atypical antipsychotics (Rivas Vazquez, 2003). /~morgan/schiz_05.htm   (8542 words)

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