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Topic: Siege of Detroit

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

I remained at Fort Wayne three months, until hearing Gen. Winchester was nearly ready to march towards Detroit, when I left with an intention to go into Detroit with the army.
Previous to Harrison's army going to the relief of Fort Wayne, a winter campaign under command of Col. Campbell was undertaken against the Miami towns on the Mississineway.
I was some three-fourths of a mile from the Indian track that led to the fort, and I was under the necessity of trusting partly to my horse to know when I came to it. /~vtwindha/loc/escape_from_five_pottawattomie.htm   (9525 words)

 Chief Pontiac's siege of Detroit
Deed to Detroit: Bernice Sprenger, chief of the Burton Historical Collection of the Detroit Public Library in 1971, examines an Ottawa chief's pictograph on a 1784 deed to the Detroit area.
In capturing Detroit, Amherst had enlisted the help of Maj. Robert Rogers, a 29-year-old colonial born in New Hampshire, who had trained a troop of provincials as expert riflemen and woodsmen.
Fur traders dealing with the Indians was a common sight along the river outside Fort Detroit during the 1700s. /history/story/index.cfm?id=180&category=events   (3158 words)

 Siege of Fort Wayne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Siege of Fort Wayne took place during the War of 1812, between American and Indian forces in the wake of the successful British campaigns of 1812.
The defeats at the Battle of Fort Harrison and the Siege of Fort Wayne caused the Miami warriors to lose confidence in their chiefs.
In September of 1812 Indians from the Potawatomi and Miami tribes, led by Chief Winimac, undertook a campaign against Fort Wayne in northeast Indiana Territory. /wiki/Siege_of_Fort_Wayne   (513 words)

 Siege of Fort Meigs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The siege of Fort Meigs had been an important victory for the Americans in regards to the fact that they prevented the British and Indians from invading Ohio and Indiana and taking the fort, which was to provide Harrison with a launching point for any further offensives he might make.
Major General William Henry Harrison was placed in command of the Army of the Northwest, replacing General William Hull after his surrender at Detroit.
The lifting of the siege marked a turning point in the war on the Northwest Frontier in favor of the Americans. /wiki/Siege_of_Fort_Meigs   (513 words)

 Mary Martinez writes about Puebla
Something called the Latin American Task Force in Detroit sent a message of solidarity full of shame for the oppression of South Americans by North Americans.
On the eve of the Puebla meetings that office issued a statement pompously entitled the "Rome Declaration" which even the Rome newspapers failed to print and that was the end of their committment or, apparently that of any group attached to them.
The Puebla experience brought home to me for the first time the extent and power of the grip the Liberal Establishment (as conservatives call it) or the Enemy (as traditionalists call it) has on just about everything we read, see and hear about events taking place in the world. /Angelus/1979_April/Puebla.htm   (513 words)

 Chicago Quotes
Detroit is a one-trade town, Pittsburgh has lost its golden triangle, St. Louis has become the golden arch of the corporation, and nights in Kansas City close early.
Norman Mailer, Miami and the Siege of Chicago, 1968
Chicago is as full of crooks as a saw with teeth, but the era when they ruled the city is gone forever. /Chicago   (513 words)

 Vol. 72, pg 211, Ohio History
An aftermath of the fall of Detroit was the siege of Fort Wayne by the
the Thames, the siege of Fort Meigs, the Van Horne affair at Brownstown,
the relief of the garrison at Fort Wayne, and the battle of Lake Erie. /ohstemplate.cfm?action=detail&Page=0072211.html&StartPage=195&EndPage=219&volume=72&newtitle=Volume%2072%20Page%20195   (416 words)

 Fragments of the Fort
She had come to Fort Wayne from Detroit in 1804 when she was 16 and distinguished herself during the siege of Fort Wayne in 1812.
James C. was the grandson of the legendary Angeline Chapeteau Peltier-Griswold, who had been formally adopted by the Miami Indians was known as Golden Hair.
She was finally ordered inside the fort, and her home and all the other buildings outside the stockade were soon burned. /ns/heartland/fragment/fragmnt4/peltinfo.htm   (125 words)

 Munger's Rangers/Steele's Rifles War of 1812 Page
The Rifles were the first unit ordered into action following the fall of Detroit; they marched to Piqua to safeguard military stores there and then to St. Mary's to build and garrison the fort from which General William Henry Harrison launched the strike to lift the siege of Fort Wayne.
Fort Meigs Siege 1759 will be designed to recreate the drama of siege warfare during the French and Indian War.
The War of 1812– First Siege Encampment at Fort Meigs in Perrysburg, OH. /people/marjo/War1812.htm   (1070 words)

During this siege the commanding officer, whose habits of intemperance rendered him unfit for the command, was confined in the ‘black-hole,’ and the junior officer assumed charge.
After the surrender of Detroit to the British, Tecumseh devised a scheme for the reduction of Forts Wayne and Harrison, and in September, 1812, began to assemble his warriors in the vicinity of the forts.
Indications of the enemy having advanced from their position at Fort Wayne, for the purpose of watching the movements of our army, were manifest, and Captain Suggett came upon the trail of a large party, which he immediately pursued. /usa/in/state/allen_co/fort_wayne.htm   (1505 words)

 Barr and Columbia ARCH Marker
The newly created county was named for Col. John Allen of the Kentucky militia who had helped relieve the siege of Fort Wayne in 1812 and who was killed in the River Raisin massacre near Detroit in 1813.
Four commissioners named by the General Assembly were in Fort Wayne in May 1824 to oversee the organization of the county.
The first meetings and elections were all held in Alexander Ewing's log tavern, known as "Washington Hall," located on the corner of the muddy intersection of Barr and Columbia streets. /history/h0000/3677.htm   (290 words)

 Lossing's Field Book of the War of 1812, Chapter XV - Military Events in the then Far Northwest.
Kinzie, came to Chicago from Fort Wayne as the bearer of a dispatch from General Hull to Captain Heald, in which the former announced his arrival at Detroit with an army, the declaration of war, the invasion of Canada, and the loss of Mackinack.
the sketch of Fort Dearborn and the Kinzie mansion
7 Fort Dearborn was erected under the superintendence of Major John Whistler, who was also the overseer of the construction of Fort Wayne, at the forks of the Maumee. /~wcarr1/Lossing2/Chap15.html   (14957 words)

 Ohio: Fort Meigs State Memorial (Community Roots: Local Legacies - Library of Congress)
Harrison waited at the fort for more men and supplies to continue his offensive to repatriate Detroit, which had been captured by the British, and carry the war into Canada.
Fort Meig is one of about 60 sites operated throughout the state to commemorate Ohio's historic, natural and archaeological heritage.
This fort, built on a high bluff on the south side of the Maumee River overlooking the rapids, was the site of two important battles during the War of 1812. /cocoon/legacies/OH/200003438.html   (14957 words)

 History of the City of Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio History
He said, that though not present at the time of the siege by the British and Indians, he yet helped to build the Fort, and was with General Harrison before the siege and throughout the war after that event.
It was stated, that so certain was the British commander at Fort Malden that the Americans were first informed of the declaration of War, that he delayed his movement for the capture of Detroit.
Fort Laurens-named in honor of the President of the Continental Congress -was built by Gen. McIntosh, in 1778, on the West bank of the Tuscarawas River, now in Tuscarawas County, and near the Town of Bolivar. /Lucas/LucasMilitaryChapII.htm   (14957 words)

After their fleet failed to reduce Fort McHenry by bombardment and boat attack (night of 13-14 September), the British decided that a land attack on the rather formidable fortifications defending the city would be too costly and on 14 October sailed for Jamaica.
Fort Michilimackinac fell (6 August), Fort Dearborn was evacuated (15 August), and Fort Detroit surrendered without a fight (16 August).
James Wilkinson, was checked just beyond the border, but on 3 July 3,500 men under General Brown seized Fort Erie across the Niagara in a coordinated attack with Commodore Isaac Chauncey's fleet designed to wrest control of Lake Ontario from the British. /cmh-pg/reference/18cmp.htm   (1336 words)

 Fort Wayne and Lansing
Therefore, they didn't get started on their Q&A until later than planned, and ended up doing all of their autographing at once (instead of in staggered sessions) which made the lines longer and slower than they could have been.
The drive from Detroit to Fort Wayne took about four hours, also not bad.
On our way to the lobby, I met another ORACLE member and one of her friends, and we stood talking for a few minutes, and I wrote down some ORACLE contact information for the friend. /cons17.html   (2809 words)

 Munger's Rangers/Steele's Rifles War of 1812 Page
The Rifles were the first unit ordered into action following the fall of Detroit; they marched to Piqua to safeguard military stores there and then to St. Mary's to build and garrison the fort from which General William Henry Harrison launched the strike to lift the siege of Fort Wayne.
“On one day (during the First Siege) the troops were cheered when some 1,200 volunteers from Kentucky arrived to help under the command of Col. Dudley.
They came down the river but before arriving were told by a messenger from the fort to land about 800 men on the north side of the river to try and destroy or disable the British cannons. /people/marjo/War1812.htm   (2809 words)

 The Army Medical Department 1775-1818: Bibliography
Babcock, Louis L. The Siege of Fort Erie, An Episode of the War of 1812.
Embracing the Surrender of the Northwestern Army and Fort, at Detroit, August 16 1812.
Fort Jefferson: The Frontier Post of the Upper Miami Valley: A Fascinating Tale of Border Life Gleaned From Authentic Sources and Retold by Frazer Ells Wilson. /booksdocs/rev/gillett1/bib.htm   (7322 words)

Allies began to desert, and Pontiac was forced to end his siege of Detroit and retreat west to Indiana where he still had a considerable following among the Kickapoo and Illinois.
The Iroquois siege failed to capture the fort, and they were forced to retreat - the turning point of the Beaver Wars.
The Seneca ended their siege of Fort Niagara and were forced to sign a humiliating surrender. /iro.html   (7322 words)

 Ground Zero Books Ltd. Title Index
The Siege of Detroit in 1763: The Journal of Pontiac's Conspiracy and John Rutherford's Narrative of a Captivity
An American Soldier Under the Greek Flag at Bezanie: A Thrilling Story of the Siege of Bezanie by the Greek Army
We Kept the Flag Flying: The Siege and Relief of Ladysmith, 1899-1900 /store/index.htm   (10016 words)

Sir Robert Davers murdered (by Otts?) immediately prior to siege of Detroit.
Hough, Siege of Detroit- contains Journal of Robert Rogers of Detroit.
Six Nations intend to bring Senecas to reason "or otherwise Quarrel with them" /archives/miamis14/M63_7a.html   (10016 words)

 Detroit, Michigan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Detroit fell to British troops during the War of 1812 in the Siege of Detroit, was recaptured by the United States in 1813 and incorporated as a city in 1815.
From 1805 to 1847, Detroit was the capital of Michigan.
In the mid to late 1990s, the Michigan Legislature removed the locally elected board of education amid allegations of mismanagement and replaced it with a reform board appointed by the mayor and governor. /wiki/Detroit,_Michigan   (5467 words)

Cannot reinforce Clark on the intended expedition [against Detroit]; expedition against the Shawnee; William Linn with one hundred men ready to march from Falls of the Ohio to join Clark; congressional expedition against Detroit; will start in a few days for Williamsburg [VA.] A.L.S. 2pp.
His grandfather's recollections in response to Draper's inquiries; Clark's assistance at the siege of McClelland's Station; Col.
John Bowman at the siege of Boonesborough in 1778; location of Boone's and Finley's camp; Edward Boone's grave; mention of Benjamin Linn on the campaigns of 1780 and 1782; Michael Cassiday, Michael Humble, and George Corn at lue Licks; John Sovereigns formerly resided at Bardstown. /Draper/GeoRogers.htm   (1860 words)

Only Fort Detroit and Fort Pitt held out on the frontier, and the Native Americans placed them under siege.
Colonel Henry Bouquet led a force of 400 British soldiers to break the siege of Fort Pitt.
Flour bags that were part of the supplies they were bringing to Fort Pitt were piled into an "fort." Wounded were placed behind the flour bags. /MCCONAUGHY/bushyrun/bushyrun.htm   (1860 words)

 Detroit's Fort Wayne under siege
As the 300th anniversary of the founding of Detroit looms, it would be a shame if another historic treasure was lost to the city through neglect.
In 1990 16 part-time workers overseen by the Detroit Historical Museum with funding from the Detroit Historical Society demanded to become full-time city workers with benefits.
The fort also contains a 15-acre museum of earthworks, revetments, walls, tunnels, powder magazine, and old barracks. /history/story/index.cfm?id=125&category=locations   (1423 words)

 Knox County, Ohio, Mt. Vernon, History
He was exchanged, and a few months afterwards joined his regiment, and participated in the battles of Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, and siege of Knoxville.
He was in the following engagements: Port Gibson, Fourteen Mile Creek, Champion Hills, Siege of Vicksburgh, Siege of Jackson, Mansfield, La., Monatt's Ferry, Alexandria, Snaggy Point, May 5, 1864, where he was taken prisoner; tests released June 17, 1864, and was honorably discharged.
After remaining a prisoner of war for a few weeks, he was paroled and returned to his home at Granville. /Knox/KnoxFile9.htm   (1423 words)

 fort detroit and other detroit related information
The Capture of the Cuyahoga Packet The British Capture Fort Mackinac The Fall of Fort Detroit The First Nations at Fort Detroit Tecumseh at Detroit The British at Fort Detroit Brock at Fort Detroit The...
American Spies and Sympathizers at Fort Detroit By Geoffrey Hoerauf L ocated far enough away from American controlled Fort Pitt and close to the majority of British-allied Indians, Fort Detroit became...
William Hull's Detroit Campaign Fort Mackinac Further Reading The Capture of the Cuyahoga Packet The Fall of Fort Detroit The First... /detroit/fort-detroit.html   (284 words)

 Fort Laurens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The British learned of the miserable conditions at the fort, and on February 22, 1779, Captain Henry Bird of the 8th Regiment of Foot with a handful of British soldiers and a couple hundred Wyandot, Mingo, Munsee, and Delaware warriors laid siege to the fort.
The fort was used as a reference point in defining the boundary line in Treaty of Greenville, although the text of the treaty misspells the name as "Fort Lawrence".
The fort was intended to be a staging point for an attack against the British garrison at Detroit. /wiki/Fort_Laurens   (320 words)

 Biography of Major General Sir Isaac Brock by Alain Gauthier - War of 1812
Brock, however, believed that "the state of the province admitted of nothing but desperate measures" and, subsequently, he and Tecumseh crossed the Detroit River and laid siege to the fort on August 14.
Brock had been made a Knight of the Bath for his victory at Detroit but, regrettably, the news did not reach him before his death at Queenston Heights.
Brock was thus compelled to scatter his troops along the entire length of the Niagara frontier, with the bulk of his forces stationed at Fort Erie and Chippawa where the Americans were expected to effect a crossing. /brock.htm   (320 words)

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