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Topic: Sig Sauer SSG 3000

  SIG SSG 3000
Made by the century-old firm, Sauer, of Germany, the SSG 3000 certainly boasts some features that render it a departure from some established principles while incorporating many proven ones as well.
SIG Arms' top-of-the-line Level III Tactical comes with the Leupold Mark 4 M1 10X40mm Mil-Dot Scope and Harris bipod along with the carrying case.
Upon receiving the only Level III SSG 3000 in the country, I was limited in time I was able to keep the rifle for testing, so I wasted no time in doing just that.
remtek.com /arms/sig/ssg3000   (1383 words)

 SIG SAUER SSG 3000 | Rifles n Guns
The SIG Sauer SSG 3000, jointly developed and produced by SIG Arms (Switzerland) and JP Sauer und Sohn (Germany), is a giant leap in sniper rifle technology.
Based on the Sauer 2000TR target rifle, the SSG 3000 is an extremely well crafted rifle, which excels in power, precision and easy handling.
The SSG 3000 is a bolt action, magazine fed rifle, the bolt of which has a standard plunger-style ejector, and six interrupted forward locking lugs and locks directly onto the barrel.
www.riflesnguns.com /sniper/sig/ssg3000   (508 words)

  SIG SSG 3000   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Swiss-made SSG 3000 from SIG is a precision-made rifle which, in the hands of a well-trained marksman, will produce consistent results of the highest order.
The stock of the SSG 3000 is made from non-warping wood laminate to produce a weapon that is low maintenance and simple to use.
The heavy barrel of the SSG 3000 is manufactured from cold-swaged metal and has a combined muzzle brake and flash suppressor, which has a significant influence on the accuracy and stability of the weapon.
www.remtek.com /arms/sig/3k/3000.htm   (476 words)

  SIGARMS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SIG produced what is widely considered to be one of the finest semi-automatic pistols—the SIG 210 series.
Thus, the SIG-Sauer line of handguns was born in the 1970s starting with the SIG-Sauer SIG P220 handgun in 1975, still renowned for its accuracy and durability.
In 1985, SIGARMS was created as the American branch of SIG in Tysons Corner, Virginia to import the P220 and P230.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/SIGARMS   (392 words)

 TNN - SSG 3000 Sniper Rifle   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Made by the Swiss company SIG, this is one of the most accurate weapons in the world and is the most accurate weapon in AQ2.
The sniper rifle is not a standard run around firing madly weapon, it is a precision tool to be used by a specialist, a sniper must be patient and calm at all times but must also be alert to the situation.
The SSG 3000 cannot be fitted with a lasersight, it doesn't need one - the weapon is fitted with an optical zoom scope made specifically for it which allows zoom levels of 2x, 4x, and 6x.
www.actiongames.co.uk /old/tnn/index.php?page_id=48   (212 words)

 Sig Sauer SSG 3000
Made in Switzerland, the SSG 3000 is a extremely well made rifle.
Sig has an extremely good reputation for high quality, very accurate weapons, I expect even better from this rifle with accuracy in the.5 MOA or better range.
Sig has made a few modifications to the rifle and now imports them into the U.S.A. This is good news for both Sig and the US shooting public, as I think its a very fine rifle and should be successful in the US Market.
www.snipercentral.com /ssg3000.htm   (149 words)

 SAUER 200 STR      ©mg-42.net 2003-2006
The SAUER 200 STR is the civilian target rifle that the SIG-SAUER SSG 3000 sniper rifle is based upon.
The early models of the SSG 3000 had a stock where the forward end of the stock was slanted from the magazine and fwd.
Sauer 200 STR with a 20" barrel that has been modified to fit a suppressor originally intended for the HK G3.
www.mg-42.net /200str.htm   (296 words)

 News | Gainesville.com | The Gainesville Sun | Gainesville, Fla.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
SIG began work on designing a pistol that would be advanced yet affordable.
Thus, the SIG-Sauer line of handguns was born in the 1970s starting with the SIG-Sauer SIG P220 handgun in 1975, still renowned for its accuracy and durability.
SIG also produced only one machine gun, The MG 710 which was based on the German MG42.
www.gainesville.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Sig_Sauer   (508 words)

 Sig SSG 3000 Tactical Rifle Level 1
We are now offering the internationally famous Sauer SSG 3000 Precision Tactical rifle.
The SSG 3000 system has proven itself in the most critical of situations around the world and has earned the reputation as the only product for professionals that are unwilling to compromise.
The two-stage trigger is also fully adjustable for reach, travel, take-up and weight to fit any shooter's preference.The SSG 3000 also features barrel interchange capability.
www.impactguns.com /store/JE5SR-1.html   (348 words)

Its design is based on the SIG 550 series of military assault rifles known in Switzerland as the Sturmgewehr 90 (Stgw 90).
The SIG SG 550-1 Sniper was developed in close co-operation with the special units of police forces.
SIG SG 551-SWAT : This is a gas-operated weapon conceived specifically for special forces and elite units.
members.tripod.com /sa93/sig.html   (2401 words)

 Sig-Sauer SSG 3000 (Switzerland)
Снайперская винтовка SSG 3000 разработана совместно швейцарской компанией СИГ-Армз и немецкой Зауэр на основе спортивной винтовки Зауэр 200СТР.
Винтовка SSG 3000 построена по классической схеме с продольно-скользящим, поворотным затвором.
SSG 3000 является высококачественным образцом снайперского оружия полицейского назначения.
www.free-time.ru /military/gun/gun/sig_sauer_3000.html   (77 words)

he Swiss-made SSG 3000 from SIG is a precision-made rifle which, in the hands of a well-trained marksman,will produce consistent results of the.highest order.
The SSG 3000 is a bolt-action rifle firing the standard NATO 7.62mm x 51 calibre round.
The heavy barrel of the SSG 3000 is-manufactured from cold-swaged metal and has a combined muzzle brake and flash suppresser, which has a significant influence on the accuracy and stability of the weapon.
home.swipnet.se /longrange/SIG-SSG%203000.htm   (494 words)

 Sauer Rifles at Impact Guns Home
First in sporting rifles and shotguns, then in military firearms, and again in pistols, Sauer earned a well-deserved reputation for precision, accuracy, and reliability - a reputation that is confirmed again in the new Sauer 202 rifles.
The Sauer 202 series is a bolt-action repeating rifle of modular design allowing the customer to easily replace individual components and convert calibers.
Clamp screws connect the barrel and the receiver and the trigger assembly is built into the receiver as a separate module.
www.impactguns.com /cgi-bin/affiliates/clickthru.cgi?id=Lodiguns&page=http://www.impactguns.com/store/sauer.html   (344 words)

 SIG SAUER | Rifles n Guns
The SIG Sauer P226 developed by SIG Arms, Switzerland and JP Sauer und Sohn, Germany is a...
Sig Sauer, a collaboration between SIGARMS of Switzerland and J.P. Sauer and Sohn GmbH of...
The SIG Sauer P250 is a short recoil operated pistol, with a locked breech.
www.riflesnguns.com /taxonomy/term/122   (139 words)

 SSG 3000 sniper rifle max by Nosalis - royalty free 3d models and textures
SSG 3000 is a bolt action, magazine fed rifle.
The bolt of the SSG 3000 has 6 lugs and locks directly into the barrel.
SSG 3000 is a popular police sniper rifle both in Europe and USA.
www.the3dstudio.com /product_details.aspx?id_product=8007   (305 words)

 Sigarms Sig Sauer SSG 3000 Tactical Rifle
The first and foremost qualification for a tactical rifle system must be performance.
Out of the box accuracy is just one of the standard features of the SSG 3000.
The SSG 3000 also features barrel interchange capability.
www.gunshopfinder.com /sig/sauerSSG3000.asp   (410 words)

 J.P. Sauer & Sohn GmbH :: Gun manufacturer, pistols, firearms, polymer weapons, tactical rifles
J.P. Sauer and Sohn GmbH, established in 1751, is the oldest gun manufacturer in Germany.
SIG SAUER pistols by SAUER and SOHN are carried by leading authorities in over 100 countries, making their legendary reliability and precision appreciated worldwide.
The first highlight of the new pistol family is the revolutionary SIG SAUER P250 DCc, the compact version of the P250 line.
www.sovereign-publications.com /sigsauer.htm   (592 words)

 3D max SSG 3000 weapons
SSG 3000 is a bolt action, magazine fed rifle.
The bolt of the SSG 3000 has 6 lugs and locks directly into the barrel.
The original stocks were made from laminated wood and are fully ajustable, with ajustable cheek pieces; Recent SSG 3000 rifles, offered in the USA by SIGARMS, feature polymer McMillan stocks, that are also fully ajustable.
www.turbosquid.com /FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/258896   (215 words)

 sig sauer british police   (Site not responding. Last check: )
SIG SAUER pistols are relied upon by the most renowned law enforcement...
Sauer & Sohn - SIG SAUER Pistols and SAUER Sniper Rifles Jankel Armouring...
Sig Sauer SP-2022 Sig Sauer P229 SLS SIMA-CEFAR MGP semiauto combat...
licznik4u.info /viewtopic,2156.html   (1283 words)

 Sig Shr 970 Rifle   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Aus dem bekannten SIG SHR 970 Jagdgewehr wurde bei SIG Arms ein Gewehrtyp entwickelt, der sich vor allem fuer...
The popular SIG Arms model SHR 970 bolt-action hunting rifle is now available with a beautiful and functional European...
FindArticles.com - "Rifles From Sig - Shr-970 And Blaser R-93 Rifles Now" - FindArticles.com is your source for Sports articles from Shooting Industry, as well as 5 million other free titles from thousands of publishers and writers.
www.gunresource.com /sig-shr-970-rifle.html   (888 words)

 Sig sauer - RAP226 Sig Sauer 226 Real Action Marker Paintball   (Site not responding. Last check: )
We provide quality products and training for Sig Sauer owners who want to experience more accuracy, performance and fun with their Sig Sauer firearms.
Sig Sauer Pro.com specializes in Sig Sauer Pistols and accessories for your Sig Sauer Pro.com is not affiliated with Sig Sauer or SIGARMS of Exeter, NH RAP226 Sig Sauer 226 Real Action Marker Paintball
sig sauer mosquito ar 10 of chant nad electronics custom academy sig sauer p226 sig sauer pistol armalite blaser r93 sig sauer p229 ar 15 sig sauer hand gun les dolomites en broadband colt petrolia annabelle sig sauer firearm
www.iseeking.com /htm/sig-sauer.htm   (304 words)

 giwera.pl - Karabiny wyborowe - SSG 3000   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Karabin SSG 3000 to broń przeznaczona dla snajperów z policji i wojska.
Masa karabinu SSG 3000 z lunetą i dwójnogiem przekracza 6 kg, co dobrze stabilizuje ją podczas strzału, a tłumik płomieni dodatkowo ogranicza podrzut broni.
Karabin SSG 3000, po raz pierwszy w Polsce, zaprezentowała firma M.K. uster przy okazji prezentacji pistoletu sig pro, w połowie 1999 roku.
www.giwera.pl /artykuly/2003/news17/ssg03.htm   (245 words)

 Sauer: SSG 3000
Wenn’s drauf ankommt, muss ein SSG durch Robustheit, Handling und Präzision be-stechen.
Das SSG 3000 hat bei Polizei und Spezial-Einheiten in aller Welt bewiesen, dass es jeder Situation gewachsen ist.
Der leise und hochpräzise Kammergang zeigt vor allem dann seine Vorzüge, wenn das SSG 3000 mit Schalldämpferlauf zum Einsatz kommt.
www.sig-sauer.de /index.php?id=186&lang=de   (94 words)

 SIG-Sauer SSG 3000 - Wikimedia Commons
en: The SIG-Sauer 3000 is modern, swiss bolt-action, sniper rifle.
Français : Le SIG SSG 3000 est un fusil de précision moderne
This page was last modified 09:40, 6 December 2005.
commons.wikimedia.org /wiki/SIG-Sauer_SSG_3000   (71 words)

 Sigsauer M3000   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Made in Switzerland, the SSG 3000 is a extremely well made rifle.
The rifle comes standard with a Hendsoldt scope, but the rings are standard so that can be switched out.
Sig has an extremely good reputation for high quality, very accurate weapons.
home.swipnet.se /sniper/sniper/sig3000.htm   (77 words)

 GhºstRiders_EG - Raven Shield
The SSG 3000 has proven a popular tactical rifle in both Europe and the USA.
The rifle weighs a relatively light 11.2 lbs., and the adition of a 23.4" cold-hammer forged barrel with a built in muzzle break that is blocked on the bottom, solving the problem of kicking up dust.
The SSG features a modernized Mauser-like bolt, Sake-type extractor, and a Macmillan fiberglass stock with an adjustable cheek plate and spacer system.
www.freewebs.com /ghostrider_eg/ravenshield.htm   (5434 words)

The Sig SSG 3000 rifle Tactical rifle is an advanced world class law enforcement special purpose rifle chambered for the popular.308 Nato (7.62x51).
Based upon the exceptional Sauer 202 sporting rifle action but mounted in an ultra-rugged McMillan fiberglass stock that is fully adjustable.
Other standard features on the SSG 3000 include: * Short 60 bolt throw with fast, positive cycling.
www.bhgunrack.com /viewproduct.asp?cat_ID=2&id=136&inv_ID=505   (228 words)

 Sauer - Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Sauer and Vaananen now play as if they have pebbles lodged in their boots.
Pham, A.-D. and Sauer, F. Ubiquitin-activating/conjugating activity of TAFII250, a mediator of activation of gene expression in Drosophila.
Jost Sauer is an acupuncturist, therapist and a one-time speed-addict,
www.finewebsite.com /q/sauer.html   (1017 words)

 Modern Firearms - Sniper Rifles - SIG-Sauer SSG 2000
The SSG-2000 sniper rifle is an another joint effort by Swiss company SIG Arms (now SAN Swiss Arms) and German company J.P.Sauer & Sohn.
The SSG-2000 is derived from Sauer 80/90 target rifle.
SSG-2000 has no iron sights by default and is usually fitted with Schmidt & Bender X1.5-6x42 variable power or Zeiss Diatal ZA 8x56T fixed power telescope sight
world.guns.ru /sniper/sn39-e.htm   (204 words)

 Precision Arms carries Robars, the World's Most Accurate Sniper Rifles
New for 2001, the.22LR conversion kit for the SSG 3000 features a heavy contoured barrel,.22LR bolt, magazine well insert, and 5 round magazine.
This kit adds the flexability of low cost practice shooting to this superb tactical rifle system.
The new SSG 3000 conversion kit provides an excellent training enhancement by maintaining the same stock, action, and sight profile for the individual shooter while utilizing the economical and extremely accurate.22LR caliber rimfire cartridge.
www.precisionarms.com /Pages/Rifles/SigArms.htm   (385 words)

 Sauer rifles, free targets - sig sauer, Rifles - Hunting & Archery Equipment - Sports Equipment
Founded in 1751, the firm of J. Sauer and Sohn has become synonymous with the manufacture of high quality firearms.
Sauer and Sohn present their diverse selection of rifles and handguns.
Sig Arms Rifles 556, Blaser, SIG Sauer Rifles, SIGARMS Rifles SIG 556
free-targets.recommendlist.com /rl/free-targets-sauer-rifles.htm   (285 words)

 Antique Appraisals and Online Valuations Ranging From Furniture to Car Appraisals
J.P. Sauer Model SSG 3000 Precision Tactical Rifle in.308 Win.
The rifle has a Leupold Vari X III Scope, and Harris Bipod.
www.gun-appraisals.com /index.cfm?fuseaction=featured.viewitem&item_ID=52741&typeID=3   (301 words)

 The Hunter's Life - Scope & Definitions of terms   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Now the Eteyr SSG is an awesome rifle, it is available in a numbr of variations to suit tactical and the sport Hunter.
The boss had seected some used rifles from the rack to try out and the SSG was one of them.
The SSG's only fault that I can see is it's use of a Plastic magazine and these can be broken and are not cheap to replace, 5 and 10 round magazines are available for them as are Black and Green stocks, normal heavy barrels and I think you will find a Bull barreled version.
thehunterslife.com /forums/printthread.php?t=1359&pp=40   (6590 words)

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