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Topic: Sila

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  Learning to observe, read sila all-important to Inuit : ICT [2001/11/02]
When sila was angry, there was no appeasing her.
Sila and nuna did not possess exact genders or familial associations; they simply were what they were.
Sila is the air and we who have our own air also have a part of sila -- a part of its life force.
www.indiancountry.com /content.cfm?id=2786   (777 words)

  SILA: Enlightenment, Moral Conduct, and Buddhism
The purpose of this third Sila is to preserve the respectability of the family of each person concerned and to safeguard its sanctity and inviolability.
Silas should be rules conduct that can be followed by everyone in an ordinary, practical manner without having recourse to the aid of such instruments as the microscope.
In short, whether the Silas are or are not followed by the individuals composing society depends on whether or not they bring about contentment in accordance with the level of the followers.
www.angelfire.com /indie/anna_jones1/sila.html   (4295 words)

 Sila - About Us: Looms of Time
December 1998, Sila is born and makes it debut on the world wide web at www.sila.com with an exclusive array of custom designed formal and casual wear.
Sila grows and in its first year gets media attention, a growing number of diverse clientele and a larger variety of designs and sizes are offered.
Sila continues to penetrate newer grounds with its every popular transitions line offering a wardrobe of relief to the overly trendy bollywood invaded fashion scene for South Asians as well as the rest of the world looking for classic, elegant and graceful designer wear with a South Asian flavor.
www.sila.com /about_looms_idx.asp?CustomerID=1378195&ACBSessionID=FVuaaOmcm8jMvnhsPVLx&SID=1&   (640 words)

 Welcome to SILA - Securities & Insurance Licensing Association
The Securities and Insurance Licensing Association (SILA) is an industry association created for the purpose of communication and education for licensing and education experts whose occupations encompass all areas of licensing and registration.
SILA was established in 1990 to bring together licensing experts.
SILA will be utilizing the latest in technology, RSS feeds, to publish state announcements, Committee Subgroup findings and other SILA news.
www.sila.org   (101 words)

 SILA's Homepage : SILA's CHARTER
We believe that all human beings are born with intrinsic value and the inherent right to develop their potential to the full without any form of discrimination or impediment.
SILA is a free association of organisations and individuals committed to the vision of sustainable independent living and access for the disabled in Penang.
The aim of SILA is the equalisation of opportunities for and the full participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of the community.
www.geocities.com /RainForest/Andes/6611/p7.htm   (438 words)

 SILA's Homepage : Home Page
SILA is a network of people with disabilities committed to promoting non-handicapping environments in Penang.
SILA is significantly multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-religious, representing the main cultural groups in Malaysia.
With the movement growing by the week, SILA is likely to become a permanent network for empowering the various organisations in Penang.
www.geocities.com /RainForest/Andes/6611   (137 words)

 DolceVita Travel: Sila   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The Sila is split into three different sections: the northernmost Sila Greca toward the Greek ruins of Sibari, the central Sila Grande in the province of Cosenza, and the Sila Piccola in the province of Catanzaro.
The Sila was for centuries exploited for its immense natural wealth.
Like the forests of New England, USA (which the Sila greatly resembles), after extensive logging there was not much left of the original forest by the late 19th century.
www.dolcevita.com /travel/tsport/sila/sila.htm   (503 words)

 mozdev.org - sila: index
SILA is a Mozilla development effort supported by UNESCO and SIL International.
SILA Design Document available for review (Note: there have now been substantial changes to this, to allow selection/cursor tracking support)
For questions or comments about sila, please send a message to the sila mailing list.
sila.mozdev.org   (586 words)

 CD Baby: VICTOR SILA: Waiting - from evor
With his upbeat attitude and passion for music, Victor Sila sings to express, rather than to please; his music could be compared to that of the artist Sade, Maxwell, or The Brand New Heavies, but with more energy in his rhythms.
Sila is also affiliated with fellow independent Bay Area-based RandB singer Natalie Brown, who contributes background vocals on many of the tracks you will find here.
Sila's voice is to liken it to a soulful version of Enrique Iglesias.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/sila/from/evor   (1202 words)

Sila, also called Silap inua, is the divine ruler of the Eskimo.
It is the air that one breathes and the energy that moves everything, both the entire universe as well as each person separately.
Article "Sila" created on 03 March 1997; last modified on 21 March 1997 (Revision 2).
www.pantheon.org /articles/s/sila.html   (50 words)

It is the author's wish, however, that any such republication and redistribution be made available to the public on a free and unrestricted basis and that translations and other derivative works be clearly marked as such.
Sila (virtue, moral conduct) is the cornerstone upon which the entire Noble Eightfold Path is built.
The practice of sila is defined by the middle three factors of the Eightfold Path: Right Speech, Right Action, and Right Livelihood.
www.accesstoinsight.org /ptf/sila.html   (1339 words)

 South Asian Clothing | Salwar Kameez | Pakistani Bridal Lengha | Indian Designer Wear | Shalwar Kameez
Dressed in the finest South Asian inspired creations, she is a friend, a confidant, a mother, a sister a daughter, a love but most of all, she is a woman, the Sila Woman.
Let Sila, be a part of your wardrobe, Sila.com your true reward.
Sila takes South Asian shopping to the next level so go ahead and order your shalwar kameez, salwar suits, ready to wear salwars and custom order shalwars, from our online collection of shalwar kameez, salwar kameez, salwar kurta and more.
www.sila.com   (221 words)

 Sila   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Sila Communications sign a strategic content licence agreement with IDEAglobal.com.
M2 PRESSWIRE-13 June 2000- Sila Communications: Sila Communications sign a strategic content licence agreement with IDEAglobal.com (C)1994-2000 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD RDATE:06122000 Sila Communications, a leading provider of wireless data services...
M2 PRESSWIRE-27 March 2001- Sila Communications: mBlox and Sila Communications team-up for strategic global SMS partnership; mBlox to provide SMS delivery capability to enhance Sila services over Europe, Africa and Asia (C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS...
bosnian.encyclopedia.st /Sila   (287 words)

 Three Fundamental Concepts / unu1sila.htm
Sila keeps one from telling lies, setting one against the other, using rough and abusive words, indulging in unbeneficial talk.
However, if sila is taken before dana, the quality of dana becomes very much improved, since sila can keep one from evil deeds and evil words.
Ajivatthamaka sila means sila, the eighth vow of which requires one to refrain from earning a wrongful livelihood.
web.ukonline.co.uk /buddhism/unu1sila.htm   (1372 words)

 Sira Sila Estates - Luxury Home Development Lakeside, Khao Takiab, Hua Hin
Sira Sila Estates is offering luxury villas for discerning clients, on the lake side south of Hua Hin in Khao Takiab and just 500 meters from the beach.
The facilities are exclusively for the use of residents and guests and include The Lakeside Cafe, open for breakfast and lunch; also perfect for afternoon or evening cocktails.
The Village Center, conveniently located beside the Sira Sila Estates, will be fully equipped with supermarkets, laundry, pharmacies, beauty parlors, barber salons and all other services required for daily living.
www.sirasilaestates.com /properties.htm   (1095 words)

 Sila Evason Hideaway & Spa at Samui, Samui at Thailand   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Sila Evason Hideaway Samui is located on a headland on the northern tip of Samui Island, approximately six kilometers from the airport.
Sila Evason Hideaway is managed by Six Senses Resorts and Spas who also manage the Evason Phuket Resort and Spa, and Evason Hua Hin Resort and Spa in Thailand, plus Ana Mandara Resort in Nah Trang - Vietnam.
The Six Senses team has positioned Sila Evason Hideaway to reflect the same standards of excellence that are recognised in these other fine resorts.
www.sixsenses.com /hideaway-samui/index.php   (247 words)

 Project SILA: A Graphite-enabled Web Browser
SILA is a version of Mozilla that is capable of rendering text using SIL's Graphite rendering technology.
Since the goal of the SILA project is to render the text of complex writing systems on Microsoft Windows, most (if not all) of the integration points reside in the Windows specific GFX (Graphics) subsystem.
Clearly specify the font name in the CSS font-family property; this is especially important when working with Latin-based Graphite-enabled fonts to avoid the automatic font substitution mechanism in Mozilla which may substitute non-Graphite-enabled fonts and thereby interfere with Graphite rendering.
scripts.sil.org /cms/scripts/page.php?site_id=nrsi&item_id=Mozilla_GraphiteDoc&_sc=1   (2161 words)

 Sira Sila Estates - Luxury Home Development Lakeside, Khao Takiab, Hua Hin
Sira Sila Estates residents enjoy all of the amenities offered by the "Kundala Pavilion Club house" and the S'mor Spa resort including tennis courts, pools and waterslides, beaches, restaurants, shops, spas, fitness center and a concierge service.
One of the greatest benefits of Sira Sila Estates is that owners have total freedom to spend as much or as little time in their condo units or spa villas as they wish.
Should you choose to let your condo unit or villa while you are away, Sira Sila Estates will add your villa to its rental pool, providing an opportunity for excellent returns on your investment.
www.sirasilaestates.com   (397 words)

 Uposatha Sila   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
By the power of the Triple Gem may she develop in the four dhammas of long life, beauty, happiness, and strength, for ages to come.
The wise say that sila, or keeping precepts, is an instrument by which body and speech can be purified.
This is similar to the seventh precept, where the Atthakatha Acariyas include listening in the prohibition against the watching of dancing, singing, etc. Standing or walking on a seat or bed is not prohibited.
www.buddhistinformation.com /uposatha_sila.htm   (6967 words)

 Sila Nutrition Organic: Health and Essential Fatty Acids
Sila Nutrition Milled Organic Flax with Lecithin
Sila Nutrition Cold-Milled Organic Flax Seed with Lecithin
Note: Whole flax seeds are not absorbed by the body and therefore serve only as a laxative.
www.silanutrition.com /flaxomfa.html   (1182 words)

 Giriraja Govardhan Sila of Srila Sanatana Goswami
Lord Krsna then gave the Govardhana Sila to Srila Sanatana Goswami and told him that if he circumambulated this Govardhana Sila four times, it would be equal to circumambulating the entire Govardhana Hill.
After Sri Sanatana’s disappearance, the worship of this Govardhana Sila was taken up by his beloved brother Srila Rupa Goswami, who later gave it to his intimate disciple Srila Jiva Goswami Prabhu.
This Govardhana Sila is on the altar at the Radha Damodar Temple.
www.radhadamodarmandir.com /six-goswamis/govardhan.html   (543 words)

 Victor Sila
His music could be compared to that of the artist Maxwell, but Victor Sila imparts more energy in his rhythms...some reminiscent of his Kenyan heritage.
Victor Sila Band members consist of Jack Hayward on Hammond B3 organ and Rhodes, Steve Bernstein or Guitar, Ricky Bruno on Drums, Wendell Rand on bass, Ricky Carter on Percussions.
Victor sila has performed at the following prestigious festivals and venues this year: The 7th Annual California Blues Festiveal at the Golden Gate Park, 3rd Annual Black Music Month Festival at the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco Juneteenth Festival at Kimball Park, Justice League, Mecca and Cafe Du Nord.
www.mbus.com /bands/genadm/Victor.Sila.htm   (191 words)

 Motor Sailing Gulet SILA STAR - Aegean Gulet Charters - Turkey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
MS Sila Star sleeps up to 14 guests in comfort and style.
Two cabins with double bed, five cabins with double and single bed, each cabin has private bathroom and air condition.
Sila Star is a good example of the 'Ketch' style of Gulet, with ample living space both above and below decks.
aegeantourtravel.com /gulet/silastar.html   (143 words)

 Introduction and Code of Discipline for meditation courses
Although Vipassana meditation is beneficial for most people, it is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment and we do not recommend it for people with serious psychiatric disorders.
The foundation of the practice is sila --moral conduct.
Sila provides a basis for the development of samadhi --concentration of mind; and purification of the mind is achieved through panna --the wisdom of insight.
www.dhamma.org /code.htm   (2288 words)

 Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Welcome to www.sila.org.sg the web site of the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects, SILA.
SILA is the representative body of Landscape Architects in the Republic of Singapore: The idea of a Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects was mooted in 1983 by a small group of landscape architects, which resulted in the formation of SILA in 1985.
Please click here to see who the council members are.
www.sila.org.sg   (66 words)

 Silla Page
The importance of  practicing sila (virtue) cannot be understated.
It is as important to practice sila as it is to meditate regularly.
The way we as lay people can practice sila, is by observing the Five Precepts.
www.angelfire.com /on2/buddhism/Sila.html   (237 words)

 Elen Sila
Her name as she was in the west has not been spoken for many ages, as she walks Middle Earth she is called "Elen Sila", which is Sindarin for "Star Shine".
On special occasions, Elen Sila will wear the shining white robes of her station.
So it came to be in the later ages of Middle Earth that Elen Sila traveled East at the request of Varda.
www.lotrplaza.com /istari/SeaHats/Istari/ElenSila.asp   (1422 words)

 Cleveland Clinic > Neuroscience > sila CV
Gebel JM, Sila CA, Sloan MA, Granger CB, Mahaffey KW, Weisenberger J, Green CL, White HD, Gore JM, Weaver WD, Califf RM, Topol EJ for the GUSTO-1 investigators.
Risk of intracranial hemorrhage with combined fibrinolytic and glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitor therapy in acute myocardial infarction: Dichotomous response as a function of age in the GUSTO V trial.
Sila CA, Awad IA. Arterial Trauma and Dissection, in Awad IA (ed): Cerebrovascular Occlusive Disease and Brain Ischemia.
www.clevelandclinic.org /neuroscience/directory/silaCV.htm   (1662 words)

 Boom Boom Tickets | Sat. Sep 24th, 2005 - SILA & THE AFROFUNK EXPERIENCE @ Boom Boom Room - 1601 Fillmore St., San ...
With Kenyan roots and a progressive love of American music, this will be a serious session on the dance floor and a unique education for your ears.
*Sila*, has exploded onto the Bay Area world music scene with an irresistible blend of traditional African and Afro-Latin rhythms, slinky guitar, and Sila's syrupy Swahili and English vocals.
With vocals sung in both Swahili and English, not to mention bottomless grooves perfect for boogying on down to, Sila's fusion-friendly sound is both futuristic and traditional.
www.boomboomtickets.com /evinfo.php?eventid=9163&sid=   (304 words)

 Salagrama Sila Puja - a mystical experience
When I first came in contact with the Salagram Sila worship I was stuck with the feelings and individual expressions by the devotees towards that specific Form of the Lord, that I developed the wish to learn pujas and all things connected with that.
Recently I have found an old manuscript on the Salagram Ksetra Mahatmya (incomplete) in a Library in south India, with tremendous input on the appearance of the Ksetra itself (Bhu devi is gloryfying the Salagrama* place, and that she feels blessed with the appearance of the Ksetra on her surface etc…).
The Nadi sastri who identified the Sila, told me he is a very rare and powerful sila who combines Lord Rama and Krishna in one.
www.hknet.org.nz /sstp-mysticpooja.html   (903 words)

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