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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  famfamfam.com: Silk Icons
“Silk” is a smooth, free icon set, containing over 700 16-by-16 pixel icons in strokably-soft PNG format.
Containing a large variety of icons, you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy.
Donating won't get you anything special, other than a warm feeling inside, and possibly urge me to produce more freely available material for my site.
www.famfamfam.com /lab/icons/silk   (170 words)

  Silk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Silk fabric was first developed in ancient China, possibly as early as 6000 BC and definitely by 3000 BC.
Because of the high demand for the fabric, silk was one of the staples of international trade prior to industrialization.
Silk has recently come under critism from some animal rights activists who claim that the common practice of boiling silkworms alive in their cocoons is cruel.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Silk   (1325 words)

 Silk - LoveToKnow 1911
Into England silk manufacture was introduced during the reign of Henry VI.; but the first serious impulse to manufactures of that class was due to the immigration in 1585 of a large body of skilled Flemish weavers who fled from the Low Countries in consequence of the struggle with Spain then devastating their land.
Silk is readily distinguished from wool and other animal fibres by the action of an alkaline solution of oxide of lead, which darkens wool, andc., owing to the sulphur they contain, but does not affect silk, which is free from that body.
Silks to be finished white are at this point bleached by exposure in a closed chamber to the fumes of sulphurous acid, and at the close of the process the hanks are washed in pure cold water to remove all traces of the acid.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Silk   (13064 words)

 Spider silk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spider silk is also especially ductile, able to stretch up to 40% of its length without breaking.
Because of the repetitive nature of the DNA encoding the silk protein, it is difficult to determine its sequence, and the silk from only 14 species has been decoded.
Although different species of spider, and different types of silk, have different protein sequences, a general trend in spider silk structure is a sequence of amino acids (usually alternating glycine and alanine, or alanine alone) that self-assemble into a beta sheet conformation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Spider_silk   (1101 words)

 Silk Worm
Silk is a continuous filament fibre consisting of fibroin protein secreted from two salivary glands in the head of each larva and a gum called sericin which cements the two filaments together.
Next, the raw silk is twisted into a strand sufficiently strong for weaving or knitting.  This procedure is called throwing, and prevents the thread from splitting into its constituent fibres.  Four different types of silk thread may be produced from this procedure: crepe, tram, thrown singles and organzine.
After the silk is harvested from the cocoons it is brought to the weavers for dyeing and preparation for weaving.
www.vegansociety.com /html/info/info19.html   (2050 words)

 History of Silk
Within the palace, the emperor is believed to have worn a robe of white silk; outside, he, his principal wife, and the heir to the throne wore yellow, the color of the earth.
Silk, indeed, rapidly became one of the principal elements of the Chinese economy.
Silk became a precious commodity highly sought by other countries at a very early time, and it is believed that the silk trade was actually started before the Silk Road was officially opened in the second century BC.
www.silk-road.com /artl/silkhistory.shtml   (2038 words)

 The History of Silk
From that historic moment, the Chinese discovered the life cycle of the silk worm and for the next 3000 years were to keep their monopoly of silk.
In the 3rd Century B.C., Chinese silk fabrics were beginning to find their way throughout the whole of Asia, and were transported overland to the west, and by sea to Japan, in those long itineraries known as the silk roads.
Silk is still produced in smaller quantities in many other countries, and several developing countries are studying new sericultural projects.
www.silk.org.uk /history.htm   (789 words)

 Silk History
The silk of other insects, notably the spider, is used for certain manufacturing purposes, particularly for the cross hairs of telescopes and other optical instruments.
Silk is one of the oldest known textile fibers and, according to Chinese tradition, was used as long ago as the 27th century
By the 12th and 13th centuries Italy had become the silk center of the West, but by the 17th century France was challenging Italy's leadership, and the silk looms established in the Lyons area at that time are still famous today for the unique beauty of their weaving.
www.alrashidmall.com /silk.htm   (1352 words)

 [unsanity] Silk - Substitute and smooth fonts
Silk enables the Quartz text rendering and smoothing introduced in Mac OS X 10.1.5 in all Carbon applications.
Silk no longer substitutes fonts based on the stored Font Family ID. This means substitution and changing the theme font should continue to work even if you have duplicate fonts with the same name but different Font Family IDs.
Silk now completely rescans fonts when the Mac OS X font cache is updated.
www.unsanity.com /haxies/silk   (692 words)

 Silk - History for Kids!
Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms.
By the time of the Roman and Parthian Empires, silk was very popular in West Asia and around the Mediterranean and a lot of silk was being imported.
Because of this, silk was generally much cheaper and more available in the Islamic Empire than it was in medieval Europe.
www.historyforkids.org /learn/clothing/silk.htm   (392 words)

 Silkzone.com -- Silk Glossary
Silk is made from the unwound cocoons of a particular group of moths; the finer grades are harvested before the moth emerges.
Silk can be made from certain varieties of spider cocoons, but they are much more difficult to farm than the silkworm moth cocoon.
Silk culture flourished in Europe for many centuries, especially in the Italian city-states and (from 1480) in France.
www.silkzone.com /glossary.html   (1053 words)

 hip online: artists:
Silk is one of those handful of super groups that wields a double edged sword.
Silk's ride began with the monster success of one of the decade's most memorable singles, the legendary "Freak Me," which took the music world by storm in 1993.
Norwood's work ethic and expertise combined with Silk's notorious optimism inspired the group to keep working on Tonight until they were ready to put their own stamp of approval on it.
www.hiponline.com /artist/music/s/silk   (1173 words)

 SILK PRODUCTION   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Empress Si-Ling, wife of a famous emperor Huang-Ti (2640 BC), encouraged the cultivation of the mulberry tree, the rearing of the worms, and the reeling of the silk.
Silk was highly valued in Asia Minor and the trade road to China became known as the Silk Road.
It is interesting to watch the processing of silk from the cocoon stage to the weaving of fine carpets.
www.rdricketts.com /silk.html   (260 words)

 Textile Reference Manual: Silk
The silk is produced in two glands in the silkworm’s head and the forced out in liquid form through openings called spinnerets.
The silk at this stage is known as raw silk.
Silk is mainly used in apparel and home-furnishing items but also is used in the medial field.
www.costumegallery.com /Textiles/silk.htm   (617 words)

 Chinese Silk   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The silk products excavated from Mawangdui Han Tomb are proof of the advanced skill and artistry of silk at this time.
Silk production peaked during the Han Dynasty when the manufactured goods were transported as far away as Rome from Chang'an (today's Xian).
During the Ming and Qing Dynasties silk was transported to Europe and America from Manila and this meant that China dominated the world's silk market until 1908.
www.travelchinaguide.com /intro/arts/silk.htm   (1107 words)

            Silk is an animal fiber, but rather than being animal fur, silk is the fiber from the cocoon of the silk worm moth.
            To harvest the silk, the cocoon is soaked in hot water to loosen the gum and release the fibers.
These images were taken in Mahasarakan, Thailand, and they represent the willingness and kindness of the silk coop ladies to show their village industry to an interested visitor.
www.bio.ilstu.edu /armstrong/syllabi/silk/SILK.htm   (257 words)

 Silk: A Framework for Open Collaboration
Silk is an open source platform that can be deployed along side most existing collaboration applications or business processes, such as email clients, IM programs and document management applications.
Silk provides a rich set of collaborative functions seamlessly integrated together resulting in "data in context."
Silk facilitates effective collaboration by allowing an organization’s abundance of available information to be evaluated in context, delivering true value to the user and enterprise.
www.silk-project.org   (142 words)

 Akiva Silk - Open Source Collaboration Software
Silk is an open source solution designed to provide seamless integration of collaborative applications such as email clients, IM programs and meeting applications while providing a centralized web portal into an enterprise’s content and the collaboration surrounding it.
Silk is distributed under the GNU Public License (GPL), the most popular Open Source software license.
Silk is also available under a commercial license, along with support, from Akiva for enterprise customers.
www.akiva.com /silk.asp   (447 words)

Silk covered books of prints of my paintings on silk with verse inspired by the flowers have become very popular.
When I first started painting on silk and I saw how the colour flowed into the fabric, the exciting possibilities of the medium inspired me. I tried out various styles and subjects finding that colourful flowers and birds best suited my approach to silk painting.
I am a member of the Guild of Silk Painters and have exhibited with them at their summer exhibitions in Cambridge 2000, Durham 2001 and South Birmingham 2002.
www.silkartist.co.uk /silk.htm   (1444 words)

 Tufts E-News -- Scientists Crack Secret Strength of Silk
[08-29-03] While humans have relied on silk for more than 2,000 years, scientists have never been able to unravel the mystery of how spiders and silkworms produced their incredibly strong fibers – until now.
Spiders and silkworms both produce silk from a gel-like solution of proteins which is spun into silk fibers.
From clothing to military applications, artificial silk could be used to improve a wide range of products.
enews.tufts.edu /stories/082903Silk.htm   (567 words)

 Amazon.com: Lose Control: Music: Silk   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Silk is not like H-Town or Jodeci, where you buy the CD for the singles and ignore the rest of the CD, which is essentially filler.
Also, Silk's style is true to their name: their soul is smooth, not whiny, like the direction a lot of New Jack groups took.
Silk's talents become apparent in the last lap where first comes the title track.
www.amazon.com /Lose-Control-Silk/dp/B000002HBO   (1200 words)

 Finale Gloves - Silk Gloves
SILK LOVERS are only found at Finale - no other silk glove line offers the delicate sewing, finishing and fine, quality French made material.
It is important to be aware that there is no such thing as pure white silk, therefore a white silk gown appears off white in color.
SILK LOVERS gloves are featured in Barney's Vera Wang Boutiques, most Nordstrom stores and leading bridal salons throughout the entire world.
www.finalegloves.com /silk.html   (318 words)

 Marco Polo and His Travels
Avoiding to travel the same route the Polos did 10 years ago, they made a wide swing to the north, first arriving to the southern Caucasus and the kingdom of Georgia.
The palace was made of cane supported by 200 silk cords, which could be taken to pieces and transported easily when the Emperor moved.
Kublai Khan appointed Marco Polo as an official of the Privy Council in 1277 and for 3 years he was a tax inspector in Yanzhou, a city on the Grand Canal, northeast of Nanking.
www.silk-road.com /artl/marcopolo.shtml   (3982 words)

 Silk Fabric Facts
Silk dupioni is produced from 2 silkworms that spin a cocoon together, thus making a strong double-thread silk.
Silk fabric is ideal for computerized clothing because it is made with fibers that make it conducive to electricity.
Dupioni Silk (also spelled Duppioni) is produced by reeling silk fibers from two silk worms that have spun one cocoon together and usually produces a rough yarn.
www.denverfabrics.com /pages/static/Silk/silk-fabric-facts.htm   (1320 words)

 Silk Thumb
We specialize in creating unique interiorscapes, utilizing the world's finest silk flowers, plants, trees, and other mediums for our business and residential clients for everyday as well as holiday environments.
Chicago television stations, CBS and ABC, have both featured "Silk Thumb" on their respective news broadcasts.
The "Silk Thumb" prides itself on professional results achieved through painstaking attention to detail.
www.silkflowersandtrees.com   (210 words)

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