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Topic: Silo effect

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Missile silo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The missile silo was first suggested in the 1950s in the United Kingdom as a suitable housing for Blue Streak missiles.
Only one test missile silo was built in the UK at RAF Spadeadam and with the cancellation of the Blue Streak project in 1960 the UK ICBM nuclear missile capability was transferred to submarines.
The Atlas was fueled in the silo and then had to be raised to the surface for launch.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Missile_silo   (612 words)

 Economic outlook
The symptoms of the silo effect are easy to recognize: lack of cooperation, internal competition and breakdown in communication.
Generally, silos are an offshoot of decentralized management.
Silos are a perversion of the decentralized management concept.
www.camagazine.com /index.cfm/ci_id/6798/la_id/1.htm   (686 words)

 Silo design
The silo designer, assuming a mass flow discharge of a fluidized product that may typify fly ash as well, was also taking into account a wall friction angle creating a structural vertical transfer of weight to the cylinder wall of the silo.
The silo designer must be knowledgeable regarding inserts involved in a properly constructed split or multi-sectional storage silo and their effect in relation to pressure peaks resulting from erratic flow properties.
Other considerations are the structural ramifications of a multi-compartment silo, which may be full on one side and completely or partially empty on the other(s) under high wind loads or in severe weather conditions, such as tornado (vacuum conditions) or hurricane (severe uplift and external wind-load pressures).
concreteproducts.com /mag/concrete_silo_design/index.html   (2476 words)

 Feasibility Study Report for Operable Unit 4, Fernald Environmental Management Project, Fernald, Ohio Remedial ...
The effects of various inorganic stabilization reagents, in conjunction with cement, were investigated to identify adequate stabilization formulas for use in completing the FS.
The leachability of chromium in Silo 3 was controlled in Stage 3 by the addition of a reducing agent, FeCl2, or the addition of blast furnace slag to the formulation.
The composition of the Silo 1 material was essentially uniform throughout all three zones, while variability in the composition of the different zones of Silo 2 was observed for several components (lead, iron, and barium).
www.eh.doe.gov /NEPA/eis/eis0195d/eis0195d_c.html   (9947 words)

 Silo Gauge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This signal bounces off the silo gate or the material on top of the gate, and is returned to the instrument display panel.
Temperature variations of the air inside the silo will effect the speed of the signal, but the Doppler system is capable of measuring the silo air temperature and is able to recalculate the distance accordingly.
When a plant is run with a full silo, the batcher (gob hopper) mix does not have a great enough distance for the mix to spread out evenly.
www.clarencerichard.com /silo1.htm   (1575 words)

 IRMI - ERM and September 11
For historical reasons, the industry tends to think and manage in "silos." What a disaster such as the terrorist attack of September 11 reveals is that these silos can be simultaneously shaken by a common event, creating the "cross-silo" effect.
The effect, particularly for multi-line carriers, was profound because of the interdependencies among the risks—interdependencies that insurers don't normally think about or account for.
In both cases, what is important is the preexisting ability to model the effects of simultaneous and complex interrelationships among such elements as underwriting results, cash flows, asset values, and the company's own stock value so that the company is ready when quick decisions need to be made.
www.irmi.com /expert/articles/miccolis005.asp   (1782 words)

 Scientific Interests: Molecular Mechanisms of Host Microbe Interactions
aeruginosa, the nature of the alterations at the molecular level and the effect these alterations have on the physiology and behavior of the bacteria.
Effect of rpoS mutation on the stress response and expression of virulence factors in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Proteome analysis of the effect of mucoid conversion on global protein expression in Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain PAO1 shows induction of the disulfide bond isomerase, dsbA.
www.auburn.edu /academic/science_math/biology/faculty/lsuh/lsuh.html   (404 words)

 multigon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The wall inside and outside of the silo is smooth, forms an octagonal profile with 135 degree corners exhibiting a sophisticated geometry in the hopper area to ensure safe material flow.
Compared to a welded silo, the MULTIGON is not waterproof since it is screwed together.
This prevents the much-feared condensation from developing, which appears on the silo's inside wall when the temperature of the silo inside and silo outside differ considerably.
www.geroldinger.com /e/multigon_e.html   (705 words)

 silo - OneLook Dictionary Search
Silo, silo : UltraLingua English Dictionary [home, info]
SILO, Silo, silo : Stammtisch Beau Fleuve Acronyms [home, info]
Phrases that include silo: silo fillers disease, bag silo, information silo, nuclear missile silo, silo effect, more...
www.onelook.com /cgi-bin/cgiwrap/bware/dofind.cgi?word=silo   (278 words)

 CMA - On-line Debates of the Observatory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The disadvantages associated with the functional silo are a myth since ultimately, all employees must serve the organization and its clients.
The functional division of work, or “silo effect”, can be defined as the breakdown between various departments that negatively affects outside client satisfaction.
Oui, le travail en silo peut avoir des aspects négatifs.
www.cma-quebec.org /en/services_public/forum/page4.asp?groupe=78   (1314 words)

 The Virtue of Whole Transaction Integrity For Check 21   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Given that some banks are already dealing with the 'silo effect' caused by independent and incompatible technologies, this is a good time to stop and consider the opportunity cost of adding yet another silo, versus building a bridge between new and existing systems.
Gradual implementation of paper truncation by substitution with electronic data - With both the data and the image inextricably tied at the point of entry into the system, the paper may be removed from the process at any point desired, and electronic data substituted for it.
Connect operational silos in the deposit process -With rich data capture combined with image capture, your teller, archive, CRM, and legacy check processing system can share the information inherent in the deposit process.
www.eubfn.com /arts/Barclay_SP2003.htm   (2537 words)

 Silo Effect   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Humanitarian Resource Institute presents a call for professionals to serve as "a bridge for unmet needs to untapped resources," via optimization of (1) Problem solving and analysis, (2) Development of effective communication networks that reach key decision makers in appropriate demographics and (3) real time communication capability to support dialogue, consensus building and action.
The "Silo Effect" occurs when people work in isolation or have very limited contact with other team members so they feel protected...
The consequence can be an isolation between programs that we call the "silo" effect.
www.siloeffect.info   (336 words)

 James Michael Lampinen Vita
The reactions of mock jurors to the Department of Justice Guidelines for the collection and preservation of eyewitness evidence.
Bullington, J., Odegard, T.N. and Lampinen, J.M. Effects of imaginings on memory characteristics for true and false memories.
D.C. Anderson, C., Weiner, B., Kloepfer, H., Kramer, N. and Lampinen, J.M. The calendar effect in autobiographical memory: Evidence against encoding explanations.
comp.uark.edu /~lampinen/vita.html   (2371 words)

 KURV studios Forum - Logout Black/White effect
I know it is Javascript and wanted to let you know it works perfectly with Internet Explorer, but with Mozilla/Netscape the effect coesn´t work.
I just thought I´ll let you know, cause mostly when effects or so work on IE and not on Mozilla they mostly don´t work on Opera and other Browsers either.
Just letting you know, cause the effect should be seen by no IE users too
www.kurvstudios.com /forum/showthread.php?t=43   (240 words)

 TSPR Clear Creek ISD - Chapter 1
The district's current operational plans, such as the facilities plan and the technology plan, suffer from the "silo effect." The silo effect refers to plans that are not integrated with one another and the budget.
The silo effect also indicates that the written plans are intended to be stand alones, so they are not bound together as part of a single comprehensive document.
In addition, CCISD is currently relying upon its District Improvement Plan to serve as the district strategic plan.
www.window.state.tx.us /tspr/clearcreek/ch01d.htm   (2511 words)

 meenik's Blog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
An example of the silo problem: homeofpoi.com is the most popular site about poi on the internet (poi is a movement art, involving swinging weights on strings).
…another silo site, that is. The biggest competitor for homeofpoi.com is tribe.net, because it is is less of a silo.
So that’s my vision of the future of zaadz: Not a silo, not a box that we crawl into, but a perch, a place where we can discuss these themes and goals, whilst keeping connected to all our other friends and relations who are busy with their own part of the global puzzle.
meenik.zaadz.com /blog/2006/1/zaadz_and_going_beyond_the_silo_with_s...   (803 words)

 Should Portland Change its Form of Government?
say that the Commission system lends itself to a silo effect in the bureaus and causes a lack of coordination of efforts that is costly and confusing to taxpayers.
It is truly tragic the effect that revision has had on the Department.
If the Silo affect is such a concern, we could have the Mayor as an Executive office, and oversee all departments to tie everyone together.
www.portlandonline.com /mayor/index.cfm?a=109931&c=41675   (3661 words)

 Sales Strategies
These results-oriented work groups offer team members the opportunity to feel like they are an important part of something bigger than themselves.
One problem that plagues equipment dealers is the "silo effect," in which one department operates independently of another—so independently, in fact, that it appears they work for different companies.
When the parts department views itself as unrelated to the service department and the service department views itself as unrelated to the parts department and both of them fail to see how they are connected to the equipment sales effort, they are suffering from the silo effect.
www.aednet.org /ced/oct00/sales_strategies.htm   (1323 words)

 Meetings | Educating Intentional Learners | Pre-Conference Workshops   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Increased specialization on may campuses has led to a "silo effect" which results in a fragmented and disjointed student experience.
Academic and student affairs staffs are the two groups in the best position on college campuses to design a coherent student experience.
Greater Expectations calls upon us to provide a liberal arts education that is practical, coherent, and cumulative, one that develops in students the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will serve them and society in the decades to come.
www.aacu-edu.org /meetings/educating/workshops.cfm   (649 words)

 SILO Tax Vote   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
How long will the tax be in effect in Adair County?
The tax will go into effect July 1, 2004 and remain in effect for 10 years.
Those purchases that you make that are subject to the 5% tax would now be taxed at 6%.
www.nod-valley.k12.ia.us /general/salestax.html   (343 words)

 bulk-online | eDirectory | Geroldinger GmbH   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
A variety of discharging and metering equipment like loss in weight feeders are offered.
Achieves maximum silo volume in ratio with the available space due to it´s octagonal cross-section.
The silo discharges autonomic and without residue because the completely smooth silo walls and the octagonal cell profiles which features 135 degree corners and cause a round silo effect.
www.bulk-online.com /Co/1639.htm   (1044 words)

 Note: The Effect of Silo Milk Composition Parameters on Heat Stability of Whole Milk Powder -- Negri et al. 10 (6): 415 ...
Note: The Effect of Silo Milk Composition Parameters on Heat Stability of Whole Milk Powder -- Negri et al.
Note: The Effect of Silo Milk Composition Parameters on Heat Stability of Whole Milk Powder
The aim of this work was to study silo raw milk (SRM) compositional
fst.sagepub.com /cgi/content/abstract/10/6/415   (218 words)

 MLM.com - View Thread - Units that morph into silos
MLM.com - View Thread - Units that morph into silos
I have read all kinds of info on business, this one helped me to understand the over all Reasons that Business will grow or not.
The MLM Forum is Powered by mvnForum 1.0.0 RC2 (Build: 1 November 2003) Copyright © 2002, 2003 by MyVietnam.net
www.mlm.com /mlm/user/viewthread?thread=5215   (729 words)

 HL2world.com :: View topic - Pimp Your Maps / WIPS Screenshots Here
Yes, I'm well aware it's an old effect and that I didn't invent it, it's just that I'm kind of getting sick of putting some kind of effect in my maps only to see it turn up in one of JeanPaul's a few days later.
I'm well aware it's an old effect and that I didn't invent it
Using a lightmap scale of 1 with railings and a spot light is now ram's patented effect?
www.hl2world.com /bbs/-vp615058.html   (847 words)

 BNK Advisory Group » About BNK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
3/16/2006 : To Avoid the “Silo Effect,” Audit Committees Must Forge Strong Communications with Board Committees
Daly notes the possibility always exists that one committee might address an issue that also falls within the responsibility of the audit committee.
“There is a risk that the committee structure may create something of a silo effect,” Daly explains.
www.bnkadvisorygroup.com /news.asp?newsid=289   (399 words)

 Gate, globe, butterfly, check, diaphragm valves, strainers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
02-KNIFE GATE VALVES > VGS Under silo special KGV > "under silo special" knife gate valve aluminium body epoxy coated stainless steel aisi 304 gate with single acting pneumatic actuator
02-KNIFE GATE VALVES > VGS Under silo special KGV > "under silo special" knife gate valve cast iron body epoxy coated stainless steel aisi 304 steel gate with single acting pneumatic actuator
02-KNIFE GATE VALVES > VGS Under silo special KGV > "under silo special" knife gate valve cast iron body epoxy coated stainless steel aisi 304 gate with double acting hydraulic actuator
www.tecofi.fr /en/produits/search.cfm?le_mot_clef2=   (5887 words)

 Pivotal Integration: Breaking Down Barriers to Operational Efficiency | Webseminars | by CRM Today
Deploying disparate front- and back-office solutions creates a silo-effect – locking valuable information in separate databases and document formats.
Pivotal provides the expertise required to remove these silos, unifying multiple systems and breaking down the barriers to operational efficiency.
Learn the business benefits of our integration architecture, which include the lowest possible total cost of ownership and extreme reliability.
www.crm2day.com /events/info/EpFpyEyAkVVdoPmcde.php   (219 words)

 Energy Citations Database (ECD) - Energy and Energy-Related Bibliographic Citations
Energy Citations Database (ECD) Document #5813791 - Effect of storage conditions on handling and SO2 reactivity of CA(OH)2-based sorbents
Availability information may be found in the Availability, Publisher, Research Organization, Resource Relation and/or Author (affiliation information) fields and/or via the "Full-text Availability" link.
Effect of storage conditions on handling and SO2 reactivity of CA(OH)2-based sorbents
www.osti.gov /energycitations/product.biblio.jsp?osti_id=5813791   (145 words)

 Is Anyone Still Leading an M-Life?: SEO Speedwagon
We see the media silo effect frequently on the SEM side, as a brand will have committed a budget for the year and then, with a new product launch, have no water left in the well for extending out search efforts to meet and integrate in the mix real-time.
But since the telecom hadn't purchased any search terms related to the ads, consumers remained clueless about the concept.
But we do know that an m-load of cash was flushed into the old media silo of Ogilvy and Mather to make m-life come to life; so how much would it cost to make m-life die?
seoblog.intrapromote.com /2006/04/is_anyone_still.html   (370 words)

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