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Topic: Silver (color)

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Silver Colloids: Frequently Asked Questions
Silver atoms have no ionic charge to produce a repulsive force, so they are draw together by the van der Waals' force of attraction and aggregate into particles of metallic silver.
Silver ions in a solution cannot exist without water, so when the water is evaporated the silver ions (cations) must combine with an available anion to form a compound.
The silver particles do not have a positive charge, their charge is negative and is not due to "ionic charge" as are the ions, but have a zeta potential which causes the particle to act as though it had a negative charge.
www.silver-colloids.com /Papers/FAQ.html   (3932 words)

 Silver (color) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Silver is the metallic shade of the color gray closest to that of polished silver.
This cannot be reproduced by a simple solid color, because the shiny effect is due to the material's brightness varying with the surface angle to the light source.
Silver is also one of the few words in the english launguage that does not rhyme with anything else.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Silver_(color)   (196 words)

 Wing-N-Wave Labradors: Labrador Coat Color Controversy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Silver puppies born of purebred, AKC registered Labrador parents should be destroyed to preserve the breed.
The silver coloration is considered a serious fault in the breed, however, it does not alter the health or disposition of the dog.
This strongly suggests that the silver color is not a color that was present (indigenous) in the early ancestors of the Labrador breed.
www.labbies.com /silver.htm   (2327 words)

 Breed Article: Silver and Golden Persian
Silver breeders were criticized if their cats were not colorbred; however, there was no agreement on how many generations were required for a silver to be considered a “colorbred” cat.
Color breeding was a necessity for many years in order to maintain the beautiful trademark coloring of the silver Persian.
During a discussion while judging silvers, one judge stated his opinion that silvers (and goldens) should have a nose “as broad as it is long.” This meets the description in the standard for a “broad” nose, as well as contributing to the overall balance of the cat.
www.cfainc.org /breeds/profiles/articles/persian-silver.html   (3319 words)

 Silver Dapple Gene
The effect of the silver dapple gene is most striking on a fl horse, where the body color is diluted to a chocolate and the mane and tail are lightened to a silvery blonde.
The body color remains red or brown (though some sources insist it is lightened slightly), the lower legs are lightened to chocolate, and the mane and tail are a silvery blonde.
The silver dapple bay is often assumed to be a sorrel horse with a flaxen mane and tail.
www.brownridgefarm.com /silverdapple.htm   (848 words)

 Silver - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Silver is often used in modern horror fiction as a weapon against certain supernatural entities, especially werewolves, who are sometimes described as being burned by silver.
Silver is found in native form, combined with sulfur, arsenic, antimony, or chlorine and in various ores such as argentite (Ag) and horn silver (AgCl).
Silver and compounds containing silver (like colloidal silver) can be absorbed into the circulatory system and become deposited in various body tissues leading to a condition called argyria which results in a blue-grayish pigmentation of the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Silver   (2501 words)

 The Silver Institute-Silver News
Indeed, total consumption of silver for photographic uses is expected to increase 10 percent from 232 million ounces in 1997 to 255 million ounces in 2002.
It is safe bet that conventional cameras and color negative films will continue to be the dominant combination for snap shooting through 2002, and that most of the final output will be prints made on color paper.
The net result of these competing developments will be slow growth in color negative film and color paper volume, a further decline in fl and white paper volume, and 9.7 percent decline in silver use in the professional sector from 6.2 million to 5.6 million ounces.
www.silverinstitute.org /news/6a1998.htm   (1786 words)

 The Silver Bengal Cat   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The silver, unlike the blue and longhaired gene is a dominant gene and thus silver will be produced in a litter if one or both parents are silver.
If one parent is silver and the other is not, many of the kittens will have a very dull tarnished look to them, their contrast will be poor and coat color in general will also be poor.
Silver is a very touchy color in the Bengal breed as it can diminish the actual beauty and contrast that the Bengal standard demands.
www.exoticbengals.com /silver.htm   (241 words)

 Silver Labradors
Silver Labs are gray (similar to the color of a Weimaraner), have gray nails, gray noses and have gray pads on their feet.
Silver pups' eyes are light blue until 6-8 months old; as adults Silver Labs' eyes are pale yellow (about half the tone of a chocolate Lab).
Opponents of Silver Labs who argue they are unable to prove their ridiculous accusations through genetic research show the depth of their ignorance-and the shallowness of their credibility.
www.silverlabradorinfo.com   (1990 words)

 Fishing for Silver Salmon in Alaska
Yet another member of the family 'Salmonidae', the Silver or Coho Salmon is one of the most exciting to fish for largely because of its antics when hooked, but it is also a delicious tasting salmon that can sometimes run in very large numbers.
Silvers primarily feed on herring when in saltwater, but their second favorite meal is sand lance.
Silvers reach adult sizes by 18 months, at which time they return to freshwater to spawn in their native streams.
www.fishalaskamagazine.com /fish/silver_salmon.htm   (944 words)

 eBay Guides - Color on Silver Coins
Silver coins come white, toned, and “rainbow,” which is toned but with the full spectrum of colors.
Color or lack of color is one of the key issues that is subject to change as collectors change what is in fashion to collect.
This is because they may be downgraded at the grading services for the awfully unattractive coin under the color; or worse, they may not be graded at all and be considered environmentally damaged if the color has leached or eaten into the coin’s surface.
reviews.ebay.com /Color-on-Silver-Coins_W0QQugidZ10000000000104584   (674 words)

 The Truth Behind Silver Labradors
When chocolate is dilute the color is a silvery mousey brown and the dilute version of a fl (Bb or BB) yields a dog that is dark slate gray or "blue".
Some breeds accept the color and others do not and if the dilution factor is present in a breed it is found the world over and is known to be in the population.
There are many reasons why silver Labradors should not be produced and the main one is that they are a disqualification and adhering to a standard while breeding is what keeps a breed a breed.
www.woodhavenlabs.com /silverlabs.html   (1638 words)

 Silver Labrador Retriever, AKC and Sliver Labs
Consensus at the "Silver Lab" meeting held on July 14, 1997.
In 1987 we conducted an inquiry into the breeding of the litters that contained the dogs that were registered as silver and one of our representatives was sent to observe several of the dogs that had been registered as silver.
Color photographs of these dogs were forwarded to the office of the American Kennel Club where the staff of the AKC and the representatives of the Labrador Retriever Club of America examined them.
www.dogbreedinfo.com /labradorakcsilver.htm   (255 words)

 Silver Labradors ?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Yes, it would be interesting to see what color traits these "silver" Labradors carry, and I suggest that they are not tested by their owners, because it may be found that the dog was indeed a "dilute" chocolate, or that it carries a color trait that is only found in other breeds (see Weimaraners).
Reputable breeders of Labradors complained to the AKC that their "OTHER" option for color on AKC puppy registrations was opening the door for dogs (including silvers) who were out of standard to be defined as a "color" in Labradors, when in fact, it was an error in coloration, akin to a mismarked puppy.
These "silver" dogs can only compete in the breed ring as chocolates, and the chocolate color is well described in the breed standard, so when you see reference to "shades of chocolate", please refer to the breed standard for clarification.
www.blueknightlabs.com /articles/silver/silver.html   (3937 words)

 The Silver&Golden Persian
While many Diadem Silvers have earned the title of Regional Winner, Janice is most proud of her National Winner, GC, NW Diadem Dilemma, who was CFA's 16th Best Cat in 1998-99 - a rare accomplishment for a Silver.
While silvers have variations in the amount of tipping, they do have a white undercoat with fl tipping – one shade of white and one shade of fl, to simplify the description.
Many have used or are using other colors in their breeding programs, but should resist showing a silver or golden with gold eyes even if they are very typey.
www.pandecats.com /x/silver-golden-persian.htm   (3439 words)

 Silver Named Most Popular Car Color of 2005 - ForbesAutos.com
Silver was named the top-rated vehicle color of choice six years in a row according to a report from DuPont Automotive, followed closely by white.
Medium to dark gray infused with colors like green and blue has increased in popularity this year by 5 percent, while a more vibrant blue greatly appeals to younger auto consumers in 2005.
Although some consumers choose silver to maintain a higher resale value, for others the flashy color is an emotional pick.
www.forbesautos.com /news/headlines/2005/december/fadc120105-color.html   (524 words)

 Car buyers' favorite color: Silver - Dec. 12, 2003
Color changes can be made quickly in response to the most recent sales figures, he said.
Silver actually dropped in popularity from last year, while white moved up, but not enough to take the top spot.
It went from sixth to become the favorite color choice in the luxury segment in North America, a segment that often indicates future trends in vehicle colors.
money.cnn.com /2003/12/11/pf/autos/colors   (391 words)

 Silver Color Stone Jewelry 40% Off and Diamond Silver Earrings at Jewelry Vortex
Silver gemstone jewelry can be purchased for a birthday, anniversary, winter holiday, or any other holiday.
Silver and gold jewelry is also a great way to celebrate a special moment or anniversary.
Even silver personalized jewelry is a great present to give on a special occasion, when you want to give the very best to someone that you love.
www.jewelryvortex.com /fine-jewelry/silver-color-stone-jewelry-40-pct-off   (1142 words)

 Silver Bay Postcards   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The main body of his Silver Bay photography was taken in the summers of 1935 and 1936.
His Silver Bay postcards, all in fl and white or sepia tone, are beautifully composed and photographed.
For the Silver Bay print, I wanted to have an image that evoked a strong sense of what Silver Bay is for many people (which I knew would be tough to do with just one image).
home.earthlink.net /~ggghostie/silverbaypost.html   (2052 words)

 Silver Dapple
The Silver gene acting on a bay base color gives a quite different effect.
Foals are generally the same color as a flaxen chestnut foal.
horse is somehow affected by the Silver gene.
www.horsecolor.com /dilutions/silver_dapple.htm   (1438 words)

 Silver Still a Sterling Color   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Silver is still the world's leading vehicle color, and in North America, rich shades of medium-dark metallic gray increased in popularity.
Although silver remains the top vehicle color of choice at 20.2%, it slipped slightly in North America overall standings.
Medium-dark green, the former color leader of the 1990s, has dropped out of the top 10 colors for luxury vehicles, but still made moderate gains in the full/intermediate and the SUV/truck/van vehicle segments.
wdb.wardsauto.com /ar/auto_silver_sterling_color   (263 words)

As the light source and viewing angle changes, the color appears to change.
Kits available in 5 color shifting combinations: Purple/Green, Silver/Green, Gold/Magenta, Red/Blue and NEW Ice, a radiant silver color with brilliant rainbow highlights.
It can be used on cars, trucks, bikes, helmets, skateboards, and other applications where dramatic color changes are desired.
www.duplicolor.com /products/mirage.html   (188 words)

 Pokemon Silver for Game Boy Color Review - Game Boy Color Pokemon Silver Review
A new trainer must step up to the plate, one willing to serve the world of research while pursuing his or her own dream of becoming a Pokémon master.
Dragon Warrior may seem like just an appetizer for the full-featured RPG experience in Dragon Warrior II, but the ability to play both games in succession and witness the interaction of their storylines greatly enhances the satisfaction gleaned from both titles.
If you've already "caught 'em all," and you're looking for a game to tide you over until Pokemon Gold and Silver are released near the end of the year, Dragon Warrior Monsters is exactly what you're looking for.
www.gamespot.com /gbc/rpg/pokemonsilver/review.html   (1019 words)

 WWW.SILVER-SURFER.US - Oringinal Colorist Art
Hand coloring art pages is an art form that is quickly dyeing out as Several comic book companies are now doing this work directly inside computers.
Mike was hired by Marvel to color some promo pages to be distributed around at shows trying to get folks excited about the 50th edition of the Silver Surfer series.
Silver Surfer is dealing with the Impossible Man. What's cool about this page is that the Spiderman figure on the bottom left panel is not the original.
www.silver-surfer.us /Original_Art/Original_Colorist_Art/Original_Colorist_Art.html   (300 words)

 Pentax *istDS silver: Digital Photography Review
The *istDS Silver features a high-speed shutter unit with a top speed of 1/4000 second and a top synchronization speed of 1/180 second to assure greater visual creativity.
The *istDS Silver records up to 8 images consecutively at a speed of approximately 2.8 frames per second, allowing the user to capture a series of the subject’s action or movement.
The *istDS Silver uses the widely available SD memory card as its storage media, not only assuring high-speed recording and readout of image data, but also contributing to the downsizing of the camera body.
www.dpreview.com /news/0502/05021306pentax_istdssilver.asp   (929 words)

 Multi-color Crystal Silver Necklace - 14 Inch - www.SilverBasket.com
A sterling silver "liquid" chain with multi-colored crystals.
Both the liquid silver chain and the crystals are small and dainty.
Thank you for shopping at Silver Basket where we offer a great variety of fashion jewelry.
www.silverbasket.com /stores/xq/xfm/store_id.691/page_id.23/Item_ID.85854/parent_ids.0,5/Multi-color-Crystal-Silver-Necklace---14-Inch/qx/store.htm   (103 words)

 Convert negatives into positives with Silver Pilot
Silver Pilot is designed for conversion negatives into positives.
With Silver Pilot, you will be able to do further color correction of your photos with the same simplicity.
All products :: color correction :: print photos :: slide show remove red eyes :: photo software :: convert to pdf make pdf form :: pdf library :: funny typing :: quick typing form filler :: virtual printer :: photo retouching :: portrait software
www.colorpilot.com /silver.html   (157 words)

 Sterling Silver Bracelet ~ 9 High-grade Authentic Multi-color Tourmaline Cabochon ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Sterling Silver Bracelet ~ 9 High-grade Authentic Multi-color Tourmaline Cabochon...
If you are familiar with tourmaline, then you would recognize this is basically a $700 to $1000 bracelet.
Please pay attention to the size, color intensity and also clarity of these tourmalines.
www.jegem.com /shop/shopexd.asp?ccode=AJB200447   (159 words)

 Ear Rings Silver color Finish Flower Motif
Description: Ear Rings Silver color Finish Flower Motif this is a very nice pair of clip ear rings.
The petals have a silver satin like finish with cut out edges.
This is a pair of silver color, satin like clip earrings with crystal center.
www.goantiques.com /detail,ear-rings-silver,949836.html   (163 words)

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